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FAITH Lehane • comic trivia

  • Her mother used to read her Dr. Seuss’s Oh, the Places You’ll Go! before bed. “Nights she was sober enough, anyway.” ¹
  • Her father, Patrick “Pat” Lehane, is also an alcoholic, with frequent relapses. He was often absent during Faith’s life, and always owing money to an Irish mob. Recently, knowing her status as a slayer and past homicides, he searched for Faith in order to ask her to kill its leader “Handsome” Jimmy Mulligan, who knew her as a child. To defend Angel, she cut Jimmy’s left (dominant) hand. ²
  • When younger, Faith used to wear his father’s Drew Bledsoe jersey. She’s still a New England Patriots supporter. ²
  • She’s an Amy Winehouse fan: “God, I love her! I still can’t believe that voice comes out of a little white girl.” ¹
  • She isn’t good with guns, often attributed to her lack of experience. She also considers them “not quite as satisfying as the feel of a sharp blade hacking into a demon’s neck meat. But it’s fun, I guess.” ³
  • There’s a total of three occasions she was shown wearing a dress. “Nothing good ever happens when I wear a dress.” ²
  • She’s the only character currently shown using a cellphone with a keyboard. ³
  • She considers her time in jail already paid for accidentally killing the deputy mayor. ²
  • Despite recognizing the Mayor’s faults, for Faith, “it’s still hard to look back at my time with that guy and feel anything but loved.” ¹ She says he was a father figure, for whom she was truly devoted. ²
  • When Giles said he’d “nearly forgotten about professor Worth” (the volcanologist she killed), Faith answered: “You and everyone else. Except me. And his daughter. Even with Sunnydale just a hole in the ground, she still visits. Drops flowers in.” ²
  • When she got the chance, she apologized both Riley and Sam for the events in the body swap with Buffy. Sam said it wasn’t her place, and Riley said he’d accept but Buffy was the one that could answer. ³ Faith never discussed this with Buffy.

 ¹ Buffy Season 8
 ² Angel & Faith Season 9
 ³ Angel & Faith Season 10