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Skulduggery doesn’t seem the sort of person who would really like having his picture taken, and unless he’s wearing a facade Valkyrie could never have photos of him on display anyway, but I like to think that on her dresser in her room at Skul’s house she has like

This truly horrific picture Ghastly took at Christmas when she was 17, she’s asleep on the couch and drooling a little on Skulduggery’s shoulder with his arm around her and some shitty seasonal film was playing and skulduggery is looking at her with his head tilted at the angle that is his version of Literal Heart Eyes and she looks so awful in that photo but she keeps it and loves it because ghastly managed to capture on his crappy flip phone a look she has never seen on skulduggery, ever

I see a lot of posts floating around with advice like “just force yourself to focus by eliminating all other distractions” or that offer tips for motivation that really only helps neurotypicals. I’ve struggled with ADHD for my whole life, but only recently got properly diagnosed, so I thought I would offer advice on what I’ve done to actually help others like me. These tips can also also help those without ADHD!

1. Throw your phone out the window.
Okay, obviously don’t actually throw your phone out a window. Something that I’ve noticed though, is that if my phone is somewhere inaccessible to me while I’m studying, I don’t compulsively check it the way I would otherwise. I know many of us have major anxiety over missing something important if we aren’t checking everything all the time, and often even apps like Forest (an app that forces you to not access the rest of your phone for a set period of time) don’t always do the trick. I’ve found that it’s a lot better to say, leave your phone on your dresser in your room while you study in the kitchen, or to put it on the dining table if you study in your room.

2. Make a second account on your computer, and restrict everything.
Listen. I have a million tabs open. I’ve currently got twelve open in chrome and another five or six open in safari; and of course, I’m using all of them right now. It’s just kinda how ADHD goes. And when it comes to studying, this proves to be a major distraction – how could it not be? I’m constantly bouncing between the actual work I’m meant to be doing and three different fanfictions, two youtube videos, a dungeons and dragons manual, and college admissions websites. The solution to this? I made another user account on my computer aptly titled “school.” On this account, nearly everything is restricted; I can’t get on tumblr, youtube, Facebook, Instagram, discord, or anything similar. The only sites I have access to are google’s sites (mail, drive, classroom), some math help sites, and Khan Academy. Since these things are blocked, I have to consciously make the decision to procrastinate – and trust me, half the time I’m procrastinating I’m barely aware I’m doing it, so this helps a lot.

3. While scheduling and prioritizing might seem impossible, there’s one time that almost always works.
A remarkable way to motivate yourself for neurotypicals is to simply make a to-do list. If I tried to make a to-do list, it would end up taking more time than any of the tasks on it, and it would be thirty-plus items long at any given time. HOWEVER, I’ve found that sitting down right before I’m about to do work and jotting down a list of what I need to do in the next hour is incredibly helpful. The key here is to never plan for more than an hour at a time, lest you end up with the too-long list that is likely to make you even more stressed out. Sit down and ask yourself, what do I need to do right now, and then write that down. And then an hour later, if you’ve completed all those tasks (or when you complete them, be it earlier or later than that hour) plan for the next hour. Ask yourself, well, now that that’s finished, what do I need to do now? Continue this until your homework and chores are done. The nice thing about this method is that you get the satisfying feeling of accomplishment every hour, which is very motivating and helpful for staying on task despite your ADHD.

4. If you need to be in motion, be in motion.
I know this isn’t true of everyone with ADHD, but I physically cannot stay still. I play with my hands, bounce my leg and my foot, twist my ring, run my hands through my hair – you name it. I find that standing while studying is helpful to this; I have a high kitchen counter with stools that I can slip on and off of easily. When I need to watch a video, I give my hands something to do; I’ve found that stretchy erasers are great for occupying my hands without distracting me from my task, but whatever works for you – fidget cubes, food, silly putty, etc. – is worth a shot. Even something as simple as letting your legs hang off whatever you’re sitting on so you can fidget as you need can be extremely beneficial in keeping your focus.

5. Recognize that sometimes, you won’t be able to get everything done. And that’s okay.
Fun fact: neurotypicals can’t always get everything done either. The important thing to remember is that ADHD is manageable, and can be worked with.

X-Files Fic: What Was Taken, What Was Lost- Chapter Three

Previous Chapters: One | Two

The library, it transpires, is a converted guest room in exactly the same shape as their own, a floor above, complete with its own bathroom and balcony.  But instead of a bed, dresser, and vanity, this room is full of wall-to-wall bookshelves, with a love seat, coffee table, and two wing-back chairs on an Oriental carpet in the center.  The wooden door that divides all of the other hotel rooms is absent here, replaced by a set of handsome glass doors, which are unlocked, though no one is in the library at the moment.

“Is this all hotel history?” Mulder muses, following Scully into the room.  She shakes her head.

“Looks like fiction on this wall,” she says, gesturing to the space between the bathroom door and the corner, where the balcony is located.  Sure enough, Mulder can see some fairly recent releases, surrounded by well-worn paperbacks and older editions of classic works.  He crosses the room, to the expanse of shelving to the right of the balcony.

“Nonfiction over here,” he says.  "Lots of history… lots of books about the history of New York State, in particular.“  He turns around and grins.  "Jackpot,” he says, returning to the wall that holds the door to the hallway.  The books on these shelves are older, less uniform in their sizes.  He and Scully scan them, looking for something helpful.  Mulder’s eyes fall on what looks like a three-ring binder, and he pulls it down, flipping open the cover.

“It’s a scrapbook,” says Scully, as he pages through the assembled photographs and newspaper clippings.  "Of the hotel, when it was a sanitarium.“  Mulder nods, and together, they page through the binder.  There are brochures advertising the sanitarium, though none of them name it as such, or even call it a hospital.  Clearly, the facility had been an exclusive one, a place for the wealthy to rest and recover without the public embarrassment of admitting that they, too, could suffer from the same diseases as the lower orders.  The scrapbook ends with a newspaper article from the local paper, detailing the sale of the building to the Catholic Church in 1931.  Mulder closes the scrapbook and replaces it on the shelf, then reaches for an identical one right next to it, opening it.

