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can I request some soft boys in a cute pillow fort of happiness watching movies and cuddling?? Like i dont even care if it isn't gay shit cuddles are important

Didn’t know who you were speaking about when u said soft bois so I drew Max and Kid Davey

get some son pt. 2 || davey jacobs

yet another part two, i’m glad you guys like my writing enough to want me do add to it (or you, just to tie up the lose end i dropped here and there, but it’s still nice to know that you’re invested)

anyways, what happened last time was you found davey selling and all the other newsies who were there wittnessed davey ask you to dinner and you say y E S and they were shook

hopefully you’ve read it 

so here’s part 2

       "C'mon Davey, they seemed really nice, please?!“ You pleaded but he shook his head. Since you had come over for dinner, you’d been pestering Davey to introduce you to his friends. Davey had said no each time. You didn’t understand why. Was he embarrassed of them? Was he embarrassed of you? "Are you embarrassed of me?”
Davey looked at you, shocked that you would think such a thing. 

        “N-no! Of course not! I could never be embarrassed of you, you’re wonderful. T-that’s not why I don’t want you to meet them.” He chuckled nervously on his last sentence. “I just don’t want them to take advantage of you or something.”

        That wasn’t completely true. While Davey knew that some of them would try very hard to get into your pants, you were smarter than that and they all knew that no meant no. No, what he was worried about was that you might want them to get into your pants. That didn’t come out quite right, he meant that he didn’t any of them to steal your heart. Just because they knew that he was in love with you didn’t mean that they wouldn’t try to woo you. And that you wouldn’t be wooed. It was silly and selfish, he knew, but he just didn’t want you to see that there were better options than him. Which again, was silly seeing as you two weren’t even a couple. Yet. 

        “Well, I’m a big girl, Dave and I’ve lived in New York long enough to know how to watch out for myself.” You argue, the gears wurring in your brain. You thought for a moment, trying to think of a threat or something to convince him. “And… And if you won’t introduce me yourself, I guess I’ll just have to do it myself." 

        "W-what? No, you wouldn’t do that! You don’t even know where the lodging house is!” You grinned, wondering why you hadn’t thought to say that earlier. It had sent Davey all in a flustered flutter, his cheeks had gone red and he began wringing his hat in his hands. Although you felt bad for giving the man anxiety, you couldn’t help but think that he was adorable. ‘Stop that!’ the voice in the back of your head chided. You had feelings for Davey, but you didn’t want to ruin one of the only friendship you had just because the boy didn’t like you back. He had to see at least ten girls that were much prettier, richer, smarter, and more level headed than you, everyday whist he was selling his papers. You didn’t stand a chance. 

        “It shouldn’t be too hard, there’s newsboys on practically every street and the Lord knows how flirty they all are!” You clipped, putting your hands on your hips. For a moment you thought you had won. But the sudden smirk on Davey’s face dashed your victory. 

        “So your father is fine with you leaving the house unattended?” He challenged. God dammit, you hadn’t thought about that. Your family didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to you, but whenever you tried to go somewhere with one of your older siblings or Davey, your father freaked out. There was no way in hell he was about to let you go find some Newsie and have them show you their house. 

        “I-I’ll tell him that you’re taking me!” You fought back. You were about to smack this stupid paper boy. 

        “And I’ll tell 'em you’re lying.” Davey retorted, crossing his arms. You huffed. There was no getting around this, if your father didn’t catch you, Davey would. 

        “Please Davey, I just want to met them, not become one of them.” You begged, giving him a look not unlike the one that Les used when pretending to be a sick orphan. He gave in, knowing that he really couldn’t say no to you. 

        “Alright, fine.” He exasperated, putting his cap back on. You grinned again and he was pretty sure he could hear his heart. “But if anyone tried anything that I don’t like, I’m bringing you home." 

        "Oh, thank you!” You flung your arms around Davey, trying to ignore the strong, warm scent that he always gave off. It made you weak in the knee area. He chuckled, the sound humming through you. He patted your back. Those boys better behave themselves. 


        Davey was at your door by 7:00 pm sharp the next day. He had ushered Les home, telling him to inform their mother that he’d be with you. His mother trusted you to make sure that he didn’t do anything stupid, so that should be explanation enough. Your younger sister of 5 opened the door, looking at him with big brown eyes. Your siblings loved Davey and Les, but this one was a little on edge about Davey, probably because he was so big compared to everyone else in her small world. He bent down, not wanting to intimate her. 

