drew is really really really really really gay

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“I’ll be with you forever now.”

so.. this is a continuation of @evanescent-epiphanies angst artwork, and i’m not the best at coloring with colored pencils, but i tried :D

(ily chirstina :3 )


Pick your poison, i guess?

He’s much softer than anyone expects, no sharp edges to be found just rounded corners and eyes cast downwards, cheeks flushed against scarves pulled up to hide his face. His voice a deep baritone, spoken barely above a whisper it’s a rarity to hear something forceful come from his mouth. Words spilling like liquid gold, dancing delicately over his lips.
—  I love Kōhe

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Hey sempai! Could you do SaboXKoala number 8, or Sanji X Zoro number 29?

I think your scars are cool, sabo-kun

12 year old crushes are really cute. it probably took sabo another 8 years to realize she LIKE likes him honestly sabo


here are some reasons why you shouldnt watch free! and draw One Piece at the same time. It does things to your brain and i dont know how far im going to take this but there is more.

also i have 100% lost control of my life