I love that Serena weddding coordinator had all her bridesmaids wearing different dresses but their colors and styles were cohesive and well balanced. Like I been to some boo boo booty weddings where the bridesmaids wore different dresses and it look like devil made production so once again Serena DID THAT

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What would prom be like w sweetpea?

this one was actually not something I was expecting at all and im sad bc i feel like i should’ve put more thought into it (maybe I’ll revisit and revise later)

  • U totally thought he was never gonna ask - and if he did, you assumed it’d be a standard ‘ur my date, right?’ 
  • Nonono he went full out 
  • Definitely had some of the guys help out with the promposal 
  • Toni had to convince him to make it a less grungy
  • Had spent an entire weekend having the whyte wyrm cleaned (ish) and set up with hundreds of candles 
  • ‘This is dangerous pea’ ‘nah toni its totally fine whats the worst that could happen?’
  • Sp standing in the middle of the empty bar, illuminated by the candle light, pool balls on the table arranged to spell PROM? 
  • Sweet in his own sweet pea way 
  • Was v adamant on wearing red 
  • Like really adamant
  • ‘But i like the blue dress’ ‘im still wearing the red tie’ ‘but the DRESS’ ‘WE CAN’T NOT MATCH BABY, RED IS REALLY SEXY I PROMISE’
  • Showed up prom day wearing a skin tight black button down, black jeans, combat boots and his leather jacket 
  • His hair is actually styled back instead of in his face
  • Definitely wore the red bowtie
  • Is really proud that he tied it all by himself 
  • Holds u at arms length bc he cant get enough of how beautiful u look
  • ‘Babydoll..’ 
  • Literal heart eye emojis at you all night 
  • Doesn’t mind a single bit that u wanna take a billion photos (he later goes to have one framed for his wall and sticks another in his wallet) 
  • U bet ur ass u rode into prom on his harley 
  • U bet ur ass everyone had eyes on u 
  • Frequently would lean into your ear to whisper something about how breathtaking u looked 
  • Also probably whispered suggestive things abt his planned activities for the night
  • SP definitely brought u a corsage, and insisted on putting it on you 
  • Didn’t want to miss a single slow song. Danced to them all.
  • Dancing with toni and jug and fangs, watching his discomfort bc he can’t actually dance for the life of him 
  • Twirls you a lot 
  • ‘My real life princess’ 
  • Totally took u home and took ur dress off with his teeth

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I am a bit confused about bloomers. Bloomers is, according to one definition, is undergarments. I do not want people to think that I am inappropriately dressed, wearing them as pants. And then, according to Wikipedia, bloomers in japan is used for physical education. And then there is pumpkin pants. What is the logic to all of this, and should I feel comfortable wearing bloomers with nothing over it? Is there anything I should look out for or keep in mind?

The physical education one is a v Japan specific thing, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that - it’s mainly about context♪

Usually bloomers are used either underneath skirts, especially those that might be short or see-through, especially petticoats and tutus. It also means that if your skirt lifts up in the wind (or some rude person decides to see “what holds it up??) then you’re protected. They also add an adorable frilly layer to your skirt, which is a huge bonus in fairy kei, aka the fashion dedicated to layering.

They also look amazing underneath long sweaters or tops. They’re usually worn when your upper isn’t long enough to wear alone, but is too long to wear with a skirt/too hot to wear trousers!

Some bloomers also just work as shorts! I refer to them as bloomers since they’re usually made for lolita fashion, but the length often means they’ll work as stand-alone shorts. They’re actually called Drawers (ドロワーズ) in Japanese.

Pumpkin pants on the other hand are shorts with a different cut to the usual. They flare out at the top and tighten towards the bottom, giving them a “Pumpkin” shape! 

Bloomers (L) vs Pumpkin Pants ® - Image sources KERA Magazine &  Listen Flavor Harajuku

I don’t think anyone will think you’re wearing them inappropriately - they’ll probably be too focused on your pastel outfit to notice (´∀`;;)

I hope that clears things up for you 💝

♕ ~Fairytale Ask~ ♕

I’ve just made a little magical ask to enjoy on a cold November day~

☆Wishing well: You can have one wish, that will come true. Which one will you make?

☆Secret garden : You have your own little flower garden, what kind of flowers will you plant?

☆Seven dwarfs: You have seven little dwarfs. Choose seven cute names for every one of them.

☆Pixie dust: You can have one superpower. Which would you choose?

☆Time machine: You can travel into the past. Which time period would you like to visit?

☆Mermaid tears: You can live in the sea. Choose a sea creature that will accompany you.

☆Magic wand: You are attending a ball. Describe the dress you’ll wear.

☆Magic carpet : You can visit any city in the world, where would you go?

☆Book of spells : You have your own library. Choose some of your favourite novels you’ll fill your bookshelves with.

☆Pan flute : You can choose one song/classical piece as your personal anthem. Which one will you choose?

☆Reindeer sleigh: You are throwing a Christmas party. Choose your favourite Christmas song/ carol.

☆Rapunzel tower: You can live in your own castle. Which real or fantastical castle would you like it to look like?