        “Hey Sue Sue, can you get (y/n) for me?” The little girl just blinked at him, like she hadn’t understood the request. 

        “Sue, what did I tell you about opening the -, oh, hello David.” Your mother appeared in the doorway, a baby on her hip. She looked frazzled as usual. He felt bad, it had to be hard to keep track of ten children. He hoped he wouldn’t have that many children. Then again, you hated being apart of such a big family so he probably didn’t have much to worry about. He internally shook his head. What was he thinking, it wasn’t like you two were going to end up together, much less have kids together. “You can come on, (y/n)’s just cleaning off some dishes, she’ll be done in a bit.”

        “Thank you, Nell.” He said, entering the small home. Sue made a motion at him to pick her up. Davey was puzzled but complied, letting her wrap her arms around his neck and give his cheek a smooch. This was all very out of character for her.

        “She’s just excited. She thinks you’re taking (y/n) away to get married. She’s been babbling about it all day. (y/n) and her prince, Davey.” Nell chuckled, leading Davey to the kitchen. His face was a beet red. Did her family think they were a couple? He found you at the wash bin, your back turned to him. 

        “Hey Newsie.” He chimed, making you jump and almost drop the dish you were holding. You shot him an annoyed grin, it was quickly replaced but a pleasant look of surprise. 

        “I think she’s finally learning to like you.” You comment, taking your sister out of his grasp and setting her on the floor. “Go find Janelle, I think she has a treat for you!” You convince the little girl. She shoots off like a rocket the moment she hears the word treat. You return to your full height, which was still shorter than Davey. “You ready to go?”

        “Ready when you are” He shrugged. He was a little disappointed that the moment with Sue had ended. It almost felt like you were a little family. You nodded, linking your arm around his and leading him out of the building. You took a deep breath when the lodging house came into sight. Davey stopped you in your tracks, making you face him.

        “You don’t have to be nervous. They’re really excited to meet you.” He assured, confronting your unsaid fear. You bit your lip, looking at your shoes. You were excited to meet them to, but that didn’t stop your nerves and the ever badgering question.

        “But what if they don’t like me?” You questioned, beginning to mess with the cuff of your friend’s sleeve. Davey laughed, tilting your chin back to him.

        “So long as you’re not one of the DeLancey brothers, they’ll like you. Besides, you’re a very hard person to dislike. You’ll be fine.” He insisted, gently taking hold of your arm and continued walking. You stop right in front of the door. Already you can hear the commotion going on in there and you feel your anxiety tug at your gut. Davey noticed your expression. In a moment of bravery, his hand slips down into your’s, giving it a small squeeze. “Hey, you’re my family. And if you’re my family, you’re their family. They’ll love you. You’ve got nothing to worry about.”

        There are butterflies in your stomach but your heart feels bolder. You give Davey a quick, tight hug and a thank you before letting him open the door. There are boys all over the place. Some are sitting on a couple of worn out couches, playing cards. Smaller boys are chasing a few older ones. Others are tossing a ball back and forth. One by one, the boys stop whatever they’re doing to look at you and Dave. Some of the older ones take off their hats. You blush, not expecting your arrival to be this big of a deal. A curly blond with a cigar hanging loosely from his lips hops off the couch and struts over to you, grabbing your knuckles and kissing them.

        “It’s nice ta meet ya, miss (y/n)” The young man chirped. A sudden peg of annoyance aimed at Davey flashed through you. Apparently, they knew your name, but the only one you knew of Jack and this boy didn’t meet the description. You looked over at Davey, silently asking for a name. He mouth back 'Race’. Or at least, that’s what it looked like. But Race wasn’t a name, it must be Rick or Red or something. 

        “You as well… Rick..” You hesitated on his name. He cocked an eyebrow at you.

        “It’s Race.” Although he kept up his charming air, his correction was a little short. 

        “Oh my, I’m terribly sorry.” You apologize, feeling like a fool. Great, things were already going wrong. Why did you beg Davey so hard again? Race waved his hand in the air like it was no big deal.

        “Don’ even worry 'bout it, princess.” He winked. Davey drew a little closer, putting a hand on your shoulder. 

