dresser diy

Ouija Board random top

I always like to take table tops and paint a ouija board on them to spruce them up.  Its fun simple to do and can add life to any old furniture.  All you need is acrylic paints and you are ready to go

Supplies needed are chalk, spring, tape, water, a thin brush, Acrylic paint(your choice of color) or a gold leafing pen.

we first find the bottom center of the table.  With string/yarn and chalk we make a compass, with the center of the circle being the bottom center of the table.

we go ahead and make guidelines to place our letters

I always like to start in the center to make sure it will be symmetric. You can choose any font you’d like. I went with a Art Nouveau font.

I also put “Yes” and “No” on the board, placing “Ouija” in the center.

with a script brush I traced all the lettering from top left heading towards bottom right so not to accidentally smear any wet paint with the palm

and here is the lettering finished

Once dry, we wipe off all the chalk with a damp rag, then we clear it. And there you have it. 

Dress your dresser

Where fashion meets functionality

The vanity area is undoubtedly the most favourite space of every girl’s bedroom. We spend hours sitting in front of the dressing table each day putting on a little something here or a little something there, combing those tresses and having our own little moment of self-love so it is only fair that our dressing tables look the part too.

Time to organize!

It does not take much to prettify a dressing table as long as you keep it decluttered and organized. Instead of hiding away those elegant makeup supplies display them on clear acrylic containers or mason jars and bring a nice pop of colour. It will also make life easier for you as you won’t have to scour through your drawers to find that lipstick that perfectly matches your dress when you are getting late. Store your cotton balls and q-tips in cute apothecary jars and ditch those ugly plastic containers. Look for storage containers that double as decoration too.

For the love of jewels

Flaunt your jewellery collection by storing them in classy glass cases. Repurpose those small china bowls from your old broken set to store your rings or watches. Buy a gorgeous bust and hang your necklaces from it to keep them untangled. Experiment with new storage ideas because your statement necklace on display can get your dresser some major style points too.

Finishing touches

A dressing area is a very personal space and make sure your dressing area screams you. Incorporate your personal belongings like your photo on a gorgeous sterling silver frame or your favourite quote framed. To bring a hit of freshness keep some fragrant flowers on vase. Decorate with your favourite trinkets or souvenirs from your last vay-cay to remind yourself of the good times when you are frowning over that pimple on your chin on date night. Make a space that not only screams but breathes you.

Isn’t this tray just to die for? I could totally picture it front page of Joss and Main! Its awesome. Would you beleive it if I told you that it was crafted out of an old cardboard box and some scrap fabric? Well believe it, cause it was. I love taking items that would normally go to waste and making them into beautiful things! This would be the perfect recycled tray for my bedroom dresser!