drew goodard


DREW GOODARD: So that shot right there, of Chris Hemsworth when he’s giving the speech, I’m watching through the view finder and the hair stood up on the back of my neck and I was like, “Oh my, God. This guy is an action star.”
JOSS WHEDON: Oh I remember exactly! I said, “Oh my, God! He’s a movie star!” and you said, “Yeah, it was nice knowing him.”
DREW GOODARD: And it was that feeling of “oh holy…”, we call the studio up that night and said, “Watch the dailies from today because Hemsworth is off the chart good!” They watched the dailies and immediately cast him in ‘Red Dawn’ and a week after he got Thor…
JOSS WHEDON: Two days!
DREW GOODARD: Was it two days?!
JOSS WHEDON: He got 'Red Dawn’ on a Thursday and 'Thor’ on a Saturday. I was like, “Friday must have been hell for you! Dark scary hell!” and he said, with some embarrassment, “I know I should be grateful for one but I was only thinking of the other. Friday was a little tough.”

Drew Goodard + Joss Whedon during the 'Cabin In the Woods’ commentary.