"Another scrapbook,” he says.  "From when the place was a home for wayward girls.“

"It’s all very interesting, I’ll give you that, Mulder,” Scully says, stepping back and continuing to scan the books on the shelves, “but I’m not sure what it has to do with our investigation.  Shouldn’t we be trying to get more information from the employees?  Finding out if they’ve seen anything suspicious, if anyone’s been acting strange?”

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Things I wish I had known before moving into my own apartment

  • Walk around the neighborhood when you’re going to see the apartment. What’s in walking distance? Having to drive 20 minutes to get milk is a hassle.
  • Landlords can be a pain. Look over your lease with a lawyer (most schools offer this service) and know your state laws regarding housing. Any arrangement with your landlord must be in writing, otherwise it is invalid.
  • Renters insurance. Usually costs about $15-$30 a month and insures all of your stuff in case of flood, fire, theft, etc.
  • Make a budget and keep track of bills on a word document or similar. Its a easy way to keep track of what bills you need to pay when, and its simple enough for anyone.
  • Toilet paper should be the first thing you bring.
  • You can find amazing deals on furniture and decor at thrift shops. My TV stand, coffee table, dresser and living room decor is all from thrifting.
  • You will be amazed at what you can find for $1 at Dollar Tree that would more expensive anywhere else you go. Seriously. Anything you need that you can find at a Dollar Tree, get. (Tupperware, kitchen utinsels, bathroom accessories, etc)
  • Clean up for 10 or 15 minutes every day. It really makes a difference and prevents it from becoming a disaster.
  • Clorox wipes will be your best friend when it comes to cleaning. (Also found at Dollar Tree)
  • Buy a plunger, set of tools, duct tape, super glue and first aid kit.
  • Groceries are expensive. Try to shop at discount grocery stores, for example in my state it would be Aldis. Same food, off brand and so much cheaper.
  • This goes along with the last, but dont buy anything you wont eat/make in the next two weeks. Food expires fast, especially fresh food. Try to refridgerate/freeze as much as possible.
  • Before moving, get rid of anything you dont use/need. I cannot stress this enough. It helps with keeping organized and clean.
  • Place a wall air freshener by the doorway.
Distractions pt 3

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Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Not really angst or fluff…I don’t really know

Summary: It was weird seeing him again. It was even weird knowing you’d be working with him, but you kinda had a feeling like it was going to be okay.

Word Count: 1721

Warning: like one use of the f-word…does this really require a warning?

Originally posted by bangtoori

“You wanted to see me?” 

“Ah, Yoongi. Yes, please take a seat.” Yoongi gladly accepted Bang PD’s offer and took a seat in front of his desk, “I wanted to talk to you about something. You see, I owe a friend a favor.”

Psh ‘favor’, Yoongi thought, Bang PD must’ve lost another bet again. He really should stop betting while he’s drunk.

“He needs help with something, and I think you’d be able to provide help.”

“What kind of help?”

“Well, you mentioned how wanted to try to produce for other artists. Since promotions are finished, and Bangtan isn’t working on another album yet, I thought I could give you an opportunity to help produce a song for another group.”

“Group? As in another idol group? Who…”

“You know 2S? The group under Music Box Entertainment?” Of course Yoongi knew, “They need help with a title track, and I offered to allow one of my producers to go do some sort of collaboration. So, how about it?”

Yoongi took in what Bang PD had to say. It was true, BTS wasn’t working on new music yet and he did want to try to produce for another artist. But he didn’t know how to feel about seeing…you. He knew this was a good opportunity to expand his credentials and gain more experience, but was it worth opening up a wound from years ago? 

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Meant To Be

Request: Anthony and the reader met when they were younger practicing ballet and they were in love, but the reader moves to Chicago or something and, years later, she returns to New York to try out in Ham and she and Anthony meet and it’s just fluff

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x Fem!Reader

Word count: 3,767(wtf)

Warning: None

A/N: My first RPF, how exciting! And it’s Ant. Did you guys know I love Ant? Cause I do.  I’d also like to point out that I really don’t know much about Broadway auditions, so a lot of this could be completely wrong. Anywayyy, hope you enjoy! 

Anthony held your hand tight as you two ran around the yard, spinning around and twirling each other, gleeful squeals and giggles echoing across the back yard. Anthony jumped in the air excitedly, but as he came back down he landed weirdly on his feet and fell to the ground. You started laughing at his misfortune, only to be brought down with him as he kept a tight hold on your hand.

“Are you two alright?“You heard Anthony’s mom call out to you, as you two shared a fit of giggles. 

"Yes, ma'am!” You shouted back in unison

“Be careful you two!" 

"Yes, ma'am!” You repeated and, while you turned your attention back to each other, you stayed on the ground. 

“You’ve got grass in your hair,” Anthony said with a grin. You huffed and took a fist full of grass, yanking it out of the ground before sprinkling it on Anthony. He gasped and brushed it off himself before doing the same to you. You squealed and dodged his attack, rolling on the ground and yanking another fistful of grass, tossing it at him, Just as Anthony was about to tackle you, someone cleared their throat to catch your attention.

“That’s enough, children. Come on, inside, it’s getting dark and dinner’s almost ready." 

"Yes ma'am,” You both grumbled as you got off the ground, disappointed that your fun had to end.                                                                                                                                                     —

You and Anthony had met when you were very young, while you were both attending a ballet class. He was a year older than you, he was six and you were five. His time in the class didn’t last for very long, though your friendship prevailed. Your parents had followed in your’s and Anthony’s footsteps and became friends, so the two of you were able to see each other often. You often remembered the play-dates you had when you were younger, running around, having a blast.

Your friendship lasted long beyond primary and elementary school. You were always there for each other in middle school, and you two were practically inseparable. At least for most of your high school years. In the middle of your junior year, Anthony’s senior year, your mother got a job all the way in Illinois. Chicago was the last city you ever thought you’d go, and the last place you wanted to be because Anthony wouldn’t be there with you.                                                                                          —

The moment Anthony spotted you sitting outside of school, his immediate instinct was to go talk to you. Every day after school you met with him at the very same spot and from there you’d walk home together. Today, however, was different. When he saw you hunched over, elbows on your knees and face in your hands, he knew you were crying.

