drew doggett

Coming this Monday/Tuesday the 10th/11th Drew Doggett Photography comes to Lot 379!

Drew lives and works in New York City. During his early days in fashion photography, he made a name for himself in the documentary and fine art photography world through his decade-long Art Cares Project.

In 2009, Drew’s animating passion, a combination of artistic impulse and social consciousness, inspired him to launch an ambitious non-profit project called Art Cares. Art Cares donates fifty pe

rcent of proceeds from limited edition prints and photo books to non profit, sustainable community programs focused on bringing care and services to the documented villages. Omo: Expressions of a People is the second of Doggett’s ten planned expeditions to indigenous communities in the remote corners of the world. His inaugural solo trip, to the isolated Himalayan region of Humla, Nepal, resulted last year in a book, Slow Road to China, and four gallery exhibitions in New York and Washington, D.C. Proceeds from the book and fine art prints have already fully funded operations at a health center in Humla for a year. 

Drew’s images often explore a culture’s presentation of strength, and attribute their relationship with surroundings to the distinction of their bodies. 

By inviting comparisons with contemporary fashion imagery, Doggett’s images help Western viewers of all ages draw links between seemingly disparate cultures. His work does not merely document this shared aesthetic, but embraces and participates in it. His images seek to capture a larger, perhaps classical, idea of beauty—one that speaks to worlds beyond the immediate context of his subjects.