When you see a girl walking down the street with a big smile, know she’s thinking about a fictional character banging the shit out of their best friend/archrival. And it’s so so SO gay.

Draco: You can stop laughing any time now 

Draco: Seriously

Draco: People are staring 

Draco: It’d be nice if you said good job on the Patronus


Draco: Peacocks are very noble creatures I’ll have you know

Chubby Neville Fest 2018 Masterlist

Thank you so very much to all our amazing writers, artists, and supporters who helped us bring this fest into life. Special thanks to everyone in the Drarry Writers + Artists 18+ discord server and @carpemermaidtales, who helped in the creation of this fest immensely. Chubby Neville Fest would not have existed without you. Without further ado, here are all the entries. We have a wonderful variety of pairings and triads. :)


Spring Green by @henrymercury (1k, G) Neville/Blaise
Neville’s peacetime body blooms late.

Where the Warmth Never Grows Dim by @mxlfoydraco (2k, T) Neville/Teddy
“Thanks,” Teddy says softly, unaware of Neville’s inner turmoil. “You’re the best.” Neville wishes he could be, at least for the sake of his responsibilities.

See Me (Like I Do) by @goldentruth813 (0.7k, T) Neville/Harry
Neville is comfortable with who he is, but sometimes he isn’t so sure about everyone else.

A Life In Your Shape by @seefin (7k, G) Neville/Harry
Neville moved in early on a Wednesday morning in the rain, waking Harry up while he was at it.

Like a Hero by @aibidil (1k, T) Neville/Ginny
Perpetually stuck on the periphery of Harry’s inner circle, Neville has always felt like an onlooker. But when Harry leaves and war comes to Hogwarts, it’s up to Neville—and Ginny—to redefine what a hero looks like.

of wind and rabbits and a newspaper folded in three by @untilourapathy (5k, G) Neville/Draco/Harry
A light pastoral romance, in which Neville plays several parts.
Featuring some tea, the sprawling countryside and a hyacinth too.

ghosting through life by @thealmostrhetoricalquestion (8k, G) Neville/Theo
Neville’s speciality has always been in simple magic. Simple, sweet spells that make living a little easier.
He doesn’t need a wand to make his clothes more stretchy, warmer, to turn the blankets in his cupboards into the softest, feathery fabric. He’s never told anyone that he can make the jam spread itself on his toast without a word. He’s never felt the need to. Real charms, the big stuff, he tells himself, are the kind that you should be proud of. This is just stuff that makes the world feel kinder.

Flux It by @gingertodgers (4k, T) Neville/Pansy
At first Neville thought that the invisible person haunting Greenhouse Two was Draco Malfoy.

In Pursuit of Red Wine by @fleetofshippyships (28k, T) Neville/Draco
Ten years after the war, Neville could have quite happily remained tucked away on his estate, away from prying eyes, but an offer from McGonagall has him returning to Hogwarts. Even though Draco Malfoy, his childhood bully, is the resident Potions Master.

Soft by @blasphemousprophet (8k, E) Neville/Draco
 Neville had always been, well-
“Soft,” his grandmother said, not unkindly, but not kindly either.
“Wet around the ears,” his great uncle Algie had said, unkindly.

Your Natural State by PurpleFluffyCat (3k, E) Neville/Luna
In the year since the final battle, Neville has gained back all of the weight he lost fighting the Death Eaters, and probably plenty more, besides. At first, he feels self-conscious about it, but Luna has distinctly other ideas…


Unusual Plants and How to Grow Them by @caroll-in (G) Neville/Draco
Can unintentional killing of a plant lead to getting a crush on said plant’s owner? Turns out it can, which well, it’s just Draco’s luck.

In The Face Of War by @beaniest (G) Gen

Bath Salts and Spells by @forlisgay (G) Neville/Luna

Neville & Hannah by @upthehillart (G) Neville/Hannah
Love and plants and all the softest things.

Green by @owlpostart (G) Neville/Theo
Pomona Sprout was very good at growing things

Sun-kissed by @carpemermaidtales (G) Gen
Neville spends a pleasant afternoon in his garden.

a lil drarryville thing inspired by this fic by @fleetofshippyships <3</p>

There’s no HP characters I love more than Draco and Neville… though I had no idea how shippable they also were……..

it was also nice practice for shading and keeping things simple, but that’s art stuff nobody cares about, so carry on

and yeah i know book!neville is blonde, but i’ve gotten so used to movie!neville, it’s hard to picture anything else, so i call creative freedom

magically-trinity  asked:

What is your favorite angst fic?

Unsurprisingly, this was very hard. So you’re getting a list ;) 

  1. Turn by Sara’s Girl. Drarry. E. Summary: One good turn deserves another. Apparently.
    This is my favourite fic period. It’s angsty and love and also Christmas. It’s happy and sad and every emotion in between. 

