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Here’s some snap chats of my tux dress 😀 I designed it myself! 😛 as a genderfluid I was really worried about wearing a dress but wanting to be in a tux yet nothing about the tux excited me. It’s a button up with ruffles on the front bro?? And this was for Prom bro. So I combined the two!
If anyone else wants to make a tux dress, I recommend getting a skirt that best compliments your body type (for me, that was a skirt that hit me at my tiny waist and a high low skirt is just really fun!) and getting a tux shirt with a cummerbund,then putting the cummerbund over where the skirt meets the tux shirt. For the jacket I used a small blazer instead of a suit jacket because I didn’t fit into any of the guy’s jackets at the men’s warehouse department 😢 but it looked better with something that fit me anyway. then for the look overall I went with a white black red color palette since that’s a common color palette for tuxes. Accessorize as you please!
The outfit pieces:
Jacket- forever 21
Tux shirt, cummerbund, bow tie, button covers- the men’s warehouse department
Ameynra Fashion High Low Skirt, White Chiffon, with ruffle and underskirt (I got the medium and requested the front to be 14 inches and the back is 37 inches)
Thigh highs- hot topic
Shoes- Mina’s shoes (some cheapy shoe store I found next to DD’s discounts)

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I can't seem to find that list of FTM gender affirming things, or that you're the blog that made one. Could you please help me out?

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I’m not sure exactly what you’re looking for, so check out these links!





Living As A Crossdresser

As I’m sure many of you are aware, I moved into my own house at the start of the year. Obviously I was excited for a whole multitude of reasons (like having my own mortgage… yay… adulting) but one of the biggest was having the freedom to crossdress whenever I like.

Originally, I thought this would simply mean that I wouldn’t have to worry about when I would have a free house and I wouldn’t need to plan my crossdressing photoshoots around whether someone else would be home or not (a lot of photoshoots had to be cancelled because of family members not leaving when they were supposed to…). It wasn’t that I would crossdress more often, just that I wouldn’t need to hide when doing it.

However, over the last week, I’ve been breaking one of my cardinal rules. 

I’ve been crossdressing without makeup.

Fuck me, I didn’t even wear a wig.

I’m very much a go hard or go home kind of girl; I’ve always said that I wouldn’t see a point in crossdressing without doing the makeup and the hair. For me it’s all part of the same package. I wouldn’t apply that rule to anyone else of course, but for me I’ve always either done everything or nothing at all.

So what was the point then? Is it really such a big deal that I wore a dress around the house without bothering with the rest?

For me? Yes. Yes it is.

It might sound a bit backwards, going from looking like a woman (or at least a close enough approximation…) to being a bloke in a dress, but it’s certainly something I needed. 

This wasn’t about being convincing. This was about being comfortable.

I guess that’s the real point of this post; being comfortable. I’ve spent years upon years telling others and myself so many different rules. Wear concealer to hide beard shadow… get a wig the same colour as your natural hair… dress for your body type… All of these different things without remembering the key rule:

Do what makes you feel comfortable and happy.

You want to wear a dress and keep your beard? Do it.

Wearing a bra under your work clothes? Do it.

Wanna walk around your house naked in platform heels? Do it.

We all should do what we’re comfortable with and what makes us happy. For me, that’s about looking as feminine as possible, but sometimes I might just want to wear a skirt because fuck it why not.

DISCLAIMER: Ok so this post got kind of sidetracked… It was actually meant to be about how you can live your regular life as a crossdresser, but you’re all sensible enough to know how to do that anyway.

I did also have the photoshoot just over a week ago (thank you again to everyone who tuned into the Q & A on Instagram!) and I’m going to be posting photos from it on a weekly basis, starting…. NOW

I’m going to post more about this outfit later on in the week, so just consider this a teaser for now!

Until then…

- Jessica Blaise x x

You’re a Thick Girl and You Get Teased While You’re in Public // Seventeen Reaction

Requested: Yes

Can you do reaction for Seventeen dating a thick girl (like big butt & boobs & plump arms & mid-section type thick girl, if you get my drift because some people just don’t understand the term thick) and they get teased in public. Much appreciated :)

Author’s Note: Thank you for requesting and I would like to apologize for taking so long with writing it. I hope it’s what you wanted and if not I’m sorry! Feel free to request some more! I’m out of school, so I am free to write more often. Thank you! Hope you like it. Enjoy! 

Also, I will be visiting this tomorrow to fix any mistakes even though I have edited it multiple time. 


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Seungcheol has been very busy with their recent comeback. Currently, he is practicing with the boys, but later on tonight he promised that the two of us would go out to dinner since we barely have any time alone due to his busy schedule. He would be home in about an hour or so, so I decided that I should start getting ready. I was so consumed with doing my makeup and picking out an outfit that I didn’t notice that Seungcheol was already home until he was knocking on the door frame. “Hey, babe. You ready?” I nodded, “Yep, just in time.” We left the apartment and we soon arrived at the restaurant. We were seated quickly and my eyes began to scan the menu. The waitress came over to take our order. Upon receiving Seungcheol’s order, she turned to me and looked me up and down. “I believe all you need is water and maybe a salad.” I was appalled, but Seungcheol came to my rescue. “I believe she can have whatever she wants and she does not need you to tell her what she can and cannot have to eat.” After the waitress left, Seungcheol was quick to reassure me and tell me that I was beautiful. He was a total sweetheart and made sure to keep my mind off the rude waitress for the rest of the night.


