drew a lot today

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"Luciano!" Albert echoed to Luciano's castle, dashing off to his lover's room with his sword after being told that somewhat a bully had cut Luciano's hair while pulling it. As his foot had reached in front of his lover's door, he swung it open swiftly. "My princess! - are you harmed?!" He rushed up to the Italian, dropping his sword onto the floor. [A little reminder, I didn't include the m!a for Albert here, It would make it a bit more accurate if that makes sense, dear! ´・ᴗ・` ]

He could hear them. The heavy steps that approached his room..the sound of his swords collapsing to the ground.He heard it all but he was too ashamed to look into his eyes. That is because he felt exposed,not feeling as feminine as he had to look in front of Albert..he felt like he was forced to take off a mask that was helping him to integrate in the eyes of this boy. He was afraid..that the other has found out…that he was a boy…because the most essential thing in hiding that was his hair..everybody with a good eye could notice.He was afraid to look at Albert..what if he was angry?..

He did not reply to the other, instead he gripped onto the  curtains near him and covered his face with it. Just after that, he replied to HRE.’’…Don’t…tell anyone about this..’’ he said gripping the curtain harder, almost making it fall .’’I’m fine..I’ll tend to it later..so don’t worry about it okay? I’ll…I’ll visit you later…’’he muttered from there. He wasn’t feeling good, and didn’t want to make a scene in front of the other.He always kept things to himself: problems,misfortune,happiness,sadness,worry..to the point when they would overflow and end up exploding all at once in a violent behavior..he was afraid to be violent with Albert.

 @ask-2p-holy-rome-empire (the angst hit me good- i  am sorry if it is depressing or edgy my dear (Y7Y) ,I just got a bit excited in pointing out some flaws and thoughts.)

My phone is damaged so it’s hard to take good pictures so bare with me. Some algorithm notes I made a couple of days back. I drew a lot today which was good as i needed a break from school related things. However, I’ll jump right back into work again from tomorrow and get into the study mood once more.

Kinda realised I didn’t post any kind of art minus super sketchy MS Paint stuff recently…


here’s Omni and PJ as kids (which this is a noncanon pic but still a fun thing to design due to Omni never really being a ‘kid’)

Omni © CereusBlue

Okay, I’m late, even with American time zones, but happy birthday @may12324 ! Her beautiful Willa Cousland with Leliana and Alistair


more twitter stuff, i drew a lot today even if theyre just lazy coloring and shit like that hahahhah when will i draw full bodies again adkajdf

first one is obvs a personality swap lmaoo god i felt so uncomf while drawing that ahahhahaha

2nd is my rarepair! TodoKami…idk lmao i like them both

3rd and 4th is yea

I drew this today, i’ve been playing a lot BOTW lately, such an amazing game! / Dibujé ésto hoy, he estado jugando un montón BOTW ultimamente, qué juego más increíble!