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Khal Drogo x Reader (Requested by Anon)

Hello! Could I request a Khal Drogo x Reader fic where she works as his translator/interpreter and one day she translates for Khal when an important guest arrives. But then the guest keeps hitting on her and being insulting when she turns him down. Khal can’t understand and the Reader doesn’t say anything to Khal because she knows the guest is important. But Khal notices she’s upset/withdrawn and ends up finding out. Thank you my lovely!

When you first started working for Khal Drogo, you hated it because, well, you were his slave. You were a translator for him as he only spoke his native tongue, and you spoke six other tongues - including his. You learned to love what you did, as you knew all of the important things going on in the tribe and what business your Khal was doing. You were sworn to secrecy with all of the business you heard and translated and you spent most of your time with Drogo. The only moments you weren’t with him was when you were bathing and sleeping.

You knew Drogo treated you differently than his other slaves; he favored you. He appreciated the translating, but he would have you sit either in front of him or on his lap when you weren’t doing what you were bought for. He liked to have you stay in his tent with him most nights, though you did have a cot in the slaves tent. He never raped you, or let anyone else rape you. He wouldn’t make you do anything you didn’t want to do unless it was telling him what someone had said.

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six of crows on valentines day headcannons please???

here you go! i made this modern for my modern dregs tag

wylan and jesper, sticking to the headcanon they’re adventurous, spend the day exploring more places for wylan to take pictures of, but he mostly ends up taking candid photos of jesper. he gifts jesper a deck of cards, but he’s painted something personal on each, an excuse to both ruin the deck and remind jesper of “52 reasons why i love you”. (jesper ends up carrying these with him at all times and when he’s itching to gamble he pulls those cards out instead) jesper’s gift is a full homemade dinner at his place, the whole place decorated in candles and string lights. jesper keeps making food puns as they eat and they can’t stop laughing the whole night.

matthias goes all out and buys nina stuffed animals and sweets and breaks into her car to scatter rose petals across her seats. nina buys them matching sweaters, the ugly ones he loves but she despises, and she makes him personalized coupons “for one kiss” and “one massage” etc etc. he insists on taking her some place fancy, he makes reservations at a flashy restaurant. nina dresses up in a red dress with high side splits and heart shaped earrings. she looks like valentines day should be all about her in that outfit. they order dessert first because nina catches sight of the cake menu and can’t stop thinking about it.

inej and kaz have pizza and bingewatch, neither really caring for the holiday. they’re always the type to agree on a budget beforehand so they’re on the same page about gifts (something nina and matthias never are. one goes extravagant, the other goes crafty) inej gets him a flower arrangement and he’s so taken aback by it, he’s an awkward mess, dropping the new throwing knives he bought her. “looks like i need to teach you how to handle them.” they share popcorn and their hands occasionally brush against each other’s in the bowl and they both smile because kaz is totally doing it on purpose, testing himself. and after their shows she asks him to show her card tricks.

also nina set kuwei up with a guy from her class. it’s their first date, they talk about science. the guy is actually an artist and offers kuwei advice in how to improve his own doodles. they hit it off. by the end of the night they agree on a second date.

Mine: Grayson Imagine

This was MUCH longer than anticipated, but I know you don’t mind haha. 

Word Count: 1,856

Requested: Yes, anons. 

“I’ll be right back. I’m going to get a drink, okay?” Grayson placed his hand on the small of your back and whispered into your ear. You nodded, knowing better than to try to yell over the music blaring at the iHeartRadio awards after party. Neither of you were singers, but Grayson had been invited with a plus one because of his level of fame. It was good publicity for the awards show. Watching him walk away, you continued to dance to the music with some people that you had met with at the show. You had already had a few drinks, so you were feeling pretty good right about now and not really caring what was happening in your surroundings. As Thief by Ansel Elgort came on, you let your voice flow into a scream of excitement. You loved this song! You moved your hips to the rhythm and your eyes closed, losing yourself in the music. A pair of hands gripped at your hips, and assuming it was Grayson, you kept dancing. The song ended and another began, you still dancing, the hands were gone from your body. You turned around to find a guy on the floor and Grayson hovering over them. “Wha-” You began, but were cut short by Grayson. “Why were you dancing with him?” He motioned to the body that remained on the floor. “What? I thought I was dancing with you?” You took a step towards Grayson. “Yeah, right, Y/N.” He rolled his eyes at you. “I swear, G!” You pleaded, yelling over the music. Grayson huffed and jerked your wrist harshly. He went to the table that your things were laid with you dragging behind him. With one hand around your wrist, Grayson collected all of his and your things with the one that was free.