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The boys were invited to an award ceremony and since our relationship has been public for a while Jeonghan was allowed to invite me to go with him and the boys. I rode with the them, but stayed with their manager who headed inside while the boys walked the carpet. I knew it wouldn’t be long until they would be done and I told Jeonghan that I would meet them at their table. Before heading to meet up with them, I decided to go touch up my makeup before the show started. I was in the bathroom fixing my dress and making sure my makeup was not smudged. There was a group of girls chatting behind me, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. I left and the girls continued to follow me. “That dress is cute, but she ruins it with her chubby body. It would look so much cuter on me,” whispered one of the girls, but unfortunately, I heard it loud and clear. “She should have worn a dress that covered her big arms.” My confidence vanished and I scurried back to the boys with a frown on my face. “Babe, what’s the matter?” questioned a worried Jeonghan. “Do you think I should have worn a different dress? One that covered more of my body?” His eyebrows furrowed together as he took my hands in his slightly larger ones. “What made you suddenly question your dress choice? You loved the way it looked on you the other day and before we left.” Shrugging my shoulders, I avoided eye contact with him. “I don’t know. I just overheard some girls saying it didn’t suit me and it would look better on them.” His voice changed and his eyes darkened. “Aish, don’t listen to them. You look perfect and I don’t know how I’m going to be able to keep my hands off of you all night,” A blush quickly washed over my cheeks. “Plus, girls put others down when they’re lacking confidence in themselves, so don’t let them ruin yours.”   


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I am originally from LA like Joshua, but I never met his family before. So, I flew to America with the boys when they went to film the music video for ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’ just so he could finally introduce me to his parents. The boys were going to explore LA while Joshua and I went shopping. I wanted to go shopping because I wanted to get something nice that wasn’t too fancy, but wasn’t something that I would wear everyday. Also, I wanted to wear something that would impress his parents. “Y/N, my parents aren’t going to like you or dislike you because of what you wear.” Joshua said as I drug him into another store. “Hush, Joshua,” My eyes skimmed the racks of dresses until I found a beautiful black spaghetti strap dress. “I’m going to try this on!” I shouted as I headed towards the dressing room. I slipped on the dress and it fell to my mid-thigh and hugged my body perfectly. I walked out to show Joshua, “What do you think? Do you think your parents will like it?” He opened his mouth to respond, but a voice that was higher pitched than his responded. “I don’t think you want to impress his parents in that dress. It doesn’t fit your body type,” I turned around to look at her. “It shows off the plumpness of your body. Kind of revolting if you asked me.” I was speechless, but Joshua didn’t want to start a fight, so he dismissed her and he gently pulled me around to face him. “The dress looks perfect on you and it hugs your body perfectly,” He cupped my face, “My parents will be blown away by your beauty,” Silently, he kissed my lips carefully, “I know I am.”


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I was hanging out with my friends and we decided to go out to eat together. Unfortunately, I could probably say that we are not truly friends, more like acquaintances, which explains why they had no problem telling me that I was eating too much and that I was already thick enough. After hearing that, I stopped eating because every bite I took made my stomach twist and turn almost making me vomit. We split our ways and I headed back to the dorm to hang out with Jun and the boys. Later on that night, Mingyu cooked dinner for the boys and he offered me some. “Oh! No thank you.” I smiled slightly while holding up my hands in front of me to stop him from handing me a plate full of his delicious cooking. Jun stopped eating, “What’s wrong? Are you sick? You never pass up Mingyu’s cooking,” He picked up a spoonful of the food off of his plate. “Here, have some of mine.” Once again, I denied the food that Jun was trying to get me to eat. “No, I really don’t want anything to eat.” Shoving the spoon back in my face, “At least have a bite.” As much as I love Jun, my blood began to boil because he was so persistent. With my lips sealed tight he tried once again, but I was pissed at this point because all I could think about was my ‘friends’ comments from earlier. I stood up with so much force it caused my chair to screech across the floor. “Jun! Stop it! Does it look like I need anything else to eat!? I don’t need to gain anymore weight.” I whispered at the end. The boys looked at me with mouths agape and eyes full of shock. Jun was surprised from my sudden outburst and I couldn’t stop the tears of embarrassment from leaking from my eyes. I walked out of the kitchen with Jun following me like a lost puppy asking why I was suddenly so upset about my body. Walking into his shared room, I turned towards him and looked at him with blurry vision, “My friends were commenting on the amount of food I have been eating and how I would become too big if I ate any more than I already did.” A frown consumed his face as he wrapped his arms around me. Rubbing my back comfortably, he told me how perfect he thought my body was and how I needed new friends. “They aren’t your real friends if they talk about you like that. Just get rid of them if all they’re going to do is bring you down instead of encouraging you to be your best or reassure you that you’re perfect just the way you are.” I nodded, “I’m so happy to have you and the boys too because you guys are true friends and you know how to make me feel better.” I kissed him passionately and he soon pulled me back to the kitchen. “Now, let’s go enjoy some good food with real friends.”


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We all know that Hoshi is an amazing dancer. Dancing is his life and it helps him express himself in ways that he never could before. That’s why he took it upon himself to teach me some moves, so we could have something else to bond over. So, here we were in the dance studio with Hoshi showing me moves while I try to execute them. Unfortunately, there were other dancers in the practice room with us, so I felt quite embarrassed since I am not a professional dancer like the rest of them. Even though I could somewhat execute the moves, they did not look the best and the other dancers could tell, but everyone except one person decided not to say anything. “Maybe if you lost some weight, then you would move more fluently and one day you might be a decent dancer.” Hoshi’s face and my face burned bright red, but for different reasons. While my body filled with embarrassment, Hoshi’s filled with anger. “We’re just doing this for fun and her weight or body type has nothing to do with how well she dances. She has very little experience with dancing and she doesn’t dance for hours on end like us, so she’s obviously not a professional. The more she practices the better she’ll get, but for now I don’t want any of you commenting on her weight or how well she dances,” he demanded as he grabbed my hand and drug me out of the room. “Don’t listen to them. The more we practice together the better we’ll get. Plus, it’s just for fun.” Hoshi said reassuringly.


