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Doctors Reid (part 3)

Part 2

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A/n: there will be the last part of it!


One night you were sleeping peacefully. You were dreaming about you and Spencer, specifically what you did that evening before to fall asleep.
You cooked dinner in the small kitchen and then eat on the couch. There was a movie you liked and you want him to watch it with you, and so he did.

“It is really funny, I must say it (y/n)” he said laughing.

“I know it is Spence.”

Then, in the middle of the movie, your eyes began to feel heavy. It had been a long because there were news about the case and you could feel you were near to solve it. You met at a bar with Morgan and gave you some new case files.
But now that was not the time to think about it, you were too tired.
You slowly leaned your head on his shoulder, knowing he wouldn’t complained. Suddlenly, you could feel his arm wrapping around you and then started strocking his thumb up and down your forearm.
His sweet eyes looked down at you and he couldn’t help but smile at the usually strong woman that now was just a little helpless girl who was leaning against his chest.

You were already gone in your dreamworld that you didn’t notice that he turned off the tv, picked you up in his arms bride-style and carried you to your bedroom. When he leaned you on the mattress, you grabbed his shirt.

“Take me into your arms.” you whispered.

And that was when you woke up that morning. Your face was on his chest, your arms around his torso, your legs intertwined into his ones. You could feel his breath moving delicately your hair. You looked up at him in the same way he did the night before. Something strange was happening between you two, but you didn’t want to ruin that moment.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, your team was already at work. Hotch checked the last crime scene again and ordered Agent Drew to come at your and tell you the news.

“I want Doctor Reid and Doctor (y/l/n) to know that I have found this new evidence and you have to write their exact thoughts about it. I need to know what they exactly think.” he said, for then telling Agent Drew to take off his budget and gun “if someone sees you with these, maybe they can start asking them why FBI agents go at their house. Be careful.”

When the agent knocked at your door was 10am and of course you were already in the kitchen making coffee.
You welcomed him inside and offered him a cup of the dark liquid you just made.
With Spencer by your side, you analyzed the evidence he gave you, and Spencer’s eyes lighted up. He understood. He understood why the UnSubs attacked these precise families.

“Go back to Hotch tell him what I said. If he goes at this address, he will find who we are looking for. If he needs more informations he can call Garcia.”

Drew exited the door and go away. You hugged your friend happy for his intuition. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he snuggled his face against your neck and shoulder.

“I am so proud of you Reid! I love that big brain of yours!”

You suddenly kissed him near his lips. It was an action you didn’t planned, but you liked it. But not as much as he did.
He looked at you deeply into the eyes. Then you saw him licked his lips. He looked so sexy.
His face came so near to your face that when he spoke, his lips brushed lightly.

“I tried to be quiet those days, but n-now I c-can’t anymore. Can I kiss you?”

“What are you waiting for?”

His soft lips attached to yours. You began to move closer to him, feeling his body-heat. His hands on your back, your fingers on his hair.
You two kissed for a while when his tongue asked your permission to slid inside.
He explored your mouth with passion. With… love.

You were a bit sad because it was the end of the case and it meant it was time to go home. Not being in the same house together, in the same bed…
But who knows, if after that kiss you wouldn’t shared the same bed again once you came back home…

A Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officer who fired his gun at an unarmed suspect during a traffic stop Monday night will not be placed on leave, a JSO spokesperson said Tuesday.

Officer J.C. Garcia drew and fired his weapon under the mistaken belief that the driver was holding a gun. In fact, Brian Dennison, 29, was unarmed, and had his 6-year-old daughter in the car with him.

According to the police report, Garcia spotted a green Ford Focus driven by Dennison speeding through a parking lot near West University Boulevard and St. Augustine Road. Garcia began following the car, and said it blew through a stop sign as it turned onto DuPont Station Road, nearly hitting another car and heading the wrong way toward St. Augustine Road.

That’s when the officer switched on his lights and siren, following the car until it turned into Plantation Apartments in the 7000 block of South Old Kings Road and parked.

At a media briefing early Tuesday, Assistant Chief Chris Butler told reporters the officer initially believed the suspect was armed so he pulled out his own weapon and fired. At some point, Butler said, the officer realized he was not armed, and shifted his fire so as not to wound Dennison.


Officer fires at unarmed suspect during traffic stop | First Coast News

Dennison was speeding because his daughter was having an asthma attack and he was trying to get her an inhaler.