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klance modern highschool AU! Keith is a punk kid who got kicked out of his last school for fighting; he acts tough, but actually has a heart of gold. Lance is an over-the-top theatre kid who acts cocky and self-confident but is actually full of hang-ups. Most people think they hate eachother, but they’ve been hooking up in secret for months (Pidge and Hunk both know, but let them believe they’re being sly about it). Neither of them want to admit to having feelings for the other, but when Lance stops having time for Keith because he’s always rehearsing for the end-of-year play with their beautiful upperclassmen (Allura) things start needing to be said~!!!

I can’t even remember the last time I drew something from start to finish by hand, but here we are! I thought about busting out the white paint and editing things~ but I’d like to believe that I’ll have a tablet again soon and be able to color and edit this properly then. still, I hope you all enjoy it all the same for now!

theyre on a date!!


Brides are still relevant right


ford pays for tuition with multiple academic scholarships and working an off-campus job. he also continues studying science on his downtime, but keeps that strictly to the side since in a way, its what caused stan to get kicked out. 

fiddleford is his 3rd roommate; the previous two continuously bullied ford for his polydactyly.


wanted to share my fav gayest official art of kurama and hiei


Geez, what a difference a year makes! Especially if you’re drawing the same character nearly every day.

I still remember the first time I drew him and being so jazzed and proud about how he was designed, and thinking about how he took way too long to draw, haha. Luckily I’ve gotten faster at it, or else updates would take even longer than they do now :P

Happy Birthday, Fatal_Error :’)

And thanks to everyone for being here to celebrate it <3 I’ve got a little surprise planned, but it’d take a miracle to have it done before the end of today. I’ll do my best though ;)

And if you’re curious, the first image was a part of this, and the second image was from here!

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Would you ever just,, draw Gansey being hugged,,, just a lot,,, like taken care of,,, and safe,,, with his favourite people,,, who appreciate that he lived and cared for them when he knew he was dying alone,,, this is absolutely not a demand, just because you mentioned maybe doing fanart!

Looking for Gansey hugs and comfort?? You’ve come to the right place, anon!!

I’ve cooked up a nice batch of fluff and angst for your lovely, lovely prompt ;)

First up, some Bluesey love :’)

And here’s Noah and Gansey hugging and being happy and not dwelling on the fact that both of them have died and one had to sacrifice his life to save the other


Thanks for asking for these, b/c my heart needed to see this :’)


Here’s Shigure in GBA Pegasus Knight getup because I have zero self control



I kinda like that sketchy style, I might keep it :p

Soo I finally decided to answer some older asks. It’s gonna take me only like, what, 40 years?

for some reason I get a lot of asks for Laxus and Cobra’s first meeting, so expect that sometime in the future

in the next 100 years


reason number 345678 why Acno shouldn’t be a parent