drew bear


so i did some galra!keith doodles,,

and also these lmao

i could not resist


Physically, UF Sans and Papyrus are about the same as their counterparts (Gaster’s drastically different looks are an anomaly), but while the ‘Fell’ timeline might not have changed their outward appearance much, it’s definitely affected them in other ways. Papyrus serves as Royal Warden while Sans the custodian spends his time mopping floors and trying to keep his brother’s hope up.


You were strange to him… Very strange. Especially since you blindly followed the instructions of some stranger who was messaging you through some app. He couldn’t tell if you were just pure and trusting, or downright stupid… But as strange as you were, oddly enough, he had always been fascinated by weird things.

Tumblr request of UnknownXMC fluff I guess haha. Idk MC is licking him.

This is how I see the Gotham cast when they are not playing psychotic villains: a bunch of adorable Care Bears.

This idea was originally brought up by my friend Kate.