Vans OTW welcomes another addition to its ever-expanding roster in the Pritchard. Much like the previous Vault Derby release, this new design combines elements of a classy, dress shoe with Vans’s signature skate sensibilities. The first release comes in this Incense colorway, featuring a full suede upper and contrasting midsoles. Retailing for $70 USD, these are now available to purchase online through Primitive.

Nice and simple. I have a few jackets, pink blazer, red one similar to this, and a black/gray knit one that's cropped higher. One more jacket would be good. I prefer jackets that can be worn dressier for work meetings and then more casual with jeans

Nice and simple. I have a few jackets, pink blazer, red one similar to this, and a black/gray knit one that’s cropped higher. One more jacket would be good. I prefer jackets that can be worn dressier for work meetings and then more casual with jeans

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How much do you think this costs?
Jacket Womens Lightweight Military Anorak Jacket with Detachable Hoodie Fashion Hooded Long Sleeve Cardigan Womens Anorak Camo Jacket with Hood and Drawstring Waist
Love camel in black but will change the shoes to a patent leather phmp

LE3NO Womens Anorak Camo Jacket with Hood and Drawstring Waist | LE3NO

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14 Contemporary Apparel Lines You Need in Your Boutique

MM Couture by Miss Me

MM Couture by Miss Me launched in the Spring of 2008. The collection represents a contemporary line designed to accentuate flowing beauty and femininity. The line showcases fashion forward designs ranging from blouses, skirts, dresses and outerwear catering to the dressier side of the Miss Me woman. 

She is progressive, fashion forward and ready for any occasion.

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Kersh is… Truly Canadian. Laid back, sexy, cool west coast natural beauty hangs with designer ambition.

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Ease into the rythym of west coast style. Press breathes fresh sexiness into everyday style. Designer roots meets approachable charm.

Free People

Free People has evolved into a mature contemporary brand since its creation in the 1970s; allowing twenty-something women to appreciate the line of clothing that caters to their intelligence, creativity and individuality, while keeping with its great quality and affordability.

Their target market is the 26-year-old girl, smart, creative, confident and comfortable in all aspects of her being, free and adventurous, sweet to tough to tomboy to romantic. A girl who likes to keep busy and push life to its limits, with traveling and hanging out and everything in between. Who loves Donovan as much as she loves The Dears, and can’t resist petting any dog that passes her by on the street.

They draw, design, sew and buy for her. They offer her countless options within their own Free People collection, so that even if she takes her best pal shopping, they won’t come out looking at all alike. And if she wants her colors and patterns all mixed up, that’s even better, picking through their sweaters, knits and skirts. 

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At its heart, Tulle has always aimed to design vintage inspired modern clothing. The word itself – tulle – conjures up classic notions of femininity and creativity. Tulle fabric has been a basic building block of gowns, veils and, of course, ballet tutus - all beautifully simple silhouettes that are simultaneously designed with great attention to detail. The apparel line strives to capture the essence of the brand and reflect it in all that they create.

With a desire to start a young contemporary collection at an affordable price point, Tulle was launched in 1999. We began with a small collection that focused on outerwear and sweaters. Since then we have grown and now Tulle offers a full sportswear collection of tops, skirts and dresses. Our formula is simple: we soak up our love of vintage fashion, mix it up with vintage and modern silhouettes, and have fun playing with classic and contemporary prints to create a distinctive brand that is both feminine and sweet. Perfect for a day out on the town that can easily be carried into the evening. 

Tulle has become an editorial favorite of magazines such as Lucky, In Style, Marie Claire, Real Simple, Glamour and People Style Watch. Aside from being featured in popular magazines, Tulle is also a favorite of many celebrities. 

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Embodying the lifestyle of Southern California, the LAmade collection is both unique and understated. With a forward perspective of its own, LAmade follows the fashion of today, making sure every piece translates into the trends of tomorrow. Perfect basics and novelty pieces are designed with attention to fit & detail, emphasizing impeccable quality and modern sophistication. When it comes to finding an effortless T-shirt or a go-to leather jacket, the LAmade aesthetic offers classic feminine items that can be worn with ease and will evolve with any wardrobe. Providing the simple luxury of a cozy cashmere sweater or the feeling of eternal summer when you put on that perfect maxi dress, LAmade is the ultimate contemporary fashion label.

