drew struzan


I’ve been really enjoying Star Wars Rebels and wanted to draw up a Drew Struzan style poster for the series. Those original Star Wars posters of his are some of my favourites in his incredible body of work. I loved making this piece though, even if it took WAAAAY longer than I expected :D

P.S. Grand Admiral Thrawn is the best.

The Starks

The Urge

What kind of artist would I be if didn’t do a Game of Thrones piece?!

Like the millions of people who are into this amazing show, I. Am. Hooked.

And, when you get hooked to something, if you’re artisically-inclined the natural thing is to create art in tribute to that something.

I knew I wanted to something a little out of my comfort zone. I’m so used to copying a single image so thought I’d try something different and go for a collage.

I decided to draw Westeros’ most noble and unlucky family: The Starks. And their Direwolves.

This was a bit ambitious on my part, as it raised a number of challenges


Pencil-wise, I decided to stick with the faithful Staedtler Mars Lumograph 5H and of course the Staedtler Mars Technico 780Cs (2B, HB and 2H).

I’d done a couple of drawings on Daler Rowney Aquafine Watercolour paper before starting this piece, and I love how it’s possible to get dark tones that allow you bring a depth to the work that just doesn’t seem possibly with my usual paper, Smooth Bristol Board.


This was the most important challenge. When you think of classic collages, it’s hard not to conjure up the Star Wars and Indiana Jones film posters of yesteryear. The man responsible for these magical and wonderous pieces of art is Drew Struzan.

Of course, I’m not daft enough to even suggest I possess even a percent of this man’s skill, but his work certainly inspired me to think about the placement of characters and the over layout.

I’d like to recommend a young artist by the name of Kyle Lambert. I imagine many of you have seen the brilliant ‘Stranger Things’ - Kyle is responsible for the now-famous poster for the show.

Choosing the right references

Once I could envision what the finished piece might look like, I set out into the wonderful world of the interwebs to search for images that might fit well. As always with refereces, it is important they’re of a good usable resolution (i.e. not fuzzy) and not where the subject isn’t too far away (i.e. not too fuzzy).

Having a good catalogue of images at my disposal, I set to work.

Once I was relatively happy with the layout, I set to work on adding the detail character by character.

The likenesses are nearly there I think. In hindsight, I wish I’d used a more recent reference of Sansa as the one I used was from the first season.

I hope you like it!