A History Myth That Really Irritates Me

And it’s been repeated everywhere, including famed myth DEBUNKING show Adam Ruins Everything (which can be deeply misleading about history in general).

Queen Victoria’s wedding dress was not white as an intentional status symbol because white dresses were hard to keep clean, or as a sign of sexual purity. It was a luxury for a wealthy woman, true, and later became a symbol of virginity. But that’s not why she consciously chose it

It was a sign that she had married for love

For centuries, royal English brides had wed in gowns of literal gold and silver cloth, in marriages widely understood to be little more than glorified alliances. Victoria was deeply in love with her fiancé Albert and wanted to show that to the world. So she eschewed the usual precious metals and gems for a (relatively) simple white gown

Relatively. It was still made of very expensive, fine materials and the color made it difficult to clean. But the choice of only English-made fabrics and trim and the visually simpler color/design made clear statements: here was a queen devoted to both her country and her husband. It was a calculated choice, just not for the reasons most people think nowadays

(sources can be provided upon request)

This was a two part request because I HAVE to do the SDR2 boys too :D Again, this is a fem S/O :D

SDR2 Boys seeing Fem S/O in Wedding Dress for fun

Hajime Hinata

  • Can we just say the poor thing didn’t realize what was happening when you sent him a picture of you in a wedding dress
  • With the message ‘Guess whose getting married?’
  • Panicked phone call
  • ‘S/O, when did you get engaged?’
  • Last time he checked, you were dating and everything was fine
  • You apologize and tell him that your mom had gotten her wedding dress out and was letting you try it on
  • You reassured him you were joking
  • But in a dead serious tone you hear
  • ‘Keep the dress on, I am on my way over”
  • Hangs up
  • He is at your house in record time and immediately is like a love sick fool
  • He compliments you and tells you that he wants to ask you to marry him someday soon and that he prays you will say yes to him
  • Precious thing
  • you feel so bad for making him worry

Byakuya Twogami (Impostor) 

  • He was so grateful to you for dating him as long as you had
  • And he never really knew how to react when you would do unexpected things
  • And one day you told him you wanted to dress up with him
  • It was something he was totally fine with and let you look through his assorted items and disguses
  • You found a wedding dress tucked away in the waaaay back of the closet though
  •  And you pulled it out and told him you wanted to try it
  • It was stretched and kinda worn though
  • But you wouldn’t sweat it too much
  • And as soon as you had tried it on, you noticed how huge it really was on you
  • And you stepped out in it with your bra and part of you tummy kinda showing
  • He was already flustered, but told you with a stutter that he was going to help you out with fixing it
  • And shaking hands helped you pin the dress into place properly
  • how magical he didn’t stick you with a pin during it
  • And after he stepped back to admire you…
  • Really really thinking about how he wanted to propose to you as he fully compliments everything about you that he loves…
  • except the dress right now

Kazuichi Souda

  • You weren’t really one for thrift shopping
  • Rarely did you ever do it
  • But you were learning to love it when he would come with you
  • And in the back of the store were a lot of dresses
  • New to old including wedding dresses
  • You told him you wanted to try one on for the fun of it
  • His heart was pounding
  • “How can I even handle that, S/O?”
  • And you grabbed the dress and headed to the dressing room
  • oh no oh no oh no
  • he didn’t even know if he would be able to contain himself anymore if you-
  • Out you stepped, swaying so the puffy skirt would twirl with it
  • kazuichi.exe needs to shut down
  • He is dazed, but almost immediately tells you that you are gorgeous 
  • and that he wants you to buy the dress so he can see you wear it again because of how perfect it is
  • No Souda
  • Let’s buy a brand new one that is even more perfect for our wedding
  • and now we blue screen of death

Nagito Komaeda

  • You would ever consider marrying him?
  • He laughed like a kid at the thought, not convinced
  • You demanded he come with you to go to a dress shop so you could show him that you wanted him to see you in dress that he would love
  • self depreciation the whole way to the shop
  • When you enter, a lovely shopkeeper helps you guys pick out some very pretty white dresses
  • He isn’t picky, saying that he wouldn’t want to soil how beautiful you truly are with the kind of person he is
  • Your eyes roll and disappear into the dressing room
  • Once in a beautiful curve hugging dress with a trail about 5 feet long
  • The shopkeeper announces how gorgeous you look
  • Nagito is immediately perked up at the curiousity
  • You stride towards him, the lady helping neaten the back of your dress before him
  • You were a queen above him
  • He kisses your hand and all the way up your arm
  • ‘What a beauty…and the dress looks nice too.”
  • Melting
  • ‘Are you sure you want to marry a fool like me?’
  • The shopkeeper answers for you pretty damn quickly
  • no one goes into a dress shop with a man and doesnt plan to marry them