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I first met Wonwoo when I started working at Pledis and that was about two years ago. We began dating after a year of knowing each other. I love my job because even though Wonwoo and the boys are very busy, I am able to see him and spend time with him everyday. Today the boys have a fanmeet and my job is to help make sure the line keeps running smoothly. The fan meet has been going on for a while and I noticed that the boys were slowing running out of water, so I decided to get them some more. There was a pack of water at the bottom of the stairs. I began to gather as many bottles that I could and as I started to leave a fan stopped me. “ Can you either pull your shirt up or buy clothes that fit you.” Other fans around her laughed. “That shirt is a little too small for you chubby body.” I quickly left and didn’t say anything to them, but as I got on the stage and started to distribute the water I knew Wonwoo heard everything since he asked if I was okay. “Don’t let their comments get to your head. They’re young and don’t know how to respect someone because they have a different body type.” I smiled and reassured him it was fine because I could tell he was upset that his fans treated me the way they did, but I was also thankful he checked on me to make sure I was okay.


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We have been dating for a long time now and we decided not long ago that we would go public with out relationship. Lots of fans were supporting of our relationship, but unfortunately, there were a handful of fans that disliked me and made it their job to try to bring me down. Tonight the boys had a concert and Woozi invited me to come watch. It was about time for the boys to go on, so I bid the boys farewell and wished them luck before I left. The concert was great, but there was a group of girls that kept eyeing me and trying to talk discreetly about me. I tried not to let them ruin the mood, especially since I finally got to see the boys perform for the first time in forever. After the show was over, I went to head back stage, but I was stopped by the same group of girls that sat near me during the concert. “Hey, don’t you think Woozi oppa deserves better than you?” said one of the girls who blocked my path towards the backstage. They didn’t give me a chance to respond before one of the others started talking. “He deserves to have someone healthy and not so chubby like you.” I was shocked that someone would say that to my face. I was used to reading that kind of stuff on the internet, but it was different to hear it being said to your face. I began to stutter because I didn’t know what to say. A familiar voice erupted from behind the group of girls, “Hey! Why are you being so mean to her!?” He was angry. “I’m so tired of everyone mistreating Y/N and commenting about her weight,” Woozi grabbed my hand and began to pull me towards backstage. “She is healthy and beautiful. If anything, it’s me who doesn’t deserve her.” He pulled me towards their room and I could almost see the steam coming out of his ears. “Thanks, Woozi.” I said as I kissed his cheek and caressed his arm that was holding my hand.


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The boys had a couple days off, so they were quick to decide that we were going to spend them at the beach. Before we left the dorm, I went to the bathroom and threw on my two piece bathing suit, then I slipped my t-shirt back on. We arrived at the beach and the boys mostly scattered to do their own thing, like playing in the water or tanning or even playing a game of volleyball on shore. I decided that I was going to tan while Dokyeom went to play with some of the boys. I stripped my white t-shirt off and stretched my towel out on the sand. I laid down and while I was tanning I watched the boys enjoy their time off. A smile was consuming my face, but soon a frown replaced it. “Hey fatty! Cover up or move please. I don’t want to see that.” said a girl who could pass for a model. I suddenly felt self conscious and sat up and started to pull my shirt over myself to hid my curvy body, but before I could finish Dokyeom appeared next to me and stopped me. He turned to face the girl who was discriminating my weight “Hey! If you don’t want to look at my beautiful girlfriend, then feel free to move somewhere else along the beach,” He grabbed my hand, “She’s not moving just so she could please you.” Once the girl left, I cupped his cheek and lightly kissed him on the lips. “Thank you, Dokyeom.” He flashed me a smile, “No problem, Y/N.”


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My eyes scanned over the many food products that occupied our shopping cart. “I think that’s all we need,” As I was checking over my grocery list that was a mile long, I realized that I was missing something and that something was chocolate. “Shoot! I need to get some chocolate. You know, for that time of the month.” I giggled, “Okay. I’ll start checking out while you run and get that.” Mingyu said as he headed towards the checkout line. Swiftly, I found the isle that held all the chocolate and other sweet stuff. My eyes wondered over all the chocolate and I couldn’t make up my mind what kind I wanted. “Honey, you don’t need anymore chocolate.” came an unknown voice from behind me. I turned around and my eyes fell upon a middle aged woman. “Excuse me?” “I’m just saying it wouldn’t hurt for you to lay off on the chocolate. All that sweet stuff goes straight to your butt and thighs and yours are big enough.” I didn’t know what to say or how to react, so I quickly turned on my heel and left the isle without any chocolate in my hand made a beeline straight towards Mingyu checking out. I decided to help him load the bagged groceries back into the cart, so we could get out of the store as soon as possible. “Babe, did you not find any chocolate that you wanted?” I cut my eyes at him warning him to not say anything else while we were in the store. As soon as we stepped foot out into the parking lot Mingyu grabbed my hand to stop me from walking ahead of him towards the car. “Babe, what’s wrong? Why didn’t you get any chocolate just now?” I didn’t respond, so he tried to joke in order to lighten the mood. “You should have gotten some now, so I didn’t have to come back when it’s that time of the month at 2 in the morning because you’re craving something sweet.” I was upset. Not because of his comment, but because of the elders ‘advice’ she gave me. “Well, you don’t have to worry about that. I don’t care if I’m craving it or not. I don’t need anymore sweet stuff.” “What makes you say that?” Sighing, I finally looked him in the eyes, “An older lady stopped me and said I didn’t need anymore and it would all just go to my ass and thighs, then she proceeded to tell me that they were already big enough.” Shaking his head, “Nonsense,” He turned on his feet and headed towards the store. “I’ll be back!” he hollered over his shoulder. Confusion filled my body, “Mingyu! Where are you going?” It was too late, he already disappeared into the store, so I started to load the groceries into the car. Once that was done I climbed into the car and waited for him to return. The door open and a few bags of chocolates were soon laying in my lap. “Here,” he said before kissing one of my cheeks while caressing the other. “Don’t listen to that crazy old lady. I love your thick thighs and don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t eat because they don’t like your body type.” He shoved the keys into the ignition and started the car. Grabbing my hand, he started to drive back to the dorm, “You’re beautiful and I don’t want you to change because someone is being rude and can’t keep their mouth shut.”  