As you approached the door, you asked him why you were leaving. He replied by turning to face you and pushing your body against the wall behind you. The look in his eye was intense, full of angst, need, and anger. He put his mouth close to your ear. “We are leaving because you were dancing with another guy and you’re not his. You’re mine and I’m going to show you.” He breathed his words against your neck which sent chills down your entire body. Your hands inched towards Grayson’s abdomen to touch the muscles that hid underneath the clothing. He took notice of this and pinned your hands to the wall once again. “Not so fast, Princess. You’ll get it when I want you to.” He whispered with his lips barely grazing the skin on your neck. Closing your eyes, another set of chills consumed you and you sighed in lust at his teasing. You wanted to feel his lips on you. Your eyes snapped open when you felt where Grayson was against you turn into cool air from the door being opened. Within seconds, you were back by Grayson’s side, reaching for his hand. Luckily, he let you hold it before you came upon your vehicle. He opened your door for you and walked to the driver side before getting in. He didn’t look at you until he came upon a red light. As he did so, you took notice of his hand on your thigh and his thumb making circles on your skin. The light turned from red to green and his gaze tore from yours, but his hand remained.

The radio was off, so you reached to turn it on, but Grayson’s gaze returned to you in annoyance. You groaned, resuming your previous position, but something was different. His hand had moved higher on your leg. You locked your eyes on it as it inched even further towards your hips. Soon, his hand was centimeters from the hem of your dress, which had a split on the sides, making the front dip into your seat between your legs. Grayson’s hand was now just above the hem of your underwear and your breathing was quite heavy. All too soon, his hand was back on the wheel. You whined and squirmed in your seat. “That’s only going to make it worse, Y/N,” Grayson told you with a smirk as he pulled into your driveway.

Now inside, he wasted no time in shedding his clothes and helping you out of yours, but slowly. Behind you, unzipping your dress, you could feel his hand on your hip and his breath on the back of your neck. When your dress fell from your figure, so did his hands. You spun around to face him, stepped closer to him, and brought your hands up to his face. He made the next move by, finally, letting you kiss him. His lips were firm and warm against your own. He trailed your shape with his fingertips aching slow. You groaned into his mouth which resulted badly, for he pulled his hands and lips away from you. “I told you that would make it worse, baby girl.” His smirk made a reappearance while his fingers went through his hair. God, he knew you loved that. Your fists clenched and you let out a shaky breath. With timid eyes, you looked over his fit physique. Your eyes flowed from fluffy hair to his broad shoulders to the flat of his feet on the floor while you bit your lip. Two can play at this teasing game.

“Come here, now.” Grayson growled at you lowly. Your little trick had got you a victory. You reached him and he slid his hands through your hair and his lips on your neck. You went to sigh, but his words echoed in your mind, “I told you that would make it worse, baby girl.” You contained yourself for the time being and Grayson’s lips made their way down your body. As he reached your waist, his hands grabbed your ass harshly. You bit your lip again to keep any sounds of pleasure from arising. Still kissing your abdomen, his hands left your backside and he traced your legs from the bottom to the top. You hands were busy finding their way through his hair and down to his jaw to pull his face back up to yours. You worked your way around his face, neck, and chest with your mouth. Still not completely sober, the kisses you left were wet and sloppy. On your way back to his lips, you tugged on his earlobe with your teeth, knowing that he would be able to resist much longer after that. He moaned with a husky, deep voice in pleasure. Now it was your turn to smirk at him and he licked his lips before planting his lips on yours.

His hands now roamed your body freely and he gripped the back of you leg, pulling it up on his body. You took this as a sign and made the move to wrap yourself around him. Fortunately, you were right and he now carried you up the stairs to the bedroom you shared. You left small kisses all over his face as he reached the bed. Losing the support of his hands, you fell backwards the bed. He lowered himself on your body and you continued your previous actions of kissing sloppily. He detached his lips from yours and brought his face to the valley between your breasts. He bit, kisses, and ran his tongue over you. You tried not to make any noise, but a few moans slipped from your lips. With each one, Grayson would pause to make sure that nothing was to follow. He kissed down your stomach and he was right where you wanted, no, needed him most. Between your thighs. He kissed them tender, but his teeth did the opposite. Deep, purple bruises would reveal themselves tomorrow. He blew cold air on your heat before he kissed the piece of clothing that was the only thing separating the two of you. When you brought one hand from the bed sheets to his hair, you tried to push your hips up to meet his lips, but his hands found your hips and pinned you to the bed. You gritted your teeth at this. “Be patient with me, yeah?” He teased you with his voice vibrating next to your core.

