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A dress.

You were wearing a dress. And for some reason Jungkook’s hands were sweating profusely. Because you looked beautiful in hoodies and ripped jeans and vans but you looked…. ethereal when you actually tried and washed your hair more than three days at a time.

Your legs were shaved above the knee and Jungkook thought he might actually die if you kept looking up at him from under your lashes.

“How do I look?” You grumbled, hands going to twist at the material nervously.

Jaw dropping. Astounding. Fucking other worldly.

“Like Hoseok hyung when we made him cross dress last Halloween.” Jungkook scoffs.

“I’ll kill you in your sl—”

Your hand was stopped before it made any real contact with the back of Jungkook’s head and your heart nearly burst from your chest when the culprit turned you to lace your fingers together.

“You look really pretty.” Jimin grins before frowning at Jungkook, “Stop picking fights.”

“Stop lying to her because she’s ugly.” Jungkook retorts.

But it goes over your head because as annoyingly handsome as Jungkook looked in his tuxedo, Jimin was… he was—

“You look beautiful.” You sputter and flush when Jimin laughs at you, “I mean… handsome I just… y-yeah.”

“You look beautiful.” Jungkook mimics back in a voice that is much too high to be a rendition of your own because according to him you sounded like three cats being shoved in a blender at once whatever the hell that meant.

“Are you nerds ready to go?” Jungkook sighs, “The quicker we get to prom the quicker we can go to the after party.”

“If you didn’t want to go then why did you show up?” You glared, not for the first time wondering why the hell he was sabotaging your chances with Jimin.

“Because we swore that if we didn’t have prom dates by the end of the month we would go together and for some reason your nasty little self thought that included you.” He sneered, wrapping a protective arm around Jimin.

I’m the one who came up with it!” You cried.

Jimin laughed between the two of you before moving to lace his arms around both your necks, “I love you guys and you’re my best friends but you’re seriously annoying.”

She started it.”

He started it.

You and Jungkook glare at each other and Jimin rolls his eyes before dragging you behind him, “Let’s just go already, yeah?”

  • Director: I'm making a movie set in the 17th century and I need costumes and I have an unlimited budget.
  • Costume Designer: ok, you got it-
  • Costume Designer: I-

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Ok, follow up question, how come she looks like she's wearing a dress in the second picture?

She’s not? The pants are tight at the waist and gradually become looser at the legs. That’s the point of the skirt/pants combo. Sometimes you see a skirt, sometimes you see pants.

Harry Benson, photojournalist, who shot Hillary in Washington for People in 1995: “I have photographed Hillary Clinton many times — before, during and after her days in the White House. I like this photograph taken in the Blue Room in 1995 because Hillary looks happy and relaxed — like that is where she belongs. She dressed the part — wearing navy blue to compliment the room she had just redecorated.”

(ooc: still have no sketchbook, nor any pencils/erasers, but i wanted to draw. Shy is a male, likes to be addressed as he/him, they/them are fine, and he loves to wear dresses and feel pretty. To him, wearing such makes him feel comfortable and happy. This kinda represents me, but opposite. I am a female, like to be addressed as female, but love to wear “masculine” clothes because it is comfy for me. What people don’t realize, is that they misgender both me and Shy for these reasons. I’ve had people tell me I look prettier dressed like a girl, when I’m not being a man. Well, that hurts, I’m not trying to be a man, I’m just trying to wear things that feel right to me, feel comfortable to me. Why do clothes have to tell others what gender you are? Weren’t they first made to protect against the environment? We are so quick to judge, some can’t even be comfy in what they wear in fear of being ridiculed, or called something they are not. I say, let people wear what they want! If I want to wear basketball shorts and a tank top, and be seen as a female, let me! If Shy wants to be a pretty princess but still be a male, let him! Life is too short to be self conscious with how we look, and we already have enough problems. I don’t need the added anxiety of what you think of how I dress, I am not going to change. And neither should you, wear what you want!~ Live “your” life, don’t try to live an imposters. I am a girl, I like to wear t-shirts with superheroes and basketball shorts, black and blue sneakers, and I’m happy with my choice to do so. Shy is a boy, who loves to feel like a pretty toon, wearing dresses and skirts, Mary Janes, whatever, and he won’t change that! Don’t bend to another, be yourself, for there is only one true you, and you are unique, not like anyone. Why try to be like them and sad, when you can choose to be yourself, stand tall, and prove everyone that you can be happy, by being yourself!~)

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okay, so you like galaxy girls. you got any galaxy girl-centric fics for me? they are honestly my favorite pairing and i just need more content

A Traveling Soldier – A short little 1.2k fic that’s pure fluff and flirtation! Very sweet!

