drew this while she was still wearing it sigh


Summary: A set of circumstances leads to Blanche having their nails done by both Candela and Noire. This really shouldn’t lead to any problems but as Blanche is tired and doesn’t want to be here and Spark is an airhead the twins end up having some feelings they wish they didn’t.
Also included:

Sleep deprivation
Eevees are cute

Don’t hit natu
Tiny shiny eevees


To an outsider the scene probably looked quite endearing: Blanche sitting on a fancy couch with a slight pout, flanked by Candela and Noire, both of whom worked on Blanche’s nails in deep concentration. If you added the fact that all three were dressed to kill you could take the scene for some elaborate photoshoot. You had to know the leaders well for your reaction to be…

‘What the hell is happening?’

Amelie turned her head slowly from the scene she was observing and saw Go, whose face mirrored the slight horror present in his voice and was so pale it created a nice contrast with the smart black suit he was wearing.

‘What do you think is going on?’ Amelie gestured with the glass she was holding; the ice clinked in the yet untouched drink - she was holding off until she was sure there would be no bloodspill. ‘Blanche is getting a manicure from Candela and Noire.’

'Is… is this safe?’ he asked.

'Well, a metal nail file is a pretty good murder weapon and they’re both using one.’ Amelie couldn’t help but smile a little seeing the uttermost dread on Go’s face.

'Yes, it’s definitely those small pieces of metal that make them lethally dangerous.’ Carl had no qualms about drinking and was already on his second glass. This wasn’t an achievement of any kind, but given that the red carpet was still going and the actual event wasn’t supposed to start for another half an hour it gave him a pretty good head-start.

Go swallowed audibly.

'How… did this happen?’

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