He came back up to your eye level and kissed your jaw. Your breathing was heavy and him being on top of you made you breathe even harder. Not being able to resist it any longer, you pushed him off of you and back on the bed like you were a few seconds before. Hips on his, you began to grind into him. His bulge already there, you made it ever more present as it hardened and rose to meet your circling hips. His hands found your waist once again, gripping you hard and pushing you on him even harder. He eyes closed and his eyebrows strung themselves together as you noticed the ecstasy on his face. Suddenly, like he had forgotten what his plan was, his eyes snapped open and he flipped the two of you. Putting his needs over yours, he ripped his boxers off and your panties along with them. Grayson readied himself and plunged into your soaking heat. His face relaxed when he was in you and he brought his body down to meet yours. He whispered in your ear, “So wet just for me, aren’t you?” With your hands on his sides, you dug your fingernails into his back nodded and answering in a hum.

In and out. In and out. His hips slammed into yours time and time again. Breath coming out heavily, bodies mixing together, and muffled sounds coming from each of your mouths. You could feel yourself tightening around him. “Getting close,” You whispered into his ear before biting at it. His groan came out long and deep. As you were reaching your high, you only needed one thing. His voice. Like he could hear your thoughts, he spoke against your mouth with his forehead against yours. “No one can make you feel as good as I do, baby girl. You’re mine. Don’t ever forget it.” With those words, you climaxed and shortly after, he did too. Riding out each of yours, the highs died with Grayson’s thrusts becoming dragged out and slow. Muscles aching, he fell against your body in pleasure. His swollen, red lips met yours and they moved together slowly. Soon, your breathing slowed and the kisses became tenderly sweet. You felt his body getting heavier against yours and you rolled the two of you over for the second time tonight. You broke the kiss and laid yourself across his chest. “You make me feel better than anyone ever could, G. I’m sorry for what happened before,” You whispered into the air above your bodies. “I know, Y/N, I know.” Grayson responded with a yawn and a stretch. You lay like that for hours before your eyelids got heavier with each blink. With Grayson’s sleeping face, you, too, fell into the dark abyss of dreams and sleep.

Bickering || merlin, harry & eggsy

request: Please can I request something? Maybe Merlin and Harry both like the reader and her and best friend Eggsy find it amusing how they constantly bicker to win her attention?

Word count: 729

Warnings: swearing

(a/n: i changed it up a little, hope you don’t mind!)

It was no lie that Merlin liked you, however, it was also no lie that Harry liked you, too. How did you know? Many a times had they complimented you,many a times they had kissed your hand and many a times they had asked you out for a drink, most of the time you went because you didn’t want to be rude. But if you were telling the truth, you didn’t really like any of them more than friends. Sure, you thought they were attractive and true gentlemen but that didn’t mean you really wanted to date either of them.

You told Eggsy, your best friend, everything that they did to you to try and win your over and it never failed to make him laugh. Eggsy had seen some of the stuff they did to try and win your attention and he always found it comical as did you. But you always felt kind of sorry for the men, after all they were devoting a lot of their time to you.

The mission that you were on involved all four of you which was quite rare; however, for this particular mission you had to dress up real nice which, as you can probably tell, caused some problems. Harry couldn’t take his eyes off of you, neither could Merlin which made the scene humours for Eggsy. The dress you were wearing split at your upper thigh, revealing most of your leg and your makeup and hair was done up all fancy.

Merlin and Harry were both tense as they watched you flirt with the target, a graceful smile upon your lips and your hand resting upon the man’s upper arm.

“You need to stop looking at her, Hamish, it’ll make her uncomfortable” Harry said to Merlin as he looked down at his drink, swirling it around lightly.

“Really? You’re the one who won’t stop staring at her” Merlin said a little bitter, as he looked at Harry with a stern look upon his face.

“You’re both as bad as each other” Eggsy said, taking a sip of his drink before pulling a face, hating the way it tasted. You looked over at Eggsy briefly flashing him a amused small smile before turning back to the man in front of you, twirling a piece of your hair in your fingers.

