similarities between harry potter and neil josten 

  • both are oblivious af
  • both can roast someone to death
  • they are passionate about a sport and are amazing at it
  • they don’t really have friends until hogwarts/palmetto
  • both have been abused by relatives
  • both are brave and a martyr
  • both of their parents are dead
  • both have an enemy who wants them dead
  • both have a lot of money that’s not theirs
  • both have watched people die, both watched their own mum die
  • both are confused when people are kind to them
  • voldemort and bellatrix are basically nathan and lola
  • both are dressed with over-sized clothes and have no sense for anything fashion
  • “wow, I wonder what it’d be like to have a difficult life“
  • both have a friend who’s even more obsessed with the sport than them

In That Moment (Stan Uris X Reader)

WC: 1779

Warnings: Mentions of injury, cursing

Summary: Y/N visits Stan after his near death experience, and Stan decides to say some things he’s kept hidden for a while

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A/N: My first IT fic! Hope y'all enjoy!

Y/N Y/L/N stood on the front porch of the Uris household, clutching a bouquet of flowers in her sweaty hands.

She had come to see Stan, who had only just finished his brief stint in the local hospital. The doctors claimed that Stan had serious wounds around his face, which was no shock to Y/N and the rest of the Losers.

However, only the Losers knew exactly how those wounds got there, and they knew that no adult would believe the truth.

Y/N took in a deep breath and rung the doorbell, the chiming sound magnified, thanks to her anxious mind.

Normally she would only be somewhat anxious around Stan, thanks to the ‘fucking obvious’ crush she had on him (according to Richie). However, Stan’s breakdown in the sewers played in her head on repeat, his harsh words still cutting Y/N deeply.

She was suddenly torn from her thoughts by the sound of a creaking door hinge, and she snapped her head towards the doorway.

“Oh, hello Y/N. I take it you’re here to see Stan?” Mrs Uris said, smiling as she gestured to the flowers in Y/N’s hands.

“Yes, Mrs Uris.” Y/N said shyly, and Stan’s mother let out a soft chuckle at the girl’s formal tone.

“Well he’s up in his bedroom. You don’t need me to show you where that is.” She said, laughing softly to herself as she ushered Y/N into the house.

A crimson blush swept over Y/N’s cheeks at the older woman’s words. Y/N and Stan had been inseparable since they were young, and Mrs Uris found it endearing how close the two were.

“Stanley! You’ve got a visitor.” Mrs Uris called, and there was a slight grunt of a reply from upstairs.

"He’s all yours.” With those words Y/N took in a deep breath and walked upstairs, the stairs squeaking under her feet.

She made her way up to the top, and automatically moved towards Stan’s bedroom. Her hand rested gently on the doorknob, and she took in a deep breath before twisting it, opening the door.

“Y/N.” Stan breathed out as her face came into his line of vision. She gave him a weak smile, closing the door behind her as she entered his room.

"Hey. How are you feeling?” Y/N said, setting the flowers down on Stan’s desk before sitting down on the end of his bed.

"You brought me flowers?” Stan asked suddenly, and Y/N’s face started to go pink.

"Yeah. I thought, you know, because you nearly died, flowers would be kind of appropriate? God, that sounded so weird.” Y/N said, cursing under her breath.

A chuckle slipped past Stan’s lips, and he winced slightly at the action. “I think it’s sweet.” He said, and Y/N’s eyes went wide.

"Y-y-you do?” Y/N said and Stan nodded tentatively, a hesitant smile on his face.

"Be careful Y/N, you’re starting to sound like Bill.” Stan said, and Y/N let out a loud laugh, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

"So, has anyone else stopped by yet?” Y/N asked, shuffling a little bit closer to Stan.

"Not yet. You’re the first.” Stan said gently, and Y/N felt her stomach fill with butterflies.

Y/N looked up at him shyly and caught a glimpse of love in Stan’s eyes, and she felt the butterflies in her stomach increase in number.

They sat there together for a few seconds in silence, Y/N fiddling with the hem of her shorts and Stan fidgeting with his sheet.

"Did you mean what you said down there? You know, that we weren’t your friends.” Y/N said, and Stan let out a shaky breath.

"Well, uh, at the time, I guess I meant it. But I certainly don’t now.” Stan said, and Y/N’s blush grew darker as he scooted closer to her.

"For someone who had a near death experience, you, uh, you look pretty good.” Y/N said, a sudden burst of confidence spurring on her words.

Stan’s cheeks went bright red, which didn’t help the somewhat dorky appearance he had, thanks to the giant bandage wrapped around his face.

“I, uh, thanks.” Stan stammered, his gaze directed towards his bare feet that hung off the edge of his bed.

“You’re welcome, Stan.” Y/N muttered, her brief moment of courage gone and the adrenaline quickly leaving her system.

