dressy look

signs of emotional abusers:

  • never says sorry,  ever, or only says sorry when they want something or they are forced to by others around them
  • yells at you for small things, like accidently dropping food on the counter, forgetting to put something away, or things that aren’t your fault like running out of cereal, or being attacked by an animal or person; blames you for things they do or just generally anything that goes wrong
  • ignores you/neglects your emotional needs, like spending hours on the computer and never wants to spend time with you/values things or work more than you
  • never compromises, always need you to do things their way or else its “the wrong way” and/or belittles you for it. always needs you to be interested in their life/things but isn’t interested in your life/things
  • belittles you for your opinions or feelings and makes you feel like they’re not valid or that theyre dumb.
  • if they’re religious and they’re your parents, they are always ready to pounce on you when they think you are not doing the right thing or threatens to kick you out of the house if you are not/or dont do the things they say or want/think are godly
  • always has to control how you look/act/dress
  • is mean to you then acts nice immediately after and expects everything to be ok again expects you to forgive them right away or else you’re in the wrong
  • buys you things then acts like its your fault that you dont like them/want them and/or forces you into eat them/wear them/use them by yelling at you or belittling you 
  • acts like your emotions are wrong
  • keeps you from your friends and family in roundabout (or obvious ways) and possibly acts like this is your fault
  • tells you that they have never done what you say they did, even though they did, never admits faults (gaslighting)
  • treats you like a child even if you are an adult
First Impressions // Barry x Reader

Request: Can there be a smut for you being a new intern at the police department and Barry takes a liking to you, soon you become his assistant and you guys end up having sex all around his lab?

Warnings: I got secondhand butterflies just writing this tbh. Flirty!Barry and steamy smut oooh

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Eddie Redmayne (taking some ribbing in the media over his Harry Potter-like schoolboy look) hit his second Lee Alexander McQueen Sarabande Foundation event in the past week Wednesday night in London with wife Hannah Bagshawe. They met up with two of their favorite designers — Sarah Burton, who designed Hannah’s wedding dress and Eddie’s formal groom wear that he also donned for his OBE ceremony at Windsor Castle — and Thom Browne at the Art of Curating Fashion. Browne designs those solid shirts with the red, white and blue plackets that Eddie favors — but maybe we’ll see him soon in Browne’s dressy short pants look.


A good way to up your menswear game is to lose the belt and throw on some braces. A few things to consider first  have to do with the trousers, braces work best with mid to high rise inseam, anything below a 8" rise will look a little awkward. Keep in mind braces are meant to keep your trousers hanging at – or just above – your natural waist. The waist and thigh should be just a little loose, allowing the trousers to move and not pull excessively. Suspenders attached to overly slim pants are obviously non-functional and just look like an unnecessary fashion accessory. Another thing note is the debate over clip on and button, a typical think we hear is “never clip”. I however think they have their place, clips are great on a less dressy look, while buttons are a must on more formal clothing. Suspender buttons can be attached to most dress trousers, our tailor shop is stocked with these specific buttons and would be happy to sew them on to your favorite pants.

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Also, Jimin going from a casual look at the start to a dressy look to end it at the end with a bathrobe+facemask LOL

Pick Something - Yugyeom (Drabble)

Originally posted by wangmins

Pairing: Yugyeom x Reader

Word Count: 898

Genre: Drabble, Fluff

A/N: I have had this written for a little while but I wanted to clean it up a bit before posting. I love this boy so much <3