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Currently, it was one of the hottest days of the summer and fortunately, the boys had the day off. So, the two of us decided to hang out in the blazing hot sun. Soon, we realized that it was possibly one of our worst ideas. I wiped a few beads of sweat from my forehead and attempted to fan myself with my shirt that clung to my body. “Minghao, it’s so hot. Why did we think this was a good idea?” I questioned. “I don’t know, but that may help us cool off.” He said as he pointed down the street. His slim finger was pointing to an ice cream shop that wasn’t far down the street. My eyes lit up. “Come on, Minghao!” I shouted as I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the shop. A bell ringed and echoed through the shop as we opened the door. The air conditioning slapped me in the face and it felt so good. We reached the counter and a teenage boy asked us what we wanted to order. Minghao order his ice cream first and then the boy turned towards me and asked me for my order. “Um, I will just have a waffle cone vanilla ice cream with an extra scoop.” Nodding his head, he left to fetch our order. He soon arrived back and handed us our ice cream, which I quickly noticed that I had just one scoop. “Excuse me, I asked for an extra scoop.” The waiter looked at my body in disgust. “Trust me, I’m doing you a favor. You don’t need it because it will just go to your ass and thighs and they’re already big enough.” Minghao was quick to react and I could tell he was pissed. “Excuse me, but you do not have the right to comment on someone’s weight nor do you not have the right to not give them their correct order because you think they don’t need it.” He stepped closer to the boy, but I tried to stop him. “Minghao, it’s okay. I don’t-” He stood in front of me protectively and cut me off, “Now, I suggest you go get her what she asked for before I contact your manager.” The boy scurried off, afraid of my boyfriend. “Thanks, Minghao.” “No, problem. Don’t let what he said get to your head. You beautiful and you can eat whatever you want.” I nodded my head proud to call him my boyfriend.


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Seungkwan and I were spending the day in the city. It was hot, so I was wearing a loose t-shirt and some shorts. The shorts were quite short, but they weren’t any shorter compared to the shorts that others were wearing. We were walking down the street deciding what to do. “Why don’t we go into some clothing stores to see what they have?” Seungkwan questioned. I opened my mouth to respond with a voice full of excitement, but someone beat me to it. “While you’re in there, you might want to buy her a pair of shorts that covers her big ass.” The excitement drained from my body after the rude man’s words sunk into my brain. “Excuse me?” I could instantly tell that Seungkwan was pissed. “Why do you think it’s okay to make rude comments about someone’s body? Huh?” He took a step towards the rude man, “I know what it’s like to have someone comment about my weight and bring me down because of my body, so don’t even dare make comments like that ever again, especially when you’re talking about my girlfriend.” He grabbed my hand and began to lead me away towards the store. “C’mon, I don’t want you to be around him anymore and listening to his bullshit,” Wrapping my arm around his bicep and laying my head on his shoulder, I thanked him for sticking up for me. “No need to thank me. I know how it feels to have people think differently about your body and I don’t want you to have to deal with that, especially since you’re so beautiful and you don’t deserve those harsh words.”


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Vernon and I have been together for quite a while, but before that we were best friends and he introduced me to his family long before we started dating. Sophia and I clicked instantly and we are literally best friends. With Vernon’s busy schedule I could say that Sophia and I hang out more often than me and him. Right now me and Sophia were at the mall shopping. My eyes scanned the shelf looking at clothes and I picked up a beautiful top and showed a little more skin than usual. I held it up to my body and turned to show Sophia. “Hey, what do you think about this?” Before she could respond, a girl that was scanning the shelf spoke quickly. “You might want to get a size or two bigger because no one wants to see your plump stomach.” I blushed feverishly and put the shirt back on the rack. Sophia tried to convince me to get the shirt, but I refused and we soon left. We later got back to her house and Vernon was there to pick me up. “Hey, let’s head back to the dorm.” I hugged Sophia and bid her farewell, “I’ll talk to you later, Sophia.” I felt more insecure about my body on the way home and I was distracted from what Vernon was saying. He seemed to notice my gloomy mood. “Hey Y/N, Sophia told me what happened today,” He grabbed my hand and gently caressed it. “Don’t worry about what others think about you. You’re so beautiful and you can wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing. As long as it makes you happy, then you should be able to show some skin no matter what others think.” I smiled upon hearing his sweet words and squeezed his hand. “Thank you, Vernon. I love that you always know what to say in order to cheer me up.” 


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Chan and I just graduated high school, so we were celebrating while going out to the nearest carnival just to have fun. I decided to wear a sundress that showed my plump arms and legs. I used to be insecure about my body type, but Chan managed to get me to see the beauty in my body. We were walking around and playing random games and riding random rides just to entertain ourselves. We hopped on one ride and we were squished up next to each other. There were two girls on the same ride sitting across from the two of us and one decided to make a snide comment. “You know, it wouldn’t be such a tight squeeze if you weren’t so chubby.” After hearing that comment, I could feel my insecurities about my weight rush back. Chan decided not to start a fight and didn’t say anything since the ride started, but he swung his arm around my shoulder and began to comfort me while whispering in my ear, “Don’t listen to them. I love you and your body, so please don’t think about your insecurities or about changing anything.” I nodded my head and let her comment fade to the back of my mind because I just wanted to enjoy my time with Chan.


