drew is my favorite and he is amazingly wonderful the end

Sex Bucket List

Summary: this was for @winchester-smut‘s August challenge! My prompt was shower/bath/pool, and I chose pool for this one :-)

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Word Count: 3.3k

Warnings: smut, slight dirty talk, language

A/N: this kinda sucks imo idk I hope y'all like it!

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You finally had a day off from the world of hunting, which was a very rare occurrence, so you decided to live it up by relaxing aaaall day long. Specifically, you were going to spend it relaxing by your private pool at your house.

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HVFF Nashville wrap-up!

I think the shock has worn off enough for me to remember most of what happened ^_~. So, let’s dig in to the story of my first con!! :-) 

Sorry if this gets a little long, but I’m going to gush! THERE WILL BE SPOILERS so be warned! ^_^ Also, any pics I post are mine, please do not use without credit!!

HVFF Day #1

@ireland1733, @emmilynestill, @jedichick04, @laurabelle2930, and I all met up and headed into the con. I was so thankful to have a few HVFF veterans in our group, because I was able to follow their lead! Heading back to the autograph booths, we met up with @scu11y22 and @quant-um-fizzx. Stephen’s line was filling up quick, so we went to David’s booth because there was no one in his VIP line yet! 

Poor David. All the hugs to that man, because he didn’t fly in from Vancouver until that morning. Combining that fact with a flight delay, DR was running late (we were able to get the complete run down of his schedule from his con agent who we befriended while waiting in line X-D). In total we probably waited 2 hours or so for David to show up, but we found ways to pass the time. Hanging with this group of ladies is always a good time with many laughs and craziness. Plus, Stephen showed up during the midst of our waiting and since his booth was right next to David’s we got to stare at the pretty for as long as we wanted!! It took a few minutes for it to sink in that I was seeing the pretty IN PERSON. *sigh* it was lovely. 

–SIDE STORY– While waiting for David, we got to watch Stephen take a picture with adorable little baby who was dress up in a green arrow onesie that was made to look like the Arrow jacket. It was precious! And the best part, we found out thanks to @hope-for-olicity - who was also waiting with us - that the baby’s name was Oliver! ADORABLE!

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140118 The Moon That Embraces The Sun fan account.

I don’t even know how to begin to convey to you how absolutely magical the entire performance was. We were actually about 10 minutes late, so we missed the first song (;~;) but when we arrived, Kyuhyun was sitting on the stage with the female lead (Lina from CSJH the Grace) in dark robes with the traditional wig on. Seeing him that up close (we were in the 3rd row) right off the bat just about knocked all the air out of my lungs. I actually had already seen him closer at the Treasure Island concert but in that costume… ahhh. *___*

Then the scene changed to 8 years previous (I think) and he was A PRECIOUS, LITTLE BALL OF FLUFF IN PINK ROBES WITH A PINK BAND AROUND HIS HEAD. He was all smiles and laughter. This scene took place in a market; he was dancing around with all the townspeople and he picked up an umbrella and was playing with it. Whenever they were speaking, I obviously had no idea what was going on, but the lead girl seemed to be hiding from some official looking guy so Kyuhyun pulled her to his chest and shielded her from him but then she ran off and left her book behind so Kyu runs after her. He peeked his head over the gate and then climbed over it; when he jumped down he landed like a ninja and it was SO CUTE, hahaha.

AND OK, LET ME JUST TAKE A MINUTE TO TELL HOW WHEN KYUHYUN WAS BORN, GOD HIMSELF POURED ANGEL DUST DOWN HIS THROAT AND GAVE HIM A VOICE UNFIT FOR THE LOWLINESS OF OUR WORLD. I was overcome by dizziness too many times to count because of the number of times I would unconsciously hold my breath while he sang… how can a human have a voice like that? His voice was so clear and crisp tonight, like the tolling of a bell in an autumn wind.. I need them to release a soundtrack to this musical so I can listen to it always. His voice… his voice. I wish I had the words to describe how deeply that voice has written itself into my mind and etched itself into my heart. ;~~~~~;

