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Colors mean different things to Shadowhunters than they do to humans.


You’ve been requesting some GF for a while now but I’m only gonna sneak you this Movie!Greenflame because.

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Thicker Than Water

Alternatively title “That One Weird Uncle.”
Admin Ammy here, presenting a nifty little one-shot for my pirate AU. :D Would also like to note that this was also me practicing with characters I haven’t written much so I’d appreciate constructive criticism plz and thanks.
Trigger Warnings
: Um… none that I’m aware of?
Characters: Allen Walker, Neah D. Campbell (© Katsura Hoshino)
Summary: Allen was sure of only one thing now: the pirate Neah D. Campbell was strange.

There were certain benefits to being part of the Black Order.

Officers from the Black Order were afforded certain privileges, such as the right to board any ship without prior approval (as long as they were dressed in proper uniform while boarding) or easy access to certain information that other naval officers were not privy to.

But tonight, Allen Walker was mostly happy about the private quarters he got when he was sent on assignment aboard a regular naval ship.

Somehow—and he suspected his tan-coated handlers for this slip—word had spread to the crew that he was under investigation by the Order.

They hadn’t said anything to him directly, but he wasn’t oblivious, nor were they subtle. They had whispered as he passed, uttering ‘pirate’ or ‘bastard’ or any other insult they could come up (and what sailor didn’t have a vocabulary overflowing with foul names?).

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*:’~,*~ did you all know kary’s favorite color is pink?  ~*,~’:*

i saw a post saying you should imagine your oc’s in a princess dress, and this image popped clear as day into my head. kary really likes pretty clothes, but he’s a troll. where would he ever find anything so fashionable(?)–certainly if he did it would be rare indeed for it to come in such a luscious shade of cotton candy.

it has been literal years since i’ve done something this shiny and sparkly in my drawings. i feel so in touch with myself right now lmao <3


ok y'all so my work is having a “spring fling prom night” as part of their newly adopted “employee appreication” program (wherein rather than giving us raises, they spend money on events to “boost morale” and promote good employee relationships 🙄).
The theme of this “prom” is VINTAGE. And initially that meant dressing in 90s, 80s, or 70s prom attire. But they recently made the attire requirement broader and will accept any decade’s fashion. I wasn’t going to go, but since I’ve never been to any other employee event (and am now running out of excuses), and because I am dramatic/could KILL IT w this theme, I thought I’d give it a shot - if I could find the proper dress.
Initially I wanted to do 30s, but I found that 20s would be easier to accomplish, given that people are obsessed w the flapper look for any given costumed event.

So here’s where I need your help! Being true to my self, I am having trouble deciding which is the winning dress. I’m most in love with the first and last, but idk!!!
What do y'all think?

Fresh Air producer Sam Briger talked to writer Maria Semple about her new comic novel, Today Will Be Different. It’s about a stressed-out wife and mother, whose career is stalled. She starts each day with a mantra. Part of that mantra includes, “Today I will take pride in my appearance. I’ll shower, get dressed in proper clothes, and only change into yoga clothes for yoga, which today I will actually attend…”

Maria Semple wrote for Mad About You and Arrested Development. 

Hear this conversation.

Photo Cred. Raquel Zaldivar / NPR

highschool au where luffy consistently mistakes law for ace around campus and kind of inadvertently attaches himself to law to cope with homesickness
he sleepwalks to the guy’s dorm and promptly falls asleep outside his door and that’s how trafalgar law, a notorious senior, is seen putting a sleeping luffy into his car and dressing him in proper clothes at 8am

wild rumours and shenanigans ensue

FREE Yooseven Plot bunny #4

(Feel free to steal! This is an open request for someone to get inspired and write this for me!)


-It’s an RFA Party

-Seven decides to dress up all pretty and attend it professionally dolled up

-Yoosung not realizing it’s him, one of the only not to have got the memo or Seven’s latest shenanigans. 

-Yoosung thinking he’s B E A U TI FUL 

-No one bothers to tell him, the whole night he’s so distracted trying to figure out who this mystery lady is and catch up to her but always loosing her in the crowd. 

-People play along and are like oh yeah, her- she’s like super great at playing LOLOL, and they give out other vague facts about Seven that make Yoosung think he’s falling in love with every new detail.

-Finally he manages to confront her and flustered asks her out after gushing to her that she’s so beautiful and Seven wordlessly replies by kissing him right on the mouth.

-Yoosung is very red and flustered and dazed but before he has time to recover Seven is talking in his normal voice. 

-With this sudden realization Yoosung is left confused and embarrassed bUT StILL atracted to Seven?? 

-Now that he’s thought of Sevens traits and personality under a new light he still can’t help but realize he might have developed a real crush on him in the span of the afternoon??  

-(and could seven really like him back he wonders?? it would seem so)

-Seven is laughing and teasing him but Yoosung just squares his shoulders and asks again about going on a date “You didn’t properly answer me, so is that a yes you’ll let me take you out to a movie and coffee? Luciel?”

-Everyone in the background laughing suddenly stop. It’s Seven’s turn to actually get flustered for once as he realizes Yoosung is seriously asking him out on a date while being fully aware of who he is.

-later Seven is teasingly asking Yoosung whether he expects him to dress up all feminine again for their date. Yoosung tells him he expects Seven to show up in whatever he feels like wearing, as long as Seven actually shows up he’ll be happy. Seven tries to hide how warm and flustered and happy this makes him feel.

me:  hello yes 911 i need to report something missing
911:  what is it?
me:  all of the overdue tasha zapata scenes–––