From the Wreckage

summary: You and Bucky have been dating for a couple of years now. Lately, he has become extremely distant. You worry that the end of your relationship is in sight. - requested by anon. (want to make a request?)

words: 2,912

contains: angst? but it turns fluffy!  


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I was losing him, and I didn’t know why, or how to stop it.

 I met Bucky about six months after he was accused of the bombings in Vienna. He had been all over the news – people debating whether or not the Winter Soldier was a criminal. People demanded he and Captain America be charged with treason, terrorism, basically anything they could think of that had even the slimmest chance of sticking. It was a debate that took over news channels for months and months. People wanted so-called justice, but no one could find Captain Rogers or his team.

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Office Supplies and Love

Gif Source

Pairings:  Dean Winchester Smith/Reader; Sam Wesson makes an appearance but isn’t paired

Warnings:  Fluff; Dean Smith being cute and lovable; The reader’s uncertainty and cold feet

Word Count: 3,932 words

Reader Gender: Female

Author:  Meg

Summary:  Dean Smith has just gotten promoted to VP of Sales and Marketing for Sandover Bridge & Iron Inc. and you, his on the low office fling and secretary, get him a customized pen as a congratulatory gift. He winds up confessing how he really feels about you, but are you ready for that? ((Had to give Dean Smith from 4x17 It’s a Terrible Life some love.))

A/N:  I didn’t mean for it to be so long but the more I thought about Dean Smith the more I had the feels and the more I wrote! Oops! I’ve never entered a challenge before but I had so much fun writing this, so I hope everyone likes it. This is for Mimi’s Romcom Fluff Challenge from Say Anything prompt #59: She gave me a pen. I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen. @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog

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Love at First Video Part 3

Misha Collins x Reader

1550 Words

Chapter Summary: Finishing up your day at work, you head home to get ready for your “date” with Misha.

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

You were actually surprised how well you slept that night. You had figured you would have been awake all night, excited for your meeting with Misha. But your tea must have knocked you out, because the next thing you remembered was waking up to your alarm clock.

Getting dressed quickly, in your normal uniform of jeans and a nice blouse, you took the bus to your boss’ house, located in a nice, upscale neighborhood that you wished someday you could live in. The houses were nice, not too big, but perfect for a family, with large backyards, and parks around the corner. The bus stopped a couple of blocks away, and you stepped out, enjoying the summer breeze as you started walking. It was hard, not having a car, but living in a big city meant you could get almost anywhere riding the bus, or walking a few short blocks. And you didn’t mind the walk, or the fact that you were saving money.

You started up the front walk, laughing as the door opened and Griffin ran out of the house, still dressed in his batman pajamas.

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Counting Up part 2

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Steve rogers x reader

Prompt: soulmate au where you have a timer tattooed on their wrist that freezes the second you meet your soulmate.

Three long hard years spent training… one thousand and ninety five days of sweat, tears, pain and work- not to mention the longing and waiting, and in the end it was so worth it.  All that time and energy had definitely paid off.  You’d been a full agent for a little over a year now and it still hadn’t gotten old.

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I. Love. This. Dress! I found it at Charlotte Russe, a store I haven’t stepped foot into for at least 10 years when my girlfriend at the time would shop there. They have lots of cute dresses though and a really nice accessories section, so I think from now on it’ll be my new go-to for slightly dressier clothes. I only wish I was better at taking body shots so ya’ll could see the full thing, but it reaches about an inch past my knees. Also, I’m house sitting for my aunt and the lighting in her house is terrible…every light is freaking orange. Hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t post this pic after all? 😅

The 8 pieces you need to start teaching

Hi friends! This post is all about what I bought to get started teaching as a grad student. This was my big question after I accepted my offer to start my MA (yeah I know, I should have been looking for apartments and registering for classes). I think with 8 pieces or so, you have a good start that can make lots of outfits, whether you are TA-ing once a week or teaching your own class several times a week. 

I suggest a nice work bag, 2 work shirts, a dress, a blazer, a pencil skirt, dress pants, and one pair of extremely comfortable work shoes. Sources here

To extend these pieces, I mix my casual wear in with a couple of dressier pieces. I think t shirts and jeans can look classy, especially with a blazer.

