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Here’s some snap chats of my tux dress 😀 I designed it myself! 😛 as a genderfluid I was really worried about wearing a dress but wanting to be in a tux yet nothing about the tux excited me. It’s a button up with ruffles on the front bro?? And this was for Prom bro. So I combined the two!
If anyone else wants to make a tux dress, I recommend getting a skirt that best compliments your body type (for me, that was a skirt that hit me at my tiny waist and a high low skirt is just really fun!) and getting a tux shirt with a cummerbund,then putting the cummerbund over where the skirt meets the tux shirt. For the jacket I used a small blazer instead of a suit jacket because I didn’t fit into any of the guy’s jackets at the men’s warehouse department 😢 but it looked better with something that fit me anyway. then for the look overall I went with a white black red color palette since that’s a common color palette for tuxes. Accessorize as you please!
The outfit pieces:
Jacket- forever 21
Tux shirt, cummerbund, bow tie, button covers- the men’s warehouse department
Ameynra Fashion High Low Skirt, White Chiffon, with ruffle and underskirt (I got the medium and requested the front to be 14 inches and the back is 37 inches)
Thigh highs- hot topic
Shoes- Mina’s shoes (some cheapy shoe store I found next to DD’s discounts)

BTS React To: You being the same height/a little shorter than Jimin

Note; Jimin is reported to be 175cm, so this is written with the idea in mind that the reader is anywhere between 170cm-175cm (5′7″ - 5′9″)

Namjoon; (181cm / 5″11) - Would completely worship your long legs. Always has his hands attached to your thighs whenever you sit next to him and can never take his eyes off you, especially when you wear his favourite pair of jeans that just fit you so damn well. He’d like that you’re a little taller than most girls he knows because you’d be well proportioned with him.

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Jin; (179cm / 5′10.5″) - Similar to Namjoon, he wouldn’t mind at all if you were a little on the taller side - in fact he would love it a lot. Always dropping hints about wanting to see you in cute skirts and dresses so he can ogle at how well they suit your body type. When he walks hand in hand with you down the street, he’d know that you’d both be the envy of everyone else since you both look like a perfect model couple together.

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Yoongi; (176cm / 5′9″) - I really can’t see Yoongi caring whether you are taller or smaller than him. All he would care about is your personality - whether or not he can connect with you on a deep and emotional level. He’d encourage you not to feel insecure about being almost the same height as him, telling you that he loves you for you and telling you that people who care about height are missing out on true love.

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Hoseok; (177cm / 5′10″) - Similar to Yoongi, I don’t think Hoseok would care so much about height. Not only would he think you’re absolutely gorgeous, he’d love you for your personality and your intelligence. He might feel a little strange if you wore high heels and it made you taller than him, but he’d brush it off since you look so unbelievably sexy and having legs for days - and it’s all for him.

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Jimin; (175cm / 5′9″) - Jimin has always said that his ideal type is a girl who is smaller than him. So at first, he might be indifferent about his feelings towards you because he doesn’t want to feel insecure or bad about his height. But as his feelings for you grow, he won’t be able to help himself think that he’s being an idiot by judging such an important person to him by their height. It might take a while, but he’d eventually let his insecurities go with the amount of love you have for him, but only ever letting you wear high heels in the bedroom ;)

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Taehyung; (179cm / 5′10.5″) - Taehyung wouldn’t care if you were taller or shorter than him. All he cares about is someone who will care for him and take care of him with all their heart. If you felt insecure about being on the taller side, it would confuse him because he doesn’t see a problem with it at all. He’d tell you to be tall with confidence because to him, you’re the definition of beauty and grace.

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Jungkook; (178cm / 5′10) - Jungkook is only 19 and boys will keep growing until they reach their early 20s. He has said before that his ideal type is a girl who is around 168cm, but since then he has become taller. Even if you were around the same height as Jungkook, I don’t think he would care too much. He’d be too busy with his jaw on the floor while trying to see where your legs ended because they’re so long and stunning.

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I just bought these 90s patterns. I’m wary of the amount of ease in that second jumpsuit but I desperately want to make a shorty jumpsuit/ romper. Winter doesn’t even start to get cold until June here so watch out for me romping around.

Note the “hoax system to flatter your body type” on the slip dress pattern. LOL. Not much disguises the fact that I am a proud refrigerator body type.

An ENTJ’s Guide to Socialization

1.) Dress nicely - Wear colors and cuts that suit your natural palette and body type.

2.) Find a haircut that suits you - You want to look clean but stylish.

3.) Smile -  Warm mouth, soft eyes, and don’t be nervous.