“(Y/N)?” Anthony asked worriedly over your sobs. Your shoulders continued to shake as you sobbed into your palms. When Anthony carefully sat down beside you, your body tensed.

“(Y/N), what’s wrong?” The question only set you off further. A loud cry ripped itself from your throat as you hunched forward. Anthony had you in his arms in an instant, shushing you in order to calm you down. He brought you against his chest, petting your hair softly to soothe you. It really did bring you ease, being in his arms. It didn’t last long as you remembered your situation, that you’d be leaving in a matter of weeks. Leaving behind everything you’d ever known.

“Sorry for getting tears on your shirt,” you muttered feebly, rubbing the tears furiously off your cheeks. Anthony let out a small laugh and rubbed your shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” He asked you again, You sighed and averted your gaze to your fidgeting hands sitting in your lap. 

“Anthony… I’m moving.”

You watched the color drain from his face. “What?” He asked dubiously, questioning his own ears and praying he heard incorrectly. All hopes faded as you explained.

“My mom just got a great job offer down in Chicago. She can’t pass it up. But…”

“You’ve gotta go with her.“

"Right.” You let out a heavy sigh, running your hand over your face. “I can't believe this is happening.”

Anthony pressed a gentle kiss to your temple and slid off the fountain, taking your hand to help you down. “Everything will be okay, (Y/N)”

Anthony had come over to help your family pack periodically after that day in front of the school. He knew he wanted to see you as often as possible before the move.

He even helped pack the moving truck, and stayed long enough to see you off. The hug you shared lasted for an eternity, yet it was still too short. Anthony smiled solemnly as you pulled away and brushed a tear off your cheekbone. 
The day he watched your car drive away was the day he realized he was in love with you.

Eventually, You and Anthony drifted apart. It wasn’t by choice, it was just hard to stay in contact when you both had different lives to lead. You worked day and night to perfect your skills as a dancer and find your way in life. Your career is what lead you back to New York. 

There was an unheard of show by the name of Hamilton that, despite the peculiarity of it, you knew you had to be a part of. Auditions were to be held in a month, and so you applied to audition for a role in the ensemble. You moved in with your dad until you could find a place of your own.

Coming back to New York felt strange. You weren’t sure if it was the act of moving again that felt weird, or just the act of moving back home, but you couldn’t shake away that strange feeling in your stomach as you unpacked your boxes. 

Your clothes were packed away first, into the small dresser in the guest room. Then your electronics, and then your other small possessions. 

When your fingers brushed against a wooden frame, your hand retracted and your eyes peered in to see what it was you made contact with. 

It was a picture frame. The glass was very dusty, the picture inside was one you hadn’t looked at in a long time. There, in the small picture stood you and Anthony, side by side. His arm was around your shoulder, keeping you close to his side. You looked happier than you have in a long time.

You wondered how it got mixed in with your things. You definitely didn’t remember packing it up. You thought you left the picture hanging on your wall.
Mom, you thought. She did help you pack a bit. She must’ve sneaked it in when you weren’t paying attention. 

You let out a soft sigh and brushed away the dust that had accumulated over the picture, wiping the dirt onto your pants. It was weird to see his face again, while pleasant at the same time. You missed his smile, the freckles splattered across his face like paint. His curly hair. You smiled softly to yourself as you wondered if he ever decided to cut it, or if it’s now longer than ever.

You secretly hoped that, being back in New York, you’d get to see him again. While you weren’t living back in Brooklyn, you hoped that he’d at least stayed in New York, that there was a chance you’d see him.

Looking up from the picture to glance around your near-empty room, you stood and walked over to the nightstand. You gently placed the picture frame onto it and, with one last glance to your long-lost best friend, you went back to unpacking.

Auditions rolled around quickly and the more the days ticked by, the closer you got to your audition date, the more the nerves came alive in your body. Your dad tried to assure you that you’d do great. He’d seen the routine you’d prepared a million times and you trusted his opinion, but that didn’t ease your mind anymore.

When the day finally arrived, you’d done anything and everything you could’ve done to prepare. You’d started the day right with a nice, healthy breakfast, which your dad said would keep you focused. It didn’t. Afterward, you’d taken a long walk in order to grab some fresh air. Your dad told you it would ease your nerves. It didn’t. After that, your dad somehow convinced you to stop pacing your room and come watch a movie with him. He made you tea to ease your anxiety. It didn’t.

Your knee didn’t stop bouncing the whole ride to your audition, your fists didn’t once unlatch from your sweater, and your heart never stopped to take a break from it’s relentless pounding.

When the taxi you’d taken arrived at the location, you thanked your driver kindly and paid him the needed amount before heading inside.

The moment you stepped into the building you felt overwhelmed and out of your league. You were a small time performer, just starting out. All these people around you likely had years of experience. 

After giving your name, you were instructed to sit in the waiting room until your name was called. You tried hard to relax yourself by focusing on things around the room. You hear the audition currently going on and listened in for a while before getting distracted with the people around you. There was a bubbly woman with long brown hair talking to an older woman with a bright smile. Across from you was a curly haired man who looked exceedingly calmer than you though, as he was staring down at his phone,  you couldn’t get a clear look of his face, 

Beside you was a man with dark brown hair and stubble along his chin, who seemed to notice your anxiety and sparked up a conversation. 

“You look a little nervous,” He told you, slightly amused. You let out a stressed laugh.

“You have no idea.”

“I’m sure you’ll do great! What’s your name?”

“(Y/N).” You told him with a smile. If he wanted to talk then you were more than happy to oblige. It was a welcome distraction.

“Thayne,” He said, extending his hand towards you. You took his hand and shook it,  and he smiled warmly, “Nice to meet you, (Y/N).”

“Nice to meet you too,” You said, smiling kindly.  "You seem… a little less nervous than me. I take it this isn’t your first audition?“

The man grinned at your question "I’ve done a few things before.”

Just as you thought. He has experience with this stuff, and everyone else likely does too. You didn’t stand a chance.  

“Thayne Jasperson?” A voice said, pulling you both out of your conversation. You looked up to see a man with short, curly hair and a clipboard.

“That’s me, wish me luck,” he said before standing up and following the other man again.

“Good luck.” 

