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reference sheet i made for my designs of the boys!


This is brilliant. Love them both :-)

dead of summer did it so right by not killing off the only lgbt+ characters and making a woc the heroine



shutting your phone you threw it at the wall. watching it shatter into pieces, you slowly sat on the bed. you blinked numerous times to keep the tears that were threatening to slip out. taking a deep breath you got up walking into your bathroom, turning on the water you looked at yourself in the mirror before splashing water on your face. shutting the water you grabbed a small towel wiping your face. “be strong, babygirl.” you kept repeating to yourself. sliding down the wall with your eyes shut, you began to remember all the fun times you and jay had shared together. a small smile appeared on your face, but soon faded away once you heard his voice. “Y/N!” he shouted. you opened your eyes standing up. Jay’s voice was coming from your room, you slowly walked out of the bathroom seeing his back turned towards you. “what?” you said, Jay quickly turned toward you. he was wearing his usual off white sweater, with black shorts and his yeezy boost on. he looked relieved for a minute, then his facial expression completely changed. as if he had remembered what he came here to do. “I post photo’s of Hailey so that means I’m ashamed of you?” he questioned. his brow was raised and he had an impatient look. you rolled your eyes and walked passed him. you took a seat on the bed and crossed your legs. Justin turned towards you with his arm crossed. “Your breath smells like cigarettes.” you bluntly said. Justin’s eyes shot up and he looked at you in disbelief. “Are you fucking kidding me right now?!?” Jay shouted. you showed no expression, you just looked at your nails. “Does it look like I’m kidding?, your breath smells like you went through 2 packs before coming here, babe.” you said. you looked at a now pink faced Jay. he grabbed your glass lamp and chucked it at the wall. the pieces landed by your phone. you stood up walking up to Justin. you were now inches away from each other. “What the actual fuck, Jay!?!” you shouted, you pushed him as you walked over to the now broken lamp. “My mother got me this as a gift!” you shouted picking up the pieces. “Wasn’t worth anything anyways.” Justin said. Your eyes shot up and you turned towards him.

I’ve been thinking recently about how if I had absolute autonomy I’d reorganize the various Spider-Man titles and to a lesser extent the Marvel Universe titles as a whole. Thought I might as well share.

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Spider Women?

An idea struck me today. Okay, this wouldn’t necessarily be feasible right now since we have three female led Spider books on the shelves right now but given the up and down long term success of distaff Spider characters with Marvel…what if we Voltron them together.

What if we basically do the Marvel equivalent of the early Birds of Prey series with Spider ladies?

We take Jessica Drew as Spider Woman, Julia Carpenter as Arachne, Cindy Moon as Silk, Anya Corazon as Arana and Mattie Franklin as…er…well we’ll think of a cool identity for her later.

And Cassandra Webb as Madame Web as their version of Oracle/Zordon who’d send them out on missions and help co-ordinate them around and stuff, actually making her, you know…relevant to something which is rarely the case.

The advantage of this approach is that all the characters have fandoms of some degree and hopefully they’d kind of merge together into this book, and from that these characters, most of whom have struggled to maintain long term success, would help prop one another up.

They also offer some potentially unique dynamics. Jess is the most experienced by far so it’d make sense she act as leader.

Julia is notably a single mother so she could kind of be a part time member/the parent of the team. This would be really appropriate given how Cindy, Mattie and Anya are either people lacking parents, are young enough to where they’d need a parental influence.

Cindy would be the kind of Captain America in so far as being time displaced, but she’d also be the inexperienced one who’s learning the ropes.

It’d be something she’d share with Anya but annoyingly Anya despite being younger is actually much more experienced than her at, potentially leading to a bit of a sibling relationship/rivalry.

Mattie meanwhile could be like a dark reflection of Anya and Cindy. Like Cindy she has a fondness for Spider-Man and like both Cindy and Anya she’s had some kind of mentor relationship with Jessica. She is also a young hero, actually in between Cindy and Anya’s ages and she began as a wide eyed often happy-go-lucky Spider superheroine with a fair amount of fangirl tendencies too. But Mattie has canonically experienced some seriously dark shit in her time, and gone through stuff no one her age really should have. I guess you could kind of draw comparisons to her and Jason Todd or Cassandra Caine. So she’s kind of what Anya or Cindy could’ve been if they went through really, really, really bad stuff. So she’d be someone trying to regain her bright optimism despite the cynicism she’s developed due to her experiences.

Which would actually be part of how I’d start off the book. Mattie and Cassandra are dead due to the events of Grim Hunt in 2010 and Julia is Madame Web. We should fix that.

In the late 1990s and in Spider-Girl (the Mayday Parker one) there was a villainous crime lord called the Black Tarantula. His backstory was kind of vague and mysterious though his base of operations was in Argentina and he had ties with Japanese criminals including an offshoot of the ninja clan, the Hand. In fact these ninjas were responsible for resurrecting Doc Ock after Kaine killed him in the Clone Saga; they used a similar method to what the Hand could do in Frank Miller’s Daredevil run.

Black Tarantula’s backstory in the MC2 universe was tied in a bit with the Ezekiel Spider-Totem stuff, which itself was tied into Anya who is also of Spanish decent like the Black Tarantula was hinted as being.