The collection is influenced by music, travel, vintage clothing, real people, and everyday life. With ideas drawn from independent designers all over the world, LAmade fuses that spirit into the quintessential LA way of life. The line is ever changing with new sights, sounds, colors, prints and patterns; always breathing new life into the collection, these inspirations give LAmade a raw and real sense of strength and presence.

The company has quickly expanded and continues to grow with an online following that includes Piperlime.com, revolveclothing.com, among hundreds of other better boutiques and department stores such as Kitson, Hillary Rush, and Anthropologie. The LA Made brand includes women’s, maternity, kids and baby apparel. LAmade can be found retailing throughout America and Europe, as well as other international destinations around the world.

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Vintage inspired, playful and unique designs for the fashion free spirits.

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Fashion Spy

Colorful, intoxicating and always refreshing; Fashion Spy collections are previewed five times a year at market. Their dresses are incredible and tops merchandise well with denim. They have the softest cottons, pretty chiffons, ultra-feminine silhouettes and you can always count on Fashion Spy to have the “it” item of the season. Artistic embroideries with just the right touch of modern day glam make their clothing fly out of stores. With unbeatable customer service, margin booster opening price points, and quality, Fashion Spy is a favorite for retailers in the US. 

Inspired by the runways and London Fashion, their sequins and beads are hand sewn and use no automated machines or processes so each piece is unique and different. A press favorite, Fashion Spy has been seen on Sex and The City, MTV House of Style, magazine covers and worn by celebrities. Their clothing celebrates femininity with a rich panorama of colors, embroideries and looks. Fashion Spy has been setting trends for over two decades. Their signature novelty items need no other accessory.

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Knitted Dove

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Boundary & Co

Based in Los Angeles, Boundary & Co. is a contemporary lifestyle brand blending the cutting edge with the classic. Boundary & Co. aims to show that the difference is in the details. Juxtaposing the soft and sublime with an urban edge, the collection is designed for the exceptional woman looking for exceptional clothing. 

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Sanctuary Clothing captures the Los Angeles vibe of relaxed luxury along with the designer’s personal ‘qypsetter’ style. Sanctuary has become a wardrobe staple in the modern girls closet. The modern take on vintage styling, focuses on cloth, wash and detail. Destined to become one of your favorites. Unique lifestyle fashion that’s ready to wear at work, home or travel.

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Desigual meaning Atypical. The company’s mantra is “FUN and PROFITS”.  They believe that fashion and life should be an adventure and above all…..FUN!!!  It is a full contemporary collection from Spain encompassing a lifestyle for women, men and kids.  Pricing is fantastic and the feeling is pure joy!

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Karlie is a young contemporary line consisting of both sportswear and dresses. The company, started in 2003, was founded on Christian principles. 

Karlie has been blessed with phenomenal growth. They began shipping from a garage in Dallas, Texas and have now grown into a 5,000 sq. ft. warehouse. The line is now sold in over 400 boutiques and specialty stores and has become a major resource for these stores. Karlie was nominated for a Dallas Fashion Award it’s first year in business. 

Karlie is a family business, started by Charlie & Karen Brown. Charlie has been in the apparel business for over 40 years and is “still somewhat normal.”  The line is named for their daughter, Karlie. The Creative Director is their niece Lauren, and brother-in-law, Tom, is the Chief Financial Officer. 

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“So Toya, are you excited to meet a new friend manifesting into to our world?”

“Put me down and answer that, ya big dummy!” his  rainbow holo-pet squeaked.

