ABCs of Marilyn Monroe

→ D: Dress size

Marilyn’s dress size has been up for debate for years. Rumours that she was a size 16 (UK) were widely believe to be true. In April 2009, a journalist for The Times, who was a size 12 (UK) had the chance to try some of Marilyn’s clothes on. To her surprise, the clothing did not fit - and it wasn’t because they were too big! Quite the opposite actually, the clothes were too small. It is her opinion, which cannot be denied, is credible, due to her own experience, that Marilyn was a size 8 (UK) or at her “heavier” moments a size 10 in today’s sizes. Although Marilyn was a very curvy woman, she was a lot smaller than many people believe and in reality would never have fit size 16 clothing.

Since when were curves dismissed as not being ‘normal’ or 'beautiful’

we’re all taught to love our bodies but how can we when we’re fed such crap from magazines about size 0 being the new size 2. 

How can a number define beauty? simple…it can’t.

We’re all different, but as a child I was taught this was a good thing.

Fuck society’s idea of beauty.


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Clothing sizes

As I’ve been trawling through Tumblr posts about body image, healthy bodies etc, I’ve come across an inordinate amount of posts where girls are complaining about their weight, and in specific cases, complaining about the way they hips/stomachs/fat hangs over their jeans/bikini bottoms etc.

Now, I understand many women battle with their weight legitimately. What frustrates me about these posts, is that these issues for complaint are mostly circumstantial. If you bought yourself the correct size clothing for your body, instead of trying to fit your body into a too-small size, then you would not feel crappy when you look in the mirror while wearing those clothes.

Many women forget that the size tag is on the inside of the garment. Not to mention the fact that the clothing industry’s sizing standards are all over the place. If you need to go up the extra size, to get that smooth fit in whatever you’re buying, the only person who will know is the shop assistant.

I am an Australian size 8, so yes, I am slim. At any given time, I have also been as small as a size 6 and can go up to a size 10. I don’t have anything to complain about in terms of how I look, and at my biggest was still completely comfortable with my body. In saying that, due to working in fashion retail, I know how to dress for my body, and not to try and make my body fit around an inappropriately sized or awkwardly fitted garment. I carry my weight in my bum, so I know that, even as a size 8, my jeans and most other pants, will often need to be a size 10.

If I were to stubbornly refuse to purchase any garment beyond a size 8, I would end up looking a lot bigger than I am. This is true of any size or shaped woman.

Work out what sizes fit you, and your body, and your proportions. You may still have times when you don’t like what you see in the mirror, we all do. But if you remember that a size is a number invisible to everyone but you, you will have a lot more freedom to play with your wardrobe and highlight the things you like about your body!

H x

Do not ever...

… EVER think you are allowed to comment on a woman’s size without repercussions. you may not see them, but every time any guy tells a girl she is undesirable because of her size, that girl will feel undesirable to everyone, even if she has admirers. You may not see the outcome of what you say, but if you saw, if you felt what that girl was feeling, the guilt of it would make you sick. It’s okay if you don’t want to date her. We all have our own idea of “attractive” but don’t tell her it’s because of her SIZE! You have NO. FUCKING. CLUE. how often she is told that she is worthless because of her size. I know. I fucking lived it almost my whole life. 

I tell people I wanted to lose weight to be healthy. Yes, that may be true. But the bigger reason for losing weight was because I was constantly being rejected by so many people because all that mattered to them was my SIZE!

Nevermind the fact that I am a living, breathing human with hopes and dreams and stories of my own. Or the fact that I’ve spent six years teaching myself how to play beautiful melodies on the piano, or that I read books and I sometimes think I’m in the book, or that I have those moments when I lie awake at night listening to music and finally understand my own existence. Or that I love baking and saturday morning cartoons and road trip adventures. Or that I’ve slept on top of mountains and went skinny-dipping in the ocean or that I’m a good singer and an even better cuddler and I write secret stories anonymously online. NO! BECAUSE DRESS SIZES!

“I do not want to ride the moped.”
And with that sentence, you just lost the right to even talk to me.