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BTS Reaction to You Wearing a Revealing Dress to an Award Show


Anonymous: “BTS reaction to you wearing a revealing dress at an awards show (a dress that mostly shows your breasts are

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JinThe Vegas heat is no joke you thought while your stylist got you ready to attend the BBMAS with your love, Jin.  

Your stylist laid out two dresses. The first was a hideous long sleeved black dress– one which would have been a bad choice considering the warm weather. The second dress was a short white dress accented with summer flowers and a tulle skirt. The dress was perfect, but the neck was cut deep, real deep. The neck was deep and cut down to you mid-section in a V shape. You thought it would be too risky to wear to an award show, but then thought what the hay as the weather was ridiculously warm.

After some time, when your makeup and hair was all a tall dashing Jin walked in. You turned around to face him and noticed that he was covering his mouth. 

“Aigoo, where are your clothes?” Jin was quite conservative and seeing you in a revealing dress shocked him. He soon came to realize that it was pretty smart that you chose this dress considering the weather and who could complain. He though the dress was visually pleasing, to say the least.   

Once you two hit  the red carpet Jin would whisper some PG-rated things in your ear, followed by  "Let’s switch outfits IT’S TOOO HOT!“ 

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Suga: When you asked Yoongi what you should wear, you didn’t know what you expected.  

"Whatever you want,” “ Anything,” and “I don’t know” were just a couple of his answers.  

You couldn’t argue though, Yoongi never really cared about your outfits or how you looked, and although it bugged you at first, you appreciated how he love you for you. 

For the award show, however, you wanted to look your best. You knew BTS always looked like kings on the red carpet, and you wanted everyone to know that you were Yoongi’s queen. So, you asked the stylist to help you out. She presented you with a gorgeous dress, one that you thought was prettier than you. You were reluctant at first, but soon gave in once you thought about what Yoongi would think.  

When the big day arrived, you waited for Yoongi to come pick you up from your room. When you opened the door, Yoongi would be frozen– his mouth would be left open and his pupils would expand. You were nervous at first, maybe he thought it was too revealing, or maybe you didn’t look really good. Before your thoughts could go any further, Yoongi would pull you into a hug and tell you how beautiful you looked. 

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J-Hope: After hearing of BTS’s nomination for an award, you were ecstatic because this meant you would be attending an award show with Hoseok. This wouldn’t be your first rodeo, BTS had many public appearances and you attended many with them. This time around, you wanted to stand out and be different from the regular party goers at the event. You decided to wear a backless red dress that left most of your upper half exposed. Hoseok was awestruck from the moment he saw you, he adored your outfit and wanted nothing more for the world to see his girl. Throughout the night, Hoseok would be uploading numerous pictures of you as well as constantly telling the members how lucky he is to have you. 

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Rap Monster: Namjoon was beyond excited to be nominated for so many awards and so were you. You were so proud of him and his members and were happy at the chance that you would be able to support them backstage. Everything was going perfectly while planning for the award show, the only thing was your outfit. You didn’t know what to wear and what would be appropriate. You wanted to match your boyfriend, of course, but you also wanted to impress him. So when the stylist came to you for an idea of what you wanted, you didn’t hesitate to tell her about the kind of neckline you wanted.   

When the day of the award show finally arrived, you headed to BTS’ room in your long, deep necked dress. You were excited to see what Namjoon’s reaction was. He always gassed you up about your fashion and couldn’t wait for to hear his hype. When you entered the room, all eyes were on you, especially Namjoon’s. When you saw the look on his face it would be like the look he gave you when you first met. He would walk to you quickly and take you into one of the bedrooms. 

“You look so hot, Y/N,” he would say. “How about we just stay here and I can un–" 

"Uh, Namjoon.. You kind of have an award show to go to.”  

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Jimin: As BTS gained popularity with their music so did their rep. This meant that the group would attend many award shows and after parties, all of which you were invited to as well. One party, in particular, was celebrating BTS’ win. It was a huge party with many people and you wanted to make your mark, so you did so with a bold dress. Your dress was pink and exposed your chest area quite a bit. Jimin was startled at your outfit choice, but it quickly grew on him. Throughout the night you’d catch him stealing glances at you followed by him embarrassingly looking away. What a mochi, you thought, what a goosedarnit mochi.  

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V: Knowing that Taehyung is the fashion icon in BTS, you couldn’t embarrass him with any ordinary dress at an award show.  

