Lucassims’ cc links to my reblogs

Since he left tumblr, & links to recolors of his items are broken, I thought this may help people to track down his cc posts


  1. Chanel Hair & Recolors
  2. Retexture & Recolour of the Perfect Patio pack hairs
  3. Retexture & Recolour of the Manicure’d hair by @synthsims
  4. Retexture & Recolour of the Romantic Garden pack
  5. The Queen B - Version 2
  6. Parker Hair
  7. Willa bun
  8. Alive hair
  9. mesh edit of the hair that came with cool kitchen
  10. Kim Hair
  11. The ‘Swagalicious’ Hair
  12. Hypnotic hair
  13. The Sweet Hair 2.0
  14. The heartbreaker hair
  15. The radioactive hair
  16. Relic hair
  17. Bluebird hair
  18. Luxury party stuff mesh edit hair
  19. Teen idle hair
  20. Bomb hair
  21. Maleficent hair
  22. Queen bee hair
  23. Atomic hair
  24. Medea hair
  25. Candy hair
  26. A retexture of the base game high-pony
  27. Honey suckle hair
  28. Honey suckle hair ombre add-ons
  29. Mr. Electra wavy hair for men
  30. Kim braids
  31. Su- Barbie- A hair
  32. Medium Curls - Kids Stuff Conversion
  33. Kimberly bun
  34. Lilac hair
  35. Short & Choppy
  36. Cover ya face no more bob
  37. Black widow hair
  38. Bombshell hair
  39. Child to adult conversion & edit hair
  40. The sweet hair 1.0
  41. Killer hair
  42. ‘Thats slick man
  43. 1989 hair


  1. Rory Bodysuit
  2. City living romper add-ons
  3. High Waisted Hotpants
  4. Witch’s Hat & Bad Witch Dress
  5. Lil Red Dress
  6. Strapless cocktail dress
  7. Athena dress
  8. Simple short nightgown
  9. Cocktail Dress
  10. Swimsuit converted to a top
  11. Sims 3 To Sims 4 Conversion dress
  12. Skinny jeans
  13. Perfect perky pencil skirt
  14. High Wasted Skirt
  15. Belle dress
  16. V-neck separated top with a belt
  17. Loose tshirt
  18. Palm bling tops
  19. Fun in the sun swimsuit
  20. Straight Stuntin’ accessory jacket
  21. Gender conversion (Female to Male) Shorts
  22. Men’s Boxer Briefs
  23. Gender conversion Yoga Tights
  24. Accessory cropped top
  25. Lace crop
  26. Child to adult conversion dress
  27. Younzoey skirt recolors
  28. Men’s sweater
  29. Tight crop top
  30. Sunny side up dress (child to adult conversion)
  31. Base game underwear recolors
  32. Lady goth dress
  33. Salad fingers dress
  34. Simple crop top (GTW recolors)
  35. Tennis Skirt
  36. Mix & match cocktail dress
  37. Betty’s blazer
  38. Men’s Dyed Shirts
  39. Party dress
  40. Palm bling dress
  41. Simple crop top prints
  42. Crop tops
  43. Jumper On top converted to accessory
  44. Primadonna Pumps
  45. Mix Them up // Classy boy jacket


  1. Sickly sweet pastel lips
  2. Lip kit by Kylie
  3. Flatter me bye liner
  4. Queen idle eyeliner
  5. Summer shades Kylie lip kit
  6. Kylie lip kits metal mattes
  7. Kylie lip kits glosses
  8. 39 base game lipstick add-ons
  9. Kylie lip kit 3 new shades
  10. Kylie lip kit metal mattes
  11. Kylie lip kit exposed
  12. Kylie lip kit Kourt K
  13. Holosprite’s eyeshadow recolor
  14. Follower’s gift, lipstick & eyeshadow
  15. Kylie lip kit
  16. 3 new eyebrows for females
  17. Kylie lip kit, 6 swatches
  18. Soft and sweet eyeshadow
  19. Daisy chain necklace conversion
  20. Morgana eyes
  21. Alien eyes from Get To Work; Converted
  22. Marina’s heart
BTS Reaction to you trying on a new dress and asking for their opinion

Another reaction series by @kimlisamarie and myself. Feel free to ask your own reaction requests.

Rap Monster

Wouldn’t be able to compliment you enough: how well it flatters your figure, how the colour suits you, how overall amazing you look.

Bonus: would probably find you a pair of converse highs to match it in case the heels you got to match begin to give you sore feet

Originally posted by ygnj


Would be breath-taken by the beauty that stands before him. “We are the perfect couple jagiya…” he says, looking at the two of you in the mirror with him behind you stroking your shoulders down to your arms and to your waist “…we look so radiant together” admiring how good you look, how handsome he looks, and how great the two of you look together.

Originally posted by jinful


You’re trying on different clothes in a shop and every time you come out from behind the curtain, the only reaction you get is a look up, a nod and a half-hearted compliment, with him just wanting to get out of the shop. However, when you try on this new dress, he definitely looks twice and stops whatever he is doing on his phone. “It’s perfect” he smiles.

Bonus: would probably be trying to stop himself from taking you back behind that curtain because of how good he thinks you look.

We tried to not go smutty on this one I swear

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Hi fives you for your awesome taste in clothes “You’re going to look so great at this party tonight!” he exclaims, proud to be the one going to the said event with you.

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Jimin gasps at the sight before him “Wow you’re so pretty” (Think of the ‘oh hey, you pretty!’ meme) as you give a twirl in your new dress

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“Jagi, you look amazing, but… what about the dress I picked you?” You reply “You mean the green one with the wings that would make me look like Tinkerbell?”

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Would stand there taking in every detail of you from head to toe, in awe before speaking. “You look amazing” he says, unable to think of any other words.

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ilikedogsmorethenyou-deactivate  asked:

Hi! So I see how you always put together fashion links, and I need a cheap dress for a family members wedding coming up. The colors are light pink, gray and yellow, and I'd like to be appropriate. I don't know if you can help, but any suggestions would be nice. Thank you!

Of course I’d love to help!! Unfortunately I’ve never actually been to a wedding before so I’m not entirely sure what the guests wear LOL but I tried! Here’s a list of dresses categorized by color:




I hope this helped you out! :)