drew a kid too

Hey so uh i don’t think i ever posted this? It’s old but I’m still really proud of it, these are my kids Clover (left) and Carmen (right) and they have a v big backstory that I’m still working on

klance week day 1: red/blue

Dance AU where Lance and Keith have two totally different dance styles. Lance dances like water, fluid and smooth—Keith like fire, dynamic and intense. But when they dance together, it’s something entirely new.


Misawa day theme: AU
okay, but what about something a little different than the usual adaption–kindergarten teacher!miyu and highschool teacher!mura?? Imagine miyu being completely loved by the children, all demanding his attention and wanna marry him in the future, while mura is that teacher every student loves and is one of the most approachable teacher ever and everyone treats him *almost* like their friend?? The girls tease him while the boys hang out with him, esp during sports. And yea, everyone around them support them and are excited abt their relationship (haha)

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i want to be broken

Very romantic painting of two idiots romantically trying to murder each other.
(◞ꈍ∇ꈍ)◞⋆* ♡ Happy (early) Valentines Day!

@realfeitan designed older Taj, and I wanted to draw her too..! And @realchrollo wrote in a post that Taj learns to use guns with nen enhanced bullets in honor of Paku, who she’s heard stories about from her childhood..!

> > > Random Fanmix Combinations - Part 1 < < <

OK these have been a blast to make so far! I’ve gotten various suggestions that are cute, interesting, horrifying, you name it…

(I dunno why, but I feel this trio would go on to have amazing adventures.)

Other parts here!

Hera & Ahsoka suggested by duaedesigns and anon

Kanan & Inquisitor suggested by duaedesigns

Shaak Ti & Tarkin suggested by lledra. I am now calling this, uh, pairing ‘cheekbone shipping’. :D