Gundham Tanaka

  • He had been considering you to be his Lady of the Shadows for a while
  • You knew that you loved the thought of being his ‘queen’
  • You had actually had a prom dress in a lovely night sky black for a while
  • And you prepared to put together a little getup for him to see
  • You went to the store for a few supplies
  • a cheat veil, paint, and fake black roses
  • Creating the perfect dress for an evil Lord
  • And you invited him to come to your place for dinner and a movie
  • But you told him you had a surprise
  • And BOY did you give him one
  • He was utterly unable to speak
  • his scarf was up to the top of his hair
  • He didn’t know how to react
  • And when you held his hands and pulled the scarf from his face and kissed him
  • he finally hit earth again and cleared his throat
  • ‘For a future courtship ceremony…I would prefer you wear a white…and…”
  • He can’t seem to find the proper words to express anything
  • But all you know is that Overlord of Ice still wants a white wedding
  • thank goodness

Nekomaru Nidai

  • Ever excited for his cousin’s wedding, he is trying on tuxedos and suits for the ceremony
  • He looks so handsome and amazingly good in a suit
  • And you decide that you want to go shopping a bit yourself
  • Finding your way to a boutique that sells formal “after ceremony” dresses for brides
  • You want to maybe be a little less dressed up and show him one
  • Texting him the dress on the rack, he sends you a text saying that he is about to leave the shop and to try it on for when he gets there
  • No way to deny you want him to see you
  • You are finished by the time he enters the store
  • you can hear him come in asking for you in his excited voice
  • And when you step out of the room
  • He thinks it would be a perfect dress for you to wear after your wedding while he dances the night away with you
  • wait
  • Our wedding?
  • Tells you that he needs to see you in a REAL dress that day
  • He will carry you if needed
  • bridal-style

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu

  • Wedding a yakuza is a dangerous choice
  • He would tell you that all the time
  • Through your relationship you knew that he was scared at the thought of marrying you
  • Especially the way his parents were
  • But you wanted to change his mind
  • Your stepsister was married over a year and you asked her for help
  • She had shown up to your mom’s house with her dress in hand and was totally willing to get you put into it
  • no idea you were going to show a yakuza
  • but those are details they don’t need
  • Loads of pictures are sent to him at all different angles and poses
  • He texts you back immediately that he is so afraid that you want to marry him that bad
  • But you tell him that no matter what, his parents life isn’t going to make you love him less
  • He makes sure to meet up with you that night and make your plans for the future
  • Holding your hand and telling you that he loves you more than words can say
  • and maybe marrying you would be the best thing he could do

Teruteru Hanamura

  • The boy has been saying he wanted to marry you from the start
  • Totally adamant in this
  • No answer could change his mind
  • And you wanted to give him what he asked for
  • He decided to cook you a lovely meal one night
  • but your intentions were not to just eat the meal and not shock him
  • You told him you needed to change into something more comfortable
  • but you are wearing a hoodie and sweats S/O
  • OH
  • But he didn’t think you would be coming out of the bedroom wearing your mother’s wedding dress
  • It was utterly beautiful and modern since she had just gotten remarried
  • the spoon is dropped and the face he makes…
  • “My my..S/O…I didn’t realize just how you could make yourself even more delightful’
  • He wraps his arms around your waste and gives you the eyes of a love-lost teenager
  • Does this mean you have to elope now?
  • the answer is yes

plump-lips  asked:

It's me again~ Can I have too separate request if you have a character limit with dr1 boys and sdr2 boys seeing their s/o in a wedding dress but it's for a play.

You want fluff, you got fluff :D Also I will put them into seperate posts by game (because if i make an archive masterlist eventually, they will be easier to find! And I am going to have the S/O as a female for this. Thanks for requesting again darling! <3

DR1 Boys seeing their fem S/O try on a Wedding Dress for fun

Makoto Naegi

  • Your sister had literally JUST gotten married a few days ago
  • And you were gonna be cute and try it on to see how you looked as a ‘bride-to-be”
  • You and Makoto has no plans for anything like that though
  • But you decided you wanted him to see anyways for fun
  • While he was visiting with you and your family, you had your sister help you try the dress on
  • Once she had fit you into it, you called to your boyfriend to come into the room
  • And once he has stepped into the room
  • dramatic stop
  • He drinks in the look of you
  • Almost speechless
  • Your sister is smirking hard at you
  • ‘So when is the wedding you two?’
  • Makoto covers his face and wants to escape, but the view in his mind has him making plans to save up for a ring ASAP

Leon Kuwata

  • While out with your best friend, the 2 of you were looking at dresses at a wedding shop
  • She was engaged now and didn’t even know what dress she was considering
  • While Leon was texting you, she was trying dresses
  • ‘Let’s get you in one and send it to Leon’
  • she wasn’t kidding at all, and in reality, you wanted to know what he thought
  • So you tried on a very elegant and form fitting dress complete with a veil for the full bride look
  • 1000 pictures later, you had sent your favorites to him
  • He is gushing about how stunning you actually look
  • How beautiful of a bride you will be
  • And how that dress is what he wants you to wear that kind of dress when you walk down the aisle for him
  • He is the one for sure

