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‘Hanzo Shimada’

Honestly, I could stare at him for hours but the sheer amount of glorious detail involved in his design is staggering, so here is a sort of ‘Mafia AU’ Hanzo, suit and tie. 

Also, I was hell bent on making Hanzo smirk at least because he’s so broody and scowling. Granted, it’s for a valid reason. 

Interestingly enough, I don’t even play Hanzo in the actual game! I just fell in love with the story of the dragons and honestly shed some tears watching the cinematic. Beautiful work, Blizzard. 

Uh, I believe I did not sign-up for a roller coaster of feels for the smart Hamada Brothers? I hereby announce that Tadashi Hamada wins The Best Brother Award. I just… /hugs both brothers and glues them together. I did say I was gonna draw some Big Hero 6 fanart and I got carried away. ;__; PLEASE WATCH IT. YOU WILL LOVE THE COLLEGE BIG BROTHER

So, I had a conversation with my best friend about the animal represenations of the matsuno-brothers, and, woops. my hand slipped. Sorry  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The whole image took is origin from me needing an excuse to draw Kara. Well, anyway; this is for @kenmasipad bcs ily bae <3

anonymous asked:

I just remembered you were the fist who drew big brother Otabek. I have had this headcanon from the moment I saw Beka and you were my light in the "darkness" (more like rainbow) of the fandom. THANK YOU I LOVE YOU

yeaaaaa i was!!!  i did iT, I DID SOMETHING FIRST!! ! And ikr? he just seems like a really good big brother material?? ? I love otabek so much sjdl;akaa BUT THANK YOUUUUUU I LOVE YOU TOOOO <33

Big Brother kain & Baby Sou (073115)

kain: “I have been seated next to the utaite “Sou” on the bus, but I have currently captured a wonderful photograph of his sleeping face. 1 copy will be 5000 yen. Please give me your regards”

Chomaiyo: “I’ll buy it”

kain: “I’ll give you it (for free) you know?”

Chomaiyo: “Kain-kun’s sleeping face too please”

kain: “With a whiny voice, Sou-kun pleaded to me: 
‘Onii-chan buy this for me??’
So I ended up buying Hokkaido limited edition galana? & cheesecake for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

kain: “Rather than (complimenting) my kindness, (compliment) Sou-kun’s slyness. Seeing how I am being buried under columns of tweets talking about how ‘easy’ I am, I am going mad with rage and headbanging.”

Sou: “(That’s) C o m p l e t e l y  F a b r i c a t e d”

kain: “I didn’t fabricate anything… I’m about to get sou angry”

@kain2525:  左(スネ夫)がsouくんが書いたやつ。右が僕。 なにを書いたかはふせるね? ハハッ

Kain: “On the left (Suneo (from Doraemon)) is the one that Sou drew. On the right is mine. Can you guess what I drew? Hahah”

♪   ♪   ♪   ♪   ♪   ♪   ♪   ♪   ♪   ♪

Big Brother kain & Baby Sou Two Big Babies Soukain Who Refused to Sleep Until 3+ AM

Sou & kain have just finished their Sapporo concert of the XYZ tour with everyone else!! Earlier today, the two had a super long & adorable twitcast together with plenty of harmonizing, games, & fooling around (⁎⚈᷀᷁▿⚈᷀᷁⁎) It was insanely fun to listen to, so hopefully they can twitcast together again soon!


i wanted to try coloured linework so i figured i may as well kill two birds with one stone.

i feel like at this point the barrows bros have been robbed to (a second) death, but then again why do they even need that junk? they’re dead