And just like that, you were left alone no one to keep you company but your nerves. Your eyes trailed along the faces in the room again, lingering on each person before you moved on to the next. Eventually, you reached the man across from you.

You made eye contact with him, no longer looking at his phone, and suddenly you felt your lungs devoid of all breath. His soft hazel eyes, widened with shock and confusion, brought you back to the past. Your childhood in Brooklyn, days spent looking into those very same hazel eyes. His freckles, the ones you always compared to paint flicked across his cheeks and forehead. The ones you spent hours counting because you couldn’t get enough of him. You noticed the long hair, framing his face, cascading towards his shoulders, and you couldn’t help but smile. His hair really was longer than ever.  

The man across from you slowly sat up from the seat he was previously slouched in, examining your every feature as you did to him. He found his nails digging into his skin to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. It was countless times he’d spend his dreams with you, as if you had never left, only to wake up disappointed and alone, with nothing but the hole you left in his heart when you absconded from New York. He found himself smiling wide when he closed his eyes tight for a brief second and found you still sitting before him when he reopened them.

“(Y/N)…” he muttered quietly, and you felt yourself thrown into a fit of nostalgia.


“(Y/N)(L/N)?” A voice called from the other side of the room, making both of you turn your heads to see who it was. A man with short curly hair and a clipboard stood at the entrance leading to the stage, searching the crowd of people waiting to audition, You smiled shyly and stood from your seat. 

“That’s me." 

The man smiled and nodded "Follow me,” was all he said before turning and exiting the room. You glanced over at Anthony, who gave you an encouraging smile, a nod, and you suddenly felt all your anxiety melt away.

Anthony Ramos, your human relaxant. He always made you feel at ease when nothing else could.  

You left the room with confidence building in your chest as you followed the man out and into the audition room. When your footsteps were heard entering, the men sitting in a line facing you looked up from their quiet conversation, probably about the audition they’d just seen. The man who’d come fetch you sat in an empty seat in the middle of the group as you handed your sheet music to the piano man. You turned to the five men before you, nodding your head with a bright smile.

It was a little intimidating to be before them like this, but you knew you had to keep up your confidence. 

“Hello,” You greeted them earning smiles and nods.

“Hello. You’re (Y/N)(L/N)? Auditioning for a part in the ensemble?” A man with long hair and an unrelenting smile asked you. You smiled and nodded.

‘Yes, sir.“

"Whenever you’re ready.”

You nodded once again and turned to the piano man, signaling you were ready to begin. He began playing your chosen piece and, with a deep breath, you began.

“Ant! I got the part!” You hollered at your friend from down the hall. He turned from his conversation to you with a bright smile. You tackled him, holding him close as he ruffled your hair.

“Really? That’s great! Congrats, (Y/N).” 

You pulled away slightly so you could see him, smiling brightly. “You did too. You got the part you wanted!" 

Anthony’s eyes lit up, even further elated by the news you brought.

"That’s amazing!” He exclaimed. arms tightening around you.

It fell silent around you as you stared into each other’s eyes, taking in the moment. You had completely forgotten Anthony was previously engaged in conversation until his friend cleared his throat, startling you both out of your daydream.

“Um! Anyway, I didn’t know if you’d seen the casting list yet but I was so excited I couldn’t wait for this afternoon to tell you. I had to find you now…” You said, pulling out of his embrace, rubbing your arm awkwardly. He nodded, scratching the back of his head as the skin around his freckles flushed pink. 

“Yeah, thanks (Y/N)…” It fell silent again, this time plagued with awkwardness.

 "So… I’ll see you after school?“ He asked, chancing a glance at you.

"Yeah! Yeah, absolutely. I’ll, uh, see you then” With that, you turned on your heels and headed back the way you came, towards your first class. Anthony’s friend didn’t wait for you to get out of earshot before he grinned widely and nudged the curly haired boy’s ribs.

“You totally in like her.”


Once you finished with your performance, you were sure you rocked the socks of everyone in the room. They all seemed rather impressed with your routine, which only boosted your self-esteem. 

However, when they sent you away, that confidence was once again replaced with nerves. Your music sheets were held tightly in your hands. The man who had called you in followed you out, who you found out was the director, in order to call the next person. You were halfway out of the waiting room when you heard him call for Anthony. The curly haired man grinned and stood from his seat. 

“That’s me.” He said in a sing-song voice, making the director grin. You felt like you were missing out on some sort of joke, but you were quick to forget it when Anthony brushed past you, his hand gently grabbing yours.

“Wait for me." 

You quickly nodded. 

You stepped out into the  New York air with a racing heart, almost unable to believe what was happening. However, you weren’t able to think on it as uour phone began to ring in your pocket. You were surprised when you saw your mom calling, though you remembered telling her the date of your audition, and she made you tell her the exact time so she’d know when to call you. With a smile, you answered your phone, leaning against the wall as you brought the phone to your ear.

"Hey, mom.”

“There’s my star! How’d the audition go? They gave you standing ovations, right? They gave you the part immediately, right? I know they did.”  You laughed, shaking your head.

“No, they didn’t, mom. I don’t think anyone does that. I do think they enjoyed my performance, though,”

You could hear the excitement in her voice as she responded  "You’re expecting to be called back, then?“

"Well, I’m not expecting anything. I know there are a ton of really good dancers there, probably all of them better than me.” Your mother sighed.

“Hon, you’ve worked your entire life for this. If there’s anyone who can do this, it’s you.”

“I know, mom…” You let out a heavy sigh. “So, anyway, guess who I saw at the audition?” You asked, trying to change the subject. You could almost see your mom perk up at the sudden change of subject.

“Who is he? Is he cute?”

“Wha- how do you know It was a boy?”

“It’s the tone of your voice. You sound so in love”

“Mom,” You groaned rolling your eyes.

“Well? Who was it?”

“So, you remember Anthony, right?" 

"Ramos? Of course! He was such a sweetheart. My favorite of your boyfriends!" 

You stammered, face turning a red color. "M-Mom! We weren’t dating!”

“Sure you weren’t honey.”

You let out an exasperated noise, running your unoccupied hand through your hair. “Anyway, I saw him. He was also auditioning." 

The squeal she let out made you pull the phone away from your ear.

"Honey, do you know what this means? It’s meant to be!”

