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idk about the transphobic stuff other than shit he said years ago but im afraid to come off anon for this: please believe me when i say he drew nsfw art of me when i was a minor and asked to use nudes of me as references. i would PM you proof of this if you had that activated rn but i do not feel comfortable sharing this publicly. i have more than one example of this pertaining to myself and one for my friend. we were under 18 when he did this.

submits are activated for you now anon


HOLY FUCK i actually zoned out and drew
Im pretty sick right now and kinda stuck on my bed for a while so i havint really been able to do art other than that annabelle picture but i was watching a youtuber hyanna natsu draw and before i knew what i was doing i was already half way done with spell

I drew the girl first who i think is a human ver of annabelle but im not to sure at all i feel like i know her but like idk???

I drew sai second then spell

i really love how these came out and i kinda want to color them when i get the chance!

i like to imagine that clark kent’s search history is mostly normal but then there’s stuff like “improved superman costume concept art” because he wanted ideas



They released a sample of the newest set of BNHA Nitotan plushies and I just–


And they say romance is dead


♫ Tale as old as time~ Song as old as rhyme~ Hanners and McCree~ ♫

This is a self indulgent AU. I just wanted to draw young Hanners in a creampuff dress. This is what happens when @homobench and I end up making a batb AU.