He was bringing you to your wit’s end. Yugyeom has been taking well over an hour to pick something to wear for tonight and you could tell he was nowhere near deciding. From where you stood, that is visible was his legs since his head was shoved in his closet. He cast all his clothes to the floor around your feet.
You huffed and tried to be annoyed, but he was making too many comments that made you laugh. You just stood in the door frame laughing silently to yourself. During that time, Yugyeom threw another handful of clothes from his closet but it met you right in the face. Once you screamed, Yugyeom freed his head from the closet and saw you standing there.
“Damn it Yugyeom! Can’t you pick something?” You threw a shirt back in his direction, but he dodged it before it hit him. You came towards him with your arms crossed but started to poke at his chest playfully once he started paying attention to you.
“Well I’m, sorry but I just want to look my best. Nothing here is cutting it for me.”
You gathered some of his disregarded clothes from the floor and moved them to the bed.
“Honey, all your clothes are black”
“And?” He said putting his hand on his hip, looking a little offended.
You walked over to his closet, putting your hand on his shoulder to move him out of the way. You rummaged through the clothes remaining in his closet.
“I seriously can’t believe that you don’t have any clothes with colour. They are all pretty much black and white!”
Yugyeom took a seat on the bed, lying down on all the clothes sprawled over the sheets.
“Fine, black looks good on you anyway.” You took out black jeans and a button-up shirt to match.
“Are you sure that this will be good enough, I mean, shouldn’t I look a bit more dressy?”
You took another look at the chosen outfit.
“It’s not like you need to show up with a tie and dress shoes, Yugyeom.”
You walked over to Yugyeom’s lying figure and put the shirt and pants over him to see how it would look. He looked down at his clothes.
“No, this is too casual.” He looked nervous.
“It’s fine. Trust me.”
Yugyeom shot up and pushed his clothes from his body. His eyes had a look of sincerity and his hands found your shoulder, clenching them tight.
“I trust you, Y/N, but it’s your father. He is very… intimidating.” He broke his eyes away from yours.
“I… I just want to show him that I’m the right guy for you, you know?”
You reached up to his hands and lightly rubbed them reassuringly.
“Yugyeom. I understand that  you’re nervous, and I totally get your view on my dad.” You let out a little laugh, reaching out to caress his cheek.
“Just be yourself, and my dad will accept you. I know for a fact I made the right choice for my boyfriend.”
Yugyeom smiled at your words and pulled you close to his chest for a warm hug.
“Okay. I’ll try to stop stressing out.” He planted a little peck on your head.
After a second of silence, he spoke again.
“To be completely honest, I was thinking of wearing that exact outfit days ago.” He looked down to meet your eyes once again.
You let out some air in disbelief, poking his cheek teasingly.
“Yeah, sure. I heard you rummaging since this morning. Seems like you had it all planned.”
Suddenly, Yugyeom turned you over onto your back. The weight of your bodies made the mattress creak beneath you.
Your arms were wrapped around his long neck which kept you aligned with his body above you. Only his legs were giving him support since his arms were around your waist. Wasting no time, he pulled you into a long kiss.
You moved his bangs from his eyes and rubbed the back of his neck lovingly.
“Okay, now come help me choose something to wear.” You said trying to escape from his body caging you in.
“You should wear black.” He stated, with a cute - but cheeky - tone.
You laughed at him and wiggled under his body, trying to break free.
“I’m not gonna let you go!” He sang, lowering his body even more to enclose the space between you.
“Now is not the time for this! We need to go in an hour.”
He didn’t move a muscle.
“Yugyeom! What do you want me to do?”
He took hold of your arm and brought his mouth so close to your ear that you hear him breathing.
“Kiss me again.” He said smothering your ear and cheek with soft, little kisses.
He moved over to your lips and you let him kiss you tenderly, once again.
“Now?” You whisper to him.
“No. Another.” He didn’t let you breathe. He brought himself down for another hot kiss. It was longer this time, passion flowing into the kiss faster and faster by the second.
He broke it slowly, his loving eyes scanning your face.
“Now?” You say after a few seconds.

Yugyeom removed his legs from the sides of your body, finally letting you free. You rose with a ginger smile, taking his hand and leading him away from the room.

Date, part two (Tom Holland)

Warnings: Bits of fluff.
Ship: Tom Holland x Sis!Osterfield

You stretched your arms as you threw the covers off your bed. Jesus, did I really sleep in until 11:47am? You sigh picking up your phone. I suppose that’s good because now you don’t have you spend money on breakfast. You walk into the bathroom and tie your hair up and wash your wash and moisture it. Charlotte was going to do your make up for tonight’s event because she’s the greatest sister ever. You walk downstairs with phone in hand flicking through Instagram and liking some photos. Your phone dinged as a message came through.

Tom 🕷💕💪:
I’ll pick you up at 6 tonight. Tell me what colour you’re wearing, so I can match my tie with your outfit. Also, Harrison wants you to send him a picture of your dress that you’re going to wear, he’s been bugging me for it since you bought it.

