drew and alicia

“Stickybeak” - lexark drabble

“Nice tattoo. You did it yourself?”


“You design it?”


Her one word answers and clenched jaw is explanation enough.

“Cool,” Elyza nodded. “I’m an artist, you know.”

Alicia looked at her, mildly interested. “For real?”

“Yeah. I’ll show you.”

They were sitting across from each other in the back hallway of a candy store. Elyza claimed to have a craving, but Alicia was the one who ended up eating all the caramel toffee chews they could find. The wrappers were littered on the floor surrounding her. Alicia’s legs were stretched out, her feet next to Elyza who was sitting cross legged.

Elyza hooked her hand around Alicia’s ankle and pulled one bare leg towards her. Alicia never wore anything but shorts in this heat. She pulled out a small purple marker from her backpack and drew something quickly on Alicia’s calf before she could pull away or refuse.

Alicia peered down at it then her eyes hardened and she turned her steely gaze on Elyza.

“You’re an asshole, you know that?”

She kicked her leg away from Elyza and pulled them both back, wrapping her arms around her knees, as if to protect her legs from further vandalism.

“Ah!” Elyza said, her eyes lighting up. She raised the marker again and gestured for Alicia to give her leg back. “That gives me an idea for my next masterpiece!”

“Don’t you dare!” Alicia cried and swatted her away, thoroughly annoyed, while Elyza laughed.

The crude purple penis stayed on Alicia’s leg for more than a week.

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