drew this for a contest

Guess who’s gotten into Bendy and the Ink Machine now. :’D I just love the old Disney cartoon style it has~ Can’t wait to see what the future chapters will bring!

A mock-up based on one of my ideas for Sinnoh remakes: an overhaul of the Super Contests. One of the things I thought of was a grooming portion to get your Pokemon show ready, as opposed to the convoluted accesorizing based on an even more convoluted theme.

I’ve based the idea mostly on Pokemon Refresh, using similar tools from that, like a brush, a cloth, and a comb. As a little cute touch, I based the brush on Altaria, the cloth on Xatu, and the comb on Skarmory, kind of like how the hair dryer in Refresh was Porygon.

Anyway, hope you like it!


Contest entry for @kittin12376 / @direstraitscomic ! This wasn’t supposed to be so extra or so immensely massive but jeez louise what a fun character! I love dragon-like beasts sm,,, 

Have an Elly + details bc omg the resolution on this thing


Drew Louise from FE7, FE: Heroes style (not rly) for an art contest a few weeks back. Got placed in the top 3 for my work so that’s neat.

I would post the results video but some of the video stuff is NSFW (yes people drew nudes for it) so look it up on Mangs’ youtube channel yourself I guess lmao