drew nowhere


“Fortunate Son” from Ao3 by @anna-droid
didn’t draw this from the actual fic but i enjoyed reading it


Bike rides is nature walks. It’s mulberry season again. Time for taking mental notes on the locations of all the fruitful trees and casually pedaling, picking, and exploring new nooks & crannies of the city while bouncing from tree to tree. The freezer is slowly fillings with bricks of frozen berries to cook into jam and can on a rainy day for the best french toasts. 

p sure peter would be that one dude that gets all up in people’s personal space
without even realizing it

p sure peter has no concept of personal space actually

We are taking to the sky pass the moon to the galaxy
As long as you are with me baby
Honestly, with the strength of our love
We can go nowhere but up