☆Magic mirror: You are decorating your castle. Choose a beautiful piece of art that speaks to your soul.

☆Neverland: In your own ideal world, what will the weather be like? Which season will rule?


Clothes don’t decide gender

Trans people don’t have to fit in to their gender’s stereotypes to be valid, for example:

  • a transboy wearing a dress doesn’t make him any less of a boy
  • a transgirl wearing typically masculine clothing doesn’t make her any less of a girl
  • a nonbinary person dressing fem/masc doesn’t make them any less nb

please feel free to add more examples🏳️‍🌈

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I got a date tomorrow (saturday) !! What kind of clothes can i wear to bedazzle him? it’s really cold out so i dont wanna show much skin (even though we will probably sit at a café) yet i dont want to be covered in lots of layers either. My bodytype is big hips and no boobs 💕 kind of like a pear. Long hair (maybe buns? but cold ears without cap), if you can give me some advice, it would be amazing 😘 i have little to no experience with make-up either..

I recommend wearing a dress, tights, boots, and a sweater. Tights will help give you the appearance of being less clothed while still keeping you warm. I prefer a dress on the first date as opposed to something more casual, because I feel that dresses really help acknowledge the date in its fullness. It doesn’t have to be a fancy dress and it definitely shouldn’t be a super short dress- don’t spend the entire date hiking it down because he WILL notice. Choose something that goes no higher than your knees- make him wonder.

I recommend wearing one piece of jewelry- whether that’s a bracelet, necklace or earrings (if you go with a bun, dangling earrings. If you choose to have your hair out, short earrings). Choose a piece of jewelry that complements your outfit color wise, jewelry can make you look very sophisticated when used sparingly.

In terms of makeup- keep it simple! You’re not going to master the skills of makeup in this short of time. Buy some tinted chapstick that complements your complexion. Lipstick is too fickle for first time use! I never wear lipstick, I’m always rocking the tinted chapstick and you better believe that my lips are hella moisturized. 

Buy some eye shadow and use it to outline the tops of your eyelids like Cinna from the Hunger Games. I recommend Maybelline gold. Gold is an excellent color for all complexions! I want ya’ll to know that I was rocking the Cinna gold eye shadow look since before the Hunger Games was written. But whatever.

i haven’t actually seen Son of Zorn but last time I was in Target i picked up one of the fake Masters of the Universe-style toys of him because the sheer novelty of a “new MOTU” figure was too good to pass up

it’s what you’d expect from a MOTU toy, except it’s wearing a dress shirt and a tie. still, it’s a fun novelty for ten bucks. maybe i should try to watch the show. 

Ok, but there is no justifiable reason that two active kunochi CHILDREN need to be wearing short dresses/skirts that barely cover their bottoms? Like? Why did Sarada and Sumire loose their pants in the manga? And why are some people ok with that? We live in a patriarchal society that sexualizes women and young girls constantly. And men think it’s justifiable to prey on them? Can we get really angry about this? Like, if they were in their late teens that would make more sense (slightly), but they are prepubescent. It’s fucking gross.

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Why do you think the Duggar girls stopped tanning as much? They practically stopped. Why do you think that was the fad? Even Jana who usually follows more classic/preppy trends and Hunger who was the boho/hipster before I made her preppy. I wonder what other trends the girls followed, like perms!

I think they realized that they have overdone it big time, just like with the crunchy hair. http://keepingupwithfundies.tumblr.com/post/161591624931/did-jinger-used-to-use-self-tanner-in-lots-of-old

When the kids got bigger the family started to venture out a tiny bit and the kids probably noticed that even good, godly church friends didn’t have to wear prairy dresses, crunch their hair and tan a whole lot. So they stepped up their style game and Jing became the Duggar style queen.

As to other trends: Here is a fun little Duggar family style chronology until Jill’s wedding: https://cookiesandsangria.com/2014/06/23/the-duggar-girls-a-style-chronology/


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I love the idea of Eleven adoring wearing dresses and bows and nail polish and Max's major concession to performative femininity is keeping her hair long and they're both the best of friends because gender presentation isn't on their radar at all when they're hanging out and sometimes beating up inter-dimensional monsters.


Your Daily Feminism Update

Why can a woman wear manly clothes (a shirt, pants, etc) and seem stylish,

And a man can’t wear a dress or a skirt, because he is gurly and losing his manhood ?

Because society thinks that being a man is good, and a woman adorning herself with symbols of man’s power is good. But being a woman is bad, so when a man dresses like a woman, he loses his worth.

Note: this is stupid not only because gendered clothing is an idiotic concept ment to devide and create markets for the capitalistic industries, but also because it doesn’t even stand true with what is biologically beneficiary to our anatomies. Men should wear loose pants, like skirts, because the male genitalia need to be cooled easily and not compressed. Traditional dresses throughout history in different cultures accentuate this : The Kilt, ir the foustanela (trad.greek manly skirt) or the mantles that were worn in ancient Greece and Rome, or the roman toga.

  • I’m not an expert, just thought of this with my simple mind, excuse innacuracies, and corrections are welcome

Peace Out