You had gone shopping with Charlotte for a dress for this event. You didn’t want to look too dressy but you wanted to look nice for Tom, and yourself, but mostly Tom. You smiled as you send off your message.

You: Tell him that he has to wait. I’m wearing navy blue.

You put your phone down and find the bread in your cupboard place it in the toaster and wait for it to pop. In the meantime, you make yourself a banana and berry smoothie with soy milk and get the avocado ready for your toast.

“So, this is classified as a date, or no?”

“Well, I mean. I suppose so. I think so. Tom called it one. So it-”

“It was a yes or no question (Y/N).” Charlotte rolled her eyes coming into the kitchen and sat across from you. You nod your head. “Well, I’m going to have to do your nails as well. You better hurry up, we gotta get started soon.”

“Charlotte, he is picking me up at six. Chill.”

“Six o'clock? Ohmygod. Hurry up and have a shower then.”


You sat on a chair in the bathroom, clothed in your dressing gown as Charlotte did your make up. She was doing a simple nude look, with some light highlighter across your eye lids and cheekbones.
“Hold still.” She slapped your arm as you went to reach for your phone on charge. She still had to do your hair as Tom sent you a text to tell him he was on his way with Harrison. Suppose he was going to sleep here tonight. Does that mean you were going to crash at there’s after this event?

“He is so excited to see you.” Charlotte groaned tying your hair up in a high pony tail and giving it some body with a couple of loose curls.

“Wh-what if I say something wrong? What if someone asks me a question I don’t know the answer too. What if- can’t you go instead Charlotte?” You whimper. She put the curling wand down and hugged you tightly.

“Don’t cry. I just spent 40 minutes on your make up.” She said dabbing a tissue under your eye and fixing your mascara. Even though she was your younger sister, she always acted like an older one. “You’re going to be fine. I’m sure you won’t have to answer any questions anyways.”

“What if I grab the wrong fork?”

“Jesus (Y/N). You’re not having dinner with the Queen. Just think of it as dinner with Tom. You just happen to have other people there as well.” Charlotte shrugged. That’s easy for her to say.

The door bell suddenly went off and the door opened.

“I’m back family!” Harrison shouted as he entered the door. You look at Charlotte with sheer panic written across your face. 

“Go get changed. I’ll get them a drink or something.” She said spraying your hair and face and leaving the bathroom. Okay, deep breath. Breathe in, breathe out. You take a final sigh and walk out into your bedroom and get changed. You found a really cute navy dress that was just above the knee and had an off the shoulder cut. It also had some lace detailing on it. You zipped up your nude heels straighten the creases out of your dress. You grab your phone and purse and go down stairs. You spotted Harrison and Tom in the kitchen drinking a beer. Probably trying to calm his nerves down. Heck, you were the nervous one.

“You wouldn’t be upset if I kiss her again, would you?” Tom asked his best mate.

“We literally discussed this in the car. I don’t care what you do with my sister, but if you hurt her, I will make sure your career goes downhill.” He threatens and Tom gulped. You decide to step in and knock on the door to let the boys know you were about to grace them with your presence.

“H-hi.” You stutter as Tom turns around to far you.

“Whoa you look-” Tom was utterly speechless.

“(Y/N). You look awesome.” Harrison said and hugged you and gave you a thumbs up. Tom was frozen, just standing there in shock.

“Oh crap. I forgot something upstairs. Give me a moment.” You saying skipping back to your room and grabbing your $1000 bracelet Tom got you and a small box. It was a present for Tom for inviting you out. It was just some men’s perfume. You were thankful Tom didn’t have expensive taste in aftershave.

“Dude. Did you see how fucking gorgeous she looked!” Tom exclaimed to Harrison as you walked back downstairs.

“Keep your unworthy hands off her.” Harrison rolled his eyes and Tom huffed.

“Uhh, are we uhm, you ready to go Tom?” You asked as the time reached 6:15.

“Y-yeah.” Tom smiled straightening his tie. You step forward a fix it for him. “Thanks.” He quietly breathes. You could hear Harrison grumble behind you.