Stan felt a smile creep across his face as he bravely looked up, training his eyes on Y/N.

He noted just how cute she looked with her cheeks that pink, and he chuckled internally when he noticed that she was wearing Beverly’s shirt.

Girls share everything, apparently, and he remembered Y/N telling him that.

"Hey, Bev. Here’s your dress back.” Y/N said, passing Beverly the article of clothing.

“Y/N, why do you have Bev’s dress?” Eddie asked, tilting his head in curiosity.

“I bet they fucked. That’s so hot.” Richie said, and he was met with a sharp whack to the stomach from Stan.

“God, Tozier. Bev lent me her dress because I had nothing to wear out to this family event, and she happened to have a nice dress in my size.” Y/N said, and Beverly nodded in agreement.

“That’s so weird. I don’t share my clothes with Eddie. That being said, if he ever wore my clothes they’d probably come back with some STD from his mom.” Richie said, and everyone in the group let out a groan.

“Richie can you shut the fuck up for a second?” Stan said, and Richie just shrugged his shoulders, leaning back on his hands.

“Girls just share clothes with each other. It’s cheaper than having to buy new clothes every month.” Beverly said, and Y/N nodded, a smile bright on her face.

Stan felt his stomach flip at the thought of Y/N dressed up. He had only ever seen her in shorts and t-shirts, with the odd basic dress here and there.

She was beautiful no matter what she wore, that Stan was absolutely sure of.

“Y/N, I, uh, I need to tell you something.” Stan said, and Y/N looked up at him with wide eyes.

“Fire away, Uris.” Y/N said, and Stan inhaled deeply, bravely reaching out to take Y/N’s hand in his.

A squeak slipped past Y/N’s lips, and she felt her entire face grow hot at the contact between the two of them.

“Well, I’ve been holding onto this for a while, and I’ve been contemplating whether or not to tell you, but then this happened and I thought ‘I have to do this.” Stan said quickly, gesturing to the bandage around his face with his free hand.

"Uh huh.” Y/N said, nodding her head slowly, still trying to process what was happening.

"I really like you Y/N. I think you’re adorable, incredibly smart, and so funny. When I was down in the sewers, I kept thinking ‘I’m going to die without telling Y/N how I feel’, and that scared me more than that goddamn clown ever could.” Stan said, and Y/N felt her heart beat at an unnatural speed.

“Stan.” She whispered, drawing the boy’s full attention to her. She grabbed his other hand and held it softly, lacing her fingers with his.

Stan’s eyes were wide in surprise. He was shocked that Y/N felt the same, because he’d always assumed his crush on her was unrequited.

“Yeah?” He whispered, trying to calm his erratic breathing as Y/N looked at him.

“You are by far the sweetest boy in Derry, and I’ll be damned if anyone thinks otherwise.” Y/N said, and Stan’s blush grew drastically darker.

Y/N tentatively placed a hand on the side of Stan’s face, and he hissed slightly.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to.” Stan cut Y/N’s rambling off with a kiss.

Y/N’s eyes widened when Stan’s lips made contact with her own, but they closed quickly, melting into the kiss.

His lips were soft and warm, tasting somewhat of buttered popcorn. Y/N bravely moved her hands up to Stan’s mop of curly hair, running her finger through it lightly.

Stan’s hands rested on the back of Y/N’s neck, fiddling slightly with the tag of her, no, Beverly’s, shirt.

Y/N pulled away slowly, and she noticed that Stan’s eyes were still half closed, a dopey grin on his face.

“You can open your eyes, Stan.” She said, and Stan opened his eyes slowly, a sheepish grin on his face.

“Sorry.” He muttered, his forehead resting against Y/N’s, his warm breath hitting her face.

She scrunched up her nose slightly, and Stan let out a soft laugh. “Don’t laugh at me, Uris.” Y/N said, and Stan’s laugh grew louder as he moved his face away from Y/N’s.

“I’ll let it go, but only because you’re cute.” Y/N muttered, pecking Stan’s cheek softly.

He smiled widely at Y/N, wrapping his arms around her. Suddenly the peaceful air of the room was disrupted by a cacophony of all too familiar voices.


“Thank God.”

“You go Stan the man!”

A groan escaped Stan’s lips as he looked up to see all his friends standing there, clutching a variety of gifts.

"What are you guys doing here?” Stan asked, somewhat impatiently, and a smirk spread across Beverly’s face.

“We came to see you, of course, by request of someone… special.” Beverly said, and Y/N glanced nervously up at Stan.

They both gave the rest of the Losers a strange look, and Richie let out an annoyed sigh.

“Stan’s mom snitched and said that Y/N was here, and that it might be a good idea to visit.” Richie said, and both Stan and Y/N turned an even brighter shade of red.

