More old art. So much old art. Ugh.

  1. I was really into NiGHTS Into Dreams for a while, despite having never played the original game. But I wanted to draw my old character Dreva as one of the Nightmarens.
  2. Little Miss Murder I drew for The Birthday Massacre’s self-titled album. I was going to make my own cover for my copy, but it never happened.
  3. More Little Miss Murder.
  4. A character named Zero, who was originally a Sonic fan character, but I’ve yet to really do anything with him.
  5. Two VERY OLD characters of mine named Tuson and Ruppup. Doodles I drew on my Japanese homework or something.
  6. Anime-style Terror (another VERY OLD character) I drew at work.
  7. Tuson doodles everywhere!
  8. Nemo and Newo. Attempting to draw in an anime bishonen style.
  9. One time I attempted to make a pin-up of Eve.
  10. Some doodles of two of Carnival’s sisters, plus a list of all his siblings.