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Starved pt 6

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Chapter Notes: Fluff. All the fluff. It’s fluff. And more fluff. And sap. Fluff and sap. All of it. The whole thing. 

CW: Fluff. Probably that’s about it. It’s fluffy. 

Thanks: Quick shout out to @thuriweaver for being my sounding board and cheerleader throughout this story. <3 you! 

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They stayed that way for a good long while, the four of them, curled up somewhat awkwardly on the couch. Virgil would have stayed that way forever, in spite of the fact that his legs were starting to fall asleep under Patton’s weight and it really was getting a little too warm with the combination of their body heat and his hoodie. 

Fortunately for his circulation, Logan eventually drew away, and said, “Okay. That’s enough of this.” 

Virgil felt his heart sinking, especially as Roman also removed his arms and Patton climbed clumsily to his feet. Even though he had been getting physically uncomfortable, their touch had awakened something in him, some needy clawing thing, and it was nowhere near satisfied yet. He had the worrying suspicion it never would be, and then where would he be?

But Patton reached out and pulled him to his feet. “Virgil,” he said, and to Virgil’s amazement he sounded almost shy. “I would really like to give you a real hug now. May I?” 

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“While I do appreciate the sentiment, Miss Starling, class will have to resume eventually.“

For Sander Sides Appreciation Month, here’s the First Day of Logan Week: The First Day of School! 

“Write a fic or draw art of what you think would happen on the first day of school if Logan happened to be your Teacher.”

I mean, yeah, I’d obviously give the teacher the biggest hug I could manage - if he’d allow it, of course. I friggin love Logan so much? Let me hug him??

Bonus: The chalkboard drawings!

What would happen if one Morality/ Logic Fusion would meet another one? I drew @jadethefandomfamfox ’s Logicality Fusion (his name is Lucas/ Law ) and this meeting was actually their idea, but I wanted to join in the fun  Go check them out if you want! (There are cool fusions too) 

The reason why there are bubbles is, that Dumortierite is said to help with psychic stuff, so I gave him psychic..powers..? xD


anonymous asked:

(Im Not sure if i Sent this before but eh Whe cares)so aperrantly Polio Causes Bad eyesight. So if Joey is bendy,that would explain why he is blind

Could certainly be!

whovian1077  asked:

Hey there! What inspired you to start drawing youtubers? And who was the first youtuber that you drew?

eeeehhh logically what inspire me to draw youtubers well.. youtubers. lmao, because i’m sorta an artist and i like drawing stuff for people that i like and i draw youtubers that i looked up and subscribe to because i like em. and like….

they’ve basically bring joy to me every time, every single day they are there to entertain me and a lot of people. so to have this gift to be able to draw, i want to repay them by giving fanarts as i possibly could. :)

first youtuber that i draw was, Cryaotic. (if you don’t know him, what have you been doing with your life? go search him like right now)

(ever wonder why i’m so chill? yea its because of this guy lmao)


Third Part To The ‘Hidden Hybrid’ Imagine Collection (Fem!Reader Hybrid X Mikaelson Family)

Part One              Part Two      Part Four  


“This is stupid.” You said to Rebekah who nodded.


“Well if you hadn’t attacked Elijah, Niklaus wouldn’t be teaching you in such a… undignified way.” Rebekah sighed.

“All I did was try and dislodge Elijah from second in command.” You said bitterly.

“And in this family rank is not important.” Rebekah schooled you.

You huffed and moved to the side when Klaus and Elijah jumped out to attack you only to collide into each other.

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i didn’t like the pic of kai with a sylveon that i did for zia last year so logically i drew the same thing again this year and i still don’t like it (the colours are too bright again??? i’m an imbecile) so expect another one again next year



Finally making some progress on the 6502 homebrew front panel logic.  I tested a half-sized version of the address access/increment logic, then drew out a more detailed view on paper for the full sized version.

I’ve also simulated the data entry/access/alteration logic for a single bit.  Now I’m testing/debugging it in meatspace, with real chips. 

I’m learning a few things:

  • I’m not all that skilled in wiring up actual 7400 series logic chips
  • Theory and practice aren’t as close as I expected here
  • I can still make progress and figure out what I’m doing wrong
  • Don’t reverse the polarity on a chip, then touch it.  You will burn yourself.
  • Logisim is cool
  • Never leave an input floating
  • Pull up/down resistors are your friend

So, I’m not gonna name any names, but someone *cough* @just-themys *cough* managed to get me to like short haired Laurent (or medium length, if you will)

Also, I’m still crying over Auguste, so I drew him. Twice.

My logic: if I draw a character enough, they’ll be alive in canon hahah a h a …