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Does college au Ham wear like normal pattern suits or are they like. Oversized paisley monstrosities and really gross plaid

i still maintain that he switches between like 2 relatively plain but ill-fitting suits as a freshman and gradually learns how to dress himself by junior year

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Alec is getting ready for his first date with Magnus but doesn’t know how to dress himself. Luckily his siblings are always there for him.


Suicide Squad isn’t the first time we’ve seen Joker having a hard time with Harley Quinn’s absence. This scene from the animated series gets me every time.

The Clown Prince of Crime can’t even find his god damn socks without Harley.

a gift for @puffychan for the @xmas-usukexchange2016! i decided to do the prompt of anything in the magical strike AU so have some tense angry flirting between the salaryman and the company president’s son! also i’ve always wanted to try doing this au actually so thank you for the opportunity to draw it, have a great holiday and new year!!


Why I do this Seven is treating Yoosung to a gaming convention for his birthday…on one condition XD


Lila wants nothing to do with Paris’ fascination with Ladynoir. She’ll start her own trend. With foxes. And black jack! And HOOKERS!!!

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Good evening, Sir Samuel, and may I say what a nice scarf you’re wearing. And Captain Carrot. Please sit down. We have a lot of business to finish.


Ok this is one of my favourite little lines in terms of Sam/Sybil.  Just that little throw-away comment pointing out he’s wearing the scarf.  And the fact that Sam is wearing the scarf is so important because

  1. It’s a terrible scarf. It was a supposed to be socks but Sybil messed up.  He’s wearing it anyway.
  2. It’s not even winter. I don’t think a season is specifically pointed out, but it’s certainly not winter given the lack of snow.  It’s probably far too warm to even need a scarf.  There is no reason for him to wear this ugly scarf and yet.
  3. Sam was in the bath when Sybil told him Vetinari wanted him right away.  That means that while rushing to get dressed to go present himself to the lord of the city, he went out of his way to specifically pick up an ugly scarf it’s too warm to wear.

And he went out of his way to wrap an ugly, probably knobbly and itchy scarf that was supposed to be a sock around his neck and then wear it to the palace all because doing so would make Sybil happy.  And he just loves Sybil so much.  


But like… how are these all the same bowl headed little shit?

You got a teachers pet on school field trip day, the adorable kid in your math class that let’s you borrow his fucking pencil, some wanna be Dylan Klebold aesthetic, and some dirty ass trailer trash ass holding glock at kitty cat can’t seem to dress himself piece of actual garbage. What the fuck even is Dylann Roof lol.