After making my poor Tazer as His favorite punching bag…


Squad Profile :

Leader → Veltrion (Anima, Drevas + Empress Tear) → Healer, BB charger, Ailment Purger, great LS. → lowest ATK

Ice Legend Selena (Anima, Lexida + CC Collab Sphere) → Crazy DC, HoT, Not even died when Afla Dilith used His UST to the highest HP unit lololol → Highest HP, lowest DEF

Inferno Rifle Vesti (Breaker, Medo Lagliz + Heresy Orb) → Insane normal hit count, BB filled when attacked through SBB

Grave Carver Aaron (Lord, Luna Lagliz + Fallacy Orb) → Mitigator, BB charger → Highest DEF

Cyclone Emperor Tazer (Breaker, Buffer Jewel + Sol Creator) → Unlimited STSBB, Afla Dilith and Zurg’s favorite punching bag… WHAT DID MY POOR TAZER DO TO YOU ;A; → Highest ATK, Lowest HP. What a delicious bully target for Afla Dilith

Friend Leader → Ark (Secret Gem + FG2 Crit Sphere) → To make the squad more aggressive yet very balanced and… ARK JUST FORGET ILIA ALREADY #shot

Alternative Units :

Leaders : Twilight God Grahdens (be careful, as he might become the first target of Afla Dilith’s UST), Gaia Sennin Oguro (be careful as he might have the lowest DEF), Lucius

Mitigators : Krantz, Leviathan Sage Elimo, Flora Aegis Edea, Zeldeus

Healers : Did I say Elimo?, Galactic Treasure Ivris, Resplendent Queen Rinon

Ailment Purger : DID I SAY ELIMO?!, Heavenly Emperor Kanon, Galactic Treasure Ivris, Zargavehl, Flora Aegis Edea

HoT : Alyut (7*)

Unlimited STSBB : Grand Malediction Yuura, Gaia Sennin Oguro

BB filled when attacked buff : Thunderbird Sabre Diana, Tidal Nacre Medina, Demonic Idol Kikuri

BC drop buffer : Cataclysm Empress Feeva, Valkyrie Archangel Griel

At the first turn, give fujin to Vesti, then the rest do normal attack. Don’t worry, Afla Dilith won’t hit hard when his HP is near 100%.

Make sure that you know His thresholds though…

100% HP : Dark element → Won’t hit you hard, especially if you have Free Buffer Jewel on Grahdens’ or Ark’s LS.

90% HP : Fire elementUST (Ulti single target) to the lowest HP Unit (counted after LS, ES, Spheres). To survive, guard the lowest HP Unit, mitigation on, and bring Him past 90% HP to trigger the UST.

80% HP : Water element → Another UST, but this time to the highest ATK Unit. Guard that Unit, mitigation on, and the rest must bring Afla Dilith’s HP past 80% HP.

70% HP : Earth Element → Summon God of Decay Zurg. Zurg has 700k HP. Damage control is an ABSOLUTE NEED, since if you don’t kill Zurg in the right time, Afla Dilith would wipe your team out. This is why you need Tazer/Yuura/Oguro and NOT Nemeth Gear. He also start to hit harder here, so be careful.


While Zurg is present, make sure that your Unlimited STSBB Unit always aim the SBB to Afla Dilith to avoid dealing too much damage to Zurg.

60% HP : Thunder Element → Another UST, this time the target will be Unit with lowest DEF. Guard that Unit as the others trigger the UST by passing the threshold.

50% HP : Random element → He will inflict DoT to the team. How to counter it? With HoT. This is why Selena/Alyut is very recommended. The most important thing here, is you MUST kill Zurg in 2 turns after Afla Dilith’s HP fell under 50%. If not… BOOM. Should be fine, since Zurg should have a few HP by the time you brough Afla Dilith to under 50% HP.

Another trick is, chip away Zurg’s HP aggressively as chipping away Afla Dilith’s HP to 51 - 55%, then nuke Afla Dilith’s HP to under 50%. This will surely kill Zurg but Afla Dilith won’t wipe your team out either. This is where Ark shines, as he could nuke Afla Dilith’s HP with his UBB.

33% HP : Afla Dilith will use His UST TWICE, to the Unit with highest HP and to a random Unit. You can use Veltrion’s UBB here if you want to escape death. In the battle, the highest HP in my team was Selena so I don’t even need to worry lol. Sacrifice a Unit or two here while keep attacking Him, since if the damage output is not big enough, He will just heal Himself with His HoT.

25% HP : 1st Endless

10% HP : 2nd Endless. A bit harder than the first one.

He won’t revive Himself like Maxwell did, so once He used His first Endless, attack Him aggressively while mitigating. Another trick, nuke His HP again with Ark’s UBB. Should be faster with that way and then congratulations! You have completed your Four Fallen Gods Mock Units Collection!!!

Spheres :

You’ll need Legwand Gems at the very least. Malice or Buffer, if any. GGC spheres should work too.

First spheres :

Stat up : Legwand Gem, Malice Jewel, Buffer Jewel, Dandelga, Drevas (still mandatory for healer), Luna Lagliz, Medo Lagliz Hado Lagliz, Scarlet Pin, El Ryudo, bring your best spheres!

Dor Edea, make sure she held Lafdrania

Secondary Spheres

Almost mandatory : Heresy Orb, Fallacy Orb, Magic Ore / Empress Tear

Ailment Negator : Refined Gem

BC Support : Sol Creator, Celgrad Gem

anonymous asked:

I love your art and jokes so much so please don't stop being awesome! By the way, what are your God Loyalists and Six Heroes ships? Mine are... Vargas X Selena Lance X Eze Atro X Kuda Kuhlah X Magress Eze X Vargas Kuda X Rowgen ( Am I the only one that thinks this ship is hawt? ) Ulkina X Tia Lance X Tia

Thank you!! _(:’D I ship a lot of them but mainly Kuda x Atro, Vargas x Tia, and… Lance x Drevas (?) also does Narza x Maxwell or Alyut x Narza count heheheh


Cloripesta GET!!!

Squad :

  • Inferno Rifle Bestie (Breaker, Batootha + Steeple Rose)
  • Ark 7* (Lord, forgot)
  • Ice Legend Selena (Anima, Lexida + Sol Creator)
  • Blizzard God Karl (Lord, Luna Lagliz + Heresy)
  • Leviathan Sage Elimo (Lord, Drevas + Empress Tear)
  • Cyclone Emperor Tazer (Breaker, forgot www)