A Revolution, A Revelation

alexander hamilton x reader

prompt: could you do an alex x reader where the reader is watching samuel give his speech and she is the one who roasts him like in the song and alex and the gang watch and yeah alex is amazed?

a/n: thank you to whoever requested this prompt i love it lots. i don’t have any requests atm so if you would like to request any imagines, i’ll try my best to write them :))


“Hear he, hear ye! My name is Samuel Seabury, and I present ‘Free Thoughts On The Proceedings Of The Continental Congress!’” Seabury announced in a triumphant voice, a large smile on his face.

You stood among the group of people that had formed around Samuel, your arms crossed and a frown painted upon your face as you continued to hear the ridiculous man plead things you knew were absolute bullshit.

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What do you think everyone needs to know?

Here are a few things that I have found useful knowing. I’m glad I have learned these things over the years. Obviously this list isn’t for everyone and I’m not saying every single person needs to know how to do every single thing on this list (cooking and budgeting would probably be priority). However, I think if your goal is to become a very well-rounded, experienced, knowledgeable person, it may be of some use to know how to do these things.

My old roommate asked me this same question once and I said “cook, do laundry, iron, sew (very basic), and budget”. She stared at me after realizing she didn’t know how to do any of it and said “oh well I’ll just hire people for all of that”. Sure that’s all good and well, whatever floats your boat but I truly believe that each person should be a self sufficient, functioning, mature human being (at least by the time you graduate college)

Of course I don’t expect everyone to cook a 5 course meal, iron a collared shirt properly, or sew a quilt. Also I realize this list is mostly for girls. I do believe both girls and guys need to be fully functioning mature self-sufficient people, however when’s the last time you saw a guy sew? Doesn’t mean he shouldn’t know how to do it…just guys don’t typically think “hmm there’s a hole in this shirt, let me sew it up”…it usually just ends up in the trash

Before graduating high school:

  1. How to make your own lunch. Stop having your mom make and pack it for you. Along the same lines, if your mom wakes you up every morning…get an alarm clock
  2. Please know proper grammar. College professors won’t find it cute that you don’t know the difference between your and you’re, or there, their, and they’re 
  3. How to cook a few basic meals so when you go to college you don’t starve (my old roommate once asked me if you cook pasta directly in the jar the sauce comes in, or if you cook it first somewhere else, then put the sauce on top…she was 19…don’t be this person)
  4. How to handle yourself on social media. Don’t be that girl barely wearing any clothes, posting pictures of you drinking underage on social media. Colleges, graduate schools, and jobs will look at your social media and I promise you don’t look cool drinking alcohol at 19. 
  5. Know your manners. This is something that should be taught from such a young age, but so many people forget it. Please be polite, respectful, and kind to others especially those in the restaurant or commercial industry or authority figures. Also, learn to put your phone down once in awhile. Especially during dinner or when you’re hanging out with friends. What’s on your phone will still be there when you pick it up again, but we only get so many meaningful interactions to talk, listen, or learn with people we care about. 
  6. How to sew and iron. Your grandma isn’t always going to be there for you; especially when you go to college (I’m not talking about hardcore on a sewing machine, but know how to sew up a hole or fix a button). My middle school required a home economics class and I’m so glad it did.
  7. Know how to do your own laundry, clean, and make your bed
  8. Have some work experience. At least 1-2 years whether it’s babysitting, an internship, volunteering, or an official paid job
  9. Learn how to manage money. Save some, and learn how to budget so when/if you go to college you’re not broke
  10. Know how to do a basic car check (oil, tire pressure, know what the service lights mean, know what to do incase of an emergency or flat tire) (AAA is key)
  11. Know how to use basic tools…dad won’t be with you in your apartment when you need to fix something. I’ll admit I’m still working on these last two…luckily I have a boyfriend that does them for me but I think if you’re a girl living on your own or with roommates they are necessary to know. 

Before graduating college:

  1. How to write a killer resume, CV, and cover letter. Also how to respectfully ask for a recommendation letter. And how to professionally handle yourself in an interview or work situation. 
  2. How to manage your time and try not to procrastinate. It’s really important to have some healthy habits, workout regularly, and make time for yourself 
  3. Know how to dress for an interview and the differences between business casual and business professional (let me know if you need to know the difference). 
  4. Know how to walk in heels. Wear flats or 1-2 inches for job interviews and save everything else for Friday night. But don’t be that girl stumbling around because her heels are too tall. Likewise, don’t be that girl who complains about how bad her feet hurt because that’s just annoying. Don’t wear the shoes if you can’t walk in them for at least an hour, I dont care how cute they are. 
  5. Know how to dress for your body type and your age. Crop tops are cute and fun freshman year, but after that it’s time to get a more mature wardrobe. My personal rule for going out is you can accentuate one part of your body, but only one, or else it’s too much (obviously there are some exceptions…short shorts and a crop top isn’t one of them). Again this is just my personal rule…I’m not here to tell girls how to dress. If a crop top and short shorts make you feel cute and confident then go for it girl! Who am I to make fashion rules?
  6.  Likewise, have clothes that fit you properly, a basic everyday wardrobe (let me know if you need tips for a basic wardrobe and I can type that up). Also, have a few business outfits for interviews and professional jobs, as well as a go to black dress and a go to pair of jeans
  7. How to prepare for an interview; have a list of questions to ask at the end, and always bring a notepad and pen with you
  8. How to handle yourself during a night out. Once you graduate college it isn’t 5 drinks at a bar every other night…you have commitments and responsibilities. Learn how to have 1-2 drinks or say no to going out. You can’t show up to your job late and hungover
  9. Know how to be prepared. If I am carrying my large handbag, at all times I will have: bandaids, gel blister pads, girl things, hair ties, hand sanitizer, a lighter, a pen, a notepad, a snack, a Tide stick, tylenol, a water bottle, chapstick, a portable charger, ear phones, and more…