“Yes, Ahnoui?” The Boss replied

“We came back to the store so Fauno could get into dressier clothes, you know man, how that new lounge is a bit uptight about dress code? Anyway, Fauno then realized he was too tired to go out, so we rain-checked on that. He went to sleep and I went out to check the mail. You got a dozen perfumed love letters today, seems like, but no bills. Where was I? Ah, yes. I heard strange noises coming from the Time Machine. Oh, just so you know, it was Fauno’s cake that brought about all these groovy changes. There is purple light coming from the machine and the noise is getting louder. I’m starting to get a tiny bit, like, concerned, dig it?  Maybe you should have a look. You do science down in the lab. Probs you know what might be up with the machine. Just don’t make things back how they were. We all like the far-out changes. Over.”

That was the greatest number of sentences The Boss had  ever heard from Ahnoui all at one time.  

I’ve gotten some questions about wearing leggings to work. (Yes, these are leggings). I get away with it because the administration at my school isn’t very strict with dress code and I always pair them with a longer, dressier top. I think everyone confuses them with black dress pants if they even think about my pants at all. So, you need to judge the environment at your school for getting away with leggings. I’d say to wear it with a long tunic that could almost be a dress and see what reaction you get. Some days you just NEED to wear leggings and this day was one of those days.
Top- target
Leggings- Victoria’s Secret
Shoes- Tommy Hilfiger

Anyone have any tips for making a tshirt look dressier? I have to wear one for a group but we’re going to a concert. I don’t have any appropriate black skirts :/

Ahnoui was wondering where Fauno Pan was. 

The Time Machine was empty. Surely Fauno had come back?

The world had changed overnight. 

 There were candy trees growing right here on the Groovy Groceries farmland!

 A new lounge had manifested down the road. It required dressier clothing than most places in town. Ahnoui wanted to go there with Fauno. He had dug out some threads that would probably be acceptable.

The Boss was drinking there now in fact.

Ahnoui opened his mind and saw where Fauno was.

HButler’s Travel Totes Boast Built-in Phone Charger

I love my new Reversible Navy and Cream Tote by HButler!  While it is not made of leather, it gives the illusion that it is with its sleek and chic style that is both elegant and functional. As avid travelers know, finding a bag you can take with you on a trip that will go with a variety of outfits can be hard. What’s unique about this reversible tote is not only can you choose the cream side for dressier evening occasions and the dark navy blue that won’t show dirt for all day city strolls, but this Mighty Purse features a concealed slimline battery to charge your Smartphone on the go. Tucked into the side of the purse, a small…
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@tuulikki replied to your photo “Hey tumblr, need an opinion. Left (with petticoat) or right (no…”

Petticoat. Even if it shows. You look amaaaaaaaazing, btw.

Thanks! And I like a little peek of petticoat, normally (not quite this much).

@redmageshabet replied to your photo “Hey tumblr, need an opinion. Left (with petticoat) or right (no…”

With. But I’d hike the petticoat up as midge so it doesn’t peek out the bottom.

Yep! I normally pull it up and let the dress waist hold up the extra material at the top but I was just pulling it on for a quick pic, so it peeped out longer than intended. 

@goddessdel replied to your photo “Hey tumblr, need an opinion. Left (with petticoat) or right (no…”

Petticoat! But that’s the dressier of the two. Gorgeous either way.

The bonus of bringing the petticoat is that I might be able to ditch it if it is too dressy. :D

@dracontia replied to your photo “Hey tumblr, need an opinion. Left (with petticoat) or right (no…”

Petticoat adds the needed fluff at the bottom of your skirt that really shows it off. But the petticoat is a little long, so… *shrugs*

Luckily I can tuck up the petticoat up top so… think that’s the plan. 

@minim-calibre replied to your photo “Hey tumblr, need an opinion. Left (with petticoat) or right (no…”


The people have spoken!

Ruffle Cardigan—Stands Out in longer cut and a cascade of ruffles make this sweater a standout with both jeans and dressier attire. In a soft, packable knit, it remains looking and feeling fantastic from suitcase to destination, boarding to touchdown. This sweater is designed to fall open at the front. Falls to mid-thigh. 100% Acrylic. Machine wash. Imported. Size XL(18-20).