        “Race, where’s Jack?” He asked, not wanting to give the boy anymore chances to hit on you. Race seemed a little taken a back. 

        “He’s up on his, uh, penthouse I t'ink.” Race grumbled, “I’ll go an’ get 'em. Don’t go anywhere Princess, I’ll be right back” He left with a wink and a smirk. You looked back at Davey.

        “They’re not all that flirty, are they?” You tried to not show how uncomfortable that experience had made you. Sure, he was just trying to be sweet and you were flattered, but you never knew how to handle being hit on. Davey and some of the boys who were closer to you laughed. 

        “No, most of these guys aren’t like that. Race is a special case. Well, him and Romeo.” A short boy gasped, throwing his hand to his heart. 

        “David, how rude of youse ta say such things about me! Comparing me ta Race? Really?” He mocked, tossing his other hand to his forehead like he was about to faint. You giggled at the goofy guy. Davey loved the sound of your laugh more than he loved most music. 

        “And that be Romeo.” He sighed, rubbing the back of neck. “That’s Specs, that’s Albert, that’s Henry, that’s Jojo, that’s Finch, that’s Mush, that’s Crutchie, and that’s Elmer.” They all gave you a chorus of greeting in return. You waved at them a little shyly. 

        “It’s nice to finally meet you all!” You bubbled, beaming at all of them. Davey tugged at your arm to get your attention. He pointed up to the top of the stairs where a groggy teenage boy was entering through a door, followed closely by Race. 

        “And that’s Jack, the one who sold you the pape.” He explained. You made a noise of realization. Jack squinted at you, then he hit Race in the chest and muttered something to him before jogging down the stairs and to you. 

        “Well, I’m finally beenin’ introduced ta (y/n) 'erself, how swell is dat!” Jack chuckled, readjusting his cap. A pang of guilt filled you as you remembered that you’d basically shoved him aside without even buying a paper.

        “It’s nice to meet you, Jack. Davey’s told me lots about you.” You gushed, not really sure what to say to him. He seemed like a such a big presences. After all, he was the famed Jack Kelly, the cowboy, the one who’d gotten away from the refuge on the back of Teddy Roosevelt’s carriage. Davey wasn’t the only one who had told you about him, your two younger brothers thought he was the shit as well. 

        “Like wise. I’m glad dat Dave can have a girlyfriend dat don’t make him stutter.” Jack teased, smacking Davey lightly in the shoulder. You both suddenly got very flushed.

        “Oh, we’re not-” “He’s not-” “Nothing is-”

        Jack waved off your feeble protests. 

        “Just use protection an’ lemme know when da weddin’ is”

                                 ~ to be continued ~


The (not!) hipster Newsies AU that nobody wanted. Featuring Jack and Davey & their organic coffee and thrift store sweaters, and Kath with her floral fashion, hand knit scarf, and eye for trends. But they’re totally not hipsters. Just ask.


Can I kiss you?”

I am more of a Jackcrutchie person and I don’t necessarily ship Javid so I’m not sure how this turned out but here?

With ‘Mary Poppins,’ playing on the tv in front of them, Davey would have thought he’d be able to relax. After all, he loved Julie Andrews and he loved the boy sat next to him. Crutchie had gone out for the night to see his gran and, for the first time, it was just Jack and Davey.

However, Davey could not relax. He spent the entire film on edge, trying to figure out if Jack was going to try to sleep with him or not, praying for the latter. They hadn’t even kissed yet, thanks to Davey’s great evading skills but he couldn’t think of a way to get out of it this time. Davey was asexual. Sex-repulsed asexual. If there was anything he did not want in life, unlike most boys his age, it was sex.

When the movie ended, Jack looked over at Davey with a smirk and a smile. He drifted his fingers gently up Davey’s thigh before stopping and holding it lightly. Davey’s entire body tingled as Jack started to lean in slowly and he realised that, actually, he quite liked the bubbles that he was feeling in his stomach.

Davey was perfectly comfortable in his asexuality. He knew that he didn’t want sex. He didn’t, though, realise that he might actually want to kiss the boy next to him until he was close enough to do it. However, he still couldn’t get the thought that Jack might want to sleep with him out of his mind. If he kissed him, he might think that Davey wanted it too.