Before getting married:

  1. Have a good red, a good white, and a good champagne that you can always rely on
  2. Learn how to think about someone else. I feel like in college people are very self centered and unless you’re in a long term mature relationship you probably don’t understand this but…when you’re with another person you have to take into account their ideas, opinions, and feelings. It’s not all about you and your happiness isn’t the only thing that matters now. You have to communicate, compromise, and understand. 
  3. Know how to make a few basic cocktails…just because 
  4. I would say learn how to host a dinner party but that sounds very housewife-y and I know a lot of people are against that term…but if you plan on regularly having friends over for dinner or parties…learn to multitask while cooking and have a go to menu or dessert recipe 
  5. Be financially independent (this isn’t for everyone, but a priority for me. I want to be able to support myself if I ever had to alone, and not rely on my husband)

Before having a baby:

  1. The post nursing/pre-med in me feels obligated to say CPR and basic infant/child first aid
  2. Basic prenatal care, importance of prenatal vitamins, risk factors/things not to do during pregnancy (obviously no alcohol, limited caffeine, no raw fish, no lunch meats, no soft cheeses, etc.). You have to go to regular prenatal checkups and your doctor will tell you all this but…just an FYI. 
  3. Have some experience with kids whether it’s working at a daycare or babysitting your sisters kids. Babies are a lot of work and you really need experience. Take a pregnancy class if you’re very inexperienced. I’ve been working with babies/kids for 10 years and it’s great experience and has taught me so much for when I decide to have my own someday
  4. Know basic childcare…you know…basic things to keep a baby safe and alive
    1. Put babies to sleep on their backs with no blankets or toys in the crib. Know the risk factors for SIDS and how to prevent it
    2. Babies stay in a rear facing car seat until they’re 2 years old or at the highest weight and height the car seat allows
    3. Don’t begin to feed your baby solid foods until 6-8 months (foods like yogurt, baby oatmeal, and puréed veggies may start as early as 4 months). Babies shouldn’t have red meat, sugar, or cows milk until 1 year old.
    4. When you begin to feed a baby solid foods, you always start with vegetables. If you introduce fruits first, babies will be accustomed to the sweetness and probably won’t adapt well to veggies 

Hope this was helpful. Sorry it was long. Also I didn’t mean for it to sound housewife-y with the cleaning and cooking and sewing. I think girls and guys equally need a basic understanding of most of these things and these are the things I’m just really glad I’ve learned over the years!

BTS React To: You being the same height/a little shorter than Jimin

Note; Jimin is reported to be 175cm, so this is written with the idea in mind that the reader is anywhere between 170cm-175cm (5′7″ - 5′9″)

Namjoon; (181cm / 5″11) - Would completely worship your long legs. Always has his hands attached to your thighs whenever you sit next to him and can never take his eyes off you, especially when you wear his favourite pair of jeans that just fit you so damn well. He’d like that you’re a little taller than most girls he knows because you’d be well proportioned with him.

Originally posted by ksjknj

Jin; (179cm / 5′10.5″) - Similar to Namjoon, he wouldn’t mind at all if you were a little on the taller side - in fact he would love it a lot. Always dropping hints about wanting to see you in cute skirts and dresses so he can ogle at how well they suit your body type. When he walks hand in hand with you down the street, he’d know that you’d both be the envy of everyone else since you both look like a perfect model couple together.

Originally posted by bts0726

Yoongi; (176cm / 5′9″) - I really can’t see Yoongi caring whether you are taller or smaller than him. All he would care about is your personality - whether or not he can connect with you on a deep and emotional level. He’d encourage you not to feel insecure about being almost the same height as him, telling you that he loves you for you and telling you that people who care about height are missing out on true love.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Hoseok; (177cm / 5′10″) - Similar to Yoongi, I don’t think Hoseok would care so much about height. Not only would he think you’re absolutely gorgeous, he’d love you for your personality and your intelligence. He might feel a little strange if you wore high heels and it made you taller than him, but he’d brush it off since you look so unbelievably sexy and having legs for days - and it’s all for him.

Originally posted by bangthebae

Jimin; (175cm / 5′9″) - Jimin has always said that his ideal type is a girl who is smaller than him. So at first, he might be indifferent about his feelings towards you because he doesn’t want to feel insecure or bad about his height. But as his feelings for you grow, he won’t be able to help himself think that he’s being an idiot by judging such an important person to him by their height. It might take a while, but he’d eventually let his insecurities go with the amount of love you have for him, but only ever letting you wear high heels in the bedroom ;)

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Taehyung; (179cm / 5′10.5″) - Taehyung wouldn’t care if you were taller or shorter than him. All he cares about is someone who will care for him and take care of him with all their heart. If you felt insecure about being on the taller side, it would confuse him because he doesn’t see a problem with it at all. He’d tell you to be tall with confidence because to him, you’re the definition of beauty and grace.

Originally posted by bwipsul

Jungkook; (178cm / 5′10) - Jungkook is only 19 and boys will keep growing until they reach their early 20s. He has said before that his ideal type is a girl who is around 168cm, but since then he has become taller. Even if you were around the same height as Jungkook, I don’t think he would care too much. He’d be too busy with his jaw on the floor while trying to see where your legs ended because they’re so long and stunning.

