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 Rhaetia and The Celtic Boii.

The Boii were a Gallic tribe that first inhabited the Northern Italy, and the Southern alps alongside thier older Raetian tribes. The biggest settlement however was in Italy, and the Etruscan city of Felsina. With the rising of the Roman empire;  Romans drove them out and defeated the Boii at the Battle of Munita in 193 BC, where the emigrated to present day Bavaria. The inhabitants before them were the Raetians. The Raetians were more violent than prone to war (if that makes sense), and when Rome took over the Raetian tribes, it was the Boii that reacted violently and allied with the Helvettii tribes and Gaul to try and conquer Roman lands to the west. They lost, and decided not to fight longer for the fear they would be destroyed like other tribes who resisted.