“No worries.” You smile sweetly and Charlotte pulls you away from him. “I’ll meet you in the car.” You say as she pulls you closer to the other room.

“I put condoms in your purse incase you need them.”

“Charlotte. Two things; one, I saw them and two, that’s disgusting so I put them back in your draw. I don’t plan on having sex with him tonight. So just chill for a second. I’ll keep you updated.” I roll your eyes at her. You didn’t want her to ruin your night. You didn’t want anything to ruin your night.

“Fine. Your loss.” She said and pushed you out the door. “He’s waiting for you. Just go. Have fun!” She waved and you walked quickly to the car before it start to spit with rain. You shut the door and sat in the car. Well, limo. You didn’t realise how close you were to Tom.

“Oh god. I’m so sorry.” Shuffling away from him and sitting across from Tom.

“All good.” He smiled opening up another bottle of beer. “Do you want something?”

“Uhm, champagne is fine if you have that.” You say getting comfortable in the limo. He grabs the bottle, opens it and pours you a glass. What a gentleman. He passing you the glass and smiles.

“You look beautiful by the way. I was meant to say that when I first saw you. I just uhm, I practised in the car on the way over to your house and when I saw you I just froze.” You giggled at Tom’s honestly.

“This night is about you.” You smile. “So thank you for inviting me.” You clinked your glass with his.

“No worries love.”

Once you had arrived at the venue, the limo stopped. Tom gestured you to move over next to him. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders and he placed a kiss on your temple. He could tell you were nervous by the lack of spoken word in the limo.

“T-Thomas. Before we go out, of the limo I mean, umm…” you trailed off and placed a kiss on his lips and he returned the sweet kiss.

“Good luck.”


Everyone had sat down by down. You tried to speak to people, but you mainly hung around Tom and he’s manager who was introducing him to everyone. Harrison does a way better job at this than you do. Before the five course meal could start, a host came out and introduced the night, made some jokes, mentioned Tom in Spider-Man with some lame joke about fighting crime, told everyone about the auction and some other important notes. The first entree come out and everyone started to eat. After the meal, the empty plates were taken away. Tom jackets hung behind his chair and his arm slung over your chair.

“Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.” Tom added into conversation with someone. The other guy was in depth talking about something you weren’t interested in. You sent Charlotte and snapchat of the venue and the decorations.

“I’m gonna get another drink. What would you like?” Tom suddenly spoke to you.

“Yeah can you just get me an orange juice? I think I’ve had enough champagne already.” You say and then stand up with Tom.

“Take a seat. I’ll go grab them.”

“I’m just gonna go to the bathroom.” You giggled grabbing your purse.

“Don’t miss me too much.” Tom chuckled and kissed your forehead and you went your seperate ways.

You were just about to finish your business and open the door, when a group of girls had walked in.

“Have you girls seen how good Tom Holland looks tonight?” One girl began to speak.

“Heck yeah. God if I could rip that stout off his body, oh I would if I went home with him.”

“I highly doubt that. He brought a date.” You gulp. You were about to pull out your phone and message Tom but you decided to wait.

“Oh yeah. She’s freaking gorgeous. Did you see her dress?”

“I love that her dress and Hollands tie matched.”

“I think they’d be cute together.” You sigh happily and flush the toilet and walk out to the basin and wash your hands, dry them and apply lipgloss. You noticed the three girls stare at you.

“I-is there something on my face?” You asked them looking back into the mirror. They all shook their heads and you walked out. There was another waiter outside with more champagne. You grabbed another glass and made it back to your table.

“Everything okay?” Tom asked stopping his conversation with the guy next to him to face you.

“Yeah.” You smile and peck his lips.


You walked into Tom’s and Harrison’s apartment. Tom was carrying your heels. You had even taken a photo of Tom with your heels in your hand and put it on your snapchat and Instagram stories.

- Get a man who carries your heels 👠
@/tomholland2013 thanks for an amazing night and thanks @/harrisonosterfield for letting him borrow me for the night

“Where do you want these?” Tom asked referring to the heels he hung into.

“Uhm, anywhere is fine. Remind me to take them home tomorrow.” You sigh and slouch on the couch. You phone went off with messages from both Harrison and Charlotte.

Hazzzzz: Is he your boyfriend now?