Just as Jack was about to close the distance, Davey panicked, pushing him away and squirming as far back against the arm of the sofa as possible, “No!” He shuddered softly, trying not to watch as Jack’s face crumbled.

“No?” Jack gulped quietly and, when Davey looked up, he saw that he was shaking slightly and immediately felt terrible. He didn’t want to hurt Jack but he didn’t want to be pressured into anything either. It wasn’t like he thought Jack would ever do anything like that but Davey had been in awful situations before.

Sniffling quietly, Davey pulled his knees up and drew them to his chest to protect himself, “I don’t want to.” His words were whispered and quiet as he tried to avoid Jack’s gaze. As much as Davey wanted to stand up for himself, he didn’t want to hurt the boy that he was in love with. After all, it wasn’t Jack’s fault that he couldn’t sleep with him.

Jack was quiet for a moment as he watched Davey’s face, obviously worrying, “You don’t want to kiss me?” He furrowed his eyebrows quickly, stopping himself from reaching towards Davey as Julie Andrews sang to the credits behind him.

Struggling to form his words, Davey quickly realised that he couldn’t just leave Jack thinking that. He opened his mouth a few times, trying to find the right words before deciding to just start talking and pray, “No, I do want to kiss you, I just- I don’t want to sleep with you.”

After staring at him for a moment, Jack withdrew sharply, raising his eyebrows in disdain and shuffling away from Davey, “Ouch.” He stood quickly, collecting Davey’s coat and pressing it into his chest.

“What? No! Oh, fuck. I don’t want to sleep with anybody!” As soon as he realised what Jack was doing, Davey leaped up to stop him. He didn’t mean it like that and he didn’t want Jack to think that he wasn’t interested in him. He was incredibly interested in him. He just wasn’t interested in anyone in that way. Davey’s eyes pleaded with Jack’s as he tried to make him realise that he loved him and he needed him, that he wasn’t the issue.

Pausing, Jack took the time to look over Davey, obviously trying to figure out what he meant but realisation eventually dawning on him, “You’re asexual? Like Specs?” He gently placed Davey’s coat down onto the coffee table and drew him back onto the sofa by his hand.

Davey nodded quickly, almost gaining whiplash from the speed he was going at, “Very ace. Completely ace. So ace. Look, I even have a badge.” Pointing out a tiny pin badge with the colours of the asexual pride flag on his jacket, Davey started to wonder how Jack had ever missed it. Obviously Jack was thinking the same thing as he stared at the familiar badge that he must just never have registered.

As he stroked his thumb over the back of Davey’s hand, Jack sighed, dropping his forehead down until it rested against the skin of Davey’s wrist, “That’s fine, Davey. Oh my god, you should have just told me. It doesn’t make a difference, I still love you! I thought you were trying to break up with me … But you do want to kiss me?”

Nodding once again, Davey realised that his entire body was on edge as Jack leaned in closer again. He was eighteen and he’d never kissed someone before, he’d never even had the urge to, but, suddenly, he wanted Jack to kiss him as if his entire world was depending on it, “Yes. Very much so.” As Jack smiled, he drew Davey closer, making his stomach flutter as he realised just how much he wanted this.

“Okay, so, can I kiss you?” Jack smirked through his words, obviously able to see the giddy anticipation on Davey’s smile, as he reached a hand up to tentatively stroke his hand through Davey’s hair.

Before Jack could even comprehend what was happening, Davey had grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him in. He sighed into the taste of cherries on Jack’s lips and slipped his eyes shut, able to smell his cheap cologne as Jack rubbed his fingers gently over Davey’s hipbone.

As they pulled away, Davey smiled, resting his forehead against Jack’s with eyes peacefully shut, “Please do.”

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I really want those pine pyjama pants now that you drew Davey in. I love your art. I also love how you came up with a headcanon based on your artistic style (the one EVERYONE bugs you about with Max). Keep up the good work and campe diem!

Campe Deim! Good friend! And thank you for your kind words, and I’m glad your liking the AU So far! 

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OH HEY WHAT’S UP I TRIED,, I can’t believe I drew Davey better and with way better proportions than myself what kind of topsy-turvy world is this

also!! 3b was so appropriate for the fic I wrote a while back so that’s kind of what I went for, hence the clothes and stuff :3c