Easy Sunday Black Midi Dress

I scored this amazing easy midi dress from Old Navy last year. It has become one of my staple garments in my closet - easily dressed up or down and it’s just so comfortable to wear. I’m really bummed they’re not making this dress anymore - I would easily buy another 5 just to always have it in my closet.

also I cut my bangs a bit shorter - I’m loving this style as I’m working on growing out my hair

Black Midi Dress - Old Navy - Size 2XL
Open Toe Shoes - Korks - Size 11
Necklace - I wish i could recall the vendor I got this from at Renegade Chicago this holiday. It’s one of my favorite pieces
Glasses - SEE Eyewear

Some other exciting news:

Yeah, I bought 5 items of clothes last week…. they were all size 14s!

At one point I picked up a size 16 dress, and when I tried it on it looked horrible and I had to get the SMALLER size for it to look right. 

When I started this diet, I was an 18/20, now I’m a bloody 14!!!!

Even odder… I can get away with size 12 shorts…. waaaah?!!?!

I wish people would realize that sizing differs between each era and that Marilyn was actually very tiny. Her measurements were 37-22-35. By her measurements and today’s sizes she’d be about a size 2.  This quote “to all those girls who think they’re fat for not being a size 0, its not you who’s ugly it is society” was actually never said by Marilyn. When Marilyn was alive, size zero hadn’t been invented yet. Size zero was invented in 1966 around the time Twiggy became popular. 

I’m posting this because I want to say I hate my body. I’m not going to lie, I have always wanted to be smaller and am currently in the process of trying to lose some weight.

Women generally go through life thinking that they are never the right size, that they should be skinnier, curvier, have bigger or smaller boobs etc. but I think that every body is beautiful.

I am a size 18/20 and I have always been on the plus size. This makes it tricky to find good clothes (personally) because of the size of my chest, or hips, or bum. There is NO perfect body size. Everyone is attracted to different sizes or feels comfortable at different sizes. If you feel comfortable being a size 6 or a size 26 then that should be YOUR choice.

I wish I could tell women that they’re all beautiful no matter their dress size. Some people are born with a larger or smaller size and it is physically impossible for them to gain or lose weight and yet they are still bullied or told they are “wrong.”

I just want to say a big FU to this and tell you all to stop looking in the mirror and wishing you could be something different. You are you and YOU are beautiful, okay?

I realise that this post is slightly hypocritical since I am losing weight myself, but the idea was to say that the size I am now is fine, I just feel the need to be maybe one dress size smaller. 

Love your bodies, ladies.

ABCs of Marilyn Monroe

→ D: Dress size

Marilyn’s dress size has been up for debate for years. Rumours that she was a size 16 (UK) were widely believe to be true. In April 2009, a journalist for The Times, who was a size 12 (UK) had the chance to try some of Marilyn’s clothes on. To her surprise, the clothing did not fit - and it wasn’t because they were too big! Quite the opposite actually, the clothes were too small. It is her opinion, which cannot be denied, is credible, due to her own experience, that Marilyn was a size 8 (UK) or at her “heavier” moments a size 10 in today’s sizes. Although Marilyn was a very curvy woman, she was a lot smaller than many people believe and in reality would never have fit size 16 clothing.