Hazzzzz: really (Y/N)?! But he’s my friend

Hazzzzz: I hate you

Charlotte 🌺: you should’ve kept those condoms in your purse

Charlotte 🌺: tell me everything

Charlotte 🌺: please call me. Actually no, don’t. I don’t wanna hear you moaning his name.

You rolled your eyes at your sisters texts.

“Would you like some tea?” Tom offered from the kitchen.

“Please.” You say and untie your hair and let it hang down. “I’m going to have a shower. I smell of rich fancy people.” You joke and skip to the shower. After scrubbing your make up off, and cleaning your body. You find a shirt of Harrison’s in his room and put it on and found some underwear you had left at the apartment incase something like this was going to happen. You went back to the lounge room and noticed Tom flicking through photos on his phone, tie off, jacket off, shirt off. Damn. That body.

“Uh, did you put sugar in this tea?” You ask Tom and he nodded.

“Of course.” He said and you sat down next to him.
“Did you have fun tonight?” Tom asked caressing your cheek and tucking a loose piece of hair behind your ear and left his hand resting his your shoulder and neck. It felt nice. He’d play with the wispy bits of your hair and run his fingers up and down your neck.

“Yeah.” You smiled. “I gotta say, that was a really good first date. One of my favourites.” You giggled and Tom stares at you. “Wh-what?” Did you say something wrong? Tom gently pulls you closer to him and just smashes your lips together in another work of art.

“Your brother is going to be so pissed at me.”


“Because I have a new favourite Osterfield now.” You roll your eyes at his shitty comment and kiss him again.

the slip dress i got looks soooo dressy like its black and goes down to my calves and has long slits up the sides but i think i’m gonna wear it to school tomorrow with some sneakers jhklmnkjlh;

August Fluff Month - Day 5: Firsts


Adrien stood in front of the bakery door for longer than was likely socially acceptable. He was nervous. Scratch that, he was extremely nervous. His palms were sweaty and his heart felt like it was going a mile a minute.

He felt foolish. But in all fairness, it was his first date.

Sure, he had dated other models before for the sake of appearances but none of it was ever real. He never felt a thing for any of those girls, especially since he had already given his heart to Ladybug.

And after years of pining, here he was, standing at her door, too nervous to even knock.

Unbeknownst to him, the owners of the bakery had been watching him since he arrived, milling about the shop and wondering if the boy would ever bring up the courage to move another step. They were grinning silly grins, already liking the impression he placed upon them as someone who was just as anxious as their daughter was.

In fact, Adrien had been so anxious, he had dressed in a suit. The only thing worse than being overdressed is to be underdressed. It was something that his father always told him, and something, he realized, he really took to heart.

This was too much. He was too over dressed. Marinette would take one look at him and be scared off by his intensity.

Taking a deep and heavy breath, Adrien reached for the door and pushed it open.


Marinette didn’t know what to wear on her first date. She didn’t know what people wore on dates. She’d never been on a date!

Spending years crushing on Adrien meant that she didn’t see much of anyone else. There was no one else to consider!

Piles of clothes grew on her floor as she spent the better part of an hour trying to find something suitable to wear for a date with the love of her life. A shirt and skirt combo was too casual and he might think that she didn’t care. Marinette would be mortified if he thought that she didn’t want to go on a date with him.

They were headed out to eat, but she had no idea where he wanted to go! It was possible that they might end up in one of Paris’ most high-end restaurants and she would look the food in a skirt and tee.

Finally calming herself down enough to think (with the help of her ever loving kwami), Marinette settled on a bright red dress with an A-line skirt. It was a simple piece that looked somewhat dressy, but not too over the top.

Her body tensed when she heard the distinctive sound of the bell from the front door of the bakery down below. She knew the sound too well, and recognized it without a second thought. Heart pounding, she rushed to get her make-up done, having not yet started on the process. Her suspicions of Adrien’s arrival were confirmed when she heard her mother’s voice from down the way.

This only worsened her panic.


Adrien quickly learned that Marinette’s parents were more than kind. There were no attempts to intimidate him or warn him about the punishments that came along with harming their daughter. They simply trusted him. He couldn’t discern why, but they did.