I’m Not Wearing a Dress – A sweet 700 word fic about Zoe wearing a tux to prom!

Of Blizzards and Mario Kart – 4.5k fic about Zoe/Alana going on a double date with Jared/Evan. It’s very, very sweet and Zoe/Alana is the main focus!

All I Want is the Taste that Your Lips Allow – Minific about Alana and Zoe playing hide and seek! Very lovely and a wonderful characterization of Alana!

Can We Try That – A lovely Zolana series! Very well-written. The first part is Zoe helping Alana through a panic attack, and the whole series does a good job of touching upon Alana’s mental health.

Oh, Honey of My Mind, Do You Know? – Zoe is so in love. Very very minor Connor/Evan 

I Wanna Give Her the World – Zoe and Alana end up as college roommates. Mentions of past Evan/Zoe.

We’ve Got What We’ve Got – Connor and Alana become friends. Alana is in love with Zoe. A very well-written fic!

Also some shameless self-promotion!

How Beautiful You Are – This was the first galaxy gals fic in Ao3 (also I happen to have written it b/c yay)

3 – Tattoo artist!Zoe meets florist!Alana and they flirt!

My T-Shirt – Fluffy fluff about Alana forgetting her gym clothes on day.

And of course! The one and only YKTGTYLR also features a lot of Galaxy Gals! The chapters If So…, and Aluminium Floors definitely feature the most Zolana (as well as Stand Up and The Memory).

Also, if anyone knows of any other good Galaxy Gals fics, please feel free to add to this!

unwelltransguy  asked:

[1] I'm so frustrated with people in my life assuming and claiming I'm a feminine transguy. They do it because I'm pre-everything so visually I'm slightly feminine-androgynous looking but I can't control that, they also claim because I collect and paint ball jointed dolls (they're very expensive, up to several hundred £ per doll) and have a ‘cute’ art style and I have a large chest so my binder, as good as it is, doesn’t flatten my chest. I wear exclusively ‘masculine’ clothing, the thought of

[2] wearing anything even slightly feminine makes me feel physically sick (no shade to anyone who does, it’s a personal thing with me only). However the people who claim I’m transfeminine are mutual friends with another trans guy, he is lucky, he looks male pre-everything and has a very small chest, he constantly wears dresses and full lolita, makeup, ‘female’ wigs, acts 100% feminine, they call him transmasculine when he’s never claimed to be. [3] Because I don’t pass that means I can’t be transmasculine in their eyes and it upsets me a lot because I try so hard. And unlike him I keep my doll hobby between myself and my friends in the hobby, the other guy posts almost exclusively lolita selfies and other feminine stuff, but I get my identity taken away from me because I don’t pass. And these are a combination of trans and cis people doing this to me. [end]

I’m sorry about that. The people who are assuming your identity like that are complete dicks, but maybe you should try talking to them about it and explaining that it makes you uncomfortable? I understand how it feels to think people are perceiving you as feminine when you aren’t and it’s completely unfair that they regard him as transmasculine because he passes better in their eyes. You have my full support, and yeah, I get the whole thing of trans and cis people doing that. A lot of times people blame cis people for a lot of this stuff but we disregard that a lot of trans people generalize other trans people in the community too. (Also, my boyfriend says he feels bad for you and he also supports you, he was with me when I read this). I hope things get better for you but know that I am willing to help in whatever way I can and if you ever want to talk one-on-one my main blog is @lets-stay-o-k

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Do we ever get to see the paladins in formal wear? Altean dress uniform, perhaps?? *awaits the Smiley of Cryptic-ness*



If my friends knew that I was self conscious about my body. They wouldn’t be mean to me about not going to prom.

If my friends knew I had gender issues. The would understand why I’m not going to prom.

If my friends knew I was scared of social events, to the point that they made me feel sick. They wouldn’t be constantly angry that I’m not going to prom.

If my friends knew how depressing and sickening dresses make me feel. They wouldn’t tease me about times where I did wear dresses, when I was a bridesmaid at my cousins wedding, a Christmas party when I was 7, on holiday when I was 11.

But my friends don’t know.

does that still count as an excuse to be mean, angry, mad, negative towards a person because of 1 choice over a small thing.

A mere sentence in the book of life, and it can be swapped, changed and turned around because of an itch of fear in my head.

And I can’t tell them.