“I swear, you act like a teenager sometimes. Mom-”

“You can’t tell me you didn’t like him. I know you. I saw the way you looked at him. And the way he looked at you.”

“Whatever mom, I-”

“(Y/N)!” You heard a voice call to you. You turned your head to the side to see Anthony emerging from the building, frantic and excited.

“Hey, I gotta go.,” You said suddenly rushed, “I’ll call you to let you know how things go with the audition.”

“Go get him, honey!”

You resisted the urge to yell at her and hung up instead. 

The second Anthony saw your conversation was over, he hurried over to you. You were in his arms immediately. It felt surreal to hold him again, but you didn’t let that stop you from wrapping your arms tightly around his neck. 

“I can’t believe this is actually happening,” He mumbled against your shoulder, finding it impossible to let go. He didn’t, though he did pull back slightly to look you in the eye.

“What are you doing back in New York!? I mean- wait, no, that’s a stupid question. Obviously, you’re here for.. y'know…” He stopped and gestured for the building he had just exited, causing you to laugh.

“I decided it was time to do what I want with life. I guess I decided to do so at the right time.” You told him, smiling widely. 

“I guess so." 

"And you’re pursuing musical theater now?"  

Anthony shrugged. "I’ve done a few shows.”

“I always knew you’d turn it into a career. Whenever you were up on stage… It looked like you belonged there. But you said baseball was your thing. I knew you’d come to your senses eventually.”

Anthony chuckled at that, his hands falling off your back to rest on your hips. 
“Well, you were good at being always right.”

“Still am, mister.”

Another laugh from Anthony. You missed the sound too much.

“God, I missed that,” He said nostalgically, one of his hands coming up to rest on your shoulder.

“Missed what?”

“That snarky attitude," 

"My mom would have to disagree with you on that one, My snarky attitude was the bane of her existence," Anthony laughed again.  

"Well I missed it,” He muttered, his fingers gently curling around your arm and holding it gently, “I missed everything about you.”

His voice was breathless as he let his gaze disconnected from yours and moved to examine the rest of your face, He hadn’t thought it possible, but you had grown up to be even more beautiful than you were back in high school. Your eyes shone bright as day, your skin practically glowed. Your smile was more captivating than ever before and your lips, soft and inviting.

It was a moment of lost self-control that his head swooped down to capture your lips with his. He felt your muscles tense at the contact and nearly pulled back with shame and regret, those feelings immediately washed away as you eased into his touch.

You felt almost desperate for the feeling of his lips on yours, a feeling you’d been yearning to know for years. Now you finally had it, and you knew you’d never be able to get enough of it. 

When Anthony pulled away from you, he rested his forehead against yours, breath heavy and smile wide. It felt like this is how you belonged all long, in each other’s arms, breathless from each other’s lips.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” He said fingers gently brushing against your forehead as he moved away a lock of hair. 

“Oh, believe me. I do.”

 Because you’d been wanting that kiss for so much longer 

Of all my sins

      Jerome had always knew that you were a big part in his life; and as much as you were his source of pure happiness, you were also his one rigid root of weakness. The joker never planned to find love along his bloody path, but to his delightful surprise, he did. He found you, and you were his other half: funny, intelligent, beautiful, kind, and you accepted him, and you saw him. You saw him for who he really was; and for that, he could never truly express how much you mean to him.

      Jerome was frustrated- exasperated, even! He could easily slit a knife across anyone’s throat, no questions asked, no remorse in the odious act; but when it came to you, he flinched. He cringed merely thinking about the vile act. For loosing you, he knew he would loose apart of himself; maybe even the whole. He valued you, he cherished you, he loved you; but he was angry. For a man who has something to love, has something to loose. And the fear of loosing something could be another phrase for weakness, and Jerome did not like that at all.

         Jerome sighed, sitting atop the dresser in your room. “You make me weak, (y/n),” he told you simply. Your head shot up, eyes flickering with concern. 

        “What do you mean?”

        “I love you. I love you too much!” he chuckled. “I’m supposed to be this great, invincible killer, right? I’m not supposed to love anything; anything but my work. Then there’s you. You’re my… well, my weakness,” he told you. You nodded, knowing Jerome was never an expert at expressing his feelings, and took the statement as a sincere one. He sighed once again, striding his lithe shirtless body towards you. “What am I gonna’ do with you?” he smirked, taking your hand in his, looking down at your nimble fingers in admiration. His soft, piercing eyes jumped back up to yours. He then lent down, pressing his plush lips onto yours; and you could feel the tenderness in the kiss, and the silent, sweet melody soar throughout the atmosphere. His other hand went to your lower back, pulling you in closer as your lips slowly, deeply moved in sync with one another. He felt the curve of your body, the tenderness of your flesh. And in the gentle ardent moment, your hand traveled to the nape of his neck, lightly tugging at the red strand’s of hair in an affectionate caress. Jerome then forced himself to tear his lips away from yours, resting his forehead against yours as your eyes reconnected in a sweep of warmth. “You’re my weakness; but you’re my weakness, and you’re mine , and I’m okay with that,” he whispered, smiling. “I love you, (y/n).”

intangibel  asked:

Can you imagine Alec buying Magnus flowers? Not knowing how many to get or what kind so just being like fuck it, and buying like 4 bouquets so that when he walks into Magnus' loft he's completely hidden behind them. Magnus deciding they need to be preserved and using magic to prevent them wilting not realising Alec will just keep buying them bc now he knows Magnus likes them - their loft now has more flowers than most florists.

okay but like. this is definitely a thing that happens??? because not only does magnus love them every single time but arguably alec actually loves them even more?? you’re not allowed to have flowers or plants at the institute unless they’re useful and medicinal herbs aren’t always the prettiest, but alec would still spend hours in the greenhouse helping to cultivate them, loving the process of watching something new and good sprout from the earth. but mundane flowers? big and colorful and sweet-smelling and grown for no other purpose than to brighten someone’s day, to add a bit of color and life to someone’s home?? you bet your ass he brings magnus flowers every single day and when he finally moves into the loft he wakes up in the morning and the first thing he sees on the dresser across the room are the flowers he bought for their first date, perfectly preserved by magnus’s magic (what a sap) and for the first time in a long time alec knows he’s really home

Control - Chapter Three

Get Set

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

See fanart and link to fanart by @juustozzi and @ibev at the bottom! 

