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First Impressions // Barry x Reader

Request: Can there be a smut for you being a new intern at the police department and Barry takes a liking to you, soon you become his assistant and you guys end up having sex all around his lab?

Warnings: I got secondhand butterflies just writing this tbh. Flirty!Barry and steamy smut oooh

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Turn of Events

Summary: Breaking down in the middle of nowhere was not how you intended to spend the night. When a stranger shows up and offers help, you’re a little unsure how to react.
: SamxReader (ish)
: 1845
: NONE!!! Fluffy Fluff fluff…. I think??
AN: Soooooo…. I don’t usually take requests. But a sweet little Anon told me a few days ago that they were in the mood for some fluffy/smutty Mechanic!Sam, and my mind just kinda… went places. No smut in this, but I think it’s fluffy?? Hope you like this Anon! Even if it’s a few days since you sent that ask!
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!


This was most definitely not how the night was supposed to pan out.

You were meant to be out, having a great time with your friends at a Hen party. Hell, you’d even been the one to plan the damn thing.

Yet here you were, stranded in the middle of nowhere, in the pouring rain, with a broken-down car and absolutely no signal.


It was absolutely freezing out, and you’d never been more thankful for the disgustingly bright pink blanket your mother had knitted for you two years ago. The thing had never left the trunk of your car since the day she gave it to you, but it was now the only thing keeping you remotely warm.

A distant rumbling startled you slightly, and you shifted from under the blanket to peer through the rear window apprehensively.

You’d been on edge from the moment you realised you were going to have to wait out the night and the rain to find help. When you were stuck by the side on a small road in the middle of a forest, you did tend to get a bit jumpy.

Headlights flared around the corner, making you wince slightly as black spots appeared in your vision with the sudden intake of light.

Smart move, Y/N. Real clever.

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