A little WIP/Sneak Peek into my Lolirock dress up game! (feat. an unfinished Praxina)

This is just to show off the three pages i’ve got done coding, and some of the things you can do on them!

Right now I’m working on all the different bangs and hair options, then I can work on outfits. I’m also going to make it so you can make at least 2 other characters, that way you can have a whole team! I may add more if there’s room.

these are my faves okay

Radioactive - Diana

Somewhere in Neverland/She Looks So Perfect

Rock Me - Little Black Dress

Light Em Up - Midnight Memories

Rock Me - Word Up!

Six Feet Under The Stars - Heartache On The BIg Screen

Best Word Ever!

Rock Me - Better Together

Back For You - Diana

The City - Strong

Try Hard - Star Girl

I see a lot of negative confessions about troubled hobbyists with mental illness, disability, financial/family woes, etc…mostly saying they’re annoying, have “special snowflake syndrome” and there’s too much of them in the hobby.

Idk, I can think of a bunch of problems someone could have in their life and I can see how dolls would help all of em. Don’t like yourself? Make a doll look good. Don’t have a supportive social circle? You’ve got a wonderful circle of dolls. Depression? Dolls are really pretty to look at. Anxiety? Brush that doll’s hair, dress ‘em up when ya feel stressed. Got some really repressed, deep shit? Express yourself through your dolls.

I don’t see what everyone is complaining about. It’s kinda obvious that there’s going to be troubled people in a doll hobby. Support your fellow hobbyists, we’ve all got shit in our lives.

TLDR: stop being mean to ppl