My idea is that Black Tarantula and his ninja friends want to do something with the same Spider-Totem forces which made Anya a Hunter and to do that they need to resurrect Madame Web and Mattie Franklin. Upon resurrecting Cassandra, the Madame Web powers of foresight and telepathy and stuff pass back to her from Julia Carpenter, who also gets her old powers back.

This would be enough to get Julia to ask for Jessica Drew’s help as when she lost her powers she got a vision of Mattie Franklin and Cassandra. Remember Mattie was Jessica’s protégé for a little while and Jessica and Cassandra also interacted a lot during that time. Jessica Drew has to my knowledge given zero shits about Mattie’s death since it happened so this could both address that and give her adequate motivation to try and help Mattie.

Problem is they’ve got no way of finding Mattie but they know Madame Web’s powers have something to do with the mystical cosmic web spider-totem mumbo jumbo. So they contact Silk and Anya whom both have strong connections with that stuff. With their help they are able to locate Cassandra and Mattie, rescue them and thwart Black Tarantula’s plans for now.

Not knowing what precisely Black Tarantula had planned with Mattie or Cassandra, but knowing it had something to do with the cosmic web somethingsomething, Mattie, Cassandra, Julia, Cindy and Anya opt to work together to stop him. Jessica feeling responsibility for most of them decides she’ll stick around too since she knows what she’s doing better than any of them.

And that’s our team.

From there you could do all sorts of stuff with them fighting Black Tarantula, tying him in more directly to Anya, bringing in Jessica’s HYDRA history, having them confront the evil Spider Woman Doc Ock created (who was also Madame Web’s granddaughter), having them fight Madame Web’s old nemesis the Juggernaut, having Mattie confront Phil Urich who like her has gone through some bad stuff.

P.S. Now that I think about it there is another connection between Cindy and Mattie. Jameson looked after Mattie and he’s now Cindy’s boss. Maybe Mattie could work with Cindy at the FACT channel.


AWOLNATION did a little unplugged performance of Holy Roller for Renaissance Hotels. In an elevator.
Does it get any cooler than that?

He's ashamed of you part 2

[quick flash: you believe that Justin is ashamed because of the way he treats/acts when he’s with you vs. his celeb friends]

you rose from the ground never taking your eyes off of the devil standing infront of you. you slowly walked closer to him with a finger raised. “My mother brought me that. So it has a lot of meaning to it for me, fuckass.” you said calmly. Justin looked at you before looking down at his shoes. he had his hands in his pocket and he shifted uncomfortably. “What, you don’t have anything smart to say?” you asked. Justin’s eyes met the broken glass across the room then back at yours. “You should probably clean that, babe. We wouldn’t want you getting hurt would we?” He asked. he walked up to you kissing your cheek before walking out. your mouth dropped and you quickly walked out following Justin’s shadow. he walked into the kitchen grabbing himself an apple, before sitting on one of the stools. “Why are you acting like this?” you asked, Justin looked at you before rolling his eyes. He took a bite of the apple chewing it with his mouth open. he knows that’s your biggest pet peeve. “Why are you crying?” he asked. you gave him a confused look before feeling on your cheek. he was right. you were crying. you quickly wiped them away, looking Justin in the eye. “You’re ashamed of me, of us. Why don’t you just save yourself the embarrassment and leave!” you shouted. “Why do you keep saying that?” Justin asked. He stood up, taking a few steps towards you. “Because it’s true. Why won’t you just admit it? Everyone knows this, Jay.” You said. Justin grunted pulling on his hair. “Admit it!” you shouted. Justin took one look at you before sighing. “Alright, I am the way I am towards you because you’re not like me, like my friends.” Justin said. He got closer to you grabbing your hands. a tear slid down your cheeks. you stood there speechless allowing him to go on. “Y/N, everyone around me makes fun of the fact that I’m dating someone who isn’t known around Hollywood. I am the way I am because I want to protect you.” he finished. you looked up from the ground and up at him. “Leave.” was all you said. you got out of his grip and walked away. you walked back into the room and into the closet where Justin kept his clothes. you heard Justin’s footsteps follow close behind. “Y/N, what are you doing?” he asked. you opened the drawer with his clothes and threw them at his face. “Get the hell out of my house!” you shouted. “Babe, I still want to be with you.” Justin said, he walked closer to you grabbing your hips. “Do you want a cookie?” you asked. you pushed him off of you and continued to chuck his clothes out the window. “Y/N?” he asked softly. you sighed, looked at him waiting for him to continue. “What?” you calmly asked. “Is this what you really want to do?” he asked. you stood there for a minute thinking before nodding your head. “Yes, this is what I want. I’m tired of feeling like this. I’m going to find myself and be happy without you.” you said. you smiled at the thought of being happy again. Justin scuffed shaking his head. “Whatever, I’ll be back whenever to get the rest of my stuff.” He said. You nodded your head looking him in the eyes. “You’re going to regret this.” was the last thing he said before walking out the room, you waited until you heard the door slam. once you heard it, you took a sigh of relief. tears began to stream down your face. not sad tears, but happy ones.