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So, what is glamrock? The style emerged in the early 70s, bringing all the rock scene of England to the new level. Its first appearance is traditionally associated with Marc Bolan’s (T.Rex) wearing a glittery “camouflage” consisting of a silver suit and sparks on his pretty cheeks celebrating new hit, “Hot Love”; that was how one performance at “The Top Of The Pops”, 1971, introduced brand-new fashion era to the world. 

There is no possible way to depict the glamrock movement not referring to its idols. Roxy Music, Alice Cooper, Brian Eno – the pantheon of glammy rockers includes a lot of unique and well-known musicians. But the true Zeus above all of them is David Bowie whose Ziggy Stardust persona has brought the philosophy of glitters to masses.
From that moment it is the goal to look like an alien: androgynous and mysterious. Teenagers shock their parents with genderless looks (look up “Rebel, rebel” lyrics: “Got your mother in a whirl
She’s not sure if you’re a boy or a girl”) and, what’s more, social roles. 

They were wild but wild with chic. A lot of make-up regardless to sex, they were rejecting everything old and boring, building a kind of cosmic generation, foreseeing it was time for the radically different ones as much as hippies believed to be children of the universe. The gap between girls and boys seems to be erased, you can be masculine and feminine at the same time not only in your dress and body type – but in the attitude to life. Rock, field of art for men opens to ladies, best example of whom is amazing Suzi Quatro. There is no more restrictions left, only creativity.

If taking the music itself, it was something between psychedelic and art rock and motifs of bubblegum pop, both catchy and spontaneous.
But is it a genre, trend or the way of life? Every each of us has an own answer to it. The thing that matters is how new and shocking it was and, important(!), how many people still want it alive. And you know what? WE WILL RESURRECT IT TOGETHER!

Hello friends it’s time for my annual reminder that as the weather gets hotter, you have the right to dress in weather appropriate clothing regardless of your body type. Don’t give yourself heat stroke covering up because society tells you that the general public doesn’t want to see you in shorts. Fuck society and fuck the general public too, while we’re at it. Your comfort and well being is important and anyone who’d rather someone suffer so they don’t have to see some stretch marks is a shallow, selfish dick who deserves to step on like twelve legos.

Wear what you want, rock that shit, fuck the haters and have fun.

And drink lots of water and don’t go into the sun without sunscreen ily bye

People who come up with arbitrary “how to dress for your body type” guidelines are fucking awful like I remember when I was 15 my favorite outfit was this adorable black and white striped dress, and then I couldn’t look at it the same way anymore after I heard someone say that bigger people can’t “get away with” wearing horizontal stripes. And it’s taken me so long to realize that uhhhh yes they fucking can. Being comfortable and confident is important, but I think that dressing specific ways to deny the reality of the body you’re in brings out so many negative feelings and pointless self-criticism and I’m just. not interested in it at all.

Bright Lights

600 follower fic for @clintonvillegirl.  Teen!Dean x Reader, fluff

Summary: The reader is a model and gets paired with teen heartthrob Dean Winchester for a photoshoot.

warnings: none, just some fleeting thoughts that we’ve all had about Dean at one point or another

word count: 1800

You sat on the comfortable-looking (but not actually comfortable) loveseat, flipping through a magazine like you were reading it. Bright lights were flashing at you every few seconds, as the photographer, Marcus, captured your image from every angle.

Out of the corner of your eye, you could see the door of the studio open, letting in a small posse of people who were ushered toward the makeup mirrors.

Marcus instructed you to put the magazine down and switch positions, so you followed his orders. You contorted your body uncomfortably into the position he wanted, a position that surely looked attractive and sexy from the camera’s perspective, but was actually going to put a crick in your neck.

For an eighteen-year-old, you sure needed more massages and chiropractic appointments than anyone else you knew.

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florence-division  asked:

Hey, I've been looking at your art and it is extraordinary!!! When I first got a peek of your art I couldn't get enough of it! I've like demolished your blog trying to see every piece of art you had in here! Lol. But if you wouldn't mind, I would love some tips on how to draw ocs better, because I sort of have trouble with the characteristics of my 137 ocs. (Yes, I have that many ocs. I counted.) But I LOVE your art, and I would love some tips from you!

thank you that’s so sweet!!!

i’m not ENTIRELY sure i understand what you mean by tips but i’m guessing you mean like in the realm of character design! i actually just read a good post about that yesterday so i’ll include some of those things too haha!

1. i think simple designs tend to be more appealing than super complicated designs! this is a personal preference of mine but i think it’s also generally agreed upon that over-designed stuff is no good. this can apply to stuff like birthmarks and scars and clothing (especially clothing!). you don’t want to distract from who the character is by putting all of the attention on what they’re wearing or what their hair is doing, plus you’ll probably get tired of drawing something complex over and over, and it’s hard to remember complicated designs too! everything in moderation!

2. color choice is important! i think avoiding a lot of loud garish colors is good. if you want bright colors try and use them in moderation! like if someone has a bright red shirt, maybe make their pants a duller or darker color to balance that out. this goes for hair and skin and eye colors too! (but this isn’t to say bright colors can’t be good. look at adventure time characters! they do a great job using bright colors that aren’t blinding or ugly or anything. it’s all very coherent and nice)

3. make sure your characters look like they’re from the same world! make sure their clothing and hair and everything is coherent. if you’ve got elf people living in a forest and they are all wearing earth tones, it’s probably not a good idea to put your main elf character in bright primary colors! in some cases maybe that’s the way to go because there’s a real reason in the story for it but in general i think coherence is the way to go! 

4. know your characters’ style! what would they realistically wear? what would they hate to wear? do they even have style?? maybe their mom dresses them.