You decided to get in contact with the best stylist the world. The stylist placed you in a fashion forward piece that exposed your chest areas. The dress was a deep blue color that and hugged your body in all the right places and was accented with jewels. This piece was controversial, iconic, and fashion forward all at the same time. This made you anxious for what Taehyung would say.  

So there you stood, posing in the middle of the dressing room waiting for to V to arrive. Once Taehyung arrived he nonchalantly walked by, barely looking at your dress, lazily saying “cool dress.” He stood on the fitting podium while his stylist sized him up, and in slow motion, you scanned his body up to his face and that’s when he said it. 

“Try again hunty.”

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Jungkook: BTS were nominated for many awards at the award show that you would be attending to with them. You were going to support BTS, but mainly for your boyfriend Jungkook. Being your first award show, you wanted to dress to impress. When you found the perfect dress, you wanted to surprise Jungkook the day of the award show. When the day arrived, you called Jungkook down to your hotel room to meet you before you all left to head to the red carpet. You opened the door, somewhat seductively, and looked into Jungkooks eyes as he scanned your body from head to toe. 

“Wh-what are you wearing..” Jungkook asked in a nervous tone. 

Suddenly, he lifted his hand up to block something from his view. You looked down to where he was avoiding and noticed that it was at your exposed breasts. 

“You don’t like it?” You asked in an unintentional disappointed voice.  

Jungkook looked at you quickly and lifted up your face. “No, babe you look hot. I just don’t want anyone to give you any fishy looks. Only I should be able to see you like this.”  

You chuckled at Jungkook’s comment and pulled him out the door. Little did you know that Jungkook would literally be avoiding you the whole night because of your outfit. He was just too shy to see you like that and his eyes would be scarred for life. When it would be time to take pictured, he would just hover his arm around you. He would even go as far as pretending not to know you.

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I need some super fluffy hc's for Zarya where fem chubby s/o leaves a note for her lying around asking her to meet up and confessing her feelings and they're returned? Make it teeth rottingly fluffy because I need it badlyyyyy

‘I don’t think I can do this…’

You rubbed your hands against the front of your dress for what felt like the millionth time, the balmy midday weather of Gibraltar in April being much too mild to explain why your palms were sweating so profusely. You paced next to one of the cliff sides, far enough away so that you wouldn’t accidentally fall over, but close enough that you could see the ocean lazily rolling and sloshing below. On any other day the scene before you would have be beautiful, relaxing, and in a way it still was. It just wasn’t enough to quell the anxiety at what you had planned out today. 

A confession. It was old school and kind of ridiculous if you thought too long about it, but it was something personal and intimate. You had even handwritten a letter expressing, your interest in talking with her and slipped it into her personal mailbox earlier that morning. 

Dear Zarya’, it had said in exaggerated cursive writing on fancy ivory and gold lined stationary. ‘There is something that I would like to share with you. Could you please meet me outside, near the storage yard at lunch today? I hope to see you there! -Y/N

You had purposefully left the letter vague, not wanting to chase Zarya off before you had the chance to share the feelings that had brewing within you for the past several weeks. The Russian woman was filled with personality; competitive yet good-spirited, confident and affectionate, filled with boundless caring for her comrades and her country. She was inspiration in human form, from Olympic champion to her country’s greatest hope and you admired Zarya more deeply than you could put into words. Not to mention when she smiled or hugged you or laughed…

Your cheeks burned at the thought, heart hammering in your chest as you wiped your hands down the front of your dress once more. You really really did like her. But the longer you stood there, the more your mind dwelled on your differences. She was brash and exuded self-confidence like it was sunshine, a solid mass of muscles in all of the right places and a mind so stubborn that she often found her points infallible. You were softer spoken and a bit shy, your body soft with full thighs and belly and triceps, more than willing to not only listen to Omnics but support them as well…the longer you thought about it the more you began to psyche yourself out. Maybe you should just go…send Zarya and apologetic message and–

“Y/N, privet!”

You froze mid-step, your entire body going stiff as Zarya voice called to you from behind. Your stomach flipped, foot unsteadily coming back down as you forced calm onto your flushed face. Lifting your hand in a half wave, you couldn’t felt the nervous grip on your stomach ease as the warmth of her smile poured over you. Okay….maybe you could do this. The taller woman long strides closed the space between the two of you effortlessly, her brow slightly burrowed as her mossy green eyes danced over you. Your face burned under her assessing stare, shoulders jumping as her hand reached out and lightly touched your burning cheek.

“Y/N”, she questioned softly, your body warring between nuzzling against her soft yet calloused hand or yanking away, deciding on going stock still. “You are quite red. Have you come down with a cold?”