4.) Give people hugs - When you are experiencing an important moment with someone, this will make the memory stand out.

5.) Compliment others on what they put effort into - People like to feel appreciated and you won’t risk offending them as much than with personal comments. Avoid giving criticism unless asked or someone is in danger.

6.) Give people gifts - Think about people to know what they like, prepare this and present it casually. Pretend you don’t try, people will be moved and chase after you.

7.) Be confident - Take charge of chaotic situations and give people guidance when they need it.

8.) Make people feel safe - If someone is afraid, rationalize their fear to ease their minds. Remind them they are physically secure and under no threat with you.

9.) Be personal but practical - Get to know what someone is capable of and their limits, and put them in a position that best suits them. Offer training where it is required.

10.) Have a stoic but approachable attitude - Let people know what you’re good at but don’t show off. Don’t appear too eager for attention. Let people come to you and then accept them.

Muslimah Style +Plus+ : Dress & Jacket

Dresses are one of the best camouflage pieces in any woman’s wardrobe (hijabi or not!)

By skimming over the body a dress creates a long, flowing visual. The dress cut will depend on your body type and it may take some time to find the right shape for you, but once you pinpoint the most flattering (and modest) cut for your body, you can stock up and make these elegant pieces your wardrobe staple!

To add more shape and style to your outfit consider adding a blazer or jacket over your dress. Again, depending on your shape the type of jacket that will be the most suited to your body will vary – but once you find one you love, rock it! If you’re not a fan of the fitted structure of a jacket try sweater blazer or cardigan

A few good basic dresses & jackets can be mixed and matched and make your wardrobe trendy, versatile & modest

my 2017 style tips to myself
  1. Lavender clothes are a neutral + also more ugly color combinations
  2. Don’t dress like you are in your youth (my biggest fear is to look like i’m trying to look like i’m in middle school or trying to fit in with a bunch of skaters from socal) 
  3. Everything is better when they are pared back
  4. Don’t dress for your body type 
  5. Bucket bags are over and structured bags are back
  6. Experiment with shoes and go for shoes you don’t typically wear like boots, colors shoes, and non chunky shoes
  7. Rediscover skirts and dresses – mid to long length, flowy and loose
  8. Try wearing a new type of hat that isn’t a beret or a greek fisherman hat
  9. Wear two different earrings on each ear
  10. You don’t want to look cute or vintage + retro looking
NCT reaction

Part 2 people: since it’s not that inappropriate, I’ll add mark in there

Part 1

Jaehyun: Jae didn’t really mind going dress shopping with you, he was going to do whatever you wanted anyways. He was just glad that you accepted his proposal lol. His mom had invited herself along a week before, only giving a short notice beforehand. It wasn’t a problem for him and it obviously wasn’t a problem for you because she was soon going to be your mother in law anyway. So as you search high and low for a dress that would make your big day even more special, his mom asked what type of dress you preferred specifically, but your body reacted faster than your mind, blurting out the first thing it could. He was in ear range and the split second he heard your full sentence he raced over to both of you, expecting his mom to be angry or at least as appalled as he was at the moment. And all of a sudden his mom erupted out in laughter, stunning both of you as she started nodding her head along in agreement to what you had just said. “Fair enough,” she said, trying to regain her breath.

You scared me there for a moment, but I forgot how alike you and my mom are after all.” He whispered in your ear as you walked out of the store.

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Mark: his mom especially requested his presence in the dress shopping. He surely didn’t mind if it meant getting to see you model for him for hours on end. And as he sat there in the dressing room besides his mom, playing zombies vs plants on his phone, his mom chattered away at what type of neckline best suited you. As you walked out and onto the small pedestal that had been set out for you, you twirled on command as his mom studied every inch of you. “Isn’t it too plain?” She asked you, as she picked at the fabric. Mark still had his eyes trained on his phone, aimlessly tapping away all while still eavesdropping on your conversation. “Well I prefer simple designs, something not so..complicated.” But she couldn’t understand what you could possibly mean, but in the moment you didn’t have an explanation.
“It’s easier to strip off,” you whispered in English, causing both Mark and his mother to jerk their attention towards you. His mother gawked at you, as if you were some outer worldly creature. With a nervous giggle, Mark stood up to intervene. “She just means she’s uncomfortable mom…haha you know her style isn’t really feminine. Right Y/N?” He gently pushed you as he said you name so you would mindlessly agree.

“Oh my god Y/N you make me go through the worst embarrassments.” He commented as you ate dinner that night.

Well Mark turned into a mini scenario lol.

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