drew from emblem 3

We couldn’t help ourselves….had to post an oldie, but a goodie!  Oh Drew….

I’ve never read a full fan fiction [piece], because they’re, like, literally books. But I’ve read clean ones and I’ve also read dirty ones. Honestly? It’s kind of hot. I’m not going to lie.
—  Drew Chadwick from Emblem 3 reads his own fan fiction! The group plays in Indianapolis on Sunday. Full interview in tomorrow’s NUVO. 

What’s so funny!?  Drew knows how to remain focus…on comic books!  Way to zone us out with your Sony X headphones pre-show….then again, we like to be in our own element too when we’re chilling out and having fun!

Remember this look from finale night?  Our top 3 finalists said “HELL-O” to these 3 rockstars as they sang their way through their last performance of season 2