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This isn’t as light hearted as the majority of my three posts, but I desperately feel like this needs to be addressed. I am seventeen years old, and my dream career is to work as a historical consultant for television and film, similar to Outlander. A large part of that relies on costume, and as such, I’ve become extremely devoted to Terry Dresbach’s designs and her informative blog and twitter account. In many ways, it is what inspired me to attempt to see historical costume and pursue a career in the industry. Recently, a sewing pattern producer by the name of Simplicity released a pattern inspired by Claire’s Red Dress. In truth, it is less of an inspiration and more of a clear copy of Terry’s design. There is no official connection to Outlander, and no credit given to Terry for her work. Perhaps most astonishing is that other major corporations, such as Marvel, are granted royalty and licensing deals with Simplicity for their costumes. The result of this clear manipulation and corporate greed is that Terry has decided to remove her extremely informative costume blog, and refrain from posting costume images on her twitter account. While this is unfortunate for many fans, I feel particularly heartbroken as I learned essential techniques and design strategies from Terry’s work. I’m posting his because I feel like this is an issue that needs to be addressed and as fans of Outlander, we have the power to demand justice and allow Terry to receive the credit she deserves. Thank you for reading this, and if you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

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  • Someone: haha but aph poland is so smol and he couldn't protect himself if he was in some sort of survival game and he's a bit weak but i love my cute cross-dressing son
  • Me: *putting down a history book* w h a t

i’m disgusted by myself at how attractive i find tom holland’s lip sync battle like girl pull yourself together smh but he looked so Good™ and honestly umbrella will never be the same again

@imcrazyobsessed: here it is!

OMG Lestat would LOVE THIS DRESS! It’s very Dolce & Gabbana, and it was like, MADE FOR YOUR BODY! It’s vampiry and lovely! He would say it looks excellent for dancing and twirling.

Specifics bc FASHION: Lestat would love the gothy and whimsical arrangement of the design and colors, the gold bc GOLD (are those iridescent little beads in the design?! He would love that detailing), the brocade, the transparency of the tulle (right? Tulle? Chiffon? Organza?) but most of all he would love that it shows plenty of skin in a tasteful way. He would probably insist on your wearing a black velvet choker with it, with a little cameo or dangling stone, plus a few rings and/or a bracelet and also that you paint your nails. 

apologies that he’s looking down but this is my old memeything for when he likes things and I am so thrilled for the excuse to dust it off and use it here!

P.S. New submission idea - Ask Lestat or Louis to judge your dress/outfit. Maybe I’ll offer up a few of my own dresses for their judgment… 


Tom Hiddleston and Susannah Fielding at TIFF 2011

It’s only Hannibal fandom that could require me to Google both “sexual choking” and “baltimore md public library” for the same fic. Then there was the other fic where I decided I had to relearn the function of different brainwaves in order to write a throwaway joke. Which is also the fic with all the salad dressing, where I failed to learn the origin of Catalina French but got sucked into reading recipes for several minutes anyway.

This fandom is the gift that keeps on giving. To the autodidact with too much time on their hands, that is.

atratum replied to your post “flint: *tells silver about thomas* silver: before today, I knew of…”

i will be super interested to read your silver/flint thoughts! i really dislike it and it’s hard to put my finger on why.

I don’t dislike it, exactly–I can see the pull of it–but it’s one of the rare pieces of friction that I’m feeling between fandom and canon impulses in the show so far? 

Like, the relationships in Black Sails are fandom-style relationships, almost universally. Like, they’re the kind of relationships you see all the time in fic, but almost never in canon–or at least almost never textually in canon. I’m a multishipper with a weak spot for dysfunctional romantic threesomes, and most of my favorite dysfunctional threesome ships are born out of canon relationships clearly textually intended to be read as boring heterosexual love triangles. Black Sails has two textual dysfunctional romantic threesomes–and the way both relationships develop is something I’m more familiar with from fandom than from published media. Because fandom is often taking up a presumed-heterosexual world and peeling back a layer to reveal the underlying queerness, a lot of fanfic ot3 plots start out with a heterosexual couple and then adds in a third. (A lot of the threesomes I’ve seen in published media, by comparison, either signal their queerness early on, or homophobically treat the threesome as primarily sexual and not romantic.) 

Fandom is also used to reading in bisexual subtext to characters who are clearly romantically and sexually involved with opposite-sex partners but who have deep emotional relationships with same-sex characters (see: Steve Rogers), but Black Sails made that canon, too: there are two canon bisexual protagonists in Flint and Eleanor, both romantically as well as sexually involved with same-sex partners.

Even in a lot of the “straight” relationships, though, there’s something fandom-y about the development, I am pretty sure? I’ve read the Vane/Eleanor fic before (albeit with a different ending.) Jack and Anne’s mututal pining for each other, even absent a third person in their relationship, feels fanficcy to me. 

Basically this is all to say that I think Black Sails is unusual in that most of its canon relationships operate via rules and dynamics I’m most familiar with from fandom (Anne isn’t jealous of Max, she wants Max. Jack has only ever wanted Anne to be happy, and is jealous of her emotional closeness with Max, not their sexual relationship. Miranda isn’t just seducing James for herself, and their terrible sex isn’t just about guilt, the way we’re led to think it is, but about loss. Eleanor isn’t just using Charles, she really does love him, and vice versa, etc.) 

Pretty much the only outlier, as far as I can see, is John Silver. 

