dresses always make me feel cute

I looked pretty cute going to the music festival tonight. Probably should have taken a pic before riding those roller coasters but here we are.


Some douche once told me “you just got dressed” on a night we went out with friends and he didn’t like how I looked because “I’m a reflection on him"😒, but now I get ready every where I go. Whether it be a night out, errands, work, etc. My outfit, my hair, my make up, not always all of them, but I always feel put together when I leave my house. And though he meant it to be a jerk and deter me from him, it changed me for the better. I feel good about it and me, every time I leave my house. If I’m fully made up or goin natural.

I’m running errand here, in case you were wondering.😉

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Hey gorgeous! So I've really been struggling with my weight lately. And I just want to feel sexy! During sex or just during the day wherever I am I just don't feel confident or hot. What are some tips you have to make me feel more like a bombshell. I love you

Whenever I feel shitty about my body in particular, I go out to a store, get a shitload of clothes (or lingerie if that’s more your speed), and then just try them all on in the dressing room and take selfies. It helps you associate cute clothes with your cute body and you can always look back on the selfies later and admire how cute you are and how good your boobs/waist/booty looked in whatever it was you had on. Hopefully I’m not the only one who flips through their past selfies when they’re bored and admires themselves. I may just be overly obsessed with myself, that’s definitely possible 😅 And I love you too! 😘❤️

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while dressed like a strawberry today, I definitely thought to myself "hmm maybe this is Darcy's secret, wear lots of fruit and/or look like a fruit and/or replace head with fruit and Get Things Done"

You know it’s SO funny because I was thinking literally that all morning! Like okay I’m feeling super meh right now, what always makes me feel better? for starters, let’s at least get a cute outfit on and figure it out from there. In all honesty even when everything else in my life feels like it’s not together THAT’S one thing that I can handle.

And my god I LOVE fruit and all fruit themes items. Your strawberry outfit was an absolute vision and you looked fantastic.


I always try to dress up in a way that makes me feel pretty and nice when i have to go an do things I don’t want to. Like today I went to see a psychologist (he seems nice, i think it will go well) and go in to a preschool to ask about work. I got it done and I felt cute and then Dad and I had lunch and he bought me one of those relaxing colouring in book things because i am an adult.

( kwonmna )

[ iN » 정은지 ] i miss you too my busan friend!!  😟 😟 😟 when can we hang out and catch up and you can tell me things and update me about your life in that candid way you do that always makes me laugh!   ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

[ iN ] Let’s get some toast! I’m finally having a bit of a break unless you’re out of town? If you are, can I borrow that cute blue dress that you own? I want to feel girly for once.

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🌸Sippy cup: Something that makes you feel little. have a nice day !!!! 💗

Dressing up in cute clothes always makes me feel wittle ☺️ and you have a nice day too! :3


Awww Daddy thank YOU!!! Dahil naiwan ko ung gold flats, I had to wear heels and it suits the simple dress well! ;) Awww thank YOU Daddy at naiwan siya sa car :) Thanks super for always providing for me, Lord Dad! Plus the nice hair bec of Tresemme and the cute ring c/o Ian!! Thanks so much Daddy! Makes me extra feel good kahit walang make up dahil daming pimples :( I pause to offer to You too Papa and Mama na sana magmelt na po lahat ng pain and hurt nila so that no resentment to linger. Please do not let the enemy take advantage of this situation and tug on their hearts today. I pray that they’d have happy hearty laughter with Jun at home. I pause to offer to You too, Daddy the rest of the day. Please help me prioritize Daddy and accomplish as much as I can with Your grace and favor and peace all over me. Kuya Jes thanks so much for the great example of obedience. Please help me carry my cross today with thanksgiving and delight. Mama Mary, thanks so much for Your gift of humility and obedience to the Father. Please help me act today Mama Mary with gentleness, gratitude and kindness. Amen. Amen.

CW: body image/weight issues

I’m a very hourglass-y hourglass shaped person, and always have been.

I really like that about myself, but my bust line, and my hips have gotten a couple inches bigger than they were a year ago, and it’s making a lot of my fave clothes tight and it makes me uncomfortable to wear them.

I like to wear short shorts and crop tops and cute, but kinda bombshell-y dresses and stuff. I haven’t wanted to lately because I have more cellulite than usual, and my upper arms are flabbier than usual, and it makes me feel like shit.

I’m not even ‘’over’’ weight, but I am at least 20 lbs heavier than I was last year, which much of it is muscle and healthy tissue because I actually exercise now, but I really hate myself for it sometimes.

When I was however many lbs I used to be, I was unhealthy. I was throwing up every day from stress, and a possible stomach ulcer, I didn’t have any money to buy good food, and it was the most consistently-unhappy and anxious period of my life.

It’s so fucked up that I would wish to prioritize my thinness over my mental wellbeing, but I don’t understand and am not comfortable with this thicker body I have. 

Why is it I’m all for body-positive shit when it comes to everyone but myself? Why is it so hard to accept that I am a sort of healthier human person now, and with that will come being a fleshier, more-nourished body? 

TL;DR I don’t really like the way my flesh sac is getting more jiggly