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Part 3 of 3 for my gift exchange gift for @enterprisecaptainoikawa! She requested “aromantic/asexual spectrum tsukkiyama, punk tsukkiyama, band au, ice skating/yuri on ice au ahhh, professor/bibliophile au, tsukkiyama as best friends, really anything tbh bless”! An au in which Tsukishima is a figure skating coach and Yamaguchi brings his little sister into his rink for lessons: 

“Tsukki! I’m so sorry I’m late! So Sorry!” Tadashi scrambles into the rink, pulling his sister behind him, and all but dives onto a bench, dropping his bag and quickly tries to lace his skates despite his shaking fingers. He’s never been late to a practice before and–

“Tada-nii-san calm down. Kei-sensei isn’t even here yet. 

“Huh?” Tadashi looks up to see Hotarou is right. Kei isn’t even here yet. He frowns. Kei is never late. 

“Sorry I’m late, Yamaguchi, Akiteru-nii– Oh.” Tadashi looks up at his coach, and finds the blond looking at him with a frown. “You’re late.” 

“Yeah, sorry, Hotarou’s club activities went longer than usual, and I can’t let her walk alone–” 

“Oh, Yamaguchi…” 

“Sorry!” Tadashi stands and bows, his skates now on and laced, and Kei just waves him off. 

“It’s fine. I’m late as well.” Kei shakes his head. He, at least, already has his skates on and guards off, and so they both step onto the ice. 

“We’re going to work on your step sequencing today, ok? But first, ten

“What? But you were late too–” 

Kei gives Tadashi his I mean business look, and Tadashi huffs, pushing away from his brute of a coach and beginning his laps. He supposes he should be glad, though– because he was late today, he hasn’t had time to stretch out. Laps may be a nice warm up…

“Yamaguchi, don’t be lazy in your stroking just because it’s a punishment! Arms up, long, powerful strokes! Be lucky it isn’t more~” 

“Yes, sensei,” Tadashi says with a sigh, raising his arms diligently. He supposes his punishment is pretty light; he’s glad Kei is recognizing the fact that this is his first time being late. He can hear Hotarou giggling, and sticks her tongue out at her when he passes her. She sticks her tongue out right back at him. 

“Yamaguchi, focus!” 

Practice goes on smoothly, and by the end he’s worked up a pleasant sweat. Collapsing onto the bench outside the rink once again, unlacing his skates slowly. He’s careful of his left ankle, still healing from an earlier sprain. Hotarou jumps on his back with a grin. 

“Tada-nii can we have McDonalds for dinner?” 

Tadashi groans. “Tarou-chan, you know I have a competition soon…” 

“Can...I have McDonalds for dinner?” 


“I think it’s fine, let her have some junk food~ Even though you’re not allowed to.” Tadashi startles at his coaches voice behind him, and he glares at the smirking Kei. “You and I can make your dinner at your apartment.” 

Tadashi huffs, but agrees anyway. The walk is full of Hotarou’s chatter about her day. They all fall easily into routine. Every day is the same. Tadashi goes to the rink at four in the morning, and stays until six before he and Hotarou have to go to school; after school, Tadashi walks Hotarou to her after-school community ed club activities, and then picks her up and they go to the rink together. Then, Tadashi and Hotarou would walk home, Kei accompanying them because – despite how they may act on the ice – they’re quite close. The third year in high school even kind of considers his coach to be his best friend, even though Tsukishima is twenty-five and they can’t really sympathize with each other’s day-by-day issues. 

Tadashi can’t quite break it down into a few words, but…their routine is nice, to say the lease. 

“Tsukki, stop spoiling Hotarou. I know you share a kanji, but she doesn’t need ice cream every time we eat out, especially considering how often we do…” 

“She’s cute, though,” Kei says with a pout, and Tadashi sighs. He is right. Hotarou, with her pudgy, round, six-year-old cheeks, and her tan skin and light hair almost completely unlike Tadashi’s own looks, is adorable. “But hey, if you’re jealous, after you finish your next competition I’ll buy you all the ice cream you want.” 

Tadashi perks up. “Really?!” 

Kei smirks, and Tadashi knows what this means. 

“Only if you get first.” 

Tadashi groans, but he’s at least thankful he isn’t going into the professional skating business. He would never be able to compete with the big names in skating. But oh, god, would he like to meet Yuzuru Hanyu…

“Oi. Yamaguchi. I can tell what you’re thinking~” 

Tadashi flushes, and whacks Kei lightly. Hotarou skips lightly ahead, singing about her chicken nuggets and licking at her ice cream. Kei smirks. “What, we both know about your overtly sexual fantasies about Yuzuru Hanyu~” 

“Oh my god stop it!” 

“Embarrassed, Yamaguchi-kun?” 

“Yes! Very!” 

This is typically part of their routine as well. Kei teasing Tadashi– he doesn’t know how he feels about this. Their relationship is…something…off the rink. Something new, that Tadashi doesn’t know how to describe. They joke and flirt and go home together, make dinner, eat together…But on the rink they’re professional and distant; Tadashi likes it like that. 

Suddenly Hotarou stops in her skipping and singing, and turns to the two. Tadashi panics for a second thinking his poor baby sister’s heard about his sexual fantasies. 

“Tadashi-nii-san, Kei-sensei! I almost forgot! I drew something for you today!” Hotarou pulls off her backpack, and Tadashi and Kei stop walking, and watch as she shuffles through the obscenely pink bag. It takes a moment, but eventually Hotarou pulls out a couple of papers, and thrusts one at Tadashi and the other at Kei. “We were supposed to draw who we look up to, and even though we only had to draw one I drew two because I look up to both of you!” 

Tadashi’s heart clenches, and he coos at his baby sister. He looks down at the paper in his hand and sees a child’s drawing of whom he assumes is himself on his skates, smiling, and the words “my brather Tadashi is a ice skater i look up to him becase he works hard” in Hotarou’s handwriting under it. Immediately he wants to take his sister into his arms and squeeze her tight. 

He looks over to see Kei tearing up, holding his picture in a tight grip. Kei’s paper is similar to Tadashi’s; Kei on his skates, smiling. His glasses are just two squares barely on his eyes. Under the picture, Hotarou wrote: “my brathers coash Kei-sensei is nice to my brather and so i look up to him to becase a lot of boys are mean to him” and when Tadashi reads it tears well up in his own eyes. 

Kei speaks first. “Tha- Thank you, so much, Hotarou-chan.” 

“Yeah. Thank you so much Tarou-chan. You’re so sweet my little lightning bug.” 

Hotarou beams at them, and grabs their free hands, tugging. 

“I’m glad you like them! Now let’s go! I want to eat my chicken nuggets!” 

Tadashi and Kei follow along, crying, and Hotarou continues her chicken nugget song. They share a look, and the message is clear: 

You’re winning this competition. For Hotarou.

Authors Note: Basically: Tony is bad at relationships. He doesn’t see attraction forming until his bad self-esteem rears its ugly head and hurts Steve.

There wasn’t much Tony could say to people about relationships.

While he wasn’t terrible at them, he also wasn’t the best at them, either. He was a busy man with a “save-the-world” complex who worked in a dangerous profession.

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