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Is it alright if I draw a fanart of your character, blublu?

Ahaha I was doodling that blublu before to sleep when I got you ask!
SO I’m using iiiit ♥

It will be an honor for me if you drew my little Blublu Anony! ♥
Always feel free to draw any of my skellies!

prompt: trc/teen wolf crossover - stiles and derek at one of kavinsky’s substance parties, having the time of their lives under the glow of the neon lights. suggested by @yourlovelyalpha

(aka a perfect excuse for me to attempt blacklight coloring, it was fun, 10/10 would/will do again)

Thank you everyone for all your support and love this year. I’m so happy to have met so many amazing people in my life. 

It’s because of all of you that I was able to find the confidence and strength to carry on. So thank you so much. <3 I hope you all have a wonderful 2017~



takashi shirogane’s doki doki panic: a guide to romancing the black paladin. happy valentine’s, everyone!

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no one fux with kōhe