I also tend to add in my more casual shoes, like sandals and boots. Though if you’re in the market for several pairs of teaching shoes, I think oxfords are so geeky and perfect for grad school. 

If you’re getting ready to make the move to start teaching, I hope this list helps you start to make a workable wardrobe <3


pairing: finn balor | original character

summary: “Do you wanna go upstairs with me?”

trigger warning: mentions of suicide, depression, sexual situations, sexual assault

author’s note: it’s okay to say no, whenever you want to. no matter how much you try to change it, you will always be yourself, so you should take care of you while you still have the chance. imagine yourself as you but when you were a little kid, that little kid is counting on you to protect them. some of what i have written is what i feel, and i can’t change that, so i’m sorry. there is so much else i want to say, but instead i will leave you with this.

“Do you wanna go upstairs with me?” Finn has his pretty hands wrapped around a cup. The liquid sloshing around inside has made my stomach hot, and my mind slightly fuzzy at the edges. He hardly misses a beat.

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i went to the pharmacy twice within a couple hours cause i forgot something the first time

first time, i was wearing makeup, no glasses, hair down, dressier clothes, bright red lipstick

second time, face washed, glasses, cozier clothes, hair up in a messy bun

despite only being a couple hours apart, & having like a ten minute conversation the first time (definitely enough to make an impact, he was very friendly & engaged), the second time, same guy at the register had no idea i was the same person

spy capabilities noted

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Can I request Erwin Smith headcanon? Our commander need more love :')

Of course you can I hope you like them and he needs ALL THE LOVE (this has a little nsfw in it but not anything too bad)

Erwin Smith Headcanons 

  • Looks intimidating but is a huge teddy bear
  • Loves staying in and cuddling with his s/o
  • But also really loves taking his s/o out for really nice dinner dates
  • Honestly the dressier the better he thinks you look beautiful in whatever your in and wants to show you off
  • He not one for a lot of PDA but still likes doing small things like hand holding and kissed to the cheek every now and then
  • I’m 100% sure Erwin smith would be the best bestfriend/boyfriend ever! 
  • As a friend he’d always be down to just hang out, party, chill at home just talk
  • He’d be a great listener will give you the best advice on everything Because he’s just so damn smart
  • Now if Erwin was your boyfriend you get all that PLUS You get to kiss him!!
  • Pretty sure he’s a wonderful kisser
  • will surprise you with flowers 
  • will surprise your mother with flowers 
  • Your parents will love him
  • Everyone loves him 
  • he’s just a nice people person
  • He’s a passionate lover 
  • I will always headcanan this man had a daddy kink 
  • Likes to me dominant in bed but can be submissive at time 
  • He’s just a man with a lot of love to give
  • Will love you forever
Ponyboy’s first day of Senior year imagine

Ponyboy was very reluctant to get up knowing it was his first day of senior year. Soda tickled him awake instead, making him jump up 

“Soda s-stop” he laughed.

“I’m a senior now, don’t you think I’m too old for that?”  he said walking into the bathroom to shower.

Saying the word “Senior” was definitely alien to him. As much as he hated to think about it, it was his last year of high school. He got into the shower thinking of all the good memories he had of high school and all the things he was proud of.

This year will be a year to remember’ he thought to himself as he washed his hair.

Darry was super anal about Ponyboy sending in his college applications early for anywhere and everywhere. If any of them were gonna go to a good school Darry thought it would be Ponyboy.

Ponyboy wrapped a towel around his hips and headed into his room to put on some clothes. He picked a simple outfit which was a little dressier than usual. Then he styled his hair but not before checking himself out in the mirror.

Darry called him and Soda down for breakfast.

“So, Mr. Senior, are you excited for your first day of your last year?” Darry called from the stove

“As I’ll ever be I guess” Ponyboy sighed longingly.

“What’s wrong kid?” Soda frowned.

“As much as I am excited , it’s a little hard to accept that its my last year” he addmitted.

“Oh come on, senior year would be the best year of your life to finish all the things you want to” Soda finished putting jelly on his eggs.

“I guess so” Ponyboy agreed.

“Plus you get to get all dressed up for graduation!” Darry added.

The three of them finished breakfast as Ponyboy finished packing up his backpack.

“I’m heading out!” he hollered while opening the door.