He had met them before, on the occasions he had come over to play videogames, but hadn’t had much time to sit down and have conversations with them. Unfortunately, they did not get the opportunity to talk for very long.

Adrien could hear the frantic steps that came to a slow when they neared. From the doorway, he tried his best not to gawk at the lovely girl that came into view.

With a quick reminder to be back at a reasonable time, and a couple of embarrassing photos to commemorate Marinette’s first date, they were off.

For a while, they walked in silence, not sure of what to say.

“You look beautiful,” Adrien commented. Marinette blushed violently.

“Thank you,” she replied.

More silence followed.

“So, where are we going?” Marinette asked, doing her best to renew the conversation. It had been easier to talk to him as of late, and even more so with the knowledge that her crush had also been her best friend.

“Uhm, well I was thinking that we could go to this small café I found a few weeks ago…” Adrien said uncertainly, rubbing at the back of his neck. Marinette was taken aback by how simple and casual his idea had been. She panicked. “Though,” Adrien continued, “I think we’re just a bit over-dressed.” She looked down at her own attire, and then over to Adrien’s and her panic immediately dissipated. She did little to hold back her laughter.

“It sounds lovely!” she exclaimed, deciding to put everything aside. They both looked absolutely ridiculous. Regardless, looking at him made her feel more at ease than anything, especially knowing that he was just as nervous as she was. Adrien’s face glowed with red as he laughed as well. She grinned something fierce, and the heat of the moment, slipped her fingers between his. Adrien’s heart nearly stopped at the sensation but a part of him was elated at her forwardness. “Lead the way.”

Relax, Ok?

1,000 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “The hot dog is in the bun. I repeat…the hot dog is in the bun.“

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Requested by: @lakama15

“Jared…relax, ok?”

Jensen’s watching him pace around his trailer like a mad man.

“I’m fine. Just anxious. I want this to go well!”

“You’ve been planning this for months. You have me and everyone else helping you, so it will be awesome.” Jensen sighs.

Jared has been a nervous wreck all week and for an actor, he’s doing a shitty job of hiding it.

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Loved Me Back To Life Pt 2

Jensen and the reader plan out the wedding while the reader finds out some awesome news

Jensen and Reader, Jared and Gen, Mark and Sarah, Misha and Vicki

Die a Happy Man Thomas Rhett        Part One

No harm against Danneel She’s our queen and we love her greatly

Extreme Fluff, sweetness, Jensen SInging

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              After we had gotten home from our amazing vacation, we had a happy greeting from the cast to the fans. They had offered me to join back on the cast, I thanked them profusely for the offer but told them I wanted some time to totally be lazy.

              Since I was a kid I never wanted a huge wedding, I always planned on the courthouse in the afternoon and a huge barn party that night. He kept asking if I was sure that’s what I wanted, and every time I said yes. So, we invited the closest family and friends for our ceremony, and then a huge party with Texas barbecue with beer and wine.

              Thursday came quickly, so we parted ways for him to have his last night of the single life, and I had an amazing pajama party planned with the girls. We sat around with music playing and giggling about different stories we were telling about our men. “So, are you ready to be Mrs. Ackles tomorrow?” “I am so ready! I’m ready to step into my next role! Wife and mother!”

              Gen was the first one to realize what I had revealed and jumped up to squeeze me tightly. “When are you telling him?” “Tomorrow night, I had the t-shirt from Suicide Squad made. It says ‘Daddy’s little monster’ with an arrow pointing down.” They all laughed at me and knew it was perfect for the simple fact I was obsessed with that movie completely.

              I couldn’t sleep well that night at all, I missed Jay terribly. I finally fell asleep and woke up to the sun filling the room with warmth and happiness. I heard the door open to Gen, Vicki, and Sarah bringing in food and orange juice. Of course, Sarah had Isabella, so naturally I hogged for most of the day. She looked so much like Mark it was ridiculous.

              I finally got dressed and slipped on my white dressy sandals. I looked in the mirror one last time, reminding myself that the next time I kiss Jay I will be kissing my husband. I could feel the tears building up wondering how I could ever be so happy. It was already time to leave, so I took one last breath and headed out the door.