"Clearly your mom can read people well.” Ben said, smiling brightly at his two friends cuddled up together.

“I’m just glad the two of you finally fessed up. You look a lot happier.” Mike said, and Stan kissed the top of Y/N’s head.

“Ok, we get it, you’re in love. Now move over Y/N, we’ve got gifts for the man of the hour!” Richie said and laughter crossed the room as Y/N stood up.

She glanced over at Stan, an overjoyed look on his face as he received gift after gift, and realised that she would never be happier than she was in that moment

I’m posting this because I want to say I hate my body. I’m not going to lie, I have always wanted to be smaller and am currently in the process of trying to lose some weight.

Women generally go through life thinking that they are never the right size, that they should be skinnier, curvier, have bigger or smaller boobs etc. but I think that every body is beautiful.

I am a size 18/20 and I have always been on the plus size. This makes it tricky to find good clothes (personally) because of the size of my chest, or hips, or bum. There is NO perfect body size. Everyone is attracted to different sizes or feels comfortable at different sizes. If you feel comfortable being a size 6 or a size 26 then that should be YOUR choice.

I wish I could tell women that they’re all beautiful no matter their dress size. Some people are born with a larger or smaller size and it is physically impossible for them to gain or lose weight and yet they are still bullied or told they are “wrong.”

I just want to say a big FU to this and tell you all to stop looking in the mirror and wishing you could be something different. You are you and YOU are beautiful, okay?

I realise that this post is slightly hypocritical since I am losing weight myself, but the idea was to say that the size I am now is fine, I just feel the need to be maybe one dress size smaller. 

Love your bodies, ladies.

Do not ever...

… EVER think you are allowed to comment on a woman’s size without repercussions. you may not see them, but every time any guy tells a girl she is undesirable because of her size, that girl will feel undesirable to everyone, even if she has admirers. You may not see the outcome of what you say, but if you saw, if you felt what that girl was feeling, the guilt of it would make you sick. It’s okay if you don’t want to date her. We all have our own idea of “attractive” but don’t tell her it’s because of her SIZE! You have NO. FUCKING. CLUE. how often she is told that she is worthless because of her size. I know. I fucking lived it almost my whole life. 

I tell people I wanted to lose weight to be healthy. Yes, that may be true. But the bigger reason for losing weight was because I was constantly being rejected by so many people because all that mattered to them was my SIZE!

Nevermind the fact that I am a living, breathing human with hopes and dreams and stories of my own. Or the fact that I’ve spent six years teaching myself how to play beautiful melodies on the piano, or that I read books and I sometimes think I’m in the book, or that I have those moments when I lie awake at night listening to music and finally understand my own existence. Or that I love baking and saturday morning cartoons and road trip adventures. Or that I’ve slept on top of mountains and went skinny-dipping in the ocean or that I’m a good singer and an even better cuddler and I write secret stories anonymously online. NO! BECAUSE DRESS SIZES!

“I do not want to ride the moped.”
And with that sentence, you just lost the right to even talk to me. 

I wish people would realize that sizing differs between each era and that Marilyn was actually very tiny. Her measurements were 37-22-35. By her measurements and today’s sizes she’d be about a size 2.  This quote “to all those girls who think they’re fat for not being a size 0, its not you who’s ugly it is society” was actually never said by Marilyn. When Marilyn was alive, size zero hadn’t been invented yet. Size zero was invented in 1966 around the time Twiggy became popular. 

ABCs of Marilyn Monroe

→ D: Dress size

Marilyn’s dress size has been up for debate for years. Rumours that she was a size 16 (UK) were widely believe to be true. In April 2009, a journalist for The Times, who was a size 12 (UK) had the chance to try some of Marilyn’s clothes on. To her surprise, the clothing did not fit - and it wasn’t because they were too big! Quite the opposite actually, the clothes were too small. It is her opinion, which cannot be denied, is credible, due to her own experience, that Marilyn was a size 8 (UK) or at her “heavier” moments a size 10 in today’s sizes. Although Marilyn was a very curvy woman, she was a lot smaller than many people believe and in reality would never have fit size 16 clothing.

#Gainspo, Weight &  The 200+ Club

In The Beginning

I’ve gotten quite a few messages and requests while I’ve been away and some have been regarding gainspo and general weight gain. My tumblr has always combined and crossed a couple of “-spo” topics including thickspo, gainspo, liftspo and to a smaller degree fitspo (but not the weightloss-centric aspects of that “spo.”)

A lot of my original followers and many present day followers were gainspo folks just looking to increase their weight and do so mainly through caloric surplus. Lifting wasn’t a focus for them but later became a pathway to achieve their goals quicker and in a healthier way.

You know from past posts that I’ve never advocated what I call “straight weight gain” since simply sitting around eating extra calories and using antihistamines to increase your appetite can be disastrous down the road for many. Diabetes and other issues later in life can be a dead end literally if bad health habits are picked up in younger years.

