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got this ask last spring, then everybody I was keen on Zootopia and that’s why I’d thought of such a crossover before I got the ask actually (I see leorai almost everywhere). Dunno why I haven’t done it before ‘cause I even drew some storyboards for it and intended to do it as soon as possible. Well, it’s November already :D
(still learning to draw snakarai, nickelodeon animates her differently from her previous appearance - they improved a lot!)

The End - Irene Adler/Sherlock fan fic

It was always going to end this way.

He’d warned her on numerous occasions. There were bitter fights over her “chosen profession”. Blackmail was a perilous endeavor and there were always unforeseen complications.

It was always going to end this way.

He tried time and time again to get her to see reason. To have her run the odds. Sooner or later, she’d anger the wrong person. She’d get a bit too cocky and tip her hand at the exact wrong time. Statistically, it was inevitable.

It was always going to end this way.

He did what he could to mitigate her risk. He intercepted couriers. He disarmed assassins sent after her. He saved her life a dozen times in the past five years and she wasn’t even aware of it. Whenever he cautioned her to be more prudent, she would just pat him on his shoulder and assure him that everything was going to be all right.

But she was wrong.

There was no happily ever after for someone who craved risk the way that she did. For someone who wanted to pit themselves against the best and always come up on top. For someone who was addicted to winning the game.

He bit back a grin, remembering how they used to thrill over every victory. They were so alike in that. It was their favorite drug. It’s what drew them together.

It’s what tore them apart.

It was always going to end this way, he told himself again and again as he cradled her corpse, clutching her close to him, her body already cold.

Foursome *Emblem3 Smut*

“Oohh, Keaton, baby, yes right there,” I moaned as I was having a dream at the back of the tour bus. “Oh God Wes, you know the right spots too. Oh, and not let me forget about Drew too, big boy.”

“(Y/N), what are you doing?” Drew’s voice asked me.

“Haha, she’s having a wet dream,” Wesley laughed.

“But saying our names?” Keaton asked.

“I guess she wants the three Emblem3 dicks,” Wesley said.

I opened my eyes to see them standing above me, “I do not want your dicks,” I said while ignoring my throbbing and very wet clit.

“Oh really, what about if I do something like this,” Drew said before putting his lips on my own and lightly pressed his fingers on my inner thigh.

“Oh,” I moaned through the kiss as Drew is a terrific kisser and moved my hips when his fingers lightly rubbed my thigh, wanting it inside of me.

“See, you reacted to my touch,” Drew teased as he pulled away.

I groaned as I hated myself to carry away with my sexual desires. Why do they have to be so irresistible?

“Okay, how about we make a deal,” Wes said upfront.

“What kind of deal?” I asked with confusion.

“We know that you want us to destroy your clit,” Wes said before looking at Drew and Keaton. “And us three have been stressed out with this tour, we need to le it all out.”

“So by that, we would like to have a little fun with you Ms. (Y/N), by having a little orgy porgy party right here, right now,” Drew said suavely.

“And we all know you want to do this,” Keaton said while eyeing my blank expression.

I have always had a dream of fucking all three of them, but I never thought I would be actually doing it real life.

“Don’t waste such a wonderful opportunity that a whole other girls would love to,” Wes said, pushing my buttons.

“Alright, alright,” I said feisty, mostly because I was very wet down there. “I’ll do it.”

“Perfect, Drew, show her how it is done,” Wes commanded him.

“Everything is going to be all fine,” Drew said as if he knew my anxiety of what is going to happen. How did I even got here on the first place?

“Before I start, Wes, sit behind her, and Keaton, sit on the side of her,” Drew ordered.

The boys did what they were told. I was set in between Wes legs, feeling the outline of his crotch, as he was sitting behind me. Keaton sat next to me on the side, watching our every mood. Then, my attention was caught off when a pair of soft and tender lips started to kiss me as his tongue glided my lower lip for an entrance. My lips started to betray me as I got lost into the kiss I was having with Drew. But I separated a bit to take off my shirt to reveal my black lace bra.

“A little bit eager are we?” Drew teased as he took off his shirt to showcase his ripped abs.

I licked my lips as I admired them before I was caught off when I felt another pair of hands unclipping my bra to reveal my exposed breasts.

“You don’t need this,” Wes said while throwing my bra to the ground

 "Whoa, you’re very beautiful, (Y/N),“ Keaton said while licking lips as his eyes glanced at my breasts.

Drew and Wes murmured with agreements with him as Wes’ cold thumbs brushed my nipples. Then another pair of hands started to rub me down there as they took off my shorts.

"Yo dudes, she’s absolutely soaking wet,” Drew said as he fell me.

I started to blush as I felt embarrassed of me being so wet from the hot dream that I had of them, but I feel proud of my wetness.

“Of course, who wouldn’t be in my position,” I said.

“Oh, feisty, feisty, let’s see if you’re going to be like that for a long time if I do this,” Drew said before rubbing me through my panties.

Throwing my head back, my moans started to fill the room, but it got louder when Drew tore off my panties to rub my clit with his tongue. My hips moved to the same speed he was going.