Anyway, all the scenes with his little right-hand assistant guy were really funny. He kept telling him to tell him that he was handsome and kept replying with “I know” orz. And then in one scene, dressed in RED robes, he’s sitting at a table discussing something or other and then all the sudden he just STARTS RAPPING. AND DOING THE STUPID MOTIONS HE DOES WHEN HE ~RAPS~ LIKE HE DID DURING TREASURE ISLAND. HAHAHA. The play itself was traditional but the music was very modern at times, I really like the juxtaposition of eras and inspiration. I don’t know Korean, so I can’t be 100% sure, but at the end of this scene it looked like he forgot his line for a second and then backtracked and fixed it and it was really so precious, oh my goodness. The pride I felt seeing him recover like that :’) 

When he goes to confess to the girl, he is SO CUTE AND SO NERVOUS and he gets a bunch of his subjects to dance around with fans and lanterns and it’s really pretty. Then while he’s singing, he starts doing (what I think were supposed to be) seductive body waves. Then he kisses her and scurries away but right before he leaves the stage HE DOES HEART ARMS TO HERRR and then scampers off. IT WAS THE CUTEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. 

Then something sad happens (spoilers? I don’t know? I just won’t say) and he CRIES OUT IN ANGUISH. HIS SUBJECTS HAVE TO HOLD HIM BACK. I think……. that was my favorite part of the play. Just that short scene. That was the first scene I really saw Kyuhyun as his role because all of what he did up to that point kind of fit his personality really well. But this… I love.. raw emotion.  I love it a lot. Be it joy or anguish; it’s just something that’s always… fascinated (?) me. I wanted to cry watching him in such pain, though, ahhh ;~;

Then it was the intermission.

When it came back, Kyuhyun had his wig back on and was in dark robes. He later changed to gold robes and then to maroon/white/green robes. He sat as his table, where before he had so cheerfully chatted with his subjects, rapped (for no reason?) and just giggled and laughed as he worked. But at this point, he was drinking himself into oblivion and could hardly even stand. 

After that, he was in white and was in bed and he woke up from a nightmare with a start, reaching out in front of him. The song he sang was really sad, ahhh. Then he passed out (literally) back on his bed and the girl came in and was leaning over him and when she was about to touch him, he grabbed her wrist and demanded who she was. Then he freaked out and I don’t know, it was really hot. 

For most of the rest of the play he was really serious and lost all of his boyish charm from the first act. But he was so regal and beautiful *__* There were SO MANY kisses, Kyuhyun got it. And so in the next scene, they’re creeping through the forest trying to run away from his subjects and it was adorable, my goodness. He was in golden robes this time and this is where they had their second kiss. Then the other guy that also liked the girl and some other people (???) drew their swords and Kyuhyun WAS SO HOT DURING THE SWORD FIGHT, MY WORD. He jumped up and did a 180 degree spin in the air (da;ifja;soj). Bless. 

Then one of his friends dies and he was GORGEOUS AND SAD again but he was with the girl so it was okay, I guess lol and then they kissed for the third time and it ended.

I’m sure I’m forgetting some scenes (it’s hard to remember when I have no idea what even happened in terms of plot at all, haha) but those are the ones that resonated the most with me, I suppose. Lina did an AMAZING job as well, she has a gorgeous voice. All of the actors did amazingly, in fact. Such a wonderful cast. I especially liked Kyuhyun’s assistant-esque guy, haha. He reminded me of the judge from I Hear Your Voice. 

I’ve been wanted to see Kyuhyun act in a musical ever since Three Musketeers was announced… and my dream has finally come true. And it surpassed any expectations I ever had. Went above and BEYOND. I’ll never forget how I felt watching him in his element like that…. it was simply magical. And by “simply” I mean multifaceted and not simple at all. AND I just found out that I get to see his musical again next weekend (from a far worse seat, but still!) and now I want to cry all over again. I’m so happy ;______; <3333