Mondo Owada

  • Mondo and you were thinking about the future after being together a while
  • But marriage was a ways off
  • Of course right now, your brother and future sister-in-law were now home from 2 years abroad for a wedding
  • You had been chattering with her about your biker boyfriend and she thought it was utterly adorable
  • ‘Why don’t you try on my wedding dress and surprise him when he comes over?’
  • You invited him over and when he was on the way, you and your sister got you set up in her wedding dress
  • your brother had to leave the house so he wouldn’t see it
  • But as Mondo walked in the door, you came out of the room and revealed yourself
  • He was starstruck
  • And before you even realized it, he was on one knee in front of you
  • Asking you to marry him 
  • So much blush from both of you
  • You knew he wasn’t totally serious…
  • or you were totally wrong when he ACTUALLY proposed to you a month after the wedding

Kiyotaka Ishimaru

  • Being a part of a Theater club for the school had you dressing up all the time
  • And Taka was often ducking into the theater to watch you working on a show or musical
  • Your character coming up in a show had you dressing up for a wedding in full bridal garb
  • And your Ultimate Moral Compass had to come talk to you while you were getting fitted
  • He didn’t know it was for a show and as he walked backstage, you heard a loud cry of ‘S/O!!!”
  • The whole troupe turned around to see him blubbering like a baby from the curtain
  • You didn’t quite realize how he would react if he saw you
  • and he was clearly pleased
  • Embarrassingly he starts to compliment you and says you are a lovely bride and ramble ramble ramble
  • You explain what your part is for the show
  • And before he leaves he wants pictures for later
  • When you are actually preparing for your wedding
  • It has to be appropriate for you

Chihiro Fujisaki

  • It wasn’t expected that he would be interested in seeing you dressing up with him
  • And you were going through boxes of old clothes from your family and friends
  • And while pulling out a box of formal clothes and dresses
  • You found a wedding dress belonging to…who knows?
  • But it was utterly beautiful and in your size
  • ‘Oh S/O, you need to try it on for me!”
  • Puppy eyes made begging unneeded
  • You began to change in the bathroom, only calling him when you needed the back zipped up
  • And once zipped, it was a little big, but the one strap kept it up better, and pinning gave you the extra help
  • You both stepped into the light of the bedroom
  • And his hands are at his mouth
  • You heard that gasp when he saw it in full
  • And his hands were touching the beading when he finally could move
  • Too many compliments
  • He was so cute that you had to kiss his face multiple times
  • You really did want to wear dresses like this more often

Byakuya Togami

  • Demanding Togami is demanding
  • You were at a SUPER fancy dress shop
  • He needed to get you some things to wear for future functions
  • And while there, he was browsing aisles while you were being dressed and undressed more times than you could handle
  • Ends up in the wedding dress section and he pulls 2 or 3 off the rack and demands you try them on for him
  • You don’t know why, but its probably better not to ask too many questions
  • Dressed in a long, princess type of dress with gold pleats and flowers with jewels
  • real fucking diamonds and gold btw
  • You didn’t wanna even know the price
  • Stepping out of the dressing room, he is sitting in a chair right in front of the mirrors
  • And an almost new smirk you hadn’t seen before was plastered on his face
  • Amused
  • You walk up to the mirrors and they place a veil on your head by his request
  • While you look in the mirror, he steps behind you and whispers that you are so priceless right now 
  • And this is the dress you will wear for your wedding
  • You won’t get a choice in this matter
  • not complaining at all

Hifumi Yamada

  • Didn’t even know he was ever going to get married
  • his anime waifus was really all he ever thought he would have
  • But when you had been dating for a while, you decided to photoshop a wedding dress on yourself
  • He wasn’t going to look if you tried one on for real probably
  • Heckie, his interest was probably not there
  • After a few hours of editing fun
  • you sent the picture to him with a winky emoji face and a ‘what do you think?’
  • you really didn’t hear from him for a while
  • no interest perhaps
  • but soon you got a phone call
  • with a request for you to try a real wedding dress on coming up soon for him
  • Request met a few days later with him utterly in awe
  • He wont tell you
  • but you are better than 2-D in that dress

Yasahiro Hagakure

  • He wasn’t going to be affording a wedding…ever
  • But why would that stop you from teasing him in your relationship
  • At the mall, you and your mom decided to stop into a dress shop just for browsing
  • And low and behold, a beautiful wedding dress that was almost perfect for you
  • ‘Well, you try it on right now!’
  • With your mother and the store clerks egging you on, they helped you into it and began to take pictures
  • So you waited until after work to go to his place and show him the pictures
  • You told him that you wanted to know honestly what he thought
  • And when he saw the pictures, he asked how many you took
  • He wanted to see them all
  • were there tears in his eyes
  • he played it off that he predicted someday you would wear a dress like that as he watched you walk down the aisle
  • to become his wife
  • lets pray the 30% correctness is in his favor this time
  • And ohhhh you plan to make it so