              When we arrived, Clif was already there with a black SUV decked out in streamers and balloons ‘Just Married’ in big white letters. I walked in to see Jay in a beautiful all black suit, dress shirt not fully buttoned on top. Jared tapped him on the shoulder, he turned to see him pointing towards me. He turned to see where he was pointing and I could see the tears already building up. I slowly walked up and kissed him on the cheek.

              He held his arm out linking me to him, when we were called back our friends followed us excited to see this new chapter in our lives begin. We gave our vows, coming straight from the heart, both of us tearing up quickly. Once he pronounced us husband and wife, he dipped me and kissed me like the most precious thing on this planet.

              Clif led us back out to the SUV, being surprised by fans clapping and cheering that we finally had found happiness. “My Lady” I giggled and quickly kissed him before sliding in and pulling him with me. I whispered ‘my love’ against his lips as he kissed me slowly and sweetly.

              We made back to the house with some time to get dressed and go party with everyone who came to celebrate our love story and our new adventure we were going to take on. We did have enough time to get some rest, both of us didn’t sleep well without each other.    

              After waking up and feeling refreshed, both of us got dressed for the party. I walked out with my shirt and a pair of skinny jeans with my red chucks. I patiently waited for Jay to get the message I was getting across. He just kept looking until it finally clicked in his head. “Really??? I’m gonna be a daddy?” I could only nod, I had never felt so happy in my life. “Yeah Jay! I was afraid you wouldn’t get it”

              He kissed me and pulled me to him, holding me and crying at the most amazing day ever. It was time to head out and of course now he was over protective and I didn’t care at all.

Jensen POV

              I just watched her next to me, in awe of the fact that she was mine completely and that she had our unborn child growing inside her, I couldn’t wait to start this next adventure with her. I was so happy and content knowing that she was mine and I was hers, I took her hands and interlocked our fingers together. I had a huge surprise for her at the party but what she just told me made me feel absolutely over the moon.

              Once we pulled up, she grabbed a hoodie and pulled it over until we could tell everyone together. Once the whole wedding party was together the DJ started our entrance music as we danced into the barn. It was finally our turn so when ‘Marry You’ by Bruno Mars so I picked her up bridal style carried her in. Our family and friends whooping and hollering.

Reader POV

              Everything was perfect, the food was amazing and just being around people who want us to be to be together. One wedding tradition that I’m really loving is the clinking glasses, I got to show the world how much I absolutely loved my husband. “It’s time for your wedding present then we tell them our other news” “I love you” “I love you more”

              He walked over to where Louden Swain had gathered, getting everything set up. Gen and Jared came over and sat with me also curious what was going on. They started playing and I automatically knew the song he was going to serenade me with. He started singing ‘Die a happy man’ by Thomas Rhett and I started getting emotional at the best gift he could have given me.

              He finished the last notes winking his ‘Dean’ wink. “Y/n, baby will you come up here a minute?” I gave him the thumbs up and he nodded. I pulled the sweatshirt off and left it up to everyone to figure out. “So, there is a reason that y/n isn’t drinking tonight” Finally people figured it out and started laughing and clapping at the new addition to the family.

              It was an amazing night dancing and eating, enjoying time with our friends. Once it hit two in the morning Jay and I were exhausted, so we said our goodbyes and headed off to a honeymoon of rest and relaxation. The best thing was we weren’t going anywhere, we were just going to relax at home before we had to go back up to Vancouver. I had never been so happy in all my life and only things could get better.

anonymous asked:

"Mulder, why is William wearing that?"

“It’s Opening Day, Scully.”

She gazed at their son, who was kitted out from head to toe in a child-size Yankees uniform.  His face was painted like a baseball, which made for an eerie effect as he grinned at her.

“At least Mom will think that the pinstripes look dressy,” she sighed, “but it isn’t really church-appropriate, just for future reference”.

Well happy Sunday guys. I have church today so I thought this might be a cute dressy look if you have it too(or any thing else fancy today). It’s a casual dressy look, that’s perf for a nice sunny day like today.

-tan lace buster
-green pattern flared skirt
-brown wedges
-little tan bow
(Color scheme may vary upon opinion)

*for hair ideas go with a clean cut bun, or long waves/ curls. Bangs are optional