“(Y/N), open your eyes and look at Drew,” Wes ordered, reminding me that there are other two people in the room.

With all the force I could master, I opened my eyes to look at Drew creating eight shapes with his tongue. Wes hot breath hit my neck as I knew he was getting heated down there as I pressed more pressure on his crotch, making him gasp as I was panting from Drew’s magical touch.

“Should I let her cum, you guys?” Drew asked while deadly rubbing me in a very slow pace.

I grunted of him separating his tongue from me, wanting nothing more but more pleasure.

“Let’s ask (Y/N), (Y/N), do you want to cum?” Keaton asked me.

“Yes,” I pleaded.

“Beg for it, babe, “Drew said with a small smirk, “You have to beg with your whole life.”

“Please!” I begged as I couldn’t take it anymore.

“I can’t hear you,” Drew joked.

“Drew, please! I need your tongue,” I pleaded before I felt him licking me away, feeling the sensation throughout my body again.  My moans filled the room again as Drew was eating me out as he rapidly pounded his finger in me and licked me off. Then once he hit my g-spot, I came on his mouth to let him taste me.

“Do you want to taste, love?” Drew asked while sucking off my juices from his mouth and offering me his finger that splattered with my cum.

I nodded my head as he placed his fingers inside my mouth for me to suck his finger clean before he started to kiss me again.

“(Y/N), get on top of Wes,” Drew ordered me once we finished kissing.

I turned around to see Wes taking off his shirt as I got on top of him to straddle his stomach. I let my hands to roam over his abs and his terrific v-lines while I grinded my wet center against his boner. He threw his head back as he gasp by the friction. I smirked until I saw a shirtless Keaton taking off his pants, his full on erection slapping against his abdominal. My mouth started to water as I saw it, wanting it like crazy.

Still grinding on Wes, I went over to Keaton to lick him off.  His member would hit the back of my throat as my hand would massage his balls. Having both of the brothers moans filling my ears, I rapidly started to move my movements. When I felt Keaton flinched in my mouth, his cum squirt for me to taste the sweetness of him.

“You’re such a mess,” I smirked as I glanced down to see wetness spreading on Wesley’s pants after cleaning Keaton off.

Wesley flushed before turning his eyes dark with lust, “I’m a mess when a hot girl like you grind on me to clean me off.”

I rolled my eyes until I felt Drew’s hand on my ass, squeezing them, as he pressed it against his hard on member.

“Wes, let (Y/N) get on her knees so I could show her how this should be really done,” Drew purred in my ear before sucking my neck and slapping my ass hard.

 I glanced between the three beautiful men to see them complete naked, still don’t know how I got myself in this position. Keaton was fully recovering from his orgasm as Wes wiggled out from his pants, his dick was dripping from the cum he shoot in his pants.

“You want this, don’t you?” Wes asked me, seductively. “In your pretty little mouth.”

I was going to answer until I felt Drew entering me from behind, causing me to moan. He gave me few seconds to adjust to his big size before thrusting into me.

“Oh yes, (Y/N), moan for daddy. Doesn’t it feel good having my cock inside of you, making you feel good,” Drew talked to me dirty as he smacked and squeezed my ass, making me moan. “Yes moan, baby girl.”

“Open wide,” Wes told me while caressing my cheek.

After getting so into Drew, I remembered about the other two members and saw Wes right in front of me. I placed my lips around his member’s tip and sucked on it while using my tongue to lick it off. Once having a good rhythm with these two, I looked over to see Keaton jerking himself. I shooed his hand away and replaced it with my own hand around him and started to make him feel good. It wasn’t long until all of us were moaning at the same time.

“You’re so tight and feel good so good around me, babe,” Drew grunted as his hands reached over to squeeze my breasts.

His dirty talk caused me to moan on Wes, causing Wes to cum very fast. He collapsed on the bed as I cleaned him off. Drew continued to talk dirty to me, making me to speedily move my hand on Keaton’s dick. With just a few more movements, Keaton came and collided next to Wes.

“Are you going to cum, baby girl? C’mon, cum all over daddy’s cock,” Drew continued to talk dirty to me as he continued to squeeze either my ass or breasts.

With him rapidly moving himself inside of me, I clenched around his base for us to orgasm together. Drew and I collided by the other members as we all panted together to get our breathing rhythm back to normal.

“Well, that was fun,” Wes said with a huge smile to me.

I rolled my eyes, I never thought I would’ve had this happening to me, but it was definitely fun, “Very much.”

A Highschool story

One day back in high school, my math teacher had stapled answer sheets to the back of every test by mistake. A few minutes after passing the tests around, his phone rang and he stepped out. Everyone had noticed the answer sheet by this point, so we decided that we would all use it and tear it off after. Hopefully he wouldn’t notice.

So I checked each of the answers and they were all correct except for the last one. We were to draw a flow chart for a process. I checked the answer sheet, “answers will vary.”

Logically I drew my flow chart, tore off the answer sheet and walked to the front podium to turn the test in. 

When I got to the podium I had to know; I needed to see what everyone else had drawn for their flow chart. 

“answers will vary.” Everyone had written that on their tests.

I don’t remember what the teacher did about it.