“Have a good day kid!” Darry bellowed from the kitchen. 

Ponyboy stepped outside (of the movie house) and began the trek to school on his first day of his last year.

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Year Round Capsule Wardrobe - 50 pieces

I finally finished sorting through my clothes and I finished with a 50 piece wardrobe for the entire year. I know it may sound a little crazy but I’m not counting the following items:

  • Workout t-shirts and tank tops: 14
  • Workout bottoms: 10
  • Hoodies and cold weather running gear: 8
  • Pajamas and robe: 4

So, what am I counting? Basically clothes that could be worn to work, school, social events… Pretty much everything besides working out, sleeping and being at home.

This is my final list, for all the seasons of the year. I choose to do this instead of doing a seasonal capsule wardrobe for two reasons: there are some clothes that I wear all year round and I’m moving from a 3-story house to an apartment in two weeks, so I’ll have no storage space.


  • Button down shirts: 5
  • T-shirts and “dressier” shirts: 7
  • Knitwear v-neck long sleeve shirt: 1
  • Long sleeve basics: 5
  • Trench coat: 1
  • Blazer: 1
  • Parka: 1
  • Cardigans: 3
  • Long cardigans: 2
  • Denim jacket: 1


  • Leggings: 3
  • Dress pants: 1
  • Jeans: 4
  • Skirt: 1
  • Shorts: 3


  • Sundresses: 4
  • Little black dress: 1
  • Black jumpsuit: 1
  • Dresses: 2

These are my main 50 items. I’m not counting shoes and scarves because I think these are what make a difference in outfits, and allow to create different outfits with the same clothes. But just for the kicks this is my list:

  • Scarves: 8
  • Flip flops: 1
  • Flat sandals: 2
  • Running shoes: 1
  • Hiking shoes: 1
  • Chucks: 2
  • Ankle boots: 2
  • Flat knee high boots: 1
  • Wedge heel sandals: 3
  • Ballerina flats: 1

I also have about 10 items that need alteration, but they’re pretty much baggy shirts that I’m turning into racer back workout shirts.

And that’s it! I’ll also implement the rule: if I buy one thing, other thing must leave in it’s place.

Walls We Build

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten

Story on fanfic.net

Heyooo got your next chapter of Walls right here :)

Just wanted to point out that I don’t really have a headcanon as to where Berk actually is, aside from “Anywhere USA” which is why commonly celebrated US holidays will be mentioned here. Berk does experience all four seasons, narrows it down some.

This chapter has some T action in it, so you’re aware. Next chapter is fully written but I’m still editing it. Hope to have it posted somewhat soonish?

Astrid blinked her eyes open blearily, her dream regressing from the forefront of her consciousness into a hazy background. She squinted at Hiccup’s alarm clock, green light displaying 3:30 am in the darkened room.

She squirmed, pressing her thighs together. That had been some dream, playing out like an R-rated movie, which unfortunately cut off right at the good part.

Hiccup’s breathing was deep and even behind her and she rolled her head restlessly on the pillow. Would it be terrible to wake him up for a little action? He did it to her once, she could even the score… though somehow waking him up and asking him to scratch her particular itch made her pause. They argued enough about the current status of their physical relationship and she was loathe to get into it this early in the morning. Still, the persistent ache was not about to go away and it left her wondering how she could relieve it.

She curved perfectly into his lap, his body heat seeping into her backside and she subconsciously wiggled her hips against him. If only he’d wake up on his own, ready to go. Her movement seemed to rouse him; he sighed and roped an arm around her waist. She perked at that, hoping maybe if she did some more pointed nudging she’d get him in the mood.

Instead she was disappointed when he seemed to fall back asleep. His hand was hot and heavy against her torso, holding her just below her chest. She stifled a frustrated groan, wishing he would move it just a little bit higher, or even better, lower. His breath against her ear tickled her hair and only served to agitate her further.

Just, wake up and do me already!

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A Simple Palette

Although we’re well into autumn, the weather still feels like spring and I’m working from home. I didn’t think too much about this and just picked easy to put together. The colours are simple, just blues and white with a pair of unlined loafers.

