dressing like its the 90s

Sam’s Characteristics & Qualities

Let me just explain about this beautiful creature. I went analytical a bit, and explained it in my point of view/opinion.


- He is caring. He takes care of Nate and is a good brother who would dodge a bullet for him any time. He also works hard to support Nate and himself when they were kids. “Hey, you keep your gun on me.” This part made me tear up of how a great brother and person he is.

- He is flirtatious. He flirted with that waitress in the exhibit (which should have been me, Lol) and he felt like damn, lets pause this mission and let me get some of her.

- He is funny. He jokes around with Nate a lot, but sometimes Nate just doesn’t understand his jokes. Like that one part of him trying to be a pirate and sword fight with Nate, but the sword just broke in half. Nate says, “You are a horrible pirate.” Nate, be easy on him. He took care of you.

- He is smart. Nate, Sully and Sam were trying to figure out a plan to grab Avery’s cross and Sam says, “jeez you guys act like you never spent time in prison, if you want something dirty done, then you wait for lights out.” Basically, Sam is street smart, along with book smart, since he has been reading a lot of history books in prison.

- He is loyal. Sam never changed for the past 15 years and when he met with Nate for the first time, he was still the same brother as always. This actually goes on multiplayer too lol, but he says, “I’ll return the favor, I swear.” Sam is a loyal guy and if you respect him, he will respect you. 

- He is sweet.  Elena was just going to handshake Sam of how great it was to meet him and he was like nah bish come hereHe hugged Elena at the end of the game and told her to, “Come on. Bring it for the real thing, sister.”  Can you hug me too? Like seriously.

- He is cocky. Sam likes to embrace his cockiness through the game and mulitplayer. This goes to how he told Sully and Nate of how “they act like they never spend time in prison”, obviously meaning, he is more experienced and clever enough to think outside the box. On multiplayer, when you choose Sam, he would say, “You know what you like about me, everything.” And “I’m the original Drake.” Like damn, its hot when he says stuff like that.

- He is secretive and a liar. He lied to Nate about the story of him escaping prison, when really, Rafe bailed him out and never told Nate the truth in the whole journey. 

- He is adventurous. He wanted to find Avery’s treasure and told Nate that they were meant for this kind of life, for seeking treasures and become explores beyond the horizon.

- He is a trouble maker. As as kid, he wasn’t afraid to try new things, such as, looking for his mother’s journal with Nate and get caught by the old lady almost shooting him. And when brought danger to Nate and his surroundings of finding Avery”s treasure. (But, everyone is safe at least lol)

- He is not afraid to get his hands dirty. He doesn’t mind getting something dirty done and likes to take a challenge. This correlates to him by figuring out a plan of grabbing the cross by working around his surroundings. By this, he “pretends to be a waiter” in a risky situation.

- He shoots for big dreams. Sam doesn’t give up to achieve of what he desires.“Nate, we were meant for this.” He wanted to track down his mom’s journal, find Avery’s treasure and even track down Nate to help him on his journey. 

- He a baddie, but with a good heart. This connects to how he lied to Nate about the story of him escaping jail, and still managed to try to apologize and dodge a bullet for Nate when Rafe shot him. Sam still cares about the people he loves around him, and people misunderstand him of either being bad or good. But once you get to know him, you can see his softer side and embraces his bad side when you don’t know him and when necessary. “Maybe if you are good, I will show you my other tattoo.” I really wonder where it is Sam.

- He has style. Sam dresses like its the 80s or 90s. And its hot. He has a great sense of style, but dresses more laid back and that classic bad boy.

- He is chill. Sam goes with the flow and is usually calm. He doesn’t panic and stops and thinks before speaking. He is understanding and he is a person you could easily talk to once you get to know him. You could see it mostly when he talks to Nathan, or when Rafe catches Nate and Sam and he tries to work around with Rafe, to not shoot anyone.. Also, with Sully at the end of the game when they both partner up to seek their own treasures.

- He likes to have freedom- Sam’s flying birds tattoo explains it all. Birds like to have freedom to go anywhere without being caged in, just like Sam and especially since he got out of being caged in at a prison, he wants to do everything and live his life now.

- He is beauty, he is grace, he is Miss United States. Just had to say that lol.

the signs as family members
  • aries: mom who is always yelling
  • taurus: that plastered aunt who ends up passed out in the dining room not even half an hour into the reunion
  • gemini: dad who still dresses like its the 90s
  • cancer: only normal person
  • leo: the 50 yo priest uncle who is probs actually a mob boss but just no one knows
  • virgo: the baby sitter who doesn't understand why the hell she was invited to this reunion but came along anyway
  • libra: the older sister that joined a circus that one time five years ago
  • scorpio: the girl no one knows but always invites whose rolling her eyes every two seconds
  • sagittarius: grandma who just left rehab
  • capricorn: the 5 year old cousin who swallowed a goldfish accidentally once
  • aquarius: the 21yo who knits and is in a book club but low key sleeping w the mob boss and ruling over the mafia together
  • pisces: that other aunt who's always exploring and coming back with weird adventure stories