drew everything in my head

The story of the time I called one of Naruto’s biggest plot twists two years (ish) before it happened and confused all of my friends:

Back in high school, I was Grade A Naruto trash. I watched the anime (both the dub and sub), I read the manga, I had so much stuff with Naruto characters on it that it was ridiculous. I even had my own ninja OC (Her name was Kyo after the lead singer of Dir En Grey). I drew Naruto characters on everything, wrote Naruto fan fiction, and posted my head canons on message boards.

And my Naruto husbando was Itachi.

I loved Itachi above all other fictional characters. I cosplayed Itachi, most of my fanfictions and head canons were about him, and I would defend him to the bitter end.

This spurred what my friends believed was my most wild head canon:

Itachi was not actually a villain. Itachi murdered his family on the Hokage’s word and was infiltrating the Akatsuki on behalf of Konoha, in order to protect it. His guise was so good that even his only living relative believed it.

Most of my fan fictions revolved around this theory, including my most popular fan fiction at the time.

So, I went on and on about his head canon for years. My friends would sometimes roll their eyes, but let me have my fun because I wasn’t hurting anyone. I was just writing fan fiction and drawing fan art.

But then, after two years of this, it was actually confirmed in the manga. Everything I ranted about was true. I walked into school after reading that update with the most smug grin on my face because I was right, and about something I was sure I just pulled out of my ass.

And that is the story of the time my most ridiculous head canon actually became real canon.