This is a template that can be dressed up or down as you like - keeping the same colours. For example, switch the railroad jacket out for a blue blazer and the outfit becomes dressier. Switch the popover out for a shirt - dressier still. To keep the same level of casualness in cooler weather, you could just swap out the railroad jacket for a thicker shawl-collared cardigan or maybe a denim or wool jacket. Take this and play around with it - see how you go. The worst that can happen is that the outfit isn’t as you intended and the fix is simple - change your clothes :)

One thing that I must stress is that you should dress for the way you feel, not for what you think is seasonally appropriate. By this, I mean that if you feel cold, dress warmly no matter what the season. If some stranger on the internet thinks you’re wearing too many layers, so be it - they’re not feeling what you are.

Have fun with your clothes.

Jacket - Ts(s) railroad jacket

Popover - Owen and James

Jeans - Orslow 107 Ivy

Socks - Christian Kimber

Shoes - Christian Kimber Positano loafers

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Could you do a daddy!harry imagine in which your daughter has been saying a few words and phrases for a while, and the first time she says I love you back to Harry he gets all happy and yeah take it from there. Lots and lots of fluff!! Thank you love.xx

Ahh so cute. Thanks for requesting!
“She loves us”

You were standing above your daughter’s crib when Harry walked in, standing beside you and looping his arm around your waist. She was sitting up in the crib, examining one of her stuffed animals as if it was the most interesting thing she’d ever seen.

“Hi love, daddy’s here.” Harry whispered, leaning over the crib as she looked up at him with wide eyes.


He smiled proudly, looking at you with the happiest expression. She’d been calling you both by your names for a few weeks, but neither one of you had gotten used to the excitement of it yet.

“And who’s that?” He pointed at you, making her turn her head and stare up at your face.


You laughed, nodding your head as you and Harry exchanged another joyful glance. She turned back to the stuffed animal- a Scooby Doo that your father had bought for her when she was only a few days old.

“Who’s that?” You pointed to Scooby, wiggling his little ear while she blankly stared at you.

“Can you say Scooby?”

She looked at you, processing the word in her brain before she tried it herself.


“Scooby.” You repeated clearly.


Your mouth dropped open and you cheered quietly, which made her giggle. It was clear she was pretty proud of herself.

“Yeah! Scooby!”


You and Harry looked at eachother, almost unable to believe she could catch on so quickly. Harry nudged you as you turned back to the crib, tilting his wrist toward you so you could see his watch. Harry had an important dinner party to go to, and if he didn’t leave in the next few minutes, he’d be late.

“Go ahead, baby. All I have to do is change her clothes and then she’ll be ready for bed.” You smiled, rubbing his back. He kissed your forehead before turning back to your daughter.

“Daddy has to go now.” He sighed, leaning down when her little hand latched on to his big finger. She played with his finger for a minute, and managed to get spit all over it before she finally let go.

“I love you.” He cooed, turning to walk out of the room.

A mumble from your daughter made him turn around, glancing at you before slowly taking a few steps back from the crib.

“Can you say that? I love you.” He repeated. Again her words were slurred, but you could make out what she was trying to say. Harry repeated himself again slowly, exaggerating every syllable in hopes that she’d be able to imitate him.

“I wuv you.”

Harry’s hand flew to his mouth in shock, and tears were almost filling both your eyes. There was something so special about hearing her say those words, like she was finally able to express what she was feeling, even if she didn’t actually know what it meant.

“We love you. Mommy and daddy love you so much.” You whispered. Harry ran his hand over your back to get your attention, and halfheartedly nodded towards the door. He hated to leave at a time like this, but unfortunately he had commitments.

“I’ll be right back, okay? Can you play with Scooby till I’m back?”

She looked at Scooby and smiled, giving you confirmation that she’d be okay alone in her room until you could see Harry out the door. You followed Harry to your bedroom and watched as he put on a slightly dressier shirt and ran his fingers through his hair to fluff it a bit.

“I can’t believe it.” He whispered, chuckling a little as he reached out for you to stand beside him. You walked forwards and wrapped your arm around his hips.

“She said it. Baby, she loves us.”

“Of course she does, Harry.”

He leaned down and kissed your hair, nuzzling against you a little. It felt like your heart had doubled in size from hearing your daughter say those words. She was so small, and knowing she was saying it in the most innocent way was heartwarming to you both.