5. vary your body types! this can be hard if you’re used to drawing the same body type but you gotta practice! very important

6. vary face shapes and facial features! humans are humans but not every human looks the same! people have different noses and eye shapes and chin shapes and stuff! different face shapes and facial features are important to practice too when drawing different ethnicities and different ages

7. make sure other people can tell your characters apart! the easiest way to do this is with color, like with clothing or hair or something, but sometimes you aren’t working in color! using a lot of dark tones on one character as opposed to lights on another is helpful, but it’s even better if you can differentiate your characters just by their face shapes or body shapes! haircuts are also really good for this but lots of times haircuts aren’t enough because your average viewer isn’t necessarily going to be looking that hard. make it super obvious!

8. expressions say a lot about your character! practice different expressions for characters! know who they are and the faces they like to make, but don’t restrict a character’s emotional range to like…an angry face every single pose because they have a temper. keep it varied but still true to that character

9. body language is also important and is very telling of a character’s personality. practice different poses!

10. don’t try too hard to be unique! i think trying too hard to make your character stand out and look unique can lead to over-designed characters that are difficult for your viewers to relate to. characters are allowed to be brown haired people who wear t-shirts and jeans! all YOU need to worry about is differentiating them from your own other characters, not every other character that has ever been created on earth.

so ya! this is just some stuff that i think is good and i’m still working on improving on too! this is all i can think of now but i’ll add more to this post later if i think of stuff :O hope it helps!!

anonymous asked:

Hey, random but since you are a plus sized gal like myself, I was wondering if you know any places a girl could find a really cute prom dress for curvy girls?

oh my gosh I’m sorry this is so late! 

I’ve been meaning to make a post like this for a while.

For finding plus size prom dresses:

Unfortunately, it’s not easy finding good prom dresses that are pretty AND plus size… at least it wasn’t for me. I encountered so many horrendous and gaudy dresses in my high school days that I know it can be discouraging for others who are curvier like me. So here are some tips for plus size prom dress shopping.

(REALLY) General Tips:

-Know your measurements :
This is mainly for when you’re shopping online (but it doesn’t hurt to know them either way). Measure yourself and measure yourself twice to make sure that you have accurate measurements. Shopping online for prom dresses can be rewarding and a great way to avoid dress shopping stress/disappointment but MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT MEASUREMENTS. There’s nothing worse than finding the right dress and having it come in the mail only to find out it won’t close in the back

-Know your materials:
Know what materials the dress you’re interested in is made of. Is the fabric stretchy or not? Is it breathable or not? This will influence what size you order your dress in. 

-Have a style in mind: 
It’s much easier to search for a plus size dress when you have a style in mind. Typing “plus size prom dresses” in google can lead to an overwhelming amount of results and you could spend hours trying to find the right dress. If you have a style in mind, things could go by much easier. 

-Know how certain styles of dresses will work with your body:
It’s important to know how different types of dresses will work with your body. Prom is a special moment and you’re allowed to look however you want to and wear whatever you want to but make sure that whatever it is you choose to wear, it’s comfortable for you. For example, if you have wider hips or thicker legs, a mermaid style dress might look gorgeous on you, but make sure you can maneuver around in it and have enough room to walk and dance. OR if you have certain insecurities, make sure you pick a dress that will help you feel more comfortable. (sleeves for arm insecurities, longer dress for leg insecurities, etc)

-Double check websites:
Sometimes “regular” prom dress sites actually have extended sizing options. Always double check 

-Have an emergency seamstress:
Make sure to know a couple of seamstresses just in case anything on your dress needs to be adjusted

- Don’t get frustrated and Don’t settle. 
The search for the right plus size dress can get discouraging but don’t give up! And everyone deserves to look good for prom so don’t settle for a dress you’re not happy with just because the search is hard! I assure you that your dress is out there. 

Places to find plus size prom dresses:

Davids Bridal


Prom Girl



explore your local shops and big retailer’s too! 

Dressing Tips for Short Guys

Here are some tips for my fellow under 5'8 community! Remember: being short is NOT a bad thing. These aren’t tips to dress taller, they’re tips to flatter your body type.

-Fit: Make sure your clothes are fitted close to your body. Baggy clothes will make you seem smaller, as your proportions to the larger garments will appear considerably littler. 
-Pants: Many brands of clothing offer smaller sizes, such as American Eagle, but if you can’t find a pant that ends around the ankle, either cuff them, get them tailored or look to the boys section. There’s no shame. If your pants fit you properly, you will fill them nicely and look proportionate. 
-Patterns: Smaller patterns, like gingham, will flatter your stature and work well to not swamp you out.  Don’t wear thick horizontal stripes, they divide your body when you want the eye to be drawn up, and thin horizontal stripes will do just that.
-Shoes: Avoid square toed shoes. This goes for everyone, but shorter guys should stick to round toe or a rounded pointed toe shoe. The visual streamline you’re trying to achieve should continue through the feet.

Abusive language and emotional abuse in general sounds like many different things:

  • “You don’t know how to do that?/Why are you doing it that way?" 
  • ”[insert any derogatory name or insult, e.g. stupid, dumb, ugly, fat]“
  • "I’m just kidding” “you’re too sensitive”
  • “You’re overreacting/being such a baby/you need to grow up" 
  • "Haha, you’re actually getting upset about that??”
  • Critical comments about physical appearance/clothing “You need to dress for your body type” “That makes you look fat” “That doesn’t go with your skin” “You look like a boy” “Why do you insist on dressing that way" 
  • Anything that makes you feel stupid or wrong.
  • When someone won’t apologize for hurting you or even acknowledge that they hurt you (invalidation)
  • Shutting down your thoughts and opinions. Cutting you off/interrupting you all the time.
  • The list goes on and on. 

Years of criticism and invalidation will make you think that emotional and verbal abuse aren’t "legitimate enough”, but IT IS. Not everyone experiences this type of abuse. It is NOT normal. You deserve to feel worthy.