Having said that, I know where anyone is coming from when they’re underweight and looking to gain. I was severely underweight myself for most of my life.  My weight issue was a mixture of early psychological pressures from family, a metabolism so fast it defied imagination and stress over deaths and abandonment. I’m convinced being essentially malnourished weakened my immune system and caused my numerous health issues including asthma, chronic athlete’s foot, headaches, and other ailments. Once I reached a “proper” weight so to speak I was never sick again.

Besides that, there were of course self-confidence issues involved and reaching a healthy size changed my life in numerous ways.

All About The Numbers

Usually, gainspo folks are all about the numbers.

And I definitely sympathize with anyone looking to gain weight but again always advocate doing it through adding as much lean mass as possible rather than simply adding excess bodyfat. Lifting remains the healthiest and most assured way to add pounds though.

Anyone who has attempted to gain weight knows the gains can at times come slow or seemingly not at all. That may be why an obsession with numbers sets in sooner or later. Seeing your progress manifest through something assuring as numbers has a feedback loop.

You want to see those numbers continue to change.

Most gainspo followers have goals usually in weight brackets (like 110 lbs., 120 lbs., 130 lbs., 140 lbs., etc.) they’re trying to reach. I’ve recently talked with some who reach their goals and continue to increase their weight though since they enjoy the results and push for bigger goals so to speak.  Followers who are taller, larger women in particular have told me they tend to often hit a goal around 150 lbs.-170 lbs. but continue on after seeing results.

I’m speculating that there may be a sort of liberating weight threshold for some women they reach. When they push past those numbers but discover they’re not only still healthy but satisfied with their body image, they’re realizing how much society enforces smaller numbers in weight/dress sizes and the space itself women occupy within that society.

I’d like to hear back from anyone who followed this sort of path where you hit a goal then continued on into much higher numbers after seeing the results.

What was your original goal and what’s your new goal?

The 200+ Club

In the past I’ve posted some info from women like Anowah Adjah and Jen Marie who are women with a body weight that usually tends to hover around 200 lbs. or more. Adjah is known for her “200+ Club” posts on Instagram highlighting her 5′10″ 200 lbs. frame as well as other women of similar sizes.

Like the numbers stated above, 200 lbs. is a number that’s often regarded as taboo for women. Men are sometimes regarded as less masculine if they’re below 200 lbs. It’s a number that if exceeded (or not exceeded) would have met with stares and whispers at one point.

With Adjah’s 200+ Club she’s showing that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being 200+. For her and others, it’s a sort of rebellion against a world that tried to keep these women smaller than what they were destined to be.

In regards to that, I’ve talked with a number of tumblr followers lately who also had a goal of 200+ lbs. So, apparently it’s more common than I thought.

If you’re aiming for the 200+ Club, I’d like to hear from you.

So, having said all of this, I’d like to hear from more gainspo followers.

  • What are your goals in regards to weight and fitness?
  • How are you approaching/accomplishing your goals?
  • How much lifting is involved in your journey?
  • What’s the physique you’re eventually aiming for?
  • Are you aiming for 200+ lbs.?

I plan on posting content once again and would like to add more gainspo content because as we all know, the goal remains enabling a worldwide army of  supremely confident, stupendously strong and thunderously THICK women.


nicolasummer: Measure Your Power, Not Your Dress Size!💪🏽❤

First time in a year I went out to be sociable. An old friend was in Amsterdam for work and we met for dinner. I’m now on the slowest train in the universe back to Rotterdam but it was fun to be normal again, and be a nighttime tourist! (Royal Palace in the background.)

Hey @risto-licious ! :3

I hope your big bad guy Risto doesn’t mind a smooch from my girl (I wouldn’t suggest him to eat her xD She’d be way too hard to digest and would probably try to crawl out Alien style xDDDDD)

sorry if I didn’t manage to make him justice ; w ; (I have to practice with chubby bodies xD) but I hope you like it anyways!

I love your bad guy! <3 :3


I thrifted stack of 4½” cotton print broadcloth squares about 4 years ago; I’d combined lots of the cloth into dresses for Etsy, then set aside the remaining squares–with several more sets of coordinating prints sorted out–in the back of one of the doll cloth drawers, forgotten until fairly recently.  I decided to try using some of the combinations for the burst of thanks sewing I’m doing now, starting with these…but…they turned out a bit too bulky for the Barbie-size dress skirt they were intended to be, and…ah…frankly…I just loved the overall look of this combination and decided to make it into a skirt for Valeska (MSD-size) and, y’know…keep it… (and then I ‘had’ to make a quick petticoat to go under it.)

I have already made a thanks dress with another combination of the thrifted prints, so it’s not all selfish sewing!