“I got her to say it. I can’t believe it.” He repeated, turning to look at you with a look of shock still displayed on his face. You just smiled and admired how emotional he was getting over one simple moment. Although, those three words were the most important; the ones you’d been in shock over as well when Harry first said them to you.

Harry finished getting ready and you watched him drive away before going back upstairs to check on your daughter. She was laying down again, clutching her stuffed animal close as it seemed like she was dozing off.

As you walked in, it was clear she was trying to sleep again and you couldn’t help feeling relieved that she was so mellow; it gave you alot more time to get things done so you could play with her when she was awake.

She lazily opened her eyes to peek at you, and you swore she mumbled something quietly through the pacifier you’d just stuck in her mouth before she closed her eyes again. It wasn’t comprehendable, but you wanted to believe you knew what she was trying to say, so you quietly responded.

“I love you too.”

They’ve had the date circled on the calendar for weeks, he’s set up a countdown clock on his computer and, after a nightmare that they forgot about the whole day, there are now several obnoxious reminders set on his and Danny’s phones. Danny had complained about that one but never figured out how to turn them off, so they stayed. Now, he’s staring at the NAHELE scribbled under today’s date in bright red pen and waiting for the sounds of his oldest kid coming home.

Like clockwork, Nahele pulls into the driveway at half past and Steve hears him drop his backpack next to Graces and Charlies. He leaves his room when he hears Nahele call out Dad? still getting a little thrill every time one of the kids call him that.

“Hey, where is everyone?” Nahele says as soon as he sees him coming down the stairs, “And why are you so dressed up?”

Instead of answering, he grabs a protesting Nahele by the shoulders and steers him upstairs to his bedroom. “Change into this,” he says, handing over some dressier clothes and shoving him into the bathroom.

Nahele keeps looking at him, like maybe if he stares long enough he’ll crack. They’ve been driving around the island for an hour and he can feel Nahele getting more and more confused with each passing second but after the first rounds of twenty questions going unanswered, he’s mostly kept his thoughts to himself. Finally, he gets the text from Danny saying that everything is set up and he turns the truck back towards the house.

“Steve, you lolo? You tell me to change into these fancy clothes then we drive around the island for an hour just to come back home?” Nahele says, sounding so much like Danny that he can’t help but smile.

“Just come on, I’ll explain soon,” he says, throwing an arm around Nahele’s shoulders and leading him to the back yard. He pushes Nahele through the gate ahead of him and almost trips over him when Nahele stops dead in his tracks. He rights himself just as everyone yells surprise and beams down at Nahele, waiting for his reaction.

“Dad? What is-”

“One year ago today you came home with Danny and I. We had been wondering how to celebrate it and then Grace read about these Gotcha parties that people did for their adopted kids and we thought that that sounded perfect,” he explains.

Nahele almost knocks him off of his feet when he turns around and hugs him, “I love it, thank you.”

He wraps his arms tight around his son, kissing the top of his head and whispering, “Love you, kiddo.”

“Love you too, dad,” he says, wiping the tears off of his face and leaving to go give Danny the same treatment. He watches as Danny hugs him tight, whispering something into Nahele’s ear that makes him start crying again. Danny wipes the tears away before turning Nahele around and nudging him towards where the rest of the ohana is waiting to see him.

“We did good babe,” Danny says, coming to stand next to him. He pulls Danny close, watching as Charlie wraps himself around Nahele’s legs yelling gotcha, gotcha, gotcha, and agrees, “Yeah, we did.”

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Because sometimes you just have to surprise your friends with art of their OCs!

For those of you who don’t know this lovely ‘lil creature, this is Krie: an undine alien OC made by my friend @fischotterchen​! When I saw Krie, I instantly fell for the character design and I figured it would be fun to surprise Fischy with some Art™ I designed this outfit and styled up Krie’s hair in a way that kept true to Krie’s original aura and design, but of course it’s a little bit dressier because.. it’s date night!

Who is Krie going on a date with? I think Fischy already knows <3!

~Radiant G

“Sugar, caring, and a bit of daring.” -Krie’s Bio

Forgetting Eric

Hi! So this was a request based off of this prompt here! Thank you so very much to @societalfailure for requesting and editing it for me. I was honored to write it for you! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I can only hope 2017 brings us all some amazing things. 

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