Merlin and Harry went crazy inside as they watched you twirling your hair, on the outside they kept straight faces but Eggsy just knew, he just knew.

“I think she needs to stop talking to him now, she’ll start trouble if she carries on” Harry warned, taking a sip of his drink.

“Or you’re just jealous” Merlin said, causing Harry to give him a look of ‘Really?’, Eggsy rolled his eyes as he texted you through his glasses.

‘y/n, help me’

‘oh god, not again’

‘they keep talking about you and it’s starting to get creepy’

You laughed a little causing the man in front of you to furrow his eyebrows.

“Did I say something amusing?” the man asked sounding very serious which caused you to widen your eyes and shake your head.

“No, no no” you said, “I was just, urm, thinking about something” you said, hoping the man would believe it.

“Hmm..” the man said before getting up and leaving which caused you to roll your eyes and groan a little. You picked up your drink and made your way back over to the three men, sighing.

“Thank you, eggsy, I fucked everything up” you said, Eggsy held his hands up in defense.

That’s when a gunshot noise rang out and people began to scream, Eggsy quickly jumped and opened his umbrella protecting you from the bullets that were being fired at you. You watched Harry go off and fight some of the men and Merlin did too, almost like they were showing off.

“For god’s sake..” you muttered, shaking your head with an amused smile. Eggsy stifled a laughed, hiding behind his umbrella and fighting anyone who came to attack him.

“I don’t know how you put up with this” Eggsy said.

“Neither do I” you replied as you hit a guy in the face who was about to shoot you.

The bickering between Harry and Merlin lasted for a while, longer than you expected that was until they saw you kissing Eggsy one day…

The Yule Ball // Draco Malfoy

I glanced at myself in the mirror one last time before making my way down to the Great Hall, where the Yule Ball was being held. I smiled at my appearance, feeling beautiful in my long, tight fitted black dress with a split on the side, my back exposed and my long, dark hair was straightened, reaching my waist. Feeling satisfied, I finally left my bedroom. When I walked down the stairs and into the Gryffindor common room, I was met by whistles from the Weasley twins, which caused me to blush. 

“Oh wow, Y/N. I’m speechless.” Fred said dramatically, holding his hand over his heart. 

“That date of yours is truly the luckiest person tonight.” George said. “All eyes will be on you.” Fred nodded in agreement. 

“Thank you boys. You look rather dashing yourselves.” I responded as Fred and George bowed down to me. “Walk me to the Great Hall?” 

With the Weasley boys on both side of my arms, we left to the Yule Ball where I would meet my date. They both said their goodbyes as they went to their own dates, leaving me to stand in front of the stairs by the Great Hall. 

“You look beautiful, Y/N.” Draco whispered into my ears from behind, I felt my heart beat faster. I turned around and met his grey eyes taking in my appearance. 

“Too bad you aren’t my date.” I smirked, as I pulled him into a small empty hallway. My back hit the brick wall as he hovered over me, kissing my neck. 

“Just because you aren’t my date to this stupid ball, doesn’t mean you aren’t mine.” He said, my body shivering at his words.  

“What about Pansy?” I bitterly asked. 

“She’s not you. No one can ever be.” He kissed me roughly, as his hands made his way down my back. My hands roamed the back of his head and gripped his hair, pushing him even closer to me. We heard footsteps and immediately pulled apart. His pupils were dilated, staring at me hungrily, wanting more. “Don’t let him touch you like that way I do, Y/N.” 

“Or else, what?” I asked bravely. 

“Or else I’ll lose control of myself.” He replied seriously, not doubting that he would probably hit him, especially if he was provoked. I tried to walk away but he grabbed my arms and said “remember, you are mine.” I felt the butterflies in my stomach as I left him standing alone. A lot of heads turned as I walked towards the Great Hall, and many more boys complimented me. 

My eyes landed on my date, who was looking into the Great Hall, waiting for me. He looked away from the scene and his jaw dropped. “Wow.” He stumbled over his words and blushed. 

I laughed at his loss for words. “Wow you too, Potter.” I took his arms. 

“You look spectacular.” Harry complimented, still in shock that I agreed to go to the ball with him.

“Thank you, you too.” I smiled at him as we got ready to line up. With one last glance behind my shoulder, I met eyes with the Slytherin boy who winked at me. I glared at Pansy, who hanging on his arms. 

I wish I could walk up to her and tell her he’s mine, but I couldn’t. Tonight was going to be a long night, I thought.