Some other exciting news:

Yeah, I bought 5 items of clothes last week…. they were all size 14s!

At one point I picked up a size 16 dress, and when I tried it on it looked horrible and I had to get the SMALLER size for it to look right. 

When I started this diet, I was an 18/20, now I’m a bloody 14!!!!

Even odder… I can get away with size 12 shorts…. waaaah?!!?!


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKuFpyMjkJg)

ABCs of Marilyn Monroe

→ D: Dress size

Marilyn’s dress size has been up for debate for years. Rumours that she was a size 16 (UK) were widely believe to be true. In April 2009, a journalist for The Times, who was a size 12 (UK) had the chance to try some of Marilyn’s clothes on. To her surprise, the clothing did not fit - and it wasn’t because they were too big! Quite the opposite actually, the clothes were too small. It is her opinion, which cannot be denied, is credible, due to her own experience, that Marilyn was a size 8 (UK) or at her “heavier” moments a size 10 in today’s sizes. Although Marilyn was a very curvy woman, she was a lot smaller than many people believe and in reality would never have fit size 16 clothing.

NSV: So my Mom bought me a UK dress that is a size 10. Now that’s big because in U.S. sizes that converts to about a size 6. A six! Guys, the smallest dress size I’ve ever worn in my teens/adulthood was a 16 and that was at the same weight I’m at now. I’ve literally dropped 5 sizes from my teen years with the surgery along with all the other weight loss.