Cloripesta GET!!!

Squad :

  • Inferno Rifle Bestie (Breaker, Batootha + Steeple Rose)
  • Ark 7* (Lord, forgot)
  • Ice Legend Selena (Anima, Lexida + Sol Creator)
  • Blizzard God Karl (Lord, Luna Lagliz + Heresy)
  • Leviathan Sage Elimo (Lord, Drevas + Empress Tear)
  • Cyclone Emperor Tazer (Breaker, forgot www)

anonymous asked:

I love your art and jokes so much so please don't stop being awesome! By the way, what are your God Loyalists and Six Heroes ships? Mine are... Vargas X Selena Lance X Eze Atro X Kuda Kuhlah X Magress Eze X Vargas Kuda X Rowgen ( Am I the only one that thinks this ship is hawt? ) Ulkina X Tia Lance X Tia

Thank you!! _(:’D I ship a lot of them but mainly Kuda x Atro, Vargas x Tia, and… Lance x Drevas (?) also does Narza x Maxwell or Alyut x Narza count heheheh