Kyouka Jirou nodded her head to the rhythm of her guitar strums, tapping her foot to imagined drum beats. She paused, sliding her music sheet paper toward herself, and jotted down a few new notes.


The sound was faint, Kyouka almost missed it.


She stopped writing, but the scratching sound continued. She pulled her earjack from her guitar and set the instrument carefully aside. Furrowing her brows, she closed her eyes and stuck her earjack into the wall.

The scratching was coming from … below?

But isn’t that All Might-sensei’s - She jerked back, startled by a loud crash, and abruptly pulled her earjack from the wall. What -?!

The image of All Might falling on those unsteady legs of his popped into her mind. Seized by alarm, she bolted out of her room and into the elevator.

Be okay, she thought, repeatedly pressing at the close door button, Don’t be hurt.

Dashing between the slowly opening doors, Kyouka ran to All Might’s room. She paused and knocked, “All Might-sensei? Is everything-?

A soft groan came from the other side, and she pressed closer to the door.

“Hold on! I’ll be right there!” She twisted the handle and shoved, willing the door to open. Opening a fraction, the door halted with a loud thud. Through the crack Kyouka saw an overturned wooden dresser blocking the way. Grinding her teeth, she ran down the hall and banged on her homeroom teacher’s door, “Aizawa-sensei! Aizawa-sensei, are you there?!”


He was out.

She looked around, heart pounding in her ears. Her quirk was a no-go - too risky in such a small space.

She twisted around and bolted, calling out as she passed All Might’s room, “All Might-sensei, I’ll be right back with help!”

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“Ruuuuuuby. Good morning, my little chicklet!” Summer sang, lifting her baby girl from her crib and into her arms.

Ruby cooed, glad to see Summer’s cheery face. Summer grabbed her little floral binkie from the dresser in her room and waltz out into the living room, gently swaying the infant in her arms.

Summer glanced into the kitchen, hearing dishwear shifting and the smell of coffee brewing. Her face perked up to see her favorite man leaning his back against the counters, rubbing sleep from his face.

“Qrow!” She cheered, trying to keep her voice close to a whisper as to not spook Ruby.

Qrow didn’t turn his head, but Summer could hear a chuckle come from him.

“Short-Stack. Morning.”

Summer noticed how exhausted he looked. Normally he was clad in his huntsmen clothes and gear, but for the first time since his paternity leave ended, she saw him clad in a pair of plain dark jeans and a black hoodie.

Ruby shifted her weight away from Summer, reaching for her father. Summer smiled, walking toward Qrow to appease their child. She cleared her throat, grabbing his attention. A gentle, warm smile crossed his lips, shifting his own weight to address his little Ruby.

“When did you get back?” 

Qrow snuggled into Ruby’s hair gently, cupping her from underneath as to hold her in some regards with Summer. “About half an hour ago. I’m super beat…’been up all night. If I go to sleep now, though, I’ll be thrown off from the rest of you.”

Summer stood on her toes, kissing his cheek and showing her sympathy.

“Sorry. On the bright side…” Summer’s eyes trailed down to Ruby, silver looking into silver. Summer saw Qrow nod out of the corner of her eye.

“I missed you two.”

“We missed you, too.”

Locking eyes with her husband once more, they shared a tender kiss after being separated for about two weeks.

Ruby fussed, crying under her pacifier.

“Now, now, Petal, no need for that. Daddy’s here. Mommy and Daddy didn’t forget about you.” Qrow continued his snuggle against his daughter’s feathery hair, kissing her gently.

Summer decided to sneak a peck on Ruby’s rosy cheek, feeling an immense joy from having her family back in one piece again. Ruby giggled, sharing her mother and fathers happiness.

Summer looked up at Qrow once more, leaning against him ever so slightly.

“Welcome home, Qrow.”

“Yeah…I’m home.”

I’ll color this later.

Someone wanted Qrow and Summer kissing Ruby’s cheek and this is kind of it? I love me some Hummingbird parents. Cutest dang thing in the whole world.

Summer and Qrow spend so much time spoiling their baby girl with snuggles, hugs, and kisses. She is their precious little Branwen Princess and she will always be showered with love. Daddy especially spoils her, since he has such limited time with her.

If Qrow ends up taking a nap later, he’ll only do it if Petal naps with him.

Slow Ride

A Team Free Will Foursome
(Dean x Sam x Cas x Reader)

A/N: HAPPY SMUT APPRECIATION DAY! Big thanks to @manawhaat​ and @balthazars-muse​ help with beta-ing this, and @kayteonline​ and @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid giving me motivation to write porn. Here’s my contribution to the Smut Apocalypse. Let February 10th live on in infamy. Enjoy! xo

Word Count: 4,911

- Do not read any further if you don’t want to read about sexual situations.
- Polyamorous TFW relationship
- Always wear a condom, kiddos!
*(there is no Wincest or Destiel in this fic)

Tagging people who I hope would enjoy this: @aprofoundbondwithdean @oriona75​ @fvckinpayno @king-crowley-tho @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog​ @abaddonwithyall @kittenofdoomage​ @withoutaplease @deandoesthingstome @spnashley

Based on this imagine: [x]

*gifs are not mine.

You were awoken by gentle kisses being pressed over your face, soft lips leaving wet trails on your cheeks. You fluttered your eyelids and opened them, being greeted by a very delicious surprise waiting for you at the foot of your bed. Dean was standing before you, completely naked, his gorgeous cock already half hard. You glanced at your phone.

It was 12:00 am.

“Good morning, beautiful,” Dean whispered in the dark. “Happy Birthday.”

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Almost Normal

A/N fluffy Marecal cause we could all use it. Takes place before everything falls apart in Kings Cage. Enjoy!

I wake drenched, bed sheets sticking to my clammy limbs. Chest rising and falling to a quick beat as I gasp for shallow breaths. The silver moonlight luminates the room softly. Anything but silver, the colour plagues me in dreams and reality.

Second nightmare tonight.

