drew a kid too


Another Fanart of @myetie‘s MM OCs

Will stop nao..I always feel bad drawing fanarts..idk ahaha…but they are just too awesome not to draw  qwq

Actually didn’t want to Upload it as I only wanted to try out something with my Cell Shading Eye coloring Style..but the Picture grew and grew and I added other OCs from Myetie and well…THIS HAPPENED…Still prefer this Style of mine over the previous one I posted of Yoonri ; u ; But aaah…Wanted to include the other Kids too but I got impatient ORZ

omg I drew this while listening to “oniisan motto ganbatte” the whole time -NON STOP - ahaha

Suki suki su-kissu shiou ze~

They are NO official Mystic Messenger Characters
The AU Characters belongs to @myetie

It’s a mere Fanart from me


Misawa day theme: AU
okay, but what about something a little different than the usual adaption–kindergarten teacher!miyu and highschool teacher!mura?? Imagine miyu being completely loved by the children, all demanding his attention and wanna marry him in the future, while mura is that teacher every student loves and is one of the most approachable teacher ever and everyone treats him *almost* like their friend?? The girls tease him while the boys hang out with him, esp during sports. And yea, everyone around them support them and are excited abt their relationship (haha)

[this is a scheduled post]

Please keep Endeavor away from my son.

Been slaving away for Anime Expo! Will have this as a print. Hopefully I’ll finish Izuku too, that sweet cinnamon roll. I’m at table J55 :.D come talk to me about tododeku pls.

klance week day 1: red/blue

Dance AU where Lance and Keith have two totally different dance styles. Lance dances like water, fluid and smooth—Keith like fire, dynamic and intense. But when they dance together, it’s something entirely new.


when i was younger i had toontown ocs named prince and princess. they were childhood friends except princess had a weird.. werewolf-esque form that would make her basically savage. she would go on generic killing sprees while prince had no clue it was her

Bangtan. On ice.
  • Hoseok: the one clinging to the wall of the ice rink screaming for dear life
  • Jungkook: golden perfection maknae figures out how to skate backwards in one day and could probably still dance to dope on ice
  • Jimin: is actually a legit figure skater and does all these spins in the middle zone looking like Yuzuru Hanyu
  • Taehyung: that one super fast kid that zooms in between everyone but then he'd probably find a toddler and teach it how to skate (and ends up with a train of kids holding onto him)
  • Namjoon: falls down the slope walking down to the ice rink and has to sit out for the day
  • Jin: watches the children from the comfort of the food stand with Namjoon
  • Yoongi: "Let me show you the secret to not falling" *lies down on the ice*

So I’ve done nothing but draw and take little naps all day and I feel super lazy about this but also like I’ve become Noctis for a day, so let’s do some HCs about artist Noctis 

- Noctis totally draws pictures in that journal to Luna. Prompto takes photographs of the landscape, Noct sketches them.

- Has a little pocket sketchbook that he doodles caricatures of the guys in. Once drew Gladio with giant wings and titled the picture Bird Brains

- Can draw very hyperrealistic portraits of people if given the time and materials to do so, it’s kinda mindblowing

- Prompto once thought a portrait Noct did of him was one of his selfies and it took him a minute to wrap his mind around how talented Noct is

- When he and Iggy were kids they drew in a sketchbook together because Iggy totally draws too

- Hates drawing hands with a passion 

- Swears a lot when he draws. Don’t be surprised if you overhear him just murmuring to himself and swearing when he’s drawing hands because fuck hands are hard to draw 

- Probably wanted to learn lithography or intaglio as a kid but prince duties got in the way. Instead he just knows a whole lot about both printing styles and gets really excited if the guys visit a town where he knows there’s a print studio

- Probably the person that drew Gladio’s tattoo


If I try to focus my mind and make even a pencil move, nothing happens. But if I reach out to it with the Force, I can juggle weights and golf carts. I know myself and I know my power. Maybe it is because I’ve always seen it a certain way and it’s too late to change, but in my head I’m a Jedi.

      - Super Powereds: Year 1