Cherrybrook Part 3

Time was passing quickly and things were heating up a little bit. You and Jai now had more alone time and you could feel the growing pressure coming from him. All your friends already had already had their first sexual experience, but you were never like the others. Your mom raised you as a Catholic, teaching you that mostly everything was a sin, and you weren’t supposed to do anything before marriage. Even with her strict teaching, you still had your own ideas and thoughts about the issue.

As you were very curious, you asked Amber about her sexual encounters. She was dating James and didn’t take long for them to end up under the sheets. She told you everything; how it was, how she felt, but most importantly- she told you that every girl responded differently at their first time, and you would have to find out how your body would react.

One day, you and Amber were talking about this in your room. You both managed to have a little free time for yourselves and you took the opportunity to catch up a bit. Jai was at an acting class and James had something to take care of, so the two of you were just enjoying some girl talk.

You were so engrossed in your discussion, that you didn’t notice that your mom was eavesdropping outside your room. She overheard all the talk about sex, and Amber explaining to you how it worked for her. Your mom could tell that you had made up your mind.

The next day, before you left for class, your mom told you that you had doctor’s appointment in the afternoon and she would take you. You protested that you didn’t wanted to go, but she told you it was time for a check up.

During all your classes, you couldn’t focus. You kept thinking about everything Amber told you and how weird your mom was acting when you left for school. You kept thinking to yourself that sex was not supposed to be that hard, at least according to what Amber told you.

After class, you told Jai that your mom scheduled a doctor’s appointment for you and you had to go. You always told him everything of your life since you two started dating almost 6 months ago, and he told you not to worry. He would see you later, and he left to head out his guitar lesson.

You left school and your mom was waiting for you outside. You got into the car and she drove you to the clinic. Arriving there, she told you to sit in the waiting room while she gave your name to the receptionist. Not once could you stop thinking how weird this seemed. The timing for a doctor’s appointment was coincidental to your decisions. When the doctor finally called your name, you and your mom entered the office and sat down, patiently waiting. The doctor was a middle-aged woman, very kind.

“So, I heard someone decided it’s time to have sex, hm?” The doctor asked, looking right at you. Your face flushed in embarrassment; you felt so exposed that you wanted a hole to open up so you could crawl in and hide.

“I’m surprised she didn’t already,” your mom stepped in, announcing before you could say anything.

“Moooom,” You yelped, embarrassed as ever.

It was not a surprise to you that your mom had never had “the talk” with you. She clearly preferred to have the doctor do it You knew it was because of how she was raised; how strict everything was for her, so instead of going against her beliefs, she let someone else handle it. Which was just fine with you.

The doctor did all the exams she needed and explained everything you needed to know. When she was satisfied, she told you to wait until you thought it was the right time, and not when your boyfriend pushed you to.

“Boys can be very persuasive,” she told you. You nodded, waiting for her to continue.

“But always have one thing in your mind. If he cares about you, he will wait for your decision.” She said seriously. “But I will give you some birth control pills, so you can get a head start, and when you decide that the time is right, you will be prepared.” She finished writing you a prescription.

“Just wait until your next period ends to start taking these.” She told you.

You went home with your mom without saying a word about your appointment. When you got there, Jai was waiting for you on your house porch. The two of you stayed on the swinger for the rest of the evening, cuddling and kissing. You loved him so much you couldn’t imagine being without him.

You told him about the doctor’s appointment and how embarrassed you were that your mom put you on birth control even before you did anything. He held you close, kissing your temple.

“So, you want to do it?” he asked almost jumping out of his seat. He was so excited about it, even though you had never actually talk about it. Every time he tried something you just said you were not ready yet, and now you were practically saying you were, so you couldn’t blame him for his excitement.

“With you? Yes!” you answered, immediately.

He told you he wanted it to be special, so he would do his best to make it unforgettable.

“It’s going to be my first time too, you know,” he said, whispering in your ear.

You were shocked. You thought he was way more experienced than you. So the two of you agreed that on Saturday, you would both have your first sexual experience. Jai suggested you could go to his grandma’s house as she was out of town for a few weeks. He said he would surprise you, and he kissed you good bye before leaving to go home.

Jai left, and you immediately called Amber to talk about how anxious you were. She told you everything would be fine, then suggested the two of you go and buy a new dress.

