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Riding in Cars with Boys (2001)

“This is why therapists are wealthy, moments like this. Why didn’t he just get her the bra? It’s certainty cheaper than a bicycle. Ah, parents and the damage they can do. Sometimes it’s endless. But she survived. You know what they say: that which doesn’t kill you, makes you want to die. You see, if she was from the south she would have turned her life into a country song. But since she’s from Connecticut, she turned it into a book”


A Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officer who fired his gun at an unarmed suspect during a traffic stop Monday night will not be placed on leave, a JSO spokesperson said Tuesday.

Officer J.C. Garcia drew and fired his weapon under the mistaken belief that the driver was holding a gun. In fact, Brian Dennison, 29, was unarmed, and had his 6-year-old daughter in the car with him.

According to the police report, Garcia spotted a green Ford Focus driven by Dennison speeding through a parking lot near West University Boulevard and St. Augustine Road. Garcia began following the car, and said it blew through a stop sign as it turned onto DuPont Station Road, nearly hitting another car and heading the wrong way toward St. Augustine Road.

That’s when the officer switched on his lights and siren, following the car until it turned into Plantation Apartments in the 7000 block of South Old Kings Road and parked.

At a media briefing early Tuesday, Assistant Chief Chris Butler told reporters the officer initially believed the suspect was armed so he pulled out his own weapon and fired. At some point, Butler said, the officer realized he was not armed, and shifted his fire so as not to wound Dennison.


Officer fires at unarmed suspect during traffic stop | First Coast News

Dennison was speeding because his daughter was having an asthma attack and he was trying to get her an inhaler.