John Silver screams fandom favorite. He comes dressed in like fifty prepackaged fandom tropes, and unlike literally everybody else, these are the old tropes, the subtext-dependent tropes. He’s the amoral rogue with a secret heart of gold (but can you really trust him??? who can tell!), he’s pretty heavily weighted with the mythos/characterization of Stevenson’s Long John Silver, probably the most famous pirate in the show, despite being one of the only ones to be entirely fictional. So he’s laden with our associations with that John Silver, as well as our associations with Jack Sparrow, because Jack Sparrow is probably Long John Silver’s most famous direct descendent, and that’s a LOT of associations to lace around a character’s neck. His relationship with Flint is pretty damn shippy–using the same dynamics that made me say “oh, yeah, Will Turner/Jack Sparrow is pretty shippy” back in 2003, when I was thirteen years old. Stevenson’s Long John Silver’s main narrative thing is convincing us that he really does have feelings, and he really is emotionally attached to Jim Hawkins, despite also being ruthless and willing to do whatever it takes to win. His whole deal is being beloved while also fucking everybody over, or maybe at the last minute NOT fucking everybody over because of the aforementioned Heart Of Gold, and fandom has historically eaten that deal up with a spoon. 

Flint and Silver: 
-start out as enemies, but Silver says almost immediately that maybe in the future they’ll be friends
-become friends, but Silver says almost immediately after they’ve acknowledged their friendship that maybe in the future they’ll be enemies
-have a lot of that ‘unlikely allies bantering’ thing 
-silver spends a LOT of time interrogating flint’s emotions, flint’s emotions about him, and his own emotions about flint, all for plausibly Scheme-y Reasons
-silver directly compares himself to flint’s past lovers, again for plausibly schemey reasons 
-flint tells silver things like “I need you” for plot reasons
-grudging trust and mutual respect grows between them, etc 

these are the pieces of subtext I’m used to reading in straight texts–most usually attached to a Long John Silver archetype character, who draws this kind of subtext to himself because again, his whole thing is wondering how much of his feelings are genuine, and suspecting some of his feelings of Transgressing, and emotional language and Scheming language being the same thing. Flint/Silver is a classic slash ship born out of a straight text. 


Black Sails is queer as fuck. Where are the straight relationships in this show? The ones where nobody is a confirmed bi???? I’m coming up with three, and that’s Silver/Madi, Mr. Scott/The Queen, and That One Red Bearded Pirate Turned Cravat Wearing Guy/Adele. Every major romantic relationship in the show is queer. 

the fact that Silver is a classic Subtext Queer is scraping up against the unavoidable truth that Flint is a Post-Subtext Queer, and he’s involved in a totally different queer romance. Flint/Silver is a slash ship straight out of 2007. Flint/Thomas/(Miranda) is a queer tragic slowburn romance that could only exist in canon in 2017. 

Now, I’m a multishipper, and I have a lot of real love for the John Silver archetype and a lot of nostalgic love for this particular kind of subtextual reading against the grain slash ship. I see the appeal of Flint/Silver, and I can dig it and Flint/Thomas/(Miranda) at the same time. But it also feels WEIRD to feel that while immersed in the show, because going against the grain of Black Sails isn’t like going against the grain of Pirates of the Caribbean–with this show it feels like the friction is scraping away stuff I value about the show, juicy stuff, intriguing character stuff, stuff I love. That, I think, is where the weirdness lies for me. 

*goes to start season four, where all of this will undoubtedly be jossed* 

Sweet rock star Twelfth Doctor shirt by @marshcap I got from redbubble

I love it so much.

jim moriarty headcanons, go!
  • uses too many emojis and in the wrong situations
  • memes. all the memes.
  • walks around the house wrapped in a blanket because it’s cold but he doesn’t want to put on pants
  • will stick his cold toes against sherlock’s bare leg just to laugh as the detective scrambles to the other side of the couch
  • vague tweeter. tweets very odd and sometimes cryptic things
  • loves fish (loves watching them at the aquarium, loves reading about them)
  • breaks into observatories just to picnic and look at the stars (loser)
  • sighs a lot
  • has a cabinet full of medication but it doesn’t help
  • it never helps
  • major sweet tooth
  • refuses to watch sad movies
  • watches trashy conspiracy shows instead and calls up sherlock at 2 in the morning to rant about aliens
  • when sherlock comes over, it’s always with a cheesecake
  • jim doesn’t cry, he stares into space
  • still has glow in the dark stars from his childhood (still sticks them to his ceiling)
  • his books are full of scribbles and annotated, penciled in questions and corrections
  • coaxes sherlock to watch carl sagan’s cosmos with him and curls up next to the detective
  • sherlock watches jim’s face light up and allows jim to force his “space propaganda” on him for once (for always)
  • irene is the only one who can pull him from his bed when he’s in a bad state
  • she takes him to museums and plots to steal artwork until he smiles
  • he sends cat pictures to irene mostly of random cats he sees on the streets
  • she sends back silly jokes and coaxes him to go see movies with her

Emma: You don’t have to dress a woman as a man to give her authority.
Fandom: rightfully praises her as a feminist queen
Emma: doesn’t dress like a man
Fandom: complains that she’s weak.

Funny how fandom is fine appreciating feminist quotes just not actually a woman making her own choices. They can rave about someone talking about how femininity shouldn’t be diminished, just not actually do it themselves

Merry Christmas! (if you don’t celebrate: hello, have a nice day! :3)

It’s been exactly a year since I posted my first wip of my Kirk cosplay and I’ve come a long way since then. So many of you followed and messaged me because of this cosplay, I’m still a little overwhelmed haha! I’m super happy and grateful. Thank you all so much for an awesome fandom year, my fellow Trekkies. ♥