My eyes dart around the dark room never resting. I glance at Gisa’s sleeping form, even her comforting presence can’t keep the dreams at bay. I don’t dare close my eyes knowing the images are plastered on my eyelids.

I can still feel the sharp silver crown piercing into my forehead cracking my skull, thick red blood seeping into my eyes blinding me, all the while Maven’s cool fingers trace my facial features running down my neck burning into my brand as the crown digs deeper still. My breathing hitches at the thought, I force it to match Gisa’s calm pace.

It was just a dream, just a dream, just a dream.

The mantra does nothing to soothe me, I continue anyways. Faster.

Just a dream, just a dream, just a dream, just a dre-


I whip my neck to face where the noise came from, my heart off to the races yet again. I stare intently at the window, about to turn away when something hits the window with the same offensive sound.

Slipping from the sweaty sheets, on soft steady feet I creep towards the glass. Keeping my back to the wall the whole way.

This could be an attack, Maven here to take me back.

There’s no calming my heart now, beating loud enough to match the inconsistent stones thrown at the window.

I finally reach the wall, legs trembling vigorously, I all but fall against it.

Carefully I turn to peak outside daring to show my face to the attacker.

My vision adjusted to the night hues takes a moment to register the vibrant warm flame, not Mavens icy blue.


I turn to face the window fully rolling my eyes, the fear of an attack gone.

What is Cal doing throwing rocks at my window in the dead of night?

I freeze, Cal wouldn’t come at this hour unless something was wrong.

On a thief’s light feet I fly through the house and down the stairs without a sound.

The cool evening breeze brushes over my arms uncovered in my thin tank top. I ignore the temperature and jog to the side of the house.

Cal stands stone in hand aimed for my window, “you’ll break the bleeding thing if you keep that up” I call softly, and enter into his circle of heat.

He glows in the dim light, and tosses me a crooked grin. All my tension melts away. He crosses towards me in easy strides, I can’t fight the smile from growing on my face.

“What are you doing?” I grin foolishly, my attempt to scold him loses all its game.

“Well I thought this would be safer than going inside and risking your dad, brothers and Kilorn finding me” he’s got a good point, I wince at the thought of my family catching Cal sneaking into my room.

His warm hands caress mine distractingly, my breathing hitches, for a better reason this time. I push of my toes leaning into Cal’s sculpted chest and press a kiss to his lips. As I deepen the kiss he pulls back, meeting my gaze with a equally confused expression, “what are you doing?”

I flush beat red, “I- I thought that you came ‘cause…”

The realization covers Cal’s face and he lets out a roar of laughter. I whack him, “you really will wake everyone if you continue this” he just howls again. “What am I supposed to think? You coming in the middle of the night, why are you even here then?”

“I have something to show you” his excitement is audible and his bronze eyes shine.

Before I can even try to ask again he turns around, taking his heat with him, and begins rustling in the bushes. I take a few tentative steps forward and peer over his broad shoulders. He scoops up bundle of blankets and begins cooing to them.

“Cal what the actual-” just then Cal spins around and thrusts the blankets into my arms. I nearly drop it in shock before I see I’m holding the ugliest scrawniest mutt I’ve ever seen.

Cal’s grin couldn’t be wider, “I named her Spark”

“Spark” squirms in my arms I shift awkwardly to accommodate her. I’m dumbfounded, “you named her Spark?”

“I wanted to choose a name that represents both our abilities. We can change it if you want.” He bites his lip. I just stare until I realize he’s waiting for an answer.

“No, no Spark is fine,” I mumble, “when and where did you even find her?”

Cal drops his goofy grin, “I couldn’t sleep,” nightmares. He doesn’t say but I know. “I went for a walk and I heard her whimpering, she was cold and scared, and well she’s still hungry. I figured we can find her something.” I nod as a process the information. “I don’t know what there policy for pets is here but maybe we can say she’ll be a therapy dog for you.” Cal offers.

I’m about so tell him we can’t possibly keep this dog, we’ll never get permission, I don’t exactly want to get on people’s bad side here. Then I see he’s eyes soften when he watches her. This will be good for him.

“Here hold Spark, I’m going to raid the kitchen and we can take her back to your place” his face quite literally lights up as I place Spark in his arms. He gives me a quick warm kiss, I smile walking back to the house.


I sit on the floor of Cal’s glorified closet legs spread with a restless Spark in bowl of water between them. I’m half soaking wet thanks to Spark’s splashing.

Turns out with a little soap water and scrubbing her coat is actually grey not brown.

“Cal get the towel she’s had enough”

Cal gently scoops Spark from the water rolling her small body in the fluffy towel he warmed. I sigh and collapse against the wall looking over myself somehow I got Spark clean and all her mud and grime ended up on me. With the left over soapy water and a rag I mange to wipe away all of Spark’s paw prints but my tank and flannels are beyond help from a rag.

“Cal do you have a shirt I can wear?” I look over at Cal feeding Spark small pieces of left over chicken I swiped from my fridge. He just nods towards the small dresser across the room, completely entranced by Spark. Although I have to say when she’s cleaned up she’s almost cute with her big brown eyes a soft grey coat.

As I sift through Cal’s drawers Spark let’s out a few yelps I turn to see Cal tickling her, “Cal!” I hiss, “you’re supposed to calm her down not play with her. You’ll wake your neighbours!”

“Don’t worry they expect a little noise from us Mare” he says with a wink.

I gape at him then turn back to the drawer. I find a white t shirt and quickly shed my soiled clothes and slip the shirt on. On Cal it would cling to his toned form on me it hangs lose to my thighs.

I spin on my heal expecting to catch Cal’s fiery eyes sweeping over me instead I find him drifting off with Spark curled up on his chest. I can’t say I’m disappointed. I crawl into bed beside him and brush my lips over his temple while gently stroking Spark’s fur. In this moment we’re almost normal.

Tender Loving Care

Pairing: Morgan x Reader

Word count: 1,345

Request: NO

Warnings: a bit smutty sorry not sorry

Summary: Y/N has never had sex before but it’s Derek’s birthday, so she decides she’s ready to let him take her virginity.  The entire time, he is careful not to hurt her and is really gentle and loving.  Features a tender loving Derek Morgan in bed.  Get ready.