“Ah…ah no”, you exclaimed quickly, taking a half step back before your hands twisted into your dress so you didn’t fidget. “I’m just a little ah…um warm. It is warm today, isn’t it?”

“Da”, Zarya agrees, exaggeratedly fanning her face. “It does not get this warm back home, I do not know if I like it.”

“O-Oh! We can go back inside!”

“No no, it is fine”, Zarya says, dropping her hands to her hips with a grin. “There is something you wanted to talk about, no?”

“Oh uh yes”, you stammered, the words tumbling from your lips as your eyes ripped from Zarya’s to the ground. Steeling yourself with one solid breath you watched your paling knuckles for a brief second before you released the breath you had been holding. You could do this…you would do this…Lifting your head, your eyes locked with Zarya again, your heart thrumming hard once more. “I…just wanna say I’m really glad you joined Overwatch…and you being here these last few months have been really great…you’re always so ready to help someone out or or have their back and you put your heart into everything you do…and I …I really like you. Th-that’s what I wanted to say. I really like you Zarya…and I totally understand if you don’t reciprocate! I just…um wanted to tell you and um I–”

Your eyes had drifted away from Zarya’s as you rambled, completely missing the scarlet blush that burned across the Russian woman’s cheeks before she stepped forward and swept you off the ground and into her arms. You went stiff, shock delaying your reaction as happy tears burned at your eyes. Timidly you wrapped your arms around her neck, squeezing hard and smiling as the her arms tightened ever so slightly tighter. You might ache after this but you really couldn’t find it in you to care. Several moments passed before she let you down, gingerly, the both of you looking at each other shyly.

“I should take that as a good sign”, you stated softly, your smile growing as Zarya chuckled. 

“Yes, it is a good sign.”

You didn’t know what the nickname meant but it sent a happy chill down your spine, reaching out timidly and grabbing her hand. She made a soft curious sound in the back of her throat before you turned to look up at her. 

“I packed a lunch…I hope that’s okay…”

“Of course,  solnishko . Of course”

ACEN is now over and I’m back in Canada. It was a very busy convention for my group, and I didn’t end up walking the convention hall as much as I would have liked. Thank you to everyone who messaged me, I’m sorry I didn’t have the time to meet everyone in person ;v; The next time I will be in the USA will be in november for my birthday/Youmacon.

I saw one Chris cosplayer and lost my entire cool. I told them I loved them and had to take a photo with them :’’’’’D

BTS Reactions To You (Their Friend) Being A 2001 Liner


Seokjin would find it incredibly cute that you were a lot younger than him. He’d immediately become almost like a big brother figure to you. He’d feel responsible for making sure that you were eating well. He’d also be incredibly protective of you. He’d pat your head a lot.

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I don’t see Yoongi treating you any differently after finding out your age. I mean he’d always be aware of the fact that you were younger but he wouldn’t let it affect the way he speaks to you or treats you. However, he’d be lowkey very protective of you. He’s not the type to care about age. He’d be good to go to for advice.

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He’d love to tickle you. He’d find anything you did cute even if it wasn’t. He’d be the type to make sure you were dressed appropriately for the weather. He’d be so soft for you. He’d be protective of you. He’d be the fluffiest when with you.

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Whenever the members would tease you he’d laugh but if he saw that they had gone too far he’d reprimand them. Like all the members, he’d be protective. Along with Yoongi, he’d be the best to go to for advice. He’d be either trying to act like the cool older brother or he’d be a complete dork when he was around you.

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He’d give you cute nicknames. He’d also offer to buy things for you. For example, if you two had gone out to eat to catch up he’d most likely pay for your meal. He’d like to playfully tease you. He’d also like embarrassing you lol. 

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He’d treat you like a child or younger sister. He’d buy you cute things thinking it was fitting for a cutie like you. He’d affectionately ruffle your hair a lot and be extremely smiley around you. 

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Used to being the maknae, he’d be thrilled to find out that you were younger than him. He’d use it to his advantage and tease you a lot. He’d be lowkey protective of you. Like he’d bully you (in a friendly way) but if anyone else were to say something to you he’d throw hands. He’d be cocky af around you and he’d like to pinch your cheek a lot.

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I didn’t do it as if you were dating them because that’d be illegal and they’d go to jail and we don’t want that LOL 

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I almost lost my purse and keys to the weather today because it was so muggy~

Destined {Poe Dameron x Reader} Soulmate!AU

Could you do a Poe x reader soulmate au where they can hear each other’s thoughts ? Maybe Poe likes to think really cheesy stuff just to make reader blush?

