Hello, Old Friend

Ahhh, here I am at that spot in writing a fic where I think the entire thing is stupid and should be tossed in the garbage and I wonder why I even bother trying.

In my search for a remedy to this feeling, I will be: brushing my hair, putting on makeup (with eyeliner!), and even getting dressed. My new Bucky shirt arrived in the mail yesterday, so perhaps it will give me good feels.

For anyone who is looking forward to the fic, do not despair. I promise I will finish it. I have about 15 more pages to pull out of my head and it will be done and almost ready for posting. Those fifteen pages might take me two weeks at this rate, but I’m determined to vomit them into my computer regardless of quality.

I also feel a surge of excitement from taking the lid off a pot of creamy new moisturiser or tearing the tissue from a great new dress that’s just arrived in the post, and it really pisses me off if anyone thinks this dilutes my intellect.
—  Victoria Coren, Elle UK

anonymous asked:

What's up, buttercup?

Good GOOD things, anon!!

  • Three ADORABLE new dresses just arrived to me from Modcloth
  • Mom made corn muffins and chili for lunch
  • Today was my fifth day at my anxiety program and I TOUCHED ALL THE DOOR HANDLES!!
  • My old boss from the froyo shop last year just called me asking me back and I SAID YES (even though there are so many germs and people there) BUT I SAID YES AND IM DOING FIVE SHIFTS THIS WEEK STARTING TOMORROW!! ! !! !
  • The Good Dinosaur comes out on DVD in a couple weeks
  • I have made KILLER progress with my writing and might send out some excerpts from the companion piece
  • I picked out the paint color for my room and it is so pretty