dresses by limb

for 2k15luke’s tour!5sos night

tour takes an obvious toll on all the boys, their intense schedule leaving little room for well-deserved sleep in between interviews and shows, but none of them struggle quite as much as luke, who’s dark circles seemed to deepen with each early morning wake-up call, exhaustion evident in the lines of his face. he would always insist he was fine and yeah i got lots of sleep babe, but all too often he would struggle to keep his baby blue eyes open long enough to make it to bed and you would find him passed out on whatever half-comfortable surface he was nearest to at the time, whether it was slumped over in his chair, his face resting dangerously close to his bowl of cheerios, or crashing on the hard leather coach in the center dressing room, his long limbs draping over the edges, or even laying on the bathroom floor, still wrapped in his towel with water drops clinging to his pale chest. towards the end of tour it becomes a daily thing, and you had long since stopping trying to maneuver all 6 foot + of your boyfriend back to bed, so you do your best to make him as comfortable as possible wherever he ended up: draping a blanket over his sleeping figure or pushing a balled-up sweater under his cheek as a make-shift pillow, letting your thumb drag along the high point of his cheekbone as you press a kiss to his forehead, letting him catch up on much needed sleep.


I love these two pictures. The first one, Steven tells Peri she should write a song, and in the next one Peri performs her song.
It’s nighttime by the time she sings. She must have spent at least an hour or two on her song!
Like, 5 episodes ago she wouldn’t have even thought about doing something like this, but she put time into writing it, dressed up in her ‘limb enhancers’, and sang while they were all relaxing around the fire, and I think it’s nice. Rock on, Doot.