drew this scene once before but i just love it so much

The next morning he sent Owen with her to write down her choices. When they reached the storehouse, Kel stopped to look at her unusually quiet friend. Owen wouldn’t meet her eyes. She put her hand under his chin, startled to feel the scrape of newly shaved whiskers, and made him look at her. “You didn’t know,” she said.

Owen grimaced. Words tumbled from his mouth: “Kel, I swear I didn’t! He told me this morning. He - he apologized, for keeping something important from me, he said, specially when I have to learn about making camps like this, but he said you’d see it on my face, and he wanted to talk to you first. Kel, if I knew, I’d’ve argued him out of it. Well, I’d’ve tried to,” he amended as Kel took her hand away from his chin. “He’s hard to argue with. But I would’ve tried! I’m so sorry!”

- Lady Knight