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Cable & Gauge Variagated back & white tiny stripe top! There is a beautiful banding around the scoop neckline that has tiny silver seed beads! This top is 67% linen and 33% viscose it is a gorgeous top! Pair it with a pair of black slacks for a dressier look or wear with denim for a more casual look! EUC

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Finally picked up the Samuelsohn number from the tailor (Ihsan at Linea Pitti in Dupont Circle - great guy) and it fits perfectly.  I don’t actually wear odd jackets all that frequently, as I’m in court basically every day.  But I’m headed to Greece for my honeymoon next week and wanted a warm-weather jacket I could wear for dressier nights out that doesn’t scream “warm-weather jacket.”  And as luck would have it this showed up on the @putthison ebay recommendations just in time!

Some details about it: Samuelsohn “Bryan” model from Khaki’s Carmel, size 36 short.  The fabric is a Loro Piana blend of 75% wool, 10% linen, 10% silk, and 5% cashmere.  It’s definitely darker brown than what the first photo above shows, but has some blue and maybe purple woven throughout.  Fully canvased, ¼ lined with patch pockets and surgeon’s cuffs (made shortening the sleeves annoyingly expensive, but considering what a steal the jacket was I’m not complaining).  I think I would have preferred a slightly lower wool and slightly higher linen content, but it nonetheless wears light and surprisingly cool.

I rarely pick up sportcoats or suits on ebay because my size is so difficult to find.  Even 36S jackets tend to be about an inch too long for me, and the ones that are short enough often have skinny lapels or are otherwise too fashion-y for my tastes.  Anyways, this one hit all the right points.

Oh, and down low I’m wearing khakis from J.Crew and penny loafers from Allen Edmonds.

Dish up a boutique classic garnished with couture charm! This layered twirl skirt features sweet scallops and an optional touch of tulle. Mix and match yummy prints for a fun, whimsical delight. For a dressier look, you can use special occasion fabrics like silks and brocades. The scallops are perfect for embellishing with bows, flowers, embroidery, and applique.

This eBook contains templates and step-by-step instructions for making scalloped hemlines for skirts . You are going to be amazed how fun and easy it is to add this complex looking element to your creations! Detailed fitting information and size charts are included so that you can get just the skirt length you are after. Also included is a section on making tulle layers (attached or detachable), which includes instructions for both hand gathering and gathering with a ruffler attachment, as well as some tricks and tips for working with tulle.

Soft, elastic waist/drawstring pants. Similar to lounge pants, but dressier! They are a super slim fit so unfortunately my 21" calves made these a little too snug for my liking. They are mostly black with functional silver zippered front pockets and sewn shut back pockets. The stripes are white and navy. Would be super cute with a white/grey tee/tank and a light scarf. Let me know if you have any questions!

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anonymous asked:

Hello Dirnelli, how would you wear black dress shoes the summer way? Thank you

Black shoes are always dressier no matter what season it is.

How to Wear Nude Lip Colour

Q. How can I wear this summer’s nude lipsticks without looking washed-out?

A. It’s best not to go totally nude, especially once you reach 40. Like the rest of your face, lips lose pigment as you age, so to look younger, choose a lipstick or gloss with a touch of colour. I recommend choosing a shade that’s slightly richer than your lips’ normal hue; this provides a hint of tint but still looks low-key. Try Natio Mineral Lip Gloss in Lily ($14.95; chemists), Elizabeth Arden High Shine Lip Gloss in Maple ($38; dept stores) or Clinique Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Bonfire ($35; dept stores). For a dressier or night-time look, try a lip colour that’s a shade or two brighter, such as Bobbi Brown Sheer Color Gloss in Popsicle ($40; dept stores). Play with textures, too: a creamy matte formula on casual days; a gloss for more glam events.

By Bobbi Brown, celebrity make-up artist and author of three bestsellers on beauty. Bobbi Brown is also the founder of her own multimillion-dollar cosmetics business, and Prevention’s beauty columnist.

PLUS: How to wear coloured eyeliner

AND: Find the right shade of foundation