  2. That the Science of Cartography is Limited by Rave. Wolfstar. M. Summary:  The whole thing is silly and illogical. There has to be a rhythm. There has to be a sense. Because there are things that make sense about living, and you can’t come to a logical conclusion from an illogical premise, it doesn’t work like that.
    Beautiful. Heartbreaking. Canon compliant. Enough said.

  3. Theft of Assets, Destruction of Property by Helenish. Dreville. E.  Summary: Surely it is a mistake to allow a single youthful indiscretion to cloud an already promising career.
    God, I love this fic. It’s characterisations sparked an obsession with Draco/Neville that I was absolutely not prepared for. It is full of unexpected twists and beautiful hurt. 

  4. From Valley Broad and Fen by Realmer06. Founders Era. T. Summary: Of them all, she’d loved him best. But life is not a fairy tale, and love isn’t always enough.
    Perhaps one of the most unique and beautiful stories I’ve ever read, following the painful tragedy of Helga Hufflepuff and Slytherin. Simply gorgeous. 

  5. The Same Species as Shakespeare by Lomonoreen. Drarry. E. Summary:  Harry has been casually fascinated by Draco Malfoy for a long time. Draco has wanted to get one over on Harry Potter for the same length of time. When a person who seems intent on getting Draco in trouble for crimes he didn’t commit throws them in each other’s way, neither is exactly averse to the situation. But obsession, whilst perhaps a good idea in the abstract, is going to prove a very ugly reality.
    As with all Lomonoreen fics, this story is at times so painful and emotion-driven that it becomes uncomfortable. But this story takes so many intriguing turns that it has stayed with me for years. 

sectumsemphra  asked:

dreville + hospital au. 'cause i can't get enough of them :')

this is for the @slytherdornet and @hprarepairnet be mine challenge! it won’t be a complete au other than it just being after the war that obviously goes against canon. 

  • neville regularly checked into st. mungos after he to became an auror.
  • the war convinced him for awhile that being an auror to fight against injustices was a good idea.
  • but he realized quickly that was not his true path or natural calling.
  • especially after he talked more to healer malfoy about his passion with herbology. 
  • he was going to st. mungos so often that he became friends with draco. he was the one to who was always assigned to heal him. 
  • one day, neville was hit particularly bad with a jinx that was unheard of.
  • he was coughing up blood and his feet were swelling. he couldn’t breathe.
  • draco had to gather a team to help him because it was so bad.
  • as neville started choking, he made sure he focused on draco’s face.
  • if he was going to die, that was the last thing he wanted to see. 
  • “stay with me!” draco yelled frantically, “don’t you dare leave me, longbottom!”
  • neville tried to answer him and tell him he was still there, but he couldn’t speak.
  • he kept tasting his own blood.
  • until he suddenly wasn’t.
  • he watched as astoria greengrass wiped her brow and visibly relaxed. blood was no longer filling his mouth, and he noticed that his feet were back to normal size. 
  • “auror longbottom, are you alright?” she asked him.
  • neville felt slightly dazed, but he hoarsely answered, “yes, i’m okay now.”
  • he heard draco take a deep breath beside him, and it was then it realized that he was holding his hand.
  • neville’s eyes darted from their clasped hands to draco’s face, and draco turned scarlet, but he didn’t let go.
  • astoria gave them a knowing look and motioned the rest of her team out to let them be. she trusted  that draco could handle the rest; he had handled everything on his own before.
  • once they were alone, they were silent for a few moments.
  • neville wanted to apologize, but his throat was too dry.
  • draco realized what was wrong and conjured up a glass of water.
  • he handed it to neville and told him to drink.
  • he took the glass willingly.
  • as soon as he set down the glass, draco finally spoke.
  • “i can’t believe you keep doing this to me. do you realize you almost died?”
  • neville took a deep breath.
  • “i’m sorry. i’m going to resign, i promise.”
  • good. i don’t know what i would have done if i had lost you.
  • neville licked his lips and then asked the question that was nagging at him, “draco, we only talk when i come in for injuries. how would my death have upset you so much?”
  • draco blinked a few times, and he was clearly caught off guard.
  • he cleared his throat and let go of neville’s hand.
  • i-i don’t know. it just occurred to me how much i actually like you in my life, even if it is just for short bursts of time.” 
  • neville nodded and sat up in his hospital bed.
  • draco watched him move with a worried expression, but neville took his hand again to calm him.
  • “as i was choking, i only focused on your face. i wanted it to be the last thing i saw. i think that means something.”
  • draco’s face went from shocked to relieved.
  • he cleared his throat again and rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand.
  • “so, does this mean you want to, um, go out sometime?” draco asked nervously.
  • neville couldn’t help but smirk.
  • “is draco malfoy asking me out?”
  • draco rolled his eyes.
  • “don’t make me regret it, longbottom.”

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