The Saturday arrived and Jai told your parents he was taking you for dinner. You finished getting ready while he waited for you in the living room talking to your dad.

When he saw you, he was amazed.

“Wow, you look awesome, I never thought you could look more beautiful, but you got me,” he said getting up and coming your way.

The two of you left your house holding hands, walking to his dad’s car that he borrowed for your night out.

He took you to dinner at a fancy restaurant and then you headed to his grandma’s house. He was being very thoughtful and kind; he made sure you were comfortable and that you were ok at all times.

He lead you to the guest room in his grandma’s house. He had put scented candles all over the place, and when you sat on the bed he went to his stereo to put on some music. You had to agree that he surprised you with all the romance in the air.

He took no time getting directly to business and started kissing you while he undressed you and himself.

And then, it was not what you expected at all. It was all very fast. You didn’t feel anything besides discomfort and pain, but Amber had told you that it was normal for a first time. You certainly didn’t see the stars she always told you about.

But you didn’t care. You were having the most precious moment with the guy you loved, and you felt awesome about it.

You laid your head on him, playing with his chest hair. You couldn’t be more happy, and you knew he was feeling the same.

“You were awesome, babe. I promise you next time it won’t feel so bad,” he said, kissing you.

“I’m ok, don’t worry! It was all worth it because it was with you,” you answered, kissing him back.

“I love you so much,” he announced. In that moment, you knew that he loved you, he really loved you.

“I love you, too.” you answered him.

The next week you were ecstatic. Jai managed to get you home alone one day, and your second time together was much better than the first one. But once again… no stars.

Third time was a blast.


Jai was everything to you; he was your best friend, your companion, your confident, your lover.

You had been together for almost two years now, and you could not imagine a life without him.

He had even convinced you to take vocal lessons so when he played his guitar you could sing, though you always thought his voice was much better. It was deep and raspy, and it gave you chills every time he sang or simply whispered in your ear.

Time was passing by fast in Jai’s company and when you realized it was almost the end of the school year.

Even with senior year on high school approaching, you were already planning what to do in college. Jai was already focusing on the theatrical projects he wanted; drama classes, acting classes, anything he could. He wanted to be an actor, and you were encouraging him because you knew he would succeed. You still hadn’t figured out what to do about your future in college, but you had time to think about it.

As it was the end of the school year, you still had a few assignments to finish up. You both were in his room and you decided to finish the papers you had, but he wanted to fool around. The two of you began to argue, and he got mad. He went to his video games and started to play while you tried to finish your homework. You didn’t notice that your cell phone was out of battery, when Jai’s mom knocked on the door. She didn’t enter the room without knocking after she caught the two of you playing around under the sheets twice before.

“Y/N, honey, your mom is on the phone,” Karen said through the door.


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Luhan x Reader Brotherly love (Requested)

“ Anonymous said: Omg that Beak story is perfect *~* Can’t wait for part 2 !! Fighting ! Can I request something as well ? Luhan and you are friends and his 5-6y brother plans to make you two together haha. He does a lot of cute and silly things to make you fall in love with his brother Luhan. Haha I hope it will inspire you :3 ! Fighting and keep up with your amazing work !!!!”

Thank you for the request, and for reading my other work! I’m really not good with making names so I just changed part of Luhan’s name for his brother’s name (;;0_o,) It’s terrible I know but shhh ;) Enjoy~

The children moaned as you announced the end of class. You taught swimming classes at the local pool twice a week after school. The owner of the pool knew about your talents in swimming, and gave you the opportunity to get some volunteering experience. You didn’t mind not getting paid, you enjoyed it, and the kids made up for it.

“Bye Miss.Y/N!” They repeated as they left with their parents after getting changed. You smiled enthusiastically as you waved back at them. Suddenly, you felt a tug on your top. You looked behind you to find LuWan pouting at you. You bent down so you was more on level with him.

“Brother is late again” he sulked.

You giggled at his puffy cheeks and ruffled his hair, “I’m sure he will be here soon, did you have fun today?” He nodded eagerly and his pout disappeared, making you smile in awe.

You heard footsteps rush in behind you, “sorry I’m late!” You turned to find LuHan, panting and looking worried.

Keep reading