A/N: I actually really enjoyed writing this but I’m having mixed feelings about how it turned out so feedback is certainly welcomed on this! I also feel like I may have strayed from the original ask a little but I hope you like it!

Part Two

Soulmate. That’s what they called it. The voice in your head. You could hear him all the time. Since the age of thirteen he was always a constant presence in your mind. Poe Dameron, that’s what the voice called himself. At first he was so loud and overbearing. The constant chatter of someone else consciousness made it a little hard for the first couple weeks to function properly. After a while you learned to tune him out, turning his presence from a roar to a quiet whisper.

“Your lucky to have a soulmate.” your mother had told you. “Almost everyone does but could you imagine what it feels like for those who don’t? Knowing that there’s no one out there you’re destined to be with?”

Soon you realized he could hear you too. You found yourselves talking to one another regularly and over the years it developed into a close friendship. Poe became your best friend, One that’s with you wherever you go. He knew you better than possibly even yourself, but what could you expect from someone who practically lives in your head.

“You know, I was thinking.” Poe started

“You’re always thinking.” you said picking a fruit off the stand in front of you. The market was always busy at this time of day. People of all sorts of species flocked around you moving from one stand to the next. 

“Did you hear me?” he asked

You turned your attention from the crowd back to the voice in your head. “Sorry, say it again.”

“I was thinking that after all these years you’ve never asked me what I look like.”

It had crossed your mind before but you never bothered to ask. You figured that regardless of what he looked like that wouldn’t change the fact that he’s your soulmate, and with him always in your mind it became easy to forget that the voice was an actual being living an actual life. “You’ve never asked me.” you said throwing his accusation back at him.

You could hear the amusement in his tone “Maybe I want to be surprised.”

“oh you’ll be surprised. I’m actually part lizard.” you teased, glancing around the fruit stand once more before moving off to the vegetable booth.

Poe was silent for a moment but you could faintly hear his train of thought mulling over the possibility of you belonging to a lizard species. “Your Lying.” 

“How do you know that?” You thought, tucking vegetables into your basket. An old woman sat behind the booth counter watching you closely.

“I can feel it.”

You raised your brows. So Poe is a physic now. “Oh yeah, What else can you feel?” 

“If what I’m sensing is accurate,” he began “I would have to say you’re probably the most beautiful girl in the galaxy.”

Warmth spread through your cheeks turning them a shade of pink. You smiled absently down at the food in your hand “Poe Dameron. That is the cheesiest thing you’ve ever said to me.” you placed the vegetable in your basket and looked over at the old woman expecting her to charge you for the food. You were shocked to find her already looking at you with a wide smile. She gestured to your blushed face and tapped lightly at the side of her head. She understood what was going on. You smiled back at her “Hes quite the character.” You said handing the credits in her direction. 

“Your embarrassed, why?” Poe asked.

“Some old lady just caught me blushing like an idiot.”

“I made you blush? You must really like me!” he was teasing you.

You rolled your eyes, trying to navigate your way out of the market “Careful, I might change my mind.”

“No you couldn’t possibly. Were destined for each other.”

You paused. Were you really destined for each other? Your connection says yes but most people you know have met their soulmate by now.

“Whats wrong? I can hear you worrying.”

“its- its nothing.” you continued walking.

“Remember when I said I could feel you lying? I can feel that now.”

The street in this part of town was just as crowded as the market place. You were never one for crowds so you weaved in and out of people tying to get through as quickly as possible. “I just want to meet you. The real you.”

It was Poe’s turn to pause. “Soon.” He said. “Fate will bring us together.”

That was always his excuse “I’m tired of waiting for-” You collided with a man, stopping your train of thought. Your basket nearly slipped from your grip but you caught a good hold just in time. “I’m so sorry!” You apologized, making sure you hadn’t hurt him when you slammed into him. 

The smile he gave you was kind. “No problem ma’m. I should have been watching where I was going.” What a gentleman taking all the blame. 

You smiled back at him awkwardly “Well I’ll just get going.” you said excusing yourself, and you both continued in your respected ways.

“Sorry about that a girl just hit into me what were you saying?” Poe asked.

You laughed at the irony. “Funny because I just ran into a guy. I don’t think he’s from around here. He’s dressed a little to warm for our weather.”

“This girl looked so shaken when she hit me. She almost lost her basket when we crashed.”

You slowed your pace. “A basket?” you said looking down at your own.

“Yeah full of all kinds of food. She probably just came from this market down here.”