Originally posted by imaginesandmoreforfandom

Your phone rings, startling you.  It’s Derek.  

“Hey,” you say after you pick it up.

“Hello, gorgeous.  Hope you’re not too lonely,” he replies through the phone, the sound of his voice making your heart pick up pace.  Since you’re on the phone, though, it’s easy to pretend you aren’t nervous about his birthday surprise.

“Well, actually I was just finishing up wrapping your birthday gift,” you tell him.  You can practically hear him smile.

“Now, I told you that I didn’t need you to get me anything,” he says.  You smile and roll your eyes.

“Hurry up and come home.”

“Yes ma’am.  I’ll be about fifteen minutes,” he says and hangs up.  Your smile slowly fades as you look around the bedroom you’re standing in.  Candles are lit on the bedside table and the dressers, giving the room a slight, sultry glow and you’ve laid rose petals all over the bed.  Once you put the phone down, you pull your robe a bit tighter to your body, wanting to wait to reveal yourself to your boyfriend.

You grab the last bag of rose petals and start forming a path from the bedroom to the front door.  You decide to light a few more candles and set them around the petals, making the path more obvious.  Once you finish with that, you turn off all the lights in the apartment, letting all the tiny flames be the only source of light. 

Nerves begin to take over as the clock ticks closer and closer to 9:45, the time Derek said he would arrive home.  Within that time, you decide to touch up your makeup in the bathroom while waiting for his arrival.

It’s two minutes till 9:45 when you hear the front door open and your name being spoken by your boyfriend, but as soon as he was fully in the door, he shut his mouth.  You quickly turn the bathroom light off and re-enter the bedroom, standing at the foot of the bed, right in front of the door.  You hear Derek set his keys and bag down in the living room and soon, his footsteps are making their way to the open door of the bedroom.

“Y/N?” he asks before he enters.  He’s met with the sight of you in your robe standing, waiting for him.

“Happy birthday,” is all you respond.  You manage to keep your voice calm and try not to show that you’re in any way nervous.

“Damn,” he replies.  He’s looking you up and down, wondering what is underneath that silky fabric.  “You said you had a present for me?” he asks with a smirk.

You smirk back.  “Why don’t you come unwrap it?” you say, gently tugging at the top of the robe to reveal more cleavage.  His sigh of pleasure fills the room as he makes his way over to you, grabbing your hands and pulling you to him for a warm, tender kiss.  In no time, he finds the strings at your front and pulls, revealing the red lacy lingerie you had bought secretly the day before.  Leaning back, he he takes you in, savoring every inch of your perfect body.

“Damn, what did I do to deserve this masterpiece?” he asks, more to himself than to you.  His praise for you makes you blush and look down at your bare feet.  Derek slowly removes the robe from your shoulders, leaving you feeling very exposed.

“I wanted to give you something very special since it’s your birthday,” you tell him, glancing up up at him through your lashes.  Shyness is quickly taking over your body and you can feel the firm and brave front you wore only moments before begin to crumble at your feet.

“Baby girl, you know I can wait for you as long as you want.  I’ve told you, there is no amount of time too long.”  His arms are on your shoulders, rubbing up and down your arms.

“I’m ready Derek.  I love you.”  You finally meet his eyes, his dark face barely lit by the glow of the candles.

“I love you, too, y/n.  So much,” he replies, stepping closer so that you back up to the bed.  He grabs your hands and guides them to the hem of his shirt.  Just as you sit down on the edge of the bed, you lift his shirt to reveal his chiseled form and throw aside the dark material.  Your hands make their way to his belt, slowly undoing it.  His hands are at his sides, waiting for you.

After you have his belt undone, you unzip the fly on his jeans and pull them down around his knees, giving you a full, pleasurable view of his arousal inside his tight briefs.  Derek shifts on his feet to take off his boots, allowing you to bring his pants down the rest of the way and pull them off his feet.  You throw them in the same direction you had thrown his shirt.

You finally look back up into his dark eyes and your heart races even faster.  Slowly, Derek steps back a bit before pulling his own underwear down, revealing his ready erection.  You swallow hard and grab his hands, pulling him to you and kissing him as deeply as you know how.  The kiss is soft at first, but in no less than two seconds, Derek deepens it, his tongue exploring every corner of your mouth.  It’s wet, messy, and incredibly sexy all the at the same time.  

Both of you are breathing hard now.  After laying you both down onto the bed, Derek reaches behind you to unclasp your bra.  As soon as your chest is revealed, he reaches to gently knead at one before using his other hand to keep his body above yours.

“You’re sure?” he asks gently, quietly.

“One hundred percent,” you answer just as softly.  You grab his neck to pull him down to you, kissing him again.

Between kisses and pants, Derek reaches down to the lacy panties, pulling them down your legs in one swift motion.  You’ve only ever been topless in front of him before, so this is the first time you’ve ever truly been fully exposed to him.  Something about it made you giddy, so you giggle unexpectedly, earning a light chuckle from the loving man on top of you as well.  He kisses you passionately one more time before gently rubbing his tip against your entrance.

“Ready baby girl?” he asks.

You nod enthusiastically and before you know it, he’s inside of you, making you moan slightly.  It was an odd feeling at first, and hurt a bit.  He was incredibly still inside of you, and you knew it was to wait for you to adjust to the feeling.  You gently nod when you’re ready for him to move.  He complies instantly, gently rocking his hips into yours.  It’s slow and soft and incredibly affectionate.  Your heart begins to swell at the idea of how much love you have for this man and he for you.  

Despite his pace, he leans up to look you in the eyes.  “You okay?”

You nod at his question.  It felt so good.  You grab his face again and kiss him more and more as you reach your high.  He’s careful to let you come first, and when you do, it’s a feeling you knew would never be able to be described.  Euphoria takes over your entire being as moans and his name escape your tired lips.

“Fuck,” he says before you feel him twitch.  Thank god you’re on the pill, because you can feel his member release while still enveloped inside you.  His spent body suddenly falls to yours and you are nothing but sweat and limbs tangled together, and you knew that was all you ever wanted to be.

“Happy birthday,” you tell him with a smile.  He chuckles and leans up once more to look at you.

“I am the